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These five abilities may

be used any number of
times per turn Each of these ten may only be used once per turn

Kataphraktoi Battlefield Prayers Solenarion

Activation Orders Orders
Discard one die to Discard this die and all
Discard this die. Until
activate a unit of units not activated will
the end of your turn, the
Hearthguard or a lose one FATIGUE. An
range of your bows is
Warlord. unactivated Warlord can
doubled (i.e. 2xL)
lose two FATIGUE.

Skutatoi Kampidoktores Kineson

Activation Shooting Orders
Discard one die to Discard this die and reroll Discard these die and all
activate a unit of any of your Attack Dice activated units may move
Warriors. that failed to hit the an additional S length

Charge! Martyrdom of
Psiloi St. George
Activation Discard this die and a unit
Discard this die and
of Kataphtaktoi will gain
eliminate up to three of
Discard one die to one Attack Die per figure,
your Warriors or Hearth-
activate a unit of plus one additional die if
guard engaged in a melee.
Levies. the discarded die was
Gain three Attack Dice
per figure removed.

Activation Pool Skoutarion Spathovaklion

Melee or Shooting/
Discard this die. A unit
Discard one die to roll Reaction of Kataphraktoi engaged
two extra SAGA dice. with a non-Mounted unit
Discard these dice to immediately eliminates
increase the armor value one enemy Warrior or
of your unit by one. two enemy Levies.

The Glory of the

Attack Pool Dekarkhos Empire
Orders Orders
Discard one die to gain
one extra Attack or Discard this die and all Discard these dice and
Defense die; two if the fully intact units will gain immediately remove from
discarded die was a two extra Attack Dice. the game one enemy unit
of Warriors of Levies
with 3 models or less.