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We, corruption and our state !!!

Corruption is rampant in our state of jammu and kashmir and there is no punitive
or reformative action available in the ailing system. It is not only the government
which is to be blamed for this present mess but the society at large has also to
share its responsibility in it. Corruption has attained a new meaning here and this
meaning carries in itself the illogical justification where people blame the
circumstances wholly rather themselves. It may have been been somewhere true
in the history but linking it to the circumstances all the times and forcing people to
accept this new connotation is the new agenda of a unscrupulous group.it is so
common now here that neither of the parties involved in corruption feel
embarrassed nor the society as a whole reflect any sensitivity . Rather it is being
nurtured with great care by all of us. Silence which we have maintained is criminal,
our conscience is dead, we have fallen to the level of animals. We now have lost
our conventional approach of humanity. Our morality has got degraded to the
lowest. See our response to gb panth innocent deaths, spurious drugs scandal
where precious lives were traded for material benefits or the response to our
misters who loot our state exchequer.
We should consider the bad results corruption yields on a society especially
worsening the economy and its adverse impact on the social and moral fabric of a
society. Corruption in our state is on such a large scale that it involves some
elected dictators and their associates who embezzle huge sums of public funds
and the pathetic mismanagement and wastage of the state resources.
Corruption has permeated in all segments of our state by length and
breadth,impacting the whole administrative hierarchy and its incidence varies
among societies, it can be rare, wide spread or systemic. If it is rare, it is relatively
easy to notice and punish and to prevent from infecting the society as a whole.it is
more difficult to control and to deal with when the disease of corruption is
widespread. But the worst scenario is when it becomes systemic. In that case it
takes firm grip of a state , the institutions and peoples behavior and attitudes
become adapted to the corrupt way of doing things, and make corruption a way of
life. Systemic corruption is very destructive and fatal for a modern society ,it is the
biggest obstacle in the growth of a nation.
Our infected and defective system today delivers enough injustice to nurture the
corruption, how can a common and poor person respond to an injustice occurred to
him,he can not resort to spend his days moving pillar to post to have his say heard
but at times he prefers to last resort of passing few bucks to get the work done
because the system of justice is complex. Our system need to simplify itself to make
it accessible and inexpensive to let the common fellow reap the benefits and avail
the public service. The criminal status quo and complex nature of our system is
sucking the blood of our society and our social ,poltical and economic development
is getting vandalized because of this apathy. The kind of life style we have adopted
is also responsible, we will be able to limit the menace to a great extent if we
stop buying what we dont need today with the conception lest we have to sell
what we need tomorrow. By saying so we need to inculcate the thought of
contentment in our society. That is possible by adapting to simple living and high
thinking .
Other reasons which are contributing to this menace is the legacy which our
previous and present governments have left behind that is huge unemployment
which is primarily responsible. Also killing and disrespect of merit, favoritism,
nepotism, discrimination on the basis of religion, region and sex are adding to this
worsening situation. A fair system would strive to mitigate the negative effect of
all these things in nation building and will try to deliver socio- economic and
political justice in society.

We failed to utilize our human capital efficiently rather we indirectly are pushing
them to get involved in unproductive and fatal activities. Human capital is the
precious resource and its effective utilization contributes immensely to national
growth ,prosperity and social development.on the other hand wastage of human
resource weakens the economic health and tarnishes the social fabric of the
society.to get rid of this our community has to rise in an organized manner and we
have to be sure that this land is fertile enough to yield the embellishing results. An
organized society rises along with leaders,a kind of leadership which can act with
integrity and honesty and display commitment to carry out the required work.
Since uprooting corruption demands hard decisions so a leader should possess
firmness and political will to undertake the moral war against this menace. Also
the members and officials involved in corruption should be severly punished,
because they say fry some big fish as it is having a wide and large psychological
and clear message of political will .some highly publicized trials and convictions
disseminate a clear message to other players and particularly important for general
public to restore their confidence in the system and take active part in its
eradication.we have to blame ourselves also for our immoral and unjust
approach, we want shortcuts to everything and prefer things done out of
turn which breeds corruption. Sadly to say our society has ended up bearing
the brunt of this menace.involving public through publicity campaigns to create
greater awareness on the adverse effects of corruption and a clear and unequivocal
official pronouncement on the desirability to bring it under control is imperative. As
we know common citizens have first hand experience of corruption ,so their
cooperation is a must. Role of civil society is considered as realm of association
between the household and a state and it includes formal organizations like
professional organizations and non-profit organizations like non-governmental
organizations. Such associations aggregate and express societal interests including
social integration, social participation in state governance. An proactive civil society
can create pressure for policy reform and improved governance and also monitor
the states actions for fighting corruption. Responsible press is a boon for society. It
frames and polishes the general outlook of society, a sincere and fair press aware
of its duties would gather, enquire ,present and disseminate information that is vital
to mobilize and to provide the momentum for overtaking the reforms to overcome
the corruption. Accountability of authorities and institutions has a heavey impact
on the proper working of the system. The fact that for proper observance of rules
and regulations, those administering the rules must be held responsible and
accountable for their actions.