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End of Year
Circle the correct answer. For every correct answer you will get 1 point.

1. Where Grace and Lily from?

a. is b. are c. am
2. Pauls American. He
British. a. isnt b.
arent c. m not
3. There a letter for you from
Spain. a. amb. are c. is
4. This is Wendy and Jane. are my
sisters. a. They b. You c. We
5. This is my brothers friend. is from
England. a. They b. She c. It
6. This is me and my brother. are
fourteen. a. We b. You c. They
7. This is
armchair. a. an b. a
c. /
8. There a lot of museums in
the city. a. is b. am c. are
9. You are ten years old. You
eleven. a. are b.
arent c. isnt
10. Is Pam from New York? Yes, she _.
a. isnt b. are c. is
11. Have got a big house?
a. she b. it c. you
12. Sams house is of Marys.
a. next b. in front c. between
13. There are three in the room.
a. womans b. woman c. women
14. Jane has got three _.
a. poppy b. poppies c. poppys
15. Are there any in the fridge?
a. tomatoes b. tomato c. tomatos
16. There are a lot of in the
cupboard. a. glass b. glasses
c. glasses
17. Jackie got a brother and a
sister. a. have b.
havent c. has
18. Here is book.
a. Sam b. Sams c. Sams
19. A baby ride a bike.
a. cant b. hasnt c. isnt
20. Is he a pilot? planes?
a. Can he fly b. He cant fly c. He can fly
21. she got a sister?
a. Does b. Has c. Have

Name: Class:

22. you like chocolate cakes?

a. Does b. Do c. Doesnt
23. She got a CD player.
a. havent b. hasnt c. doesnt
24. I got a telephone in my
room. a. ve b. s
c. hasnt
25. This is my sister. She has got long hair.
a. blue b. blond c. short
26. Ben and Mary tennis.
a. plays b. play c. plays
27. Greg watch TV in the evening.
a. dont b. hasnt c. doesnt
28. Do you like dogs? No, I
a. doesnt b. dont c. do
29. You your teeth every
morning. a. brushes b.
brushs c. brush
30. I reading a book now.
a. am b. is c. are
31. Shes to music at the
moment. a. listen b.
listening c. listens
32. There a sofa and two in the living
room. a. fridges b. beds c.
33. There are blue on the
window. a. lamps b. curtains
c. cushions
34. When its we carry an
umbrella. a. cloudy b.
snowing c. raining
35. Put your on your head.
a. hands b. arms c. feet
36. In winter we wear boots, a coat and .
a. sandals b. hat c. gloves
37. . Whats your name?
a. Bye b. OK c. Hello
38. How are you? .
a. Im sorry b. Im fine c. Its OK
39. How old are you? .
a. She is eight b. You are
eight c. I am eight
40. Who is he? _.
a. They are my brother and sister b. Hes my cousinc. She is my mother

Total: / 40 points
0 10 Insufficient
11 15 Poor
16 25 Good
26 31 Very good
: points
32 40 Excellent

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