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Sarah Victoria Lopez English 45min

Grade 5

Lesson: [1/Cause and Effect]

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Understanding Situations. Unit Exam.
Reading pictures.
Depicting Stories.
Reading stories and understanding them.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave
His One and Only Begotten Son that
whosoever believes in Him shall not
perish but have everlasting love.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

- What happened in the story? - The students will be able to identify
- Why did it happen? cause and effect in a sentence,
- Is it true that because of (this), paragraph or story.
(that) can happen? - The students will be able to create
- Just because the picture is showing cause/effect scenarios.
(that), it does not mean that the
reason is (this).
- Why did God give His One and Only
Son? Why did Jesus die on the
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson:
- Picture Relate: The teacher will show a picture that depicts a story of (A) a
5min little girl crying (B) on her way back home from school or from the park.
- Students will be asked of their own opinions and thoughts as to what might
the reason be why the little girl is crying. (Creating scenarios)

Developing the Lesson

- The teacher will talk about word hints or helping words/connectives
such as because, that is why and therefore, that tells whether
25min the phrase is a cause or an effect.
- A cause and effect relationship describes something that happens and
why it happens.
- The cause is usually introduced by word hints, connectives
- The teacher will present more sentence examples that will lead to
reading paragraphs and then short stories.
- The students will be given a paper with the bible verse John 3:16 to
read and will be asked to volunteer to go to the board and write how
they understood this verse by writing some statements they found
about it that has a cause and effect.
Closing the Lesson
- Picture (C) the little girl is happy (D) her mother
- From the students own experiences, students will be asked to create
sentences underlining once the effect and the cause twice.
- Exit Pass the students will be given a piece of paper to write on some
Sarah Victoria Lopez English 45min
Grade 5

questions or comments they still have in mind and drop it in the box
before leaving the classroom.

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Recitation. Exit Pass. - Example stories/paragraphs,
sentences like the verse (John 3:16)
will relatively be printed out with
colorful pictures for students who
learn better visually.
Papers, Example Paragraphs, Sentence Examples, Short Story, Presentation, Pictures,
White Board Marker, Powerpoint, Bible, Bible verse (John 3:16), Pens, Pencil.
Lesson Plans Page: http://lessonplanspage.com/lacauseandeffectactivity4-htm/
Trying out this lesson plan is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time because it
is my first time to make this and to present it in class. My opener needs more
furnishing because I have tried it in class before and though I think it went well, I want
to do better.
I have cleared and explained some sections now to be more specific on what I want to
do and relay.