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April L.

6501 Magellan Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23234
(804) 111-0000 xxxxxy@hotmail.com

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing Virginia Commonwealth University

May 2017 Richmond, VA Spring 2012 Spring 2013 Richmond, VA Bachelor
of Science in Nursing Pre-Nursing Major

toLabor Monacan High School

February 2009 Richmond, VA May 1997 Richmond, VA
Professional Birth Doula Certification Graduated with Advanced Studies Diploma


Clinical Immersion, ICU Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital

January 2017- May 2017
Assessing a patients condition, planning and implementing patient care plans
Ensuring that ventilators, monitors and other types of medical equipment function properly
Collaborating with fellow members of the critical care team
Responding to life-saving situations, using nursing standards and protocols for treatment
Acting as patient advocate
Administering intravenous fluids and medications

Patient Care Technician, ICU Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital

August 2015 - Present
Monitor vital signs, document data and prioritize patient care.
Assist with procedures involving EKGs and placement of cardiac monitoring.
Provided clear directions and information to visitors.
Exhibit professionalism and medical knowledge while interacting with ICU nurses.
Anticipated incoming patients by preparing rooms and maintaining proper equipment.

Certified Professional Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator, toLabor

February 2009 - Present Richmond, VA
Provide education to women and families about stages of labor, laboring positions, and relaxation techniques.
Provide labor consultation and support to women and families in the home and hospital setting.
Works collaboratively with families, nursing staff, and physicians during labor.
Provide education and breastfeeding support pre and postpartum.
Provide education to couples about healthy eating, stages of labor, and relaxation techniques to be employed
during labor and childbirth.

Trainer, Verizon
March 2006 September 2010 Richmond, VA
Facilitated new employee training in a group setting of 10-20 employees.
Developed and facilitated systems that reward high customer services and sales.
Provided feedback and coaching to employees on customer service surveys.
Demonstrated ability to learn in a fast paced and ever-changing environment.

Member, Mayor's Breastfeeding Commission

September 2011- 2013 Richmond, VA

Served on commission comprised of local area physicians, nurses, and other community health providers.
Engaged in development of strategizes that promote breastfeeding in the City of Richmond.
Served as a committee co-chair and works in collaboration with other professionals to strategize on universal
scripting and processes for breastfeeding in provider offices throughout City of Richmond.
Facilitated presentations of the commissions results to the general public in local areas throughout the City
of Richmond.

Service Trip, Highland Support Project

June 2012 Quezaltenango, Guatemala

Helped facilitate small groups discussing women's health care related issues.
Facilitated small group activities that focused on rapport building and trust.
Educated participants on various birth control options.