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Grade/Subject: 8A/Film Unit: History Lesson Duration: 60 Min

Date: Mar 14. 2017

Learning Objectives
Students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of an impactful moment in history
2. Demonstrate the ability to research thoughtfully
3. Demonstrate a responsibility to themselves
Observations: Key Questions:
I will observe the students while they What is your History moment?
are researching and putting together How did that moment have an impact
their postcards. on the film industry?
How are you going to show that
moment on your postcard?

Transition (1min)
I need everyone in an alphabet circle
Question of the Day: Who can tell me an impactful technological advancement in film?
Introduction (20 min)
Hook: Today I will be introducing you to your next assignment, which is your History of Film
Timeline project
Assessment of Prior Knowledge: Who can tell me what they think this assignment will be
Body (40 min)
Method: Ok everyone, for this assignment you will be researching 5 years each. I will assign
your years after. In those five years, you must find one impactful innovation in the film
industry, something that changed the film industry completely. Can someone give me an
example of an impactful advancement in film? For instance the hair animation technology
developed for Tangled changed the film industry for animated films because it allowed the
animators to create more natural and realistic looking hair in later films, such as Brave, Frozen
and Moana.

Remember, these are innovations that made an impact on the film industry, not on your
personal life.

Next you will need to create a postcard of your innovation. Your postcard should include:

An image of your innovation, or the movie poster you innovation was first used in, along with
a brief description.

Your postcard should include 2-3 sentences describing how your innovation impacted the
future of the film industry.

You will have time today to work on these, but that is it. They are due next class, so get them
done today. Here is a website that has a lot of information on the history of movies. (30
minutes to work)
Closure (3 min)
Refocus: Remember these are due next class! I will turn it over to Mr. D now, as he has
another fun assignment for you.
Transition to Next Lesson: See you next class