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Disclosure Document
Teacher: Megan Kuoha
Course: Utah History
Welcome to Utah History! You will learn about the following throughout the course:

Utahs geography and its inhabitants

The contributions of Native American Indians, explorers, and Utahs
The relationship between the government and the people of Utah
The diverse ways people make a living in Utah

Expectations: In my classroom, I expect all student to come prepared to learn.

Class members should be prepared to be responsible for their learning, which
includes self-motivation, participation in class and explore the material presented.

Be respectful. Respect one another, the teacher, and yourself.

Bullying in any form will not be allowed.
Cell phones must be kept on silent. There may be times when we use
these in class, but only do so when the teacher allows so.
Never cheat. Any student caught cheating or plagiarizing will receive
an automatic zero for that assignment or test.
Raise your hand to participate.

Materials: Always bring something to write with to class. Always bring something
to write on to class. It may be helpful to bring a binder set up specifically for this
class so you have a place to keep your assignments, projects, notes, etc. If you
need assistance obtaining any of these items, please talk to the teacher and I can
get you the materials you need.
Grading: Always try your best. You only fail when you stop trying. I am more than
happy to work one on one with any students who are struggling with an assignment
or concept. Feel free to email me with questions or requests for additional help.
Students are graded on a point system. Scores will be given on assignments, tests,
and activities. The following scale is used to determine grades:

A 95-100 B 80-82 D+ 67-69

A 90-94 C+ 77-79 D 63-66
B+ 87-89 C 73-76 D- 69-62
B 83-86 C- 70-72 F 59 and below

Be on time to class every day.
According to the District guideline, 5 tardies or 2 unexcused absences
constitutes a 0 in citizenship.
Those with an excused absence will have 2 days to makeup the work
they missed. Those without an excused absence will have 1 day.
Make-up or Late Work: You are responsible for getting handouts and assignments
that you missed while you were absent. You can find those in the classroom binder
by the teachers desk. Tests should be made up the day you return.

I have personally read and understand the classroom policies for this Utah
History Class
Students Name Printed ___________________
Student Signature ____________________
I have read and understand the classroom policies for my students Utah
History Class
Parent/Guardian Name Printed ___________________
Parent/Guardian Signature __________________

Parent/Guardian Phone Number:

Parent/Guardian Email:
Best time to contact:

Will your student have access to the internet at home?

Questions, concerns, or anything else I may need to know about your
student including their strengths, weaknesses, illnesses, IEP, etc.: