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MS ISO/IEC TR 10037 : 1995

MS 1054 : 1986
ICS : 67.100.10



SIRIM. No part of this publication may be photocopied or otherwise reproduced
without the prior permission in writing of SIRIM
MS 1054: 1986

This Malaysian Standard, which had been approved by the Food and Agricultural Industry
Standards Committee and endorsed by the Council of the Standards and Industrial
Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) was published under the authority of the SIRIM
Council in November, 1986.

SIRIM wishes to draw attention to the fact that this Malaysian Standard does not purport
to include all the necessary provisions of a contract.

The Malaysian Standards are subject to periodical review to keep abreast of progress in
the industries concerned. Suggestions for improvements will be recorded and in due
course brought to the notice of the Committees charged with the revision of the standards
to which they refer.

The following references relate to the work on this standard:

Committee reference: SIRIM 40 1/2/14
Draft for comment: Dl 12 (ISC A)

Amendments issued since pubhcat~on

Amd. No. Date of issue Text affected

MS 1054 : 1986



Committee representation 3
Foreword 4

I Scope 5
2 Definitions 5
3 Requirements 5
4 Containers 6
5 Packaging and labelling 6
6 Legal requirement 7
7 Sampling and testing 7
8 Quality of reagents . 8
9 Compliance 8

Figure 1 Majonnier fat extraction flask 13

Table I Requirements for condensed filled milk or sweetened condensed

filled milk 6

A Sampling of condensed filled milk 9
B Determination of total solids 10
C Determination of fat (RoseGottlieb method) 11
D Determination of sucrose 14
E Determination of titratable acidity 17
F Determination of total colony count 18
G Determination of coliform count 20
H Determination of mould and yeast 21
J Determination of protein 22

MS 1054 : 1986

Committee representation

The Food and Agricultural Industry Standards Committee under whose supervision this Malaysian Standard was
prepared, comprises representatives from the following Government Ministries, trade, commerce and manufacturer
association and scientific and professional bodies.

Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority

Federation of Malaysian consumers Association

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute

Ministry of Agriculture (Agriculture Department)

National Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia

Oil Palm Growers Council of Malaysia

Rubber Producers Council of Malaysia

Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia

lJniversiti Pertanian Malaysia

The Technical Committee on Dairy Products which prepared this Malaysian Standard consists of the following

Encik Wang Kan Hai (Chairman) Nutritional Products Sdn. Bhd.

Encik Chuah Eng Chong/ Food Technology Division, MARDI

Puan Che Rahani Zakaria

Cik Nik Shabnam Nik Mohd Salleh/ Ministry of Health

Encik Jamal Khaii, Hashim

Encik Tee Ee Siong Institute for Medical Research

Puan Siti Mizura Shahid

Encik Ahmad Zaki Oman Veterinary Service Department

Encik Zainal Hassan

Encik Chung Chee Fook Premier Milk Malaysia

Encik S.B. Seng Malaysia Milk Sdn. Bhd.

Encik Chen Sheong Dutch Baby Milk Industry (M) Bhd.

Dr. Yu Sui-Foh SEHAT Sdn. Bhd.

Group Chief Executive FIMA Met albox Bhd.

Encik Sarfuddin Othman (Secretary) Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia

MS 1054 : 1986


This Malaysian Standard was prepared by the Technical Committee on Dairy Products
under the authority of the Food and Agricultural Industry Standards Committee.

In the preparation of this Standard, reference was made to current practices existing in
the industry concerned and also to the following:

MS 2,, ~Specification for condensed milk.