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eg. If you are tired, go to bed. ces. G@ Match tho following parts ofthe se 1. Hl go ona det, ‘A.well make a snowman, Column A Column B 2, its sunny tomorrow, B,ilbuy you some chocolate. 1: tired a make a sandwich 3. If John doesn't hurry, C.shellhave totake'a ta, © 2 hungry 'b got something to drink 4, lfitsnows, D, lose weight. 3 bored © goto bed 5. lithere are no buses, E. he'll be late. 4 thirsty d take one of these pills 5 seasick @ read a good book 6.lfyou are agoodgir, FE. well go for apicnic. @ Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Add a comma where necessary, 1. tthe dog . keeps... (keea) barking , the neighbours will complain. 2, The boss (be) angry if you arrive late for work again. 3. you (eat) t00 much you'l be sick! 4, lf the weather is bad on Saturday we (stay) at home, 5. You should see a doctor if you (nov/eal) wall 6. If you study hard you (pass) your exam, 29. If you go to London, you Big Ben, as Romeithe New Yorkithe Empire Colosseum State Building London Big Ben Egypvthe Sydnoyihe Sydney Pyramids Opera House Ape Farsithe Eifel Verice/some — Hawai/some palm | gondolas thoes ‘Write the words in the correct order. buy /computer games. /17/ a computer, / 1/play /11L Uf L bug a computer, Pll plag computer games. we / IF/ now, / don’t / lace. / we'll be go take / your snobile phone, /you / 1) MH 7 : you. / call interesting, / watch / we / won't / isn’t / IF/ it. / the film you / finish / IF/ the teacher / be / don’t / will / angry. / your homework, come /If / doesn’t / won’t/ the video. / she / soon, / see / Liz Write first conditional sentences. nor study hare — nor pass my exams Wf 1 don't shady hard, J wont pass my exams. 1 not pass my exams — stay at school 2. stay ar school —+ be bored 3. study hard —> pass my exams 4 pass my exams — gee a good job 5 get a good job + not be bored