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Criteria A-Investigate

Introduction- Design Task


KC: Communication

RC: Innovation and Collaboration

GC: Scientific and technical


SOI: E-Communication is an useful way

to spread news using Scientific and
Technical Innovations.

Role: Our unit, global news

broadcasting, makes me a journalist. I
am also an article writer because I
write the articles in m newspaper,
Edible Science.

Task Specific Clarification

Design cycle:

Inquiring and Analyzing

Identify the problem/issue/topic will you inquire?

In this unit, we will be broadcasting information in different

mediums to gain large audiences attention. The purpose of
media is to spread awareness about national and international
happenings in the society, around the world.

Task 1-Design Need

Justify the need for a solution to this problem? Explain your
point of view.

According to our problem, we decided to make a news media

that can achieve its purpose of giving information to different
audience so that they can have an easy access to information
that will not only satisfy their surveillance in users and

The objective of our unit is to help students practice language

skills through broadcasting a news. It also develops other skills
such as computer skills, organizing, information processing,
critical thinking and teamwork. It gives real-life learning
experience to the students which enhances students
confidence, autonomy and responsibility.

Students working in groups are responsible for selecting news

to broadcast so they will hunt for the latest news, will do editing
and produce the final broadcast in form of video or newspaper.
Students rare free to choose the content of news providing
impressive, truthful or worthwhile reading material.
Specify your client/target audience.

Our target audience is the society, news hunters, school

community and general audience.

Task 2-Research Plan (Mind map)

State a research plan to develop a solution to the problem.

Our research plan to develop a solution to the problem is as


1. We will create a survey on news consumption by

which we will be able to know the which kind of news is
majorly accepted.
2. Hunt for the latest news topic as per our interest area
using world-wide web.
3. Visited similar websites to gain, develop new ideas
for creating our final product.
4. We will do secondary research wherein we will inquire
for factual, conceptual and debatable questions.
5. We will summarize all the information gathered from
primary and secondary research in the form of
investigation document.

What we need to learn

Primary Research Secondary Research
Survey questionnaire Inquiry questions
Research using Internet
internet to gain prior Magazines
knowledge about the topic. Newspapers


Information Available on Internet

Task 3 Existing Solutions

List the existing products you are aware of and analyze them
This article has good colours and a cool format. It also has a modern
look to it. I love the font! However, the article could have been
https://nie.washingtonpost.com/node/285 (MAP format not availabl

This newspaper has the best format I have ever seen! The font size
is perfect and it represents what is important and what is not very
clearly. But, it has an olden look to it. Also, it should have had colors
to it.
By Type of Article - How to Find Newspaper Articles - Research Guides at Williams College
I love the font for the heading. It looks like it has loads of
information and you can attain lots of knowledge from it. But, there
is very little space. Also, it looks quite dull and boring. It would have
been better with a picture or two.

The font is amazing and I love the format, too. The article and
the layout relate which I find quite well done. But, the article
sound boring.

Website Title: old newspaper front page - get domain pictures
Article Title: GetDomainVids.com
Date Accessed: December 22, 2016
Two best products that I choose
Survey Questionnaire
Inquiry Questions

What are the different forms of media?
1. Newspapers
2. Television
3. Radio
4. Internet
5. Magazines
6. Blogs
7. Websites

What is the importance of media?

1. It gets your message across to a wider audience.
2. It can help you target your message to the people you
want to hear it.
3. It can increase your profile among the general public.
4. You can know the whats happening in the world.

What is news broadcasting?

News broadcasting is the of broadcasting of various news events and
other information via television, radio or internet.

What does a broadcasting journalist do?

Broadcast journalists research, investigate and present news and
current affairs content for television, radio and the internet. Their
aim is to present information in a balanced, accurate and interesting
way through news bulletins, documentaries and other factual


Why is news important?

Having access to current events and up-to-date information has

value in the modern world because of the constantly changing nature
of the world. Without regular access to news, most people would be
unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around
the world, that have an impact on their lives.
Why is understanding world news so important?

Firstly, you wont know the happenings. Also, if there is an

emergency drill or anything like that, you wont know till the last
minute. In this constantly changing world, to live, you have to stay
informed. News is the primary source that keeps us up-to-date on

How to write a good news report?

Collecting information-

1. Figure out what to write about.

2. Go to the scene.
3. Conduct interviews.
4. Transcribe the interviews into speeches.
5. Do research on the subject.

Writing the news report-

1. Write an accurate, clear and easy-to-understand

2. Write a byline and placeline
3. Write an excellent news lead(the first paragraph. Dont
include names in the news lead, unless everybody knows who
they are, like Obama.).
4. In the body of the report, focus on the facts.
5. Include quotes.
6. Always include credits.



Is it important for teenagers to pay attention to world


Yes, of course it is important for teenagers to pay attention to

world news. They should learn at that age to relate the world news
to their own lives and the lives of others. It is also important for
them to utilize the different formats of accessing news like the
Internet, newspaper, news magazines, television, radio so that they
know how to access that information.


Write reflection on the article, Broadcast News vs Print

News: Emphasizing the Differences.

In journalism, there are many ways to distribute news to consumers.

Due to the laziness of this world, people usually use social media
sites to get news. This article talks about whether this is correct or

Most people rely on broadcast news because most dont have the
time for print news. Thus, broadcast news has the upper hand.
However, both print news and broadcast news share some
similarities and differences.


Both have an organized structure.

Both used leads
Both follow a specific pattern.
Both provide consumers with news everyday.

Broadcast news can be skimmed and is in a comparatively

easier format but print news is information structured to be
Broadcast news tends to exaggerate while print news is
perfectly real.
In print news, the average word limit per sentence is 20-
25 words while the average is 10-15 in broadcast news.

The author thus believes that broadcast news is better.

Task 4 Design Brief

Design Problem Design Brief

News consumption is at We are going to design a
very low levels so many newspaper which goes in-
people dont know about depth about many issues.
any new happenings and It also has many colourful
precautions. pictures and good font so
that the audience will be
attracted to our
newspaper. Our newspaper
has 4 articles,each talking
about either an issue or
scientific and technical
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Understanding of Inquiring and Analyzing

I think that I will get a 7-8 because I filled everything with accurate
information. I also followed all the instructions to create this Investigation