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CLOSE UP Crumpled newspaper on the floor, blowing Direct camera with the
in the wind. movement of the newspaper
as it blows away.

MID SHOT MS of actor, focussing on their shadow. Ensure that the actor is
Camera will be tilted down slightly to not in shot, and only the
capture the shadow. shadow is seen. Also make
sure there is enough
light for an appropriate

OVER THE OTS shot of a police file being read.


TRACKING The tracking shot will follow an axe,

SHOT starting from the bottom of the handle,
to the blade - revealing it to be covered
in blood.

CLOSE UP CU shot of police tape blowing in the Police tape will remain
wind. in focus, whereas the
background will be

MID SHOT MS of a the shadow of a hand reaching for Again, ensure that the
a door handle. actor is not in shot, and
only the shadow is seen.

OVERHEAD OHS of a bloody hand, struggling.


CLOSE UP CU of a plug, with blood splattered Be careful when filming

around it. Theres a small pause before this scene, ensure the
the the water comes on a washes the water camera does not get
away. damaged.

TIME Time lapse of a clock or stopwatch. Shot can be shown in many

LAPSE Footage can be sped up, shown different ways. Can also
backwards/forwards etc. be cut up and used
throughout the piece.