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TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE: circle the correct form in the following

1) Im sorry Im not free at 10:00. Ill meet/ Im meeting Tom for a drink then.
2) Well phone you when we get/ will get home.
3) Most people think Ireland will win / is winning the match next week.
4) Annie wants that her boss gives her / her boss to give her more money next year.
5) If I remember / Ill remember Gordons address, Ill e-mail it to you.
6) When the photos will be / will the photos be ready?
7) I dont know if theres a flight at that time. I look / Ill look on the computer.
8) You wont get any coffee from that machine until the engineer fixes / is going to fix it.
9) I didnt realize Mr. Cray needs the report now. Ill do it / Im doing it straightaway.
Do you think the printer will work / is working when we attach it to the new computer?

Choose the most appropriate form. In some cases there is more than one possibility.

Fancy going out?

Tomoko: Hi, Marie. (1) Are you doing/ do you do/ Will you do anything tonight?
Marie: yeah, I (2) Ill see/Im going to see/Im seeing a film with Peter and Berta.
Do you fancy coming with us?
Tomoko: What (3) are you going to see/are you seeing/will you see?
Marie: Were not sure yet. We meet/Ill meet/re meeting at six thirty and then
maybe we (5) re trying/re going to try/Ill try that new Indian
restaurant before we go to the cinema.
Tomoko: Yeah, I (6) , coming/Ill come/m going to come along if youre sure its
Marie: Of course. We (7) meet/ll meet/re meeting outside school. Six thirsty.
Tomoko: I (8) give/Ill give/Im going to give you a lift if you like, (9) Will I
call/shall I call/ Do I call for you sometime after six?
Marie: Great. I (10) m seeing/Im going to see/Ill see you later then.
Tomoko: Bye.


BE + GOING TO + VERB (infinitive)

WILL + VERB (infinitive)


1. Im going to revise for my exams a) future prediction

2. OK. Ill see you on Sunday b) a decision we make at the moment of

3. The cats on the table. Its going to eat my dinner. c) a plan made before the moment of
4. There will be cure for cancer in 10 years time d) a future event or action that seems
5. They will be in town tomorrow evening. certain because of something we can see
6. Look at those black clouds! Its going to rain. e) simple future fact

7. Im visiting Grandma tonight. f) an arrangement made some time before

EXERCISES A) which sentence follows the first sentence? Underline the correct verb form

1. Im free tomorrow. Im not going to work. I wont work.

2. Ive decided to go downtown. Ill buy / Im going to buy new clothes.

3. My sister cant come with me. Shell work / Shes going to work tomorrow morning

4. Who can I ask to go with me.? I know! Ill phone / Im going to phone Kate.

5. The boy is climbing the tree. Look! Hell fall / Hes going to fall.

6. Peter, your clothes are on my bed. OK. Ill take / Im going to take them away.

COMPLETE Use the correct form of the verb

1. I feel really ill. I think I . (see ) the doctor.

2. What you . tonight? I (meet) my friends at the disco.
3. The car is going very fast. It . (crash).
4. Mary (read) The Verger. Her English teacher asked her to read it.
5. I think people .(.not send) ordinary letters anymore- they.. (use) e-mail.
6. My kids on holidays in July.
7. She doesnt like animals very much. She . ( not visit) the zoo.
8. Oh, your bags are very heavy. I .. (help) you.
9. Im sure there ..(be) cure for AIDS in five yearstime.
10. Theres a banana skin on the floor . That man . (slip).