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Date: February 28, 2017

To: Professor Chinn
From: Sarah Earl
Subject: Why Am I?

In response the assigned task I have compiled a brief evaluation of my

survery results from PeopleStyles and CarreerLeader. For the past 8 weeks,
we have been evaluating ourselves in class through surveys, partnership
evaluations and self reflection. In the following document I will review both
surveys, one completed by myself and one completed by a group of my
peers through several questions. After reading this evaluation you will gain a
better understanding of my prominent qualities.

What is your PeopleStyle as identified when you took that

assessment? Did the survey respondents identify you as having a
different style? If so, why do you think that is?
After receiving feedback from five people, the results were unanimous, I was
classified as expressive. When looking at individual result postings, opinions
about my behaivor were almost unanimous, demonstrating a strong polling
population. My strongest results reflected that I was task-oriented, fast
paced, quick to solve problem and thought with logic. All of these categories
were scored 100% in this direction with no varience. Going into the future, I
now know these are the strongest behaivoral qualities.

Did responses converge with or diverge from the CareerLeader

CultureMatch personality dimension results? How could you tell?
Once I had completed viewing my PeopleStyle match, I was able to compare
it to the results from my reflective survey CareerLeader. Upon comparison, I
found that many of the results matched, I scored high on creativity and
innovation, decribed by an ability to be innovative. An average score was
determined for extraversion, decivness, precision and planning, all of which
support my task-oriented logical thinking.

Were there common themes in the responses regarding the words

that described you or your key values? Why or why not?
Both of the vaualtions, classified my as a task oriented logical thinker who is
friendly yet will focus on the task at hand. Additionally I am more likely to
work fast and efficently. Together these results portray my hard work ethic,
but display a possible lack in my people skills. Both results state it is not that
I am unfriendly but when a task is set before me I am more oriented toward
the task then the interpersonal relationships.
Were any of the responses surprising to you? Which ones and why?
The PeopleStyles survey results showd that 80% of people think hat I am
loud spoken, when I view myself as a quiet introvert. It is possible these
people think that because they know me in a personal setting, where I am
comfortable and more out-going. However, my current employer took this
survey and said the same thing, suggesting that when in a work environment
I am able to work through my intraversion and do the task presented.

What was the most common virtual tool that respondents use to
stay in touch with you? How much time and effort do you give to
this tool? How does that time and effort compare to other tools you
The virtual tool I use the most to communicate with my peers and
couleagues is my phone or email. I put a fair amount of effort into my phone
and several email accounts due to its importance in day-to-day tasks. The
effort and attention I give to my phone and email reflect its popularity in
comparison to less used communication tools such as Tumblr, Snapchat or
LinkedIn. However I feel that LinkedIn did not accuratley reflect the time I
give it due to this being a survey of people who mostly know me personally
rather than professionally.

What is the most important lesson you learned from this assignment
that you can use moving forward
This assignment gave me the opportunity to self-reflect and see myself
through the eyes of other. It taught me that all of our behaivors can be
classified, through this classification nothing is good nor bad, however we
can use all percieved strengths and weaknesses to our advantage. The
biggest take-away I received from this assignment is that I am a task-driven,
logical thinker which I feel is an very big strength, however I would like to
work on evening it out with better people skills.

After reviewing the questions above, I was able to work through my results in
ways I have not been able to before. When looking solely at a self relfection
the results are skewed and it is easy to think you are percieving yourself as
you would like to be seen. Only after reviewing results from a peer review
and comparing them to our self-reflection are we able to see who we really
are. I am a strong thinker and less likely to lean toward interpersonal
relationships. Through this I am able to review my weaknesses and turn
them into strengths. Please contact me with any questions or concerns at