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2 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Bishop Guillory calls for end to death penalty

Bishop Curtis Guillory, S.V.D., hardens our culture as it fails to al-
joined with his brother bishops in low for redemption. It is also un-
Texas Oct. 10 calling for the abo- deniably a pro-life issue, Bishop
lition of the death penalty saying Guillory said.
that it does not correspond to the I am also asking not only
common good but actually does Catholics but all Southeast Tex-
great harm to it. ans to reflect more deeply on the
In a joint statement, the Texas precious gift of life during Respect
Catholic Conference of Bishops Life Month, said Bishop Guil-
denounced the effects of capital lory.
punishment not only on victims This joint statement by the
and others immediately affected Texas bishops was released on the
by crime but also on society. World Day Against the Death
In their statement the Roman Penalty and at a time when Amer-
Catholic bishops cited several ways icans including Texans sup-
that harm is inflicted: 1) Capital port of the death penalty is declin-
punishment is used dispropor- ing. Fewer Texas juries are giving
tionally on the poor, people with death sentences than at any time
mental disabilities and minori- in the last two decades, and Texas
ties; 2) Costs for capital punish- highest criminal court has granted
ment cases are three times that of an unusually high number of re-
a prisoner with life imprisonment prieves over the last two years due
with no parole; 3) The finality of to concerns about the fairness and
death does not allow for rehabili- accuracy of death penalty convic-
tation or for consolation for vic- tions. This year, the state will see
tims families; and 4) Studies have the lowest number of executions
shown that innocent people have since 1996.
been executed by the state and The Texas Catholic Conference
that crime rates are not affected by of Bishops is the association of the
a states use of the death penalty. Roman Catholic bishops of Texas
The death penalty lessens our that provides a moral and social
hearts capacity for mercy and public policy voice that includes
negatively affects our childrens monitoring all legislation pertain-
formation in the Christian teach- ing to Catholic moral and social
Bishop Guillory discusses issues on the next legislative agenda with Fr. Luong of the Tribunal Office ing of mercy and redemption. It teaching.

Monseor Guillory pide por el fin de la pena de muerte

El Monseor Curtis Guillo- En su declaracin, los obis- el estado y que la cantidad de en el Sureste de Texas a reflex- ms alta de Texas ha otorgado
ry, SVD, obispo de la Dice- pos catlicos citaron varias delincuencias no son afecta- ionar ms profundamente so- un nmero inusualmente alto
sis de Beaumont, junto a los maneras de que el dao es in- dos por el uso de un estado de bre el precioso don de la vida de indultos en los ltimos dos
otros obispos del estado de fligido: 1) la pena de muerte la pena de muerte. durante el mes de Respeto a la aos debido a las preocupacio-
Texas el 10 de octubre piden se usa desproporcionadamente La pena de muerte dis- Vida, dijo el obispo Guillory. nes acerca de la imparcialidad
por la abolicin de la pena de en los pobres, personas con minuye la capacidad de La declaracin conjunta de y la exactitud de condenas de
muerte, diciendo que no cor- discapacidad mental y las mi- nuestros corazones poder ser hoy de los obispos de Texas pena de muerte. Este ao, el
responde con el bien comn noras; 2) los costos para los misericordiosos y afecta nega- fue lanzada en Da Mun- estado ver el menor nmero
sino le causa ms dao. casos de pena capital son tres tivamente la formacin de dial en Contra de la Pena de de ejecuciones desde 1996.
En una declaracin con- veces que de un preso con en- nuestros hijos en la enseanza Muerte y en un momento La Conferencia de Obispos
junta, la Conferencia Catlica carcelamiento de por vida sin cristiana de misericordia y cuando est disminuyendo el Catlicos de Texas es la asoci-
de los Obispos de Texas (TCC libertad condicional; 3) la fi- redencin. Endurece nuestra apoyo de los estadounidenses acin de los obispos catlicos
por sus cifras en ingls) denun- nalidad de la muerte no per- cultura al no permitir la re- incluyendo los Tejanos ha- romanos de Texas que ofrece
cia los efectos de la pena de mite la rehabilitacin o con- dencin. Es tambin sin lugar cia la pena de muerte. Menos una voz moral y social para las
muerte no solamente para las suelo para las familias de las a dudas un tema pro vida, jurados en Texas estn dando polticas pblicas que incluye
vctimas y otros directamente vctimas; y 4) los estudios han dijo el Monseor Guillory. sentencias de muerte que en el monitoreo de toda la legis-
afectados por el crimen, pero demostrado que personas ino- Tambin le estoy pidiendo cualquier momento en las lacin referente a la enseanza
tambin para la sociedad. centes han sido ejecutadas por no slo a catlicos sino a todos ltimas dos dcadas, y la corte moral y social catlica.
october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 3
Before you vote Bishops Calendar
Working Together
For Good In His Name
Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD Oct. 16-17 Equestrian Order of the Holy
Sepulchre, meeting
forming her or his conscience social teachings of the Church Oct. 21 Red Mass, St. Anthony Cathedral
on the issues and make a good so we can evaluate which can- Basilica, Beaumont
moral decision in voting. didate can best carry them
Oct. 23 Installation of Rev. Donatus
For a minute, let us look out. No one candidate meets
at what conscience is and these high standards on every Mgbeajuo, MSP, pastor of
how we form our conscience. issue. In the formation of our St. Therese, Orange
Deep within his conscience conscience, we may find that Oct. 29 Youth Day of Reflection, sponsored
Every four years our coun- man discovers a law which he one party best addresses some by African American Ministry
try has an opportunity to has not laid upon himself but issues that we are concerned and Youth Ministry
study important issues, as well which he must obey. Its voice, about, while another party
Oct. 29 Blessing of the Altar Servers
as the candidates platforms, ever calling him to love and to upholds other important is-
in order to choose the one do what is good and to avoid sues. Oftentimes, there is a Oct. 30 Jubilee Mass for wedding
who will best lead our coun- evil, sounds in his heart at lot of grey in between. Before anniversaries of 25 years, 50
try as president. This should the right moment (CCC casting our vote, we have to years and more, St. Anthony
be a time of excitement and 1776) A persons conscience decide which candidate least Cathedral Basilica, Beaumont
opportunity, because we is given by God, and Gods supports actions that are ex-
Nov. 6 Feast Day celebration of St. Martin
have the freedom to express voice echoes in the depths of trinsically evil.
de Porres, at St. Martin de Porres, Cheek
through our vote the direc- his heart. There are many political
tion we want our country to How is the conscience and social issues before us. Nov. 10 Harvest of Hope, benefitting
take. formed? We form our con- The Gospels and social teach- Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
U n f o r t u n a t e l y, ing of the Church Nov. 14-16 U.S. Conference of Catholic
this current cam-
paign has become an Forming our always promote the
foundation principle
Nov. 20
Bishops, general meeting
Mass for Region X Catholic
exhibition of name-
calling, mudsling-
conscience of the dignity of the
human person, for Youth Conference
ing, the absence of requires study all the issues ulti-
civility, and even
demonization oF the issues in
mately affect human
life in one way or Official Appointments
the other candidate.
One hears from oth- light oF gospel another. Human life
must be protected Rev. Joseph Benjamin, reappointed pastor,
ers, I will be glad
when the election is
values and the and nurtured from
the womb to the
Blessed Sacrament, Beaumont
Rev. Lowell D. Case, SSJ, reappointed pastor, Our
over, I am sick of
it, etc. This is be-
social teachings tomb. Of primary
importance is the
Mother of Mercy, Beaumont
cause people do not oF the church so life of the unborn,
the issues in depth (not just sources and videos to help
think the candidates
can fulfill what is re- we can evaluate but we must also be
concerned with all listening to sound bites), as you form your conscience in
quired for the next
president, nor are
which candidate means necessary for
living life with dig-
well as the teachings of the
Church regarding these is-
accord with human reason,
enlightened by the teaching
they exhibiting the
behavior worthy of
can best carry nity, such as concern
for the poor, care
sues, being silent so as to hear
the echo of the Lords voice.
of Christ as it comes to us
through the Church. Each
such an office. The them out. for the elderly, the It is also important to engage person is responsible to make
real issues facing our terminally ill, im- in constructive dialogue with political choices based on a
country are muddled by the science through prayer, silence migrants and refugees, as well others about the issues, but in properly formed conscience,
candidates. and studying the issues that as challenges, such as eutha- a respectful and civil manner. aided by prudence.
To assist Catholics in form- are before us in this case, nasia, human cloning, terror- One is seriously misguided if Hopefully, by following the
ing their conscience on po- the political and social issues. ism, torture. Peoples lives are she or he thinks that forming direction and wisdom found
litical, social and moral issues, This process is not about ad- affected by all of these issues. ones conscience is the same as in Forming Consciences for
the Catholic Bishops pub- justing our moral teaching So, you can see that form- forming an opinion. Faithful Citizenship you will
lished a letter: Forming Con- to conform with politics but ing a right conscience before The following link on the be freed from fear, selfishness,
sciences for Faithful Citizen- rather adjusting politics to our casting a vote is complex and U.S. Bishops website (www. pride, resentment and experi-
ship. The letter attempts to faith. Forming our conscience not clear cut. That is why it usccb.org/issues-and-action/ ence a freedom that engenders
set moral principles by which requires study of the issues in takes prayer, asking the Holy faithful-citizenship/index. peace of heart and fosters the
a Catholic can be guided in light of Gospel values and the Spirit for guidance, studying cfm) provides numerous re- common good.
4 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016
october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 5
Diocesan Calendar

Life Chain
In Defense of Human Life
Oct. 15
Oct. 16
Oct. 17
CEMI: Psychological & Faith Development
Second Collection for World Mission Sunday
CEMI: The Social Justice Teachings of the Church
Oct. 18 School Budget Workshop
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops states Prayer is the foundation
Oct. 20 PCL Meeting
of all that we do in defense of human life. Right for Life of Southeast Texas is asking
you to join the Oct. 30 Life Chain and pray for the sanctity of all life. You should Oct. 21 Red Mass
arrive at one of the 14 Life Chain locations by 2:15 p.m. and commit to one hour Oct. 22 To Marry For Life
of silent prayer to end abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide in our country. You Oct. 24 CEMI: The Social Justice Teachings of the Church -
may want to bring a lawn chair, umbrella and bottled water as you become a voice St. Mary Church, Fannett
for those who cannot speak. The 14 locations are listed below.
Oct. 26 CEMI: The Gospel of Matthew - St. Anne Church,
LIFE CHAIN LOCATIONS: Beaumont (Parish Hall)
Oct. 27 Planned Giving Meeting - Catholic Pastoral Center
Oct. 29 Youth Day of Reflection for Vocations
Oct. 30 25 & 50 Wedding Anniversary Mass & Reception -
Calvary Baptist Church parking lot, Dowlen Near Folsom
St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica
Bridge City / Orangefield Oct. 31 CEMI: The Social Justice Teachings of the Church -
First Baptist Church Parking lot, 9788 FM 105, or St. Henry Catholic Church St. Mary Church, Fannett
parking lot, 475 W. Round Bunch Road, Bridge City
Nov. 2 CEMI: The Gospel of Matthew - St. Anne Church,
Dayton Beaumont
Walgreens, 101 S. Washington Avenue in Cleveland Nov. 5-6 To Marry For Life - Holy Family Retreat Center
Nov. 5 Unity of S.E. Texas - Holy Family Retreat Center
Jasper Nov. 6 2nd Collection for Archdiocese of military Services
Lone Star Buffet Restaurant Parking Lot on US 96
Kountze Nov. 6 St. Martin de Porres Evening Prayer - St. Martin de
First Baptist Church of Kountze, 100 Monroe Street Porres Mission, Cheek, TX

Nederland / Port Arthur

Central Mall, FM 365 to 9th Ave.
Holy Family Retreat Center
Silsbee 9920 N. Major Drive, Beaumont
Calvary Mission Baptist Church, 1316 FM 327 East(Across from High School) (409) 899-5617
Winnie - Stowell October
First Baptist Church Gym, 120 E. St. Pear Avenue
21-22 Community of Hope International Retreat
Hampshire Fannett, 22-23 To Marry For Life
4-way stop at Texas 124 & FM 365 27-30 A.C.T.S. Womens Retreat, St. Elizabeth Parish

First Baptist Church Auditorium, 105 N. Barrow Avenue November
5 Unity of S.E. Texas
Lumberton 5-6 To Marry For Life
Infant Jesus Church, 243 LHS Drive 10-13 A.C.T.S. Womens Retreat, St. Jude Parish
13-16 Community of Hope International
16th Street @ Burton Avenue
A donation to the endowment for Holy Family Retreat Center is a perfect
Vidor way to honor a marriage, a baptism, an anniversary or other special
Market Basket on Main Street events as well as a method to remember deceased family and friends. A
card is sent in your name. Gift certificates for retreats and programs are
Woodville available. Call (409) 899-5617 for information.
Side walk of Tyler County Courthouse, 100 W. Bluff.
6 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Parish community and the spiritual life

Spirituality for Today parish or individual builds the anticipates the kingdom of activities have their own dis- to enjoy the sound of their ball
By Father John Catoir spiritual life will vary of course, heaven by realizing and ex- tinctive way of serving the crashing into the pins.
Catholic News Service but the goal is clear: We are all tending the reign of God diverse needs of the body of Because they met in our par-
There are two things to re- called to love God with our through our worship and ser- Christ. We use the various tal- ish every week, a whole world
member about your spiritual whole heart, mind and soul. vice in all areas of life. ents of our volunteers to form opened up to me. I discovered
life: 1) It extends way beyond For Catholics, the parish ex- Granted, Im talking about special group ministries. how brave a human being
your prayer life to the way ists to help individuals carry an ideal here; we all know I grew up in the parish of St. could be despite suffering a se-
you treat others, the way you out the mission that Jesus pro- some terrible, discourag- Joan of Arc in Jackson Heights rious disability.
spend your money, the way claimed for his people; namely, ing stories from parish life or in Queens, New York. The di- In summary, a persons spiri-
you maintain your self-respect to proclaim the kingdom of ministry, but still, parishes are ocesan Catholic Guild for the tuality, far from being simply
and even to your politics; 2) It God and to become living ex- called to strive for holiness. Blind held regional meetings his or her private prayer life, is
also includes the way you re- amples of Christ in service to One way we do this is by cre- there for members. As a teen, basically ones whole life in and
late to God through your local God and to one another. ating community subgroups, I watched blind people being with God. The parish commu-
parish. As a community of faith, which serve the common good brought to the parish hall, and nity is there to offer support
The parish Mass on Sun- hope and love, the parish com- and the special personal needs I was curious. and aid us on our journey.
day is an act of worship, and munity teaches the parishio- of its members. I volunteered to help and We need to face lifes chal-
participating joyfully in this ners how to live in the Holy Prayer groups, senior citi- spent many enjoyable years lenges by trusting God in all
primary duty of the people of Spirit. It exists as a sign of the zen gatherings, hobby clubs, working with the blind. We circumstances and helping
God is essential for achieving kingdom of God in the world. scouting groups, grief minis- even took them bowling. A one another make this a better
holiness. How any particular The parish also points to and tries and the like: All of these guide rail was all they needed world.

The heart of leadership

The Human Side St. Bonaventure gives us a quality is missing.
By Father Eugene Hemrick unique insight into humility. Often leadership is pictured
Catholic News Service For St. Bonaventure, poverty in terms of people possessing
How I wish those desiring and humility were the source special talents, strong character
to lead our country could take of Christian perfection that and inspiring ideas. But from
to heart the message Archbish- need to be brought forth in whom did these gifts come ul-
op Bernard A. Hebda of St. acts of charity and love. Christ, timately? Is it not from God?
Paul and Minneapolis gave in the ultimate leader, embodied To admit everyone is poor
his address at the August J.S. all of these virtues -- clearly and dependent on God is by
Paluch vocations seminar. seen in his haumble and lov- no means a sign of weakness.
Archbishop Hebda listed ing submission to death on the Rather it is a humble way of
three qualities of leadership cross. living the truth. This is difficult
Pope Francis exemplifies best: Connecting virtues to lead- because we live in an atmo-
humility, consistency in values ership is crucial and leads to sphere immersed in half-truths,
and leading with the heart as other valuable insights. For twisted truths and outright lies
well as mind. example, it teaches us to ac- that weaken our resolve to live
"Pope Francis isn't afraid to knowledge that without God's the truth constantly no matter
admit his limitations," Arch- support we wouldn't exist. It the cost. character reveals a man who extremely difficult, needing
bishop Hebda pointed out. exhorts leaders to get off their One look at Pope Francis' leads with his heart as well as herculean strength to practice
Often the pope has said, "I am high horse and to drop to their leadership teaches us he is his mind. In Latin, "mercy" it. Conducting it humbly, bal-
a sinner," a humble admission knees in gratitude to God be- persistent in reaching out to contains the word "heart," the ancing heart with mind and
that is so contrary to leaders cause without thankfulness, the poor and encouraging the heartfelt love that Pope Francis consistently following Christ's
who feel the need to appear there's no humility, and with- church to be more merciful. desires in the church. model of leadership is the crux
strong and faultless. out humility, a vital leadership Further examination of his Leadership has always been of that needed strength.

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Contemplative Prayer
By Father Ron Rolheiser classically understood, after a were trying to do in prayer? of Gods wonderful gifts, kind- we think or imagine about
Contemplative prayer, as it brief, initial act of centering How can we be praying when ness or his work in any of his God is, in effect, an icon, even
is classically defined and popu- oneself in prayer, one simply we arent doing anything, just creatures, bodily or spiritual, the words of scripture itself
larly practiced, is subject today sits, but sits inside the inten- sitting? Isnt this some form of to rise up in his mind so as are words about God and not
to considerable skepticism in tion of reaching out directly agnosticism? How do we meet to press between him and his the reality of God. Admittedly
a number of circles. For ex- toward God in a place beyond a loving, personal God in this? God, even if they be very holy icons can be good, so long as
ample, the method of prayer, feeling and imagination where Isnt this simply some form thoughts, and give him great they are understood precisely
commonly called Centering one waits to let the unimagi- of transcendental meditation happiness and consolation. as icons, as pointing to a real-
Prayer, popularized by persons nable reality of God break- which can be used as a form For as long as the soul dwells ity beyond themselves; but as
like Thomas Keating, Basil through in a way that subjec- of self-seeking, a mental yoga? in this mortal body, the clar- soon as we take them for the
Bennington, John Main, and reality, our perennial tempta-
Laurence Freeman is viewed tion, the icon becomes an idol.
with suspicion by many people The difference between
who identify it with anything meditation and contempla-
from New Age, to Bud- tion is predicated on this: In
dhism, to Self-Seeking, to meditation we focus on icons,
atheism. on God as God appears in our
Admittedly not all of its ad- thoughts, imagination, and
herents and practitioners are feelings. In contemplation,
free from those charges, but icons are treated as idols, and
certainly its true practitioners the discipline then is to sit in
are. Understood and prac- a seeming darkness, beneath
ticed correctly this method of a cloud of unknowing, to try
prayer, which allows for some to be face to face with a reality
variations in its practice, is in which is too big to grasp with-
fact the form of prayer which in our imagination. Medita-
the Desert Fathers, John of the tion, like an icon, is something
Cross, and the author of The that is useful for a time, but
Cloud of Unknowing called- ultimately we are all called to
Contemplation. contemplation. As the Cloud
What is contemplation, of Unknowing puts it: For
as defined within this classi- certainly, he who seeks to have
cal Christian tradition? With God perfectly will not take his
apologies to the tradition of rest in the consciousness of
Ignatius of Loyola, who for- any angel or any saint that is
mats things differently, but is in heaven.
very much in agreement with Karl Rahner agrees: Have
this definition, contempla- we tried to love God in those
tion is prayer without im- places where one is not car-
ages and imagination, that is, ried on a wave of emotional
prayer without the attempt rapture, where it is impossible
to concentrate ones thoughts to mistake oneself and ones
and feelings on God and holy life-force for God, where one
things. It is a prayer so singular accepts to die from a love that
in its intention to be present seems like death and absolute
to God alone that it refuses ev- negation, where one cries out
erything, even pious thoughts in an apparent emptiness and
and holy feelings so as to sim- an utter unknown?
ply sit in darkness, in a de- tive feelings, thoughts, and Wheres Jesus in this? ity of our understanding in the That, in short, is contempla-
liberate unknowing, within imaginations cannot manipu- I will let the author of The contemplation of all spiritual tive prayer, authentic center-
which all thoughts, imagina- late. Cloud of Unknowing reply to things, and especially of God, ing prayer, as a discipline.
tions, and feelings about God And it is precisely on this this: It would be very inappro- is always mixed up with some Oblate Father Ron Rolheiser,
are not fostered or entertained, point where contemplative priate and a great hindrance to sort of imagination. We can- theologian, teacher, and award-
as is true for all other thoughts prayer is most often misunder- a man who ought to be work- not imagine God, we can only winning author, is president of
and feelings. In the words of stood and criticized. The ques- ing in this darkness and in this know God. the Oblate School of Theology in
The Cloud of Unknowing, it is tions are: Why shouldnt we cloud of unknowing, with an In essence, the idea is that San Antonio. He can be contacted
a simple reaching out directly try to foster and entertain holy affective impulse of love to we may never mistake the icon through his website www.ronrol-
toward God. thoughts and pious feelings God himself alone, to permit for the reality. God is ineffable heiser.com. Now on Facebook
In contemplative prayer, during prayer, isnt that what any thought or any meditation and consequently everything www.facebook.com/ronrolheiser.
8 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Pope: Churchs mission is to attract people to Christ, not proselytize

Pope Francis embraces a man as he meets the disabled during his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican Oct. 5. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- age the Catholic communities in meeting at Svetitskhoveli Cathe- ty given by religious men and lationship between different
Christians are called to follow the the Caucasus region, he said. dral, which houses the seamless women as well as Christian faiths and expressed his hope
example of St. Therese of Lisieux, Recalling the Oct. 1 Mass in tunic of Jesus, a garment the families in Georgia was also wit- that through this unity, the peo-
who helped draw people to Jesus Tbilisi celebrating the feast of pope described as a symbol of nessed in Azerbaijan. Although ple of the Caucasus may live in
by way of attraction, not by pros- St. Therese, the patroness of the unity of the church. the majority of the population peace and mutual respect.
elytizing, Pope Francis said. missions, the pope said, This This unity is supported by is Muslim, he said, they share a The Eucharist is where the
She was a reminder that an is what the religious men and the blood of so many martyrs of good relationship with the small spirit harmonizes different lan-
authentic witness is proclaimed women I met in Tbilisi do, as different Christian confessions. Catholic community there and guages and gives the strength of
through a union with Christ in well as in Baku: They do it with Among the most tested are the maintain fraternal ties with Or- witness which creates commu-
prayer, adoration and in con- prayer and charitable works. I Assyrian-Chaldeans in Tbilisi thodox Christians. nion in Christ and drives Chris-
crete charity, which is serving Je- encouraged them to be steadfast with whom I lived an intense Pope Francis said the celebra- tians to seek an encounter and
sus, who is present in the least of in the faith with memory, cour- moment of prayer for peace tion of the Eucharist and the dialogue with all who believe in
our brothers and sisters, he said age and hope. in Syria, Iraq and in the whole interreligious meeting in Baku God, to build together a more
Oct. 5 during his weekly general Although both countries cel- Middle East, the pope said. were proof that faith knows just and fraternal world, the
audience. ebrated the 25th anniversary The witness of love and uni- how to maintain the right re- pope said.
Among the estimated 25,000 of their independence from the
in St. Peters Square were 33 for- Soviet regime, they still face
mer prisoners of the Auschwitz numerous difficulties in differ-
concentration camp, whom he ent aspects of social life and
greeted after the audience and the Catholic Church, in col-
posed for pictures. laboration with other churches
Addressing the former prison- and Christian communities are
ers and Polish pilgrims present, called to be a sign of charity and
he said the days feast of St. Faus- human development, he said.
tina Kowalska reminded the In Georgia, this mission
world that God is rich in mercy naturally passes through the col-
and that his love is more power- laboration with our Orthodox
ful than death, than sin and ev- brothers and sisters, who form
ery evil. the vast majority of the popula-
In his main audience talk, tions, the pope said.
Pope Francis reflected on his Pope Francis said a very im-
Sept. 30-Oct. 2 visit to Georgia portant sign of this collabora-
and Azerbaijan, which, along tion was the presence of Ortho-
with his visit in June to Arme- dox Patriarch Ilia II at the airport
nia, fulfilled his desire to encour- upon his arrival as well as their

Varied Graces:
Home in Him in varied ways
Going home. Thats what that I can remember a time ers on the street and shake my from many different cultures. with the same broken human-
I keep telling them. In a cou- when the refineries were head as they suspiciously avert Some of us have been born in ity. Each of them believes in
ple of days Ill board a South- named Gulf and Texaco and their eyes. Ill listen to cousins places as far away as India or the same saving presence of
west plane and head north the Rainbow Bridge was a and friends talk about people the Philippines. Others of us Jesus. And each of them longs
and east. Going home for a solo act over the Neches in I barely remember. And Ill may have been transplanted for the same Home in Him.
few days. Port Arthur. Ive been in Tex- wonder where home really is. from the Midwest or the New Stewardship Challenge:
Going home to see cousins as so long that Ive found my But sometime during England states. And even if As each communicant passes
and friends and a very special way to Luckenbach and Cut that visit, Ill walk to morn- we were born in Southeast by you, ask our Lord to help
aunt. n Shoot several times. ing Mass. Ill sit in a middle Texas, when we come to the them with their individual
Going home to Steeler and Yet, I tell them, Im going pew at Blessed Virgin Mary Eucharistic table we bring the struggles. Then ask Him what
Browns country. Going culture and the native you could do to make them
home to pierogi and lands of our families feel more at home with you.
polkas and the reds and with us. Stewardship Scripture:
golds of a true autumn. When we come to Whoever loves me will keep
Going home to good the Eucharistic table, my word and my Father will
black earth that grows we bring the memory love him and we will come to
sweet corn and apple and the gift of those him and make our home with
trees. Going home to first homes. Our him. John 14:23
Amish and Mennonite uniqueness is never
farms. Going home ours to hold on to it. It
to places with names is meant to be shared.
like Monongahela and In that moment of
Aliquippa. communion, we are
So I tell them, Im one in Christ. We are
going home. And this time home as though the past 40 Church. Ill listen to the catholic. We are Catholic.
as I say those words, I hear years have been an extended young priest speak the words Stewardship Reflection:
them. Hear them in my heart. vacation. of consecration with a Pitts- This weekend during com-
Ive been in Texas nearly But when I get there I know burghese accent. Ill offer my munion, watch those who are
40 years. Reared my children my thoughts and words will hand in peace to someone in the receiving line. Notice
here. Watched my daughter be peppered with Texas. I Ive never met just like I have their uniqueness. Notice the
graduate from UT. Fell in traded yall for yinz, coke for done thousands of times be- beauty of the diversity of our
love with fresh shrimp and pop a long time ago. Ill look fore. And I will know where community. Then reflect for a
seawalls and piney woods. at the constant grey skies of home is. moment on this thought: not
A Christian Voice in
Bonded with neighbors as Pittsburgh and Youngstown Our recent 50th anniver- one of these individuals has
Your Home
we ran from hurricanes and and wonder how anyone can sary celebration reflected the same memories as you or 1250-AM KDEI Port Arthur, TX,
cleaned up after the storms of live with so many overcast the wonderful diversity of the same thought pattern or or on the Internet
Rita and Ike. days. our diocese. Our celebration the exact same perspective. Call toll free 1-888-408-0201
Ive been in Texas so long Ill greet and smile at strang- made it obvious that we come Yet, each of them struggles

visit us
follow us @etc_online
friend us facebook.com/dioceseofbeaumont
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Carta Pastoral de la Conferencia Catlica de Obispos de Texas

Cada ao durante el mes de agresor la seguridad de las per- misma la nocin de que la vida En tercer lugar, el gobierno ciliacin. Nuestro ministerio
octubre, la Iglesia celebra el Mes sonas, la autoridad se limitar a en algunos casos es desechable, mata a personas inocentes de de reconciliacin y perdn est
del Respeto a la Vida. Durante esos medios (Catecismo de o que se puede decidir que no parte nuestra. Hay al menos 23 cimentado en el mandamiento
este tiempo, oramos y reflex- la Iglesia Catlica, No. 2267). tiene valor. Est bien documen- casos documentados de perso- de Jess de ser misericordiosos
ionamos sobre el don precioso Esto significa sencillamente tado que aquellos que menos nas inocentes que fueron eje- como su Padre es misericordio-
de la vida y volvemos a com- que si existen las alternativas a pueden costear una defensa, cutadas en Estados Unidos en so (Lucas 6: 36).
prometernos a trabajar por una la pena de muerte, suficientes tienen mayor probabilidad de este siglo por delitos penados Nuestro llamado a abolir la
cultura que verdaderamente para proteger a la sociedad de recibir la pena de muerte; ms con la muerte. El Colegio de pena de muerte no es un llama-
acoja y proteja la vida humana criminales violentos, la sociedad del 90% de los condenados a Abogados de Estados Unidos do para negar la justicia. Por el
en nuestra sociedad, desde la se limitar a esos otros medios. muerte no pueden pagar un (American Bar Association) ha contrario, es un llamado a toda
concepcin hasta la muerte No puede haber duda de que abogado. En 1990, la Oficina llegado a la conclusin de que la comunidad a reconocer que
natural. La enseanza catlica tales medios existen hoy en da de Rendicin de Cuentas de la administracin de la pena de la pena de muerte no hace jus-
sobre el aborto y la eutanasia es en Estados Unidos, incluido el Estados Unidos (U.S. General muerte es un laberinto desor- ticia, ni tampoco consuela a los
muy clara, como lo es nuestro Estado de Texas. Accounting Office) report denado de prcticas injustas, que no pueden ser consolados.
compromiso de continuar tra- El Papa San Juan Pablo II es- un patrn de evidencia que sin coherencia interna y han En lugar de buscar la venganza,
bajando por el mejoramiento cribi que las condiciones que indica disparidades raciales en instado a que se suspendan las el perdn ofrece a la familia de
de las condiciones de vida, de la haran recomendable el leg- la acusacin, sentencia e im- ejecuciones. la vctima y del acusado el ver-
educacin, del acceso a cuidado timo uso de la pena capital son posicin de la pena de muerte. El Catecismo no reconoce dadero consuelo que viene de la
sanitario para todos, especial- muy raros, por no decir prc- Ms an, la pena de muerte ha la prospectiva de la disuasin justicia reparadora.
mente los pobres y aquellos que ticamente inexistentes (Evan- sido aplicada a personas con como justificacin para la pena La pena capital vicia la ca-
no cuentan con recursos. Este gelium Vitae, no. 56). El Papa capacidad mental limitada. Es- de muerte. Pero an si lo hiciera, pacidad de nuestros corazones
ao los obispos estamos atray- Francisco ha declara- los estados sin pena de para practicar la misericordia y
endo especial atencin a nuestro do que es imposible muerte tienen ndices el amor. El debido proceso para
constante llamado a abolir la imaginar que hoy los de criminalidad simi- el acusado, el encarcelamiento
pena de muerte en Texas, al Estados no puedan lares o menores que del culpable y la proteccin de
reconocer que indudablemente disponer de otro me- Texas (Death Penalty la comunidad sirven a la justica
este es un tema pro vida. dio que no sea la pena Information Center, y a la misericordia. Como Igle-
La Enseanza Social de la capital para defender deathpenaltyinfo. sia, nos esforzamos por cami-
Iglesia es un cuerpo espec- la vida de otras per- org). La nocin de nar con los que tienen tiempo
fico de doctrina catlica y una sonas del agresor in- que la pena de muerte para arrepentirse. Como dice la
parte esencial de la fe (Sharing justo (Discurso a una disuade del crimen es Escritura, Dios no se complace
Catholic Social Teaching, Chal- delegacin de la Asociacin In- tas realidades contribuyen al falsa. Tambin alimenta la falsa en la muerte del malvado, sino
lenges & Directions, Confer- ternacional de Derecho Penal, cruel desprecio de la dignidad creencia de que la violencia es el en que se convierta y viva (Eze-
encia de Obispos Catlicos de 23 de octubre de 2014). de la vida humana. La pena de nico remedio a la violencia. quiel 33: 11). Nuestros ministe-
Estados Unidos). Enraizada en En el Catecismo de la Iglesia muerte influye negativamente Como Iglesia, acompaamos rios penitenciarios estn basados
las Escrituras, la enseanza de la Catlica, la Iglesia ensea que en la formacin moral de los a nuestros hermanos, hijos, pa- en la misin que el Seor nos ha
Iglesia se desarrolla a lo largo de estos caminos no violentos para nios y de nuestra cultura, pues dres y personas amadas al verlos dado de ofrecer una llamada al
siglos, al irse encontrando con preservar el orden pblico cor- no da cabida a la misericordia y sufrir a causa de las acciones in- arrepentimiento a aquellos que
nuevas realidades y desafos so- responden mejor a las condicio- a la redencin. humanas y violentas de otros. han perdido la esperanza, o a
ciales. El mismo Espritu Santo nes concretas del bien comn En segundo lugar, se dedican Slo Dios puede consolarlos, quienes el mundo ha dado por
que inspir las Sagradas Escritu- y son ms conformes con la escasos recursos pblicos a la pero nosotros les ofrecemos perdidos.
ras est con la Iglesia cuando dignidad de la persona huma- pena de muerte, menoscabando tanto consuelo como podemos Que Dios nos de la gracia de
interpretamos los signos de los na (No. 2267). De hecho, en as el bien comn. El costo de con nuestra presencia y oracin. dar testimonio de la dignidad
tiempos en cada nueva cultura nuestro pas y en el Estado de dar alojamiento y alimento a La sanacin que proviene del de la vida humana. Que el Se-
y poca (Gaudium et Spes, no. Texas la pena de muerte no slo un preso sentenciado a cadena perdn ha sido una fuerza pon- or consuele a los que sufren,
4). Hoy en da, el Catecismo de no corresponde al bien comn, perpetua es tres veces ms bajo derosa en las vidas de muchas proteja a nuestra comunidad y
la Iglesia Catlica ofrece un re- sino que le hace un gran dao. que los costos en los que incurre familias que han experimentado conceda la conversin a los re-
sumen integral de la doctrina de En primer lugar, la pena de la corte por el prolongado pro- la violencia. A travs de nuestros sponsables de infligir la muerte
la Iglesia. De manera inequvo- muerte se aplica desproporcion- ceso de apelacin de un recluso diversos ministerios, ofrecemos y la violencia a otros. Que en
ca, la enseanza catlica dice que adamente a los pobres, minoras condenado a muerte. (Death consejera, apoyo personal y la este Ao de la Misericordia sea-
si los medios incruentos bastan raciales y los vulnerables. La Penalty Information Center, gracia de los sacramentos para mos administradores de miseri-
para proteger y defender del pena de muerte perpeta por s deathpenaltyinfo.org) asistir en el proceso de recon- cordia para con todos.

La ConferenCia CatLiCa de obispos de texas

october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 11

Pastoral Letter from the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops

Each year during October tect peoples safety from First, the death penalty (Death Penalty Information personal support, and the
the Church observes Respect the aggressor, authority will is disproportionately used Center, deathpenaltyinfo. grace of the sacraments to
Life Month. During this limit itself to such means ... on the poor, racial minori- org). assist in the healing process.
time, we pray and reflect on (Catechism of the Catho- ties and the vulnerable. The Thirdly, innocent people Our ministry of healing and
the precious gift of life and lic Church, no. 2267). This death penalty in and of it- are killed by the government forgiveness is rooted in Jesus
recommit ourselves to work- simply means if alternatives self perpetuates the notion on our behalf. There are at command to be merciful,
ing toward a culture that to the death penalty exist that life is in some instances least 23 documented cases just as your Father is merci-
truly welcomes and protects that serve to protect society disposable, or can be judged of innocent people who were ful (Luke 6:36).
human life in our society, from violent criminals, so- of no worth. It is well docu- executed in the United States Our call to abolish the
from conception to natural ciety must limit itself to mented that those who can in this century for capital death penalty is not a call
death. Catholic teaching on these other means. There least afford a defense are crimes. The American Bar to deny justice. On the con-
abortion and euthanasia is can be no doubt such means most likely to receive a death Association has concluded trary, it is a call to the whole
very clear, as is our commit- exist today in the United penalty; more than 90% of that administration of the community to recognize that
ment to the ongoing work of States, including in the State those on death row cannot death penalty is a haphazard the death penalty does not
improving living conditions, of Texas. afford an attorney. In 1990, maze of unfair practices with fulfill justice, nor does it con-
education, and health-care Pope Saint John Paul II the U.S. General Account- no internal consistency and sole the inconsolable. Rather
access for all, especially the wrote that conditions sug- ing Office reported a pat- has called for a moratorium than seeking vengeance,
poor and those without re- gesting the legitimate use of tern of evidence indicating on executions. forgiveness offers a victims
sources. capital punishment are very racial disparities in charging, The Catechism does not family and the accused true
This year we bishops draw rare, if not practically non- sentencing and imposition recognize the prospect of de- healing that comes through
particular attention to our existent (Evangelium Vi- of the death penalty. Fur- terrence as justification for restorative justice.
consistent call for the aboli- tae, no. 56). Pope the death penalty. Capital punishment viti-
tion of the death penalty in Francis has stated But even if it did, ates our hearts capacity for
Texas, as we recognize this is that it is impos- states without mercy and love. Due process
undeniably a pro-life issue. sible to imagine the death penalty for the accused, the incarcer-
Catholic Social Teach- that states today have either simi- ation of the guilty, and the
ing is a distinct body of cannot make use lar or lower crime protection of the communi-
Church doctrine and an es- of another means rates than Texas ty serve justice and mercy. As
sential part of Catholic faith than capital pun- (Death Penalty a Church, we strive to walk
(Sharing Catholic Social ishment to de- Information Cen- with those who have time
Teaching, Challenges & Di- fend peoples lives ter). The notion to repent. As Scripture says,
rections, United States Con- from an unjust aggressor thermore, the death penalty that the death penalty deters God takes no pleasure in
ference of Catholic Bishops). (Address to Delegates of the has been applied to persons crime is false. It also feeds the death of the wicked, but
Rooted in the Scriptures, International Association of of limited mental capacity. into the false belief that vio- rather that they turn from
our Churchs teaching de- Penal Law, Vatican City, Oc- These realities contribute to lence is the only remedy for their ways and live (Ezekiel
velops over centuries as the tober 24, 2014). a callous disregard for the violence. 33:11). Our prison minis-
Church encounters new so- In the Catechism of dignity of human life. The As a Church we accompa- tries are founded on the mis-
cial realities and challenges. the Catholic Church, the death penalty negatively in- ny our brothers and sisters, sion given to us by the Lord
The same Holy Spirit who Church teaches that these fluences our childrens moral children, parents and loved to offer a call to repentance
inspired the Scriptures is non-violent ways of preserv- formation and our culture as ones as we see them suffer to those who have lost hope,
with the Church as we read ing public order are more it fails to allow for mercy and from the heinous and vio- or whom the world has given
the signs of the times in in keeping with the concrete redemption. lent actions of others. Only up for lost.
each new culture and age conditions of the common Secondly, scarce public God can console them, yet May God give us the grace
(Gaudium et Spes, no. 4). good and more in conformi- resources are devoted to the we offer what comfort we to witness to the dignity of
Today, the Catechism of the ty with the dignity of the hu- death penalty, thus injur- can with our presence and human life. May the Lord
Catholic Church provides a man person (no. 2267). In ing the common good. The prayer. The healing that console the suffering, protect
comprehensive summary of fact, in our country and in cost of housing and feeding comes from forgiveness has our community, and grant
Catholic doctrine. the State of Texas the death a prisoner for a life sentence been a powerful force in the conversion to those responsi-
Catholic teaching un- penalty not only does not is three times lower than lives of many families who ble for the inflicting of death
equivocally states that if correspond to the common the court costs incurred by have experienced violence. and violence upon others. In
non-lethal means are suf- good, it actually does great a lengthy appeals process Through our varied minis- this Year of Mercy, may we
ficient to defend and pro- harm to it. for a prisoner on death row tries, we offer counseling, be stewards of mercy to all.

T e x a s C aT h o l i C Co n f e r e n C e o f B i s h o p s
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Dreaming of the Caribbean: bold adventures, surprise homecomings

By Christina Capecchi throb and her fingers tingle, we all use the audacity that ing through Venice on a wet, married, was given a new shot
Twenty Something sending them to the keyboard place in the heart where blood ethereal night. Embracing the in 1997, when, at 72, she won
The phone call came when I and a Google search for job pumps in equal measures of pope in St. Peters Basilica. the lottery. Immediately she
was boiling sweet corn sup- openings in of all places St. courage and impatience to But part of young adult- knew how to spend her $11.8
pertime on a hum-drum Sun- Croix, some 2,500 miles from go ahead and do it? hood is letting the slow tilt million winnings: She gave it
day whose excitement peaked her current residence. My early 20s brought me of maturity carry your feet to away half to her parish, half
with a trip to the grocery store. I Googled it too to the ground, like a teeter to her hometown.
It had been months since Id brush up on my ge- totter nearing the grass. No new car, no vacation,
spoken with my college friend ography. The map Its figuring out where to Eleanor told The New York
Wendy, but she skipped right showed a tiny is- put roots. Holding onto Times. My life is no different.
over the small talk: Shes mov- land surrounded your adventurers heart Ive given it up to God. I live
ing to St. Croix. by blue. Puerto while making room for in his presence and do his will,
When I heard St. Croix, I Rico. Images of responsibility. and I did that from the start.
thought Wisconsin and the scuba diving, horse- Ive been thinking My commitments mean I
river Ive fished with my broth- back riding and about new begin- wont be adding a stamp to
er. But Wendy had been think- white beaches. An nings, which you the passport this year, so Im
ing much bigger, she clarified: hours flight from can almost smell in contemplating adventure in
the U.S. Virgin Islands. Caracas, Venezuela. September, with all the broadest sense from the
The life she had planned for It was time to take the back-to-school life of the mind to the spiritual
herself a comfortable one in a leap of faith, Wen- possibilities life, exploring new corners of
a quiet Iowa suburb lined with dy told me. Time for sharp-tipped my God-given talents and em-
sidewalks, strollers and swing an adventure. crayons, blank bracing glimpses of grace.
sets no longer fit. Mother- Sunday night rolled notebooks and Im pushing myself to find
hood, she had come to discern, around dishwasher mighty resolu- compelling ways to tell other
is not her vocation. This was a loading, Netflix, Etsy tions. peoples stories, all while writ-
startling realization, one she and I couldnt stop New begin- ing my own story. One day
had arrived at with frequent thinking of St. Croix. nings can come I will appreciate how God
prayer and utter honesty. I felt a jolt of inspira- in surprising forms brought each chapter together,
A series of events that seemed tion, and somewhere folded across the globe with and sometimes they marked by a generosity that
divinely orchestrated led to in Wendys news, should I ac- friends, with family and for lead you back home, allowing knows no bounds.
her this juncture, beginning knowledge it, a challenge. journalism from Kilken- you to recognize the beauty Christina Capecchi is a free-
Memorial Weekend when she Couldnt we all use the push ny, Ireland, to Ketchikan, that was always in your midst. lance writer from Inver Grove
was laid up with a broken arm. to finally do the thing weve Alaska. Praying in the Gar- The late Eleanor Boyer, a New Heights, Minn., and the editor
Restlessness made her heart always wanted to do? Couldnt den of Gethsemane. Stroll- Jersey Catholic who never of SisterStory.org.

The Diocese of Beaumont and DIOCESE OF BEAUMONT

Catholic Charities of Southeast
Full-time Multi-Parish Evangelization/Catechetical Coordinator
Texas are looking for qualified
individuals to join their workforce Full-time Secretary Office of Catholic Schools
in the following areas listed below. Full-time Multi-Parish/School Accountant

For detailed information about

a specific position, please refer ST ANTHONY CATHOLIC SCHOOL, BEAUMONT
to the diocesan website at Full-time 6-8 Grade Language Arts Teacher
www.dioceseofbmt.org under
the Careers tab. Or contact the
Diocesan Human Resources
Department at (409) 924-4364. Part-time Assistant Bookkeeper
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Octoberfest at Blessed Sacrament

Katherine Babino serves shrimp on a stick.

Kendal Fobish enjoys the slide. Markell Byrd patiently waits for the train ride.

Joyce Lombard dancing to the Zydeco music. Cook Eric Roberts, Kendall Border and Judge Duce Jones cooking pigs feet.

Msgr. Kelly High School Teacher Wins A&M Award

Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School chor Club, Mural Club and the Gnip
teacher Jerrilynn Miller was honored Gnop (Ping Pong) Club. Miller has
with the Beaumont A&M Club Out- three children and five grandchildren.
standing Classroom Teacher Award Six other Beaumont teachers were
at a dinner at the St. Jude Thaddeus also honored including Yvette Drake
Family Life Center on Sept. 27. The from Charlton Pollard Elementary
award is intended to recognize inno- School, Becky Diane Simmons from
vative and results-oriented teachers Odom Middle School, Melissa A.
and to raise public awareness of the Fontenot from Central Medical
importance of effective and commit- Magnet High School, Shonte Leon-
ted teachers. ard from Ozen Magnet High School,
Miller said her inspiration came Vickie McCown from West Brook
from her grandmother, who was not High School and Jola Kay Waggener
only a teacher but actually Millers from the Paul Brown Center. Teach-
first-grade teacher. Miller said her fa- ers are nominated for the award by
vorite part about teaching is the stu- other teachers at their respective
dents, and she feels especially proud schools.
to be teaching exceptional students at Each recipient received a special
Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School. engraved silver tray, a certificate of
Miller said she is proudest of her appreciation and a check from the
students when she sees them par- John K. Mattingly Memorial Fund.
ticipating in Mass. She said she loves John K. Mattingly was a West Brook
seeing them being active in the Mass High School student who had been
and singing. Miller said she admires accepted to Texas A&M but died in
Michael Wolf, chair of the Beaumont A&M Clubs Classroom Teacher Awards, and Vernice Murray her students strong faith and values. a car wreck his senior year in high
Monroe, Beaumont Independent School District Board of Managers member and the awards dinner
featured speaker, present Msgr. Kelly Catholic High School teacher Jerrilynn Miller with her com-
Miller teaches English I College school. The Mattingly family do-
memorative silver tray, certicate of appreciation and check. Prep, Pre-AP and Holocaust Litera- nates the money for the awards in his
ture. Miller serves as advisor for An- memory.

Blessing of the Pets

A culture of excellence and quality.

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas

Health System has a heritage of
compassionate and innovative
care dating back more than 110
years to its founding by the
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate
Word. Today, were transforming
healthcare in Southeast Texas.
One patient at a time. As part
of a Catholic, not-for-profit
health system,we are here to
extend the healing ministry of
Jesus Christ.

Hannah Nietos ferret draws lots of attention at the St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica pet bless-
ings in observance of the Feast Day of St. Fancis of Assisi.

Health System

15-SET-0831-Quality Mission Print Ad_East Texas Catholic Newspaper_REVISED.indd 1 8/6/15 3:23 PM

october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 15
One repair leads to a complete remodel at St. Elizabeth
It started with noticing that a few pews Oct. 9 when Bishop Curtis J Guillory, featuring the chalice. he met Rolf Rohn, whose company has
needed repair at St. Elizabeth Church, S.V.D., celebrated the Rite of Blessings Father Baxter decided the new artwork done design work for churches all over
Port Neches. Then it became evident in the remodeled church. He deposited a should reflect the churchs namesake, St. the country. Rohn did a lot of the design
more repairs were needed than originally relic of St. Eugene I and blessed the new Elizabeth of Hungary and contracted work on St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica.
thought so it was more cost effective to pews and choir organ. with Oliver. Since Oliver began lending his ex-
replace them. As parishioners gathered for Mass, Oliver said that his work has kept him pertise to churches, he has built a new
When the old carpeting was then in- they saw the new artwork that has re- busy and that he has been working seven altar table and tabernacle throne for
spected, the flooring really needed to be cently been placed. Paul Oliver, a pa- days a week for the past seven months. the 200-year-old St. Patrick Cathedral
replaced as well. rishioner at Immaculate Conception The work demands attention to detail in New York; the steeple for St. Paul
As the baptismal font was moved for in Groves, built the new statues of the and requires a lot of patience. in NASA Bay; the arches in Incarnate
the new floor, it fell apart which resulted Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Elizabeth of Im not a volume shop, he said. Word in San Antonio; and is now build-
in a new one. This led to new artwork in Hungary filling the wall niches. This is not the first time Oliver has ing massive 30-inch-wide stations of
the wall niche above it. A matching wall The wall niches originally contained worked with a church in the Diocese of the cross for St. John Vianney Church
niche is on the other side of the altar smaller statues when the church was first Beaumont. in Houston. All this from someone who
so, of course, new artwork was needed built in 1957. These were replaced in Oliver did some of the repair work on began by building fiberglass duck blinds,
there as well. 1990 with two painted wood art pieces, St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica in Beau- Mardi Gras floats and doing auto body
Much of the repairs was completed for one featuring the Holy Spirit and one mont after Hurricane Rita. That is where repair.

Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, blesses the new statue of the Blessed Mother that is featured Paul Oliver explains the process of building the new St. Elizabeth baptismal font . Olivers
in the wall niche above where the new baptismal font will be placed. completed statues of the Blessed Mother and St. Elizabeth of Hungary already fill the
churches wall niches.

Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, blesses the new St. Elizabeth of Hungary statue that fills the
Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, places the relic in the altar.
wall niche above where the new ambo will be located.
16 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Stewardship in several Big Easy lessons

Nearly 1,000 Catholics from mont, along with other attend- at the way I make my ask a little
all over the world - including 17 ing priests, had an opportunity differently in the future. Want to learn more about Stewardship?
from the Diocese of Beaumont to concelebrate. Clergy have to be the lead- Talk to these local attendees of the
- recently converged on the Big The spirituality of Steward- ership. Dont be afraid to talk International Catholic Stewardship Conference
Easy to learn more about and ship was evident everywhere. about Stewardship because it is
recommit themselves to the bib- I learned some practical never about money. It is about Father Kevin Badeaux, St. Joseph, Port Arthur
lical teaching of Stewardship. ideas in the clergy to clergy ses- discipleship. Dont be afraid. Father Reji George, C.M.I., St. Therese of the Little Flower
The 17 from Beaumont, sion which flowed out of an ini- Unlock the door to the Upper Father Khanh Ho, Holy Trinity
Father Donatus Mgbeajuo, M.S.P., St. Therese, Orange
which included six pastors and tial focus on the spirituality of Room. That was the message
Father Michael Strother, Our Lady of the Pines
represented 15 different par- Stewardship, said Father Gus Father Khanh Ho, pastor of
Father Gus Wall, S.V.D., St. Pius X
ishes, spent three and half days Wall, S.V.D., pastor of St. Pius Holy Trinity, took away from
Bill Gier, Stewardship Committee, St. Anthony Cathedral
gathering information and ideas X, Beaumont. the conference.
about everything from womens Father Wall said clergy en- Information was not the only Effie Sharp, Stewardship Committee, Sacred Heart
giving patterns to tips on how couraged using terms that re- thing the Diocese of Beaumont Cathy Favre, director of Multi Parish/School Accounting
to mine for parishioners tal- flect commitments that flow group brought home. The Dio- and a member of Our Lady of Sorrows
ents. from baptism rather than terms cese received two awards: Award Linda LaCour, director of African American Ministry and a
Those opportunities for for- that speak to volunteering. for Excellence for Total Planned member of Sacred Heart-St. Mary
mation came from the more A commitment that flows Giving Effort and Honorable Ivette Ramirez a member of the Stewardship Committee at
than 80 workshops and plenary from baptism is different, he Mention for Total Annual Ap- St. Mary in Cleveland
sessions held at the Internation- said, and there is an account- peal Effort. Marcia Stevens, superintendent of Catholic schools and a
al Catholic Stewardship Con- ability, while with volunteering The Beaumont group mem- member of St. Jude Thaddeus
ference in New Orleans Oct. not so much. bers were not just takers. Rich- Richard Rosario, assistant director of Community
2-5. Catholic school superinten- ard Rosario, assistant director Development and a member of Cristo Rey
The local group found the vi- dent Marcia Stevens was in- of New Community Develop- Marilyn Tennissen, coordinator of Development and a
brancy of the music at each of trigued by data that spoke to ment gave one of the presen- member of St. Anne, Beaumont
the liturgies and the exuberant giving patterns. tations in a workshop sponsored Karen Gilman, associate director of Communications and a
participation of attendees up- The first gift will be the last if by Catholic Extension. Rosario member of St. Jude Thaddeus
lifting. At evening Mass Tues- it is not handled well, said Ste- talked about his efforts to build Morline Guillory, associate director of Philanthropic
day New Orleans Auxiliary vens. bridges between parishioners Services and a member of Stewardship Committee at
Bishop Fernand Cheri, O.S.M., Stevens also learned that from different cultures. Our Mother of Mercy, Beaumont
who was still recovering from women donors are much more A grant from the Catholic Letty Lanza, director of Stewardship and Communications
bypass surgery, sang part of his concerned about the impact Extension Society assisted with and a Stewardship committee member at St. Anthony
homily. The pastors from Beau- their gift will have. I may look this formation opportunity. Cathedral Basilica
october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 17
Corresponsabilidad en Luisiana

Ivette Ramirez de Santa Maria, Cleveland le ensea al Padre Kevin Badeaux de San Jose, Puerto Arturo y al Padre Richard Rosario, director asociado del desarrollo comunitario, presenta
Donatus Mgbeajuo, MSP de Santa Teresa, Orange como usar Snapchat en la Conferencia Internacional Catlica sobre los retos de la corresponsabilidad en dicesis de misin durante la
de Corresponsabilidad. conferencia.

La Corresponsabilidad no es conferencia.
algo nico en nuestra dicesis, Richard Rosario, el director
sino algo que se vive en todo el asociado del desarrollo comu-
mundo. Y para poder compar- nitario, fue invitado a ser parte
tir ideas e iniciativas para crec- de un panel de Catholic Ex-
er la conciencia de lo que es tension, la organizacin que
vivir corresponsablemente, el ayuda a iniciativas catlicas en
Consejo Internacional Catli- dicesis de misin en los Es-
co de Corresponsabilidad tiene tados Unidos a travs de sub-
una conferencia donde ms de venciones. Catholic Extension
1,000 representantes de var- ayudo a la dicesis a mandar
ias dicesis de todo el mundo varios representantes a la con-
asisten cada ao. ferencia.
Ivette Ramirez, directora del Por mi trabajo en corre-
ministerio de jvenes en Santa sponsabilidad y creando pu-
Maria en Cleveland, fue una de entes en las parroquias, fui a la
las representantes de la dicesis conferencia para hablar sobre
quien asisti a la conferencia. que ha funcionado en nuestra
Elle fue nombrada por su pr- dicesis, y que puede funcio-
roco por su trabajo con los nar en otras dicesis que se
jvenes, pero mayormente por clasifican misin, sea dicesis
su trabajo en el comit de cor- con bajos recursos. Me alegra
responsabilidad y en la Cam- que se est reconociendo el
paa de Fe del Obispo. trabajo que estamos haciendo
Aprend que necesitamos aqu en nuestra dicesis, dijo
mejores formas de comuni- Richard Rosario. Morline Guillory, directora asociada de servicios filantrpicos, y Letty Lanza, directora de corresponsabilidad
cacin entre los ministerios Varios de los representantes y comunicaciones, reciben el premio de Mejor Esfuerzo en una Campaa Anual en nombre de la Dicesis de
parroquiales, los feligreses y eran prrocos de diferen- Beaumont por el trabajo de la Campaa de Fe del Obispo 2015 y por tener todo el material de la campaa en tres
idiomas: ingls, espaol y vietnamita.
los prrocos. Hay que apreciar tes parroquias de la dicesis,
nuestros prrocos, actuar en incluyendo al Padre Kevin se est llegando a los jvenes aprendi en la conferencia de dicesis de Beaumont. Al ser
lo que planeamos, enfocarnos Badeaux de la parroquia San adultos. corresponsabilidad. una conferencia grande e in-
en Dios, evaluarnos a nosotros Jos en Puerto Arturo. Algunas Es importante que los que La Conferencia Interna- ternacional, los temas variaban
mismos, estar conscientes del de las cosas que aprendi fue trabajan en la parroquia se cional Catlica de la Corre- de cmo manejar un comit a
trabajo de Dios en nuestras como reconoce los que estn reconozcan como ministros sponsabilidad fue en Nuevo nivel parroquial, a como for-
vidas diarias, pero, sobre todo, trabajando duro en realizar y personas corresponsables, Orleans en Luisiana este ao. mar un plan estratgico para
hay que empezar con nosotros una vida corresponsable en la en vez de voluntarios, dijo el Por su proximidad, pudieron una campaa capital a nivel
mismos, dijo Ramirez sobre la parroquia, mientras tambin Padre Badeaux sobre lo que asistir 17 representantes de la diocesano.
18 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Harvesting a Season of Hope

The work Catholic Charities of South- cant annual fundraiser for Catholic
east Texas does to support people in Charities, allowing the agency to con-
need around the region is serious busi- tinue its programs to assist the poor and
ness. But that doesnt mean supporting the vulnerable. The seven programs of
its mission cant be fun. And the plan is Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
for everyone to have a great deal of fun that are detailed below bring child and
at the 14th Annual Harvest of Hope. family services, emergency assistance,
The event will be held Thursday, Nov. asset building case management, daily
10, at the MCM Elegant Hotel in food service, immigration legal advo-
Beaumont and will unite great food and cacy, grief support and counseling ser-
fellowship with the worthy purpose of vices to the community.
raising funds to support all the programs In keeping with the mission of
of Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas. Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
Each year, Harvest of Hope celebrates People of faith responding to needs
the servant leadership of Southeast Tex- by serving, teaching, building com-
ans by honoring those who are exempla- munity, and preserving the dignity of
ry leaders and this years honorees are Pat individuals and families in Southeast
and Tommy Frank. Texas, these services emphasize assis-
tance to low-to-moderate income resi-
For many years Pat and Tommy dents of a nine-county territory that
Frank have quietly ministered includes Chambers, Hardin, Jasper,
to the needs of others through Jefferson, Liberty, Newton, Orange,
their involvement in housing Polk and Tyler Counties.
programs, health, religious and Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
educational services that bene- makes its services available to all with-
fit people in our local communi- out regard to race, gender, religion, age
ty, around our state and in other or national origin.
countries. The work of Catholic Charities is
We want to express our ap- primarily funded through local com-
preciation to Pat and Tommy for munity supporters but the agency also
the many contributions theyve benefits from government, corporate
made to help Catholic Charities and foundation grants. The money the
and help improve the lives of agency receives stays here in Southeast
others said Carolyn Fernandez, Texas to serve local residents.
President/CEO of the agency.
Asset Building Case Man-
The event chairpersons are Carolyn agement combines financial
and Mark Fertitta and Lisa and Sam education with long-term case
Parigi. The work of the event chairs is management, helping families
Elijahs Place gives peer and Parish Social Ministry lends
supported by a team of hardworking, develop spending plans, repair
adult support to children ages support and training resourc-
long-time friends of Catholic Charities. their credit, increase their sav-
5-18 who are grieving the es to local church leaders and
Martin Broussard, Craig Sherlock and ings and make progress toward
death of a parent or sibling. members working to organize
Gay Scott are working to secure event home ownership or continued
Hospitality Center provides a social justice advocacy teams
sponsors; Tom Broussard is coordinat- education. Free income tax
clean, safe and dignified envi- and social ministry services.
ing the live auction; Camille Mouton preparation and matched sav-
ronment where those with lim-
and Regina Winegar will be responsible ings accounts are also services
ited resources have access to a Harvest of Hope will begin with
for reservations and seating, and Linda available to eligible clients.
hearty, midday meal every day cocktails at 6 p.m., followed by dinner
Domino is managing event publicity. Counseling Services provides
of the year. and a tribute to the honorees at 7 p.m.
Stephanie Daleo and Gillian Jenkins will professional individual, family,
Immigration Services is the Individual tickets or a table for eight
once again lend their artistic talents to and group counseling via a slid-
only regional nonprofit recog- people can be reserved by contacting
create a delightfully elegant dcor for the ing fee scale.
nized by the Board of Immigra- Catholic Charities at (409) 924-4411
grand ballroom while Nikki Ramey and Disaster Response provides
tion Appeals and U.S. Citizen- or by visiting the agencys website at
Connie Prewitt have the difficult task financial assistance and long-
ship and Immigration Service www.catholiccharitiesbmt.org. Indi-
of selecting scrumptious hors doeuvres term case management to help
as a provider of immigration le- vidual tickets begin at $125 per ticket
to tempt the palate during the cocktail families rebuild their lives after
gal services such as family visa and table reservations begin at $1,000.
party before the wonderful dinner meal major disasters. Emergency
petitions, naturalization appli- Sponsorship opportunities can also be
that is being prepared by the chefs at the assistance is also provided for
cations, and self-petitions for arranged by contacting the agency.
MCM Elegante. families facing a temporary fi-
battered immigrants.
Harvest of Hope is the most signifi- nancial crisis.
Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School Happenings
Homecoming Queen during the Kelly vs. Hamshire-Fannett game on Friday, Sept. 30. Presenting Olivia Austin with her
crown was Kellys 2015 Homecoming Queen, Chloe Bergeron. Participating in the coronation were Bishop Curtis J. Guillory,
SVD, Catholic schools superintendent Marcia Stevens, Kelly principal Roger Bemis and 2016 distinguished alumni Janey
Phelan and Joan Steinman.

Austin was escorted by her father, Gregory Austin. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, co-
president of the Pink Club and a student ambassador for MKCHS.

Hairspray coming to
The Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School Drama Club pres-
ents the Broadway musical Hairspray on Oct. 14 and 15, at Kel-
lys Randy Roane Theater. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets

are $7 for students and $10 for adults and can be purchased at
the door.

Hairspray promises to be a family-friendly musical, piled bouf-

fant-high with laughter, romance and tuneful songs. Taking place
in 1962, big-haired teenaged Tracy Turnblad dreams of dancing
on the local teenage TV dance program, only to see it come true.
Using her new-found fame, Turnblad becomes an advocate for
racial integration on the show and has every intention of win-
ning. Hairspray is based on the 1988 John Waters film and book
by Mark ODonnell and Thomas Meehan.

Mission Trip To Toppa Joppa

Ten students from Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School will
be going on a mission trip Dec. 15-20, and traveling to Toppa
Joppa Mountain, one of the poorest areas of the country, locat-
ed in Appalachia approximately 45 minutes north of Knoxville,
Tennessee. Students and their sponsor will be living simply and
helping the poor by repairing and building homes, working at
a food pantry and assisting at a childrens center and nursing

A garage sale will take place to raise funds for their mission trip.
Donated items will be accepted at the school office before the
sale, and during the garage sale onFriday, Oct. 21, from 3-9
p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 22 from 8 a.m.-noon in Kellys Old
Gym. Both large and small items are accepted. For more in-
formation, please contact Teresa Gould at tgould@mkchs.com.
20 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Teens asked to reach out to marginalized students

For marginalized students, said thats what Jesus did.
high school can be very tough. Father Jamail told the con-
Father Michael Jamail encour- gregation that Jesus went to the
aged the teens at XLT to reach poor and marginalized because
out to these students just as Jesus that is where God is. He told
reached out to the marginalized. the teens that when they go
Father Jamail was speaking to over and talk to the marginal-
a mostly teen crowd at Glorify ized student, that they may be
XLT, Worship + Message + Ad- going to the very place where
oration at St. Elizabeth Church God is waiting for them. Father
in Port Neches on Oct. 9. Jamail also spoke of being wor-
High school is very painful ried about appearance.
for a large percentage of the kids Father Jamail pointed out
according to Father Jamail who that some people fix themselves
said some of the treatment that up for church. He said God
kids receive in high school is doesnt care how you look, God
pretty discouraging. knows what you looked like be-
Father Jamail said those dis- fore. Father Jamail concluded
couraged kids are waiting for by asking the congregation to
someone to say hello and reach thank God during Adoration.
out to them. He said these stu- Father Jamail ask all attend-
dents might consider them- ing to thank God for creation,
selves cultural lepers. baptism, the Holy Eucharist,
Encouraging the teens at XLT and the gift of grace. The rest
to go over and sit down with of the evening included wor-
the cultural leper and have ship music, silent adoration and
Students worship at XLT at St. Elizabeth in Port Neches. lunch with them. Father Jamail prayer.

Have your own memento Tenga su recuerdo del 50

of the 50th anniversary aniversario de la dicesis
Order your DVD of the Mass today! Ordene su DVD de la misa hoy mismo!
Includes bonus flash drive with photos from Incluye un USB como bono con fotos del
the past 50 years and photos of the event. evento y de los ltimos 50 aos.

$15 donation Una donacin de $15

incluye manejo y envo
includes shipping and handling
Go to www.setxcatholic.org to reserve your copy. Vaya a www.setxcatholic.org para reservar su copia.
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Catholic Charities agencies assess The statement of ownership is required by the USPS to be printed
annually in the paper.
damage, begins helping storm victims
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Catholic storm. Trees were reported down on some
Charities agencies joined emergency re- parish properties, but no major damage was
sponse efforts in coastal communities in reported, said Barbara King, diocesan direc-
four Southeastern states as residents and tor of communication.
parish staffers began returning to assess the Some South Carolina communities in
damage Hurricane Matthew left behind. in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg
Some evacuation orders remained in effect counties faced the possibility of flooding,
in South Carolina, where the storm came even though the storm's initial fury bypassed
ashore Oct. 7, dumping up to 18 inches of them. Kelly Kaminski, a regional coordina-
rain in communities near Charleston. High tor for Catholic Charities of Charleston,
water blocked some roads, preventing peo- said Oct. 10 that authorities were keeping
ple from returning to their homes in South an eye on rivers that continued to rise from
Carolina and North Carolina and others runoff from Matthew's torrential rains.
were prevented from leaving their homes as Many of the same people affected by the
they awaited the delivery of food and water. storm or worried about potential flood-
In Florida, churches sustained serious ing continue to recover from the historical
damage and the historic Cathedral Basilica floods that swamped the state a year ago, she
of St. Augustine in St. Augustine experi- said.
enced flooding, preventing Mass from being "We're working with over 2,000 clients
celebrated indoors the weekend of Oct. 8-9. just on the flood stuff. Now in addition we
One Catholic Charities official in North have to handle everything from Hurricane
Carolina said that in discussions with some Matthew," Kaminski told Catholic News
residents he learned that the damage and Service.
flooding caused by Matthew exceeded that Kaminski had no word on damage to
of the powerful Hurricane Floyd in 1999. churches and schools because evacuation
Parishes and schools in the Diocese of Sa- orders in some communities remained in
vannah, Georgia, escaped the brunt of the effect.
22 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016

Caring For Loved Ones At Lifes End

An old Irish proverb says, It is in the shelter of each other that the people live. Indeed, we are created to depend upon one another
and walk together in suffering. But when family members or friends approach lifes end, we may not know how best to shelter
them. Here are some concrete ways we can compassionately care for them.
Invite God In: Pope Francis has said cial concerns, unresolved relationships, rist as viaticum and the Sacrament of acute, so placing the phone in another
that praying in difficult situations is or other matters that occupy his or her the Anointing of the Sick, all of which room, playing favorite music, reading
like opening the door to the Lord, in mind. Due to changing circumstances, heal the soul and prepare us to meet the a favorite passage, praying together, or
order that he might enter. The dying some goals may need to be reframed. Lord. simply sitting quietly with him or her
process is a sacred timea final season Creating and accomplishing this list of Reminisce: Our appetites diminish can all be very soothing.
to seek closure in this life and prepare unfinished business can help the per- as our bodies experience a decreased Show Tenderness: Those who are dy-
for the next in the hope of sharing in son discover a sense of purpose and feel need for food and fluids when we near ing remain in need of the tenderness
Christs Resurrection. As you enter into more at peace. lifes end. Provide smaller amounts of of personal human contact. Ask if you
this season with your friend or family Provide Opportunities for Resolu- your family member or friends favorite might gently brush your loved ones
member, ask God to accompany both tion: Ira Byock, a hospice medical di- foods. Even if unable to eat them, he or hair, apply lotion to her hands or feet,
of you. rector, illustrates in his book The 4 she may still enjoy the aromas and rem- or simply hold his hand. Tell stories,
Listen: Try to discover your laugh, and share memories to reas-
loved ones values and how best to sure the person he or she is a cher-
honor his or her wishes. This re- ished gift, not a burden in any way.
quires true empathy. It can be hard Bear Their Transition Pa-
not to assume he or she wants the tiently: Transition, the time im-
same thing you think you would mediately preceding death, may
want if you were in the same situ- bring rapid physical changes, such
ation. Listen with a non-judgmen- as in breathing patterns, as well as
tal ear so your loved one feels free changes in mental or emotional
to speak openly. states. Try to be patient, and allow
Inform Yourself: Be aware that the how and when of death to
wishes for refusing ordinary or be between God and your loved
proportionate treatmentor for one. Ask God for the wisdom to
pursuing assisted suicideare usu- know what final words to sayif
ally rooted in fears of dependency, anyand when. As you are able,
helplessness, or pain. Make your- give your loved one permission to
self available to discuss these or make the transition. For example,
any concerns. Know that hospice you might say, I love you. Its okay
care focuses on alleviating pain to go home now.
and other symptoms, meeting ba-
sic needs, and providing comfort. Accompanying a loved one in his
Seek to understand the Catholic or her last days is enormously im-
Churchs teaching on end-of-life portant work, but we do not need
care, which can help you provide to fear our own limitations. Pope
authentically loving support that Francis tells us, [God] comes to
respects life.* assist us in our weakness. And his
Be Steadfast in Compassion: As help consists in helping us accept
Pope Francis reminds us, Com- his presence and closeness to us.
passion means suffer with. Your Day after day, touched by his com-
friend or family member will likely passion, we also can become com-
face ups and downs. Recognize passionate towards others.
these as part of a natural process.
Surround him or her with love, support, Most Important Things** how saying inisce with you about special memories *As our bishops teach, Respect for
and companionship that are anchored I love you, Im sorry, I forgive they evoke. life does not demand that we attempt
in unconditional respect for their hu- you, and Thank you can promote Provide a Peaceful Presence: There to prolong life by using medical treat-
man dignity, beginning with respect for much-needed healing during the dying comes a time of natural withdrawal ments that are ineffective or unduly
the inherent value of their lives. The process. You can help ensure a peaceful from surroundings when dying persons burdensome. At the same time, in-
patients suffering can be alleviated by transition for your loved one by facili- may lose interest in many activities that tentionally hastening deathwhether
your empathy, as well as by quality hos- tating opportunities for reconciliation used to be enjoyable. Your own quiet, through drugs or deliberate neglect of
pice care by medical personnel. with others and for mutual expressions patient presence can provide impor- basic careoffends our God-given dig-
Help Them Achieve Closure: Help of love and gratitude. Consider offering tant support as your loved one prepares nity and is never morally permissible.
your family member or friend define to invite a priest to hear his or her con- emotionally and spiritually for his or More information: www.usccb.org/To-
the unfinished personal projects, finan- fession and to administer the Eucha- her passing. Hearing can become very LiveEachDay
october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 23
Cuidado De Los Seres Queridos Al Final De La Vida
Un proverbio irlands dice: En el refugio del otro vive cada uno. Hemos sido creados para depender unos de otros y caminar juntos
en el sufrimiento. Pero cuando familiares o amigos se acercan al final de la vida, puede que no sepamos la mejor manera de darles
refugio. He aqu algunas maneras concretas en que podemos cuidar compasivamente de ellos.
Invita a Dios a entrar: El Papa Fran- cupaciones financieras, relaciones irre- el alma y nos prepara para reunirnos simplemente sentarse en silencio a su
cisco ha dicho que orar significa abrir sueltas u otros asuntos que ocupen su con el Seor. lado pueden ser reconfortantes.
la puerta al Seor a fin de que pueda mente. Segn cambien las circunstan- Anime a recordar lo bueno del pas- Muestre ternura: Los moribundos
hacer algo para reorganizar nuestras cias, algunos objetivos tendrn que re- ado: Nuestro apetito disminuye a me- necesitan la ternura del contacto huma-
cosas. El proceso de la muerte es un plantearse. Elaborar y llevar a cabo esta dida que nuestro cuerpo necesita menos no personal. Pregunte a su ser querido
tiempo sagrado, una estacin final para lista de asuntos pendientes puede ayu- alimentos y lquidos al acercarnos al fi- si podra cepillarle suavemente el pelo,
buscar el cierre de esta vida y prepararse dar a la persona a encontrar un propsi- nal. Proporcione a su familiar o amigo aplicar locin a sus manos o pies, o
para la siguiente en la esperanza de par- to y sentirse ms en paz. porciones pequeas de sus alimentos simplemente tomar su mano. Cuente
ticipar en la Resurreccin de Cristo. Al Brinde oportunidades para la reso- favoritos. Incluso si no puede comerlos, historias, ra y comparta recuerdos para
entrar a esta estacin con su familiar o lucin: Ira Byock, director mdico de puede disfrutar su aroma y compartir asegurarle que es un don preciado, no
amigo, pida a Dios que los acompae a cuidados paliativos, ensea en su libro con usted los recuerdos especiales que una carga en absoluto.
los dos. Las 4 cosas ms importantes** cmo el evocan. Lleve su transicin pacientemente:
Escuche: Trate de descubrir los La transicin, el momento inmedi-
valores de su ser querido y la mejor atamente anterior a la muerte, puede
manera de honrar sus deseos. Esto re- traer cambios fsicos rpidos en los
quiere verdadera empata. Puede ser patrones de respiracin, o en el estado
difcil asumir que la persona no quiere mental o emocional. Trate de ser paci-
lo mismo que usted piensa que usted ente y deje que el cmo y el cun-
querra en la misma situacin. Es- do de la muerte sea entre Dios y su
cuche sin juzgar para que su ser queri- ser querido. Pida a Dios la sabidura
do se sienta con la libertad de hablar para saber qu palabras finales decir
abiertamente. y cundo. En la medida que pueda,
Infrmese: Sea consciente de que permita a su ser querido hacer la tran-
los deseos de rechazar el tratamiento sicin. Por ejemplo, podra decirle:
ordinario o proporcional o buscar Te quiero. Est bien que te vayas a tu
el suicidio asistido suelen originarse mansin final ahora.
en el temor a la dependencia, impo-
tencia o dolor. Ofrzcase a hablar so- Acompaar a un ser querido en sus l-
bre esta preocupacin u otras. Sepa timos das es una labor de enorme im-
que los cuidados paliativos se centran portancia, pero no tenemos por qu
en aliviar el dolor y otros sntomas, temer nuestras propias limitaciones.
satisfacer necesidades bsicas y procu- El Papa Francisco nos dice: [Dios]
rar comodidad. Trate de entender la viene a salvarnos de la condicin de
enseanza de la Iglesia Catlica sobre debilidad en la que vivimos. Y su aux-
los cuidados al final de la vida, que ilio consiste en permitirnos captar
puede ayudarle a brindar un apoyo su presencia y cercana. Da tras da,
autnticamente amoroso que respete tocados por su compasin, tambin
la vida.* nosotros llegaremos a ser compasivos
Sea constante en la compasin: con todos.
Como nos recuerda el Papa Francisco:
Compasin significa padecer con. * Como ensean nuestros obispos,
Su familiar o amigo tendr altibajos. El respeto a la vida no exige que in-
Reconozca esto como algo natural. Ro- decir te amo, lo siento, te perdono Sea una presencia serena: Las perso- tentemos prolongar la vida mediante
dele de amor, apoyo y compaa, ba- y gracias puede promover la tan nec- nas que se acercan a la muerte pueden el uso de tratamientos mdicos que no
sados en el respeto incondicional de la esaria sanacin durante el proceso de la perder inters en muchas actividades son efectivos ni una carga indebida. Al
dignidad humana, comenzando por el muerte. Usted puede ayudar a procurar que les eran agradables y preferir reti- mismo tiempo, acelerar intencionada-
respeto al valor inherente de sus vidas. una transicin pacfica a su ser querido rarse de su entorno. Su propia presencia mente la muerte ya sea por medio de
El sufrimiento del paciente puede alivi- facilitando oportunidades para la rec- tranquila y paciente puede ser un apoyo frmacos o el abandono deliberado de
arse con la empata que usted le brinde, onciliacin con otros y para expresiones importante mientras su ser querido se la atencin bsica ofende la dignidad
y con cuidados paliativos de calidad por mutuas de amor y gratitud. Ofrzcale el prepara emocional y espiritualmente que nos ha dado Dios y nunca es moral-
personal mdico. invitar a un sacerdote para que escuche para la partida. La audicin puede mente permisible. Ms informacin:
Aydeles a cerrar sus asuntos: su confesin y administre la Eucarista agudizarse, y colocar el telfono en otra www.usccb.org/ToLiveEachDay (El
Ayude a su familiar o amigo a definir como vitico y el Sacramento de la Un- habitacin, poner su msica favorita, sitio est en ingls, pero tiene algunos
proyectos personales sin terminar, preo- cin de los enfermos, todo lo cual sana leerle un pasaje favorito, rezar juntos o materiales en espaol.)

El reto de formar la conciencia para ser ciudadanos eles

Parte I de II: Nuestro llamado como ciudadanos catlicos
Este breve documento es la Primera parte de un resumen de la reflexin de los obispos de los Estados Unidos, Formando la conciencia para ser ciudadanos fieles, que comple-
menta la enseanza de los obispos en las dicesis y las conferencias estatales de obispos catlicos.

Si bien el orden justo de la sociedad La Constitucin de los Estados Uni- ayudar a guiar nuestra participacin? La dignidad de la persona humana
y del Estado es una tarea principal de dos protege el derecho de cada creyente En palabras del papa Francisco, para La vida humana es sagrada porque
la poltica, la Iglesia no puede ni debe y de cada institucin religiosa a anunciar avanzar en esta construccin de un cada persona es creada a imagen y
quedarse al margen en la lucha por la y vivir su fe sin interferencias guberna- pueblo en paz, justicia y fraternidad, hay semejanza de Dios. Hay una rica y
justicia. As escribe el papa Francisco, mentales, favoritismos o discriminacin. cuatro principios relacionados con ten- multifactica doctrina catlica sobre
citando al papa Benedicto XVI. La ley civil debera reconocer y prote- siones bipolares propias de toda realidad la dignidad humana que se resume
Nuestra nacin enfrenta muchos retos ger el derecho y la responsabilidad de la social. Brotan de los grandes postula- en el Compendio de la doctrina so-
polticos que exigen decisiones morales Iglesia de participar en la sociedad sin dos de la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia, cial de la Iglesia. Cada persona debe
bien informadas: abandonar sus convicciones morales. La los cuales constituyen el primer y fun- ser comprendida siempre en su ir-
La destruccin continua de un milln tradicin pluralista de nuestra nacin se damental parmetro de referencia para repetible e insuprimible singulari-
de vidas humanas inocentes cada ao ve reforzada, y no amenazada, cuando la interpretacin y la valoracin de los dad. . . . Esto impone, ante todo, no
por el aborto provocado los grupos religiosos y las personas de fe fenmenos sociales. Los cuatro prin- slo la exigencia del simple respeto
El suicidio asistido por mdicos llevan sus convicciones a la vida pblica. cipios son la dignidad de la persona hu- por parte de todos, y especialmente
La redefinicin del matrimonio La comunidad catlica aporta al dilo- mana, el bien comn, la subsidiariedad de las instituciones polticas y socia-
El consumo excesivo de bienes ma- go poltico un marco moral coherente y la solidaridad. Tomados en conjunto, les y de sus responsables, en relacin
teriales y la destruccin de los recursos y amplia experiencia de servicio a los estos principios proporcionan un marco a cada hombre de este mundo, sino
naturales, que daan tanto el medio am- necesitados. moral para la participacin catlica en el que adems, y en mayor medida, com-
biente como a los pobres fomento de lo que hemos denominado porta que el primer compromiso de
Ataques mortales contra los cristia- Quin en la iglesia debera participar una tica uniforme hacia la vida (Vivir cada uno hacia el otro, y sobre todo de
nos y otras minoras religiosas en todo el en la vida poltica el Evangelio de la Vida, no. 23). estas mismas instituciones, se debe
mundo En la tradicin catlica, ser ciudada- Entendida correctamente, esta tica ni situar en la promocin del desarrollo
Esfuerzos para restringir la redefin- nos responsables es una virtud, y la par- trata todas las cuestiones como equiva- integral de la persona (no. 131). Con-
icin y el ejercicio de la libertad religiosa ticipacin en la lentes moral- tina el Compendio, El respeto de la
Polticas econmicas que omiten dar vida poltica es mente ni re- dignidad humana no puede absolu-
prioridad a las necesidades de los pobres, una obligacin duce la doctrina tamente prescindir de la obediencia
en nuestro pas y en otros moral. Como catlica a una o al principio de considerar al prjimo
Un sistema de inmigracin defectu- ciudadanos de- dos cuestiones. como otro yo, cuidando en primer
oso y una crisis de refugiados en todo el beramos ser Ancla el com- lugar de su vida y de los medios nece-
mundo guiados ms promiso catli- sarios para vivirla dignamente (Gaud-
Guerras, terror y violencia que amen- por nuestras convicciones morales que co de defender la vida humana y otros ium et Spes, no. 27). Es preciso que
azan todos los aspectos de la vida y dig- por nuestro apego a un partido poltico derechos humanos, desde la concepcin todos los programas sociales, cient-
nidad humanas. o grupo con intereses especiales. En el hasta la muerte natural, a la obligacin ficos y culturales, estn presididos por
Como catlicos, somos parte de una ambiente de hoy en da, los catlicos moral fundamental de respetar la dignidad la conciencia del primado de cada ser
comunidad con profundas enseanzas pueden sentirse desamparados poltica- de cada persona como hijo o hija de Dios. humano.
que nos ayudan a considerar los retos en mente, percibiendo que ningn partido Los votantes catlicos deberan usar
la vida pblica, contribuir a una mayor poltico y muy pocos candidatos com- la doctrina catlica para examinar las Subsidiariedad
justicia y paz para todas las personas, y parten plenamente nuestro compromiso posiciones de los candidatos respecto a Es imposible promover la dignidad de
evaluar las posturas polticas, los pro- integral con la vida y dignidad huma- las cuestiones, y deberan considerar la la persona si no se cuidan la familia, los
gramas de los partidos polticos y las nas. Esto no debe desanimarnos. Por integridad, filosofa y desempeo de los grupos, las asociaciones, las realidades
promesas y acciones de los candidatos a el contrario, hace ms urgente nuestra candidatos. Es importante que todos los territoriales locales, en suma, aquellas
la luz del Evangelio para ayudar a con- obligacin de actuar. Los laicos catli- ciudadanos vayan ms all de la poltica comunidades de tipo econmico, social,
struir un mundo mejor. cos necesitan actuar segn los principios partidista, que analicen las promesas de cultural, recreativo, profesional, poltico
morales de la Iglesia e involucrarse ms: la campaas con un ojo crtico y que a las que las personas dan vida espon-
Por qu ensea la iglesia sobre cuestio- presentndose como candidatos, traba- escojan sus dirigentes polticos segn tneamente y que hacen posible su efec-
nes que afectan a la poltica pblica? jando dentro de los partidos polticos su principio, no su afiliacin poltica o tivo crecimiento social. La familia, fun-
La obligacin de la Iglesia de partici- y transmitiendo sus preocupaciones a el inters propio (Vivir el Evangelio de dada en el matrimonio entre un hombre
par en la formacin del carcter moral quienes ocupan funciones pblicas. In- la Vida, no. 34). El siguiente resumen y una mujer, es la unidad fundamental
de la sociedad es un requisito de nuestra cluso quienes no pueden votar deben de los cuatro principios resalta varios de la sociedad. Este santuario para la
fe, una parte de la misin que hemos re- hacer or sus voces respecto a cuestiones temas de la doctrina social catlica para creacin y crianza de los nios no debe
cibido de Jesucristo. Como personas de que afectan su vida y el bien comn. Ser una consideracin especial: derechos hu- ser redefinido, socavado o descuidado.
fe y como seres racionales, los catlicos ciudadanos fieles es una responsabilidad manos y responsabilidades, respeto por Apoyar a las familias debe ser una priori-
estamos llamados a llevar la verdad a la permanente, no un deber slo durante el trabajo y los derechos de los traba- dad de las polticas econmicas y socia-
vida poltica y practicar el mandamiento los aos de elecciones. jadores, cuidado de la creacin de Dios les. La forma en que nuestra sociedad se
de Cristo de que se amen los unos a los y la opcin preferencial por los pobres y organiza en la economa y la poltica,
otros (Jn 13:34). Cmo puede la doctrina social catlica vulnerables. Continuado en la pagina 26
The challenge of forming consciences for faithful citizenship
Part I of II: Our Call as Catholic Citizens
This brief document is Part I of a summary of the U.S. bishops reflection, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, which complements the teaching of bishops in dioceses and states.
Part II will be in the Oct. 28 issue.

If indeed the just ordering of society ference, favoritism, or discrimination. nomena. The four principles include the earth, but even more, this means that
and of the state is a central responsibil- Civil law should recognize and protect the dignity of the human person, the the primary commitment of each per-
ity of politics, the Church cannot and the Churchs right and responsibility to common good, subsidiarity, and soli- son towards others, and particularly of
must not remain on the sidelines in the participate in society without abandon- darity. Taken together, these principles these same institutions, must be for the
fight for justice. So writes Pope Francis, ing its moral convictions. Our nations provide a moral framework for Catholic promotion and integral development of
quoting Pope Benedict XVI. tradition of pluralism is enhanced, not engagement in advancing what we have the person (no. 131). The Compen-
Our nation faces many political chal- threatened, when religious groups and called a consistent ethic of life (Living dium continues, It is necessary to con-
lenges that demand well-informed moral people of faith bring their convictions the Gospel of Life, no. 22). sider every neighbor without exception
choices: into public life. The Catholic commu- Rightly understood, this ethic does as another self, taking into account first
The ongoing destruction of a million nity brings to political dialogue a consis- not treat all issues as morally equivalent; of all his life and the means necessary
innocent human lives each year by abor- tent moral framework and broad experi- nor does it reduce Catholic teaching to for living it with dignity (Gaudium et
tion ence serving those in need. one or two issues. It anchors the Catho- Spes, no. 27). Every political, economic,
Physician-assisted suicide lic commitment to defend human life social, scientific and cultural program
The redefinition of marriage Who in the Church Should Partici- and other human rights, from concep- must be inspired by the awareness of the
The excessive consumption of mate- pate in Political Life? tion until natural death, in the funda- primacy of each human being over so-
rial goods and the destruction of natural In the Catholic tradition, responsible mental obligation to respect the dignity ciety.
resources, harming the environment as citizenship is a virtue, and participation of every human being as a child of God.
well as the poor in political life is a moral obligation. As Catholic voters should use Catholic Subsidiarity
Deadly attacks on Christians and Catholics, we should be guided more by teaching to examine candidates posi- It is impossible to promote the dignity
other religious minorities throughout our moral convictions than by our at- tions on issues and should consider of the person without showing concern
the world tachment to any political party or inter- candidates integrity, philosophy, and for the family, groups, associations, and
Efforts to narrow the definition and est group. In todays environment, Cath- performance. It is important for all citi- local realitiesin short, for those eco-
exercise of religious freedom olics may feel politically disenfranchised, zens to see beyond party politics, to nomic, social, cultural, recreational,
Economic policies that fail to priori- sensing that no party and few candidates analyze campaign rhetoric critically, and professional, and political communities
tize the needs of poor people, at home fully share our to choose their to which people spontaneously give life
and abroad comprehensive political lead- and which make it possible for them to
A broken immigration system and a commitment ers according achieve effective social growth.
worldwide refugee crisis to human life to principle, The family, based on marriage be-
Wars, terror, and violence that threat- and dignity. not party af- tween a man and a woman, is the funda-
en every aspect of human life and dig- This should not filiation or mere mental unit of society. This sanctuary for
nity. discourage us. self-interest the creation and nurturing of children
As Catholics, we are part of a commu- On the contrary, it makes our obliga- (USCCB, Living the Gospel of Life, no. must not be redefined, undermined, or
nity with profound teachings that help tion to act all the more urgent. Catholic 33). The following summary of the four neglected. Supporting families should be
us consider challenges in public life, con- lay women and men need to act on the principles highlights several themes of a priority for economic and social poli-
tribute to greater justice and peace for all Churchs moral principles and become Catholic social teaching for special con- cies. How our society is organizedin
people, and evaluate policy positions, more involved: running for office, work- sideration: these include human rights economics and politics, in law and pub-
party platforms, and candidates prom- ing within political parties, and com- and responsibilities, respect for work lic policyaffects the well-being of in-
ises and actions in light of the Gospel in municating concerns to elected officials. and the rights of workers, care for Gods dividuals and of society. Every person
order to help build a better world. Even those who cannot vote should raise creation, and the preferential option for and association has a right and a duty
their voices on matters that affect their the poor and vulnerable. to participate in shaping society to pro-
Why Does the Church Teach About lives and the common good. Faithful mote the well-being of individuals and
Issues Affecting Public Policy? citizenship is an ongoing responsibility, The Dignity of the Human Person the common good. The principle of sub-
The Churchs obligation to partici- not just an election year duty. Human life is sacred because every per- sidiarity reminds us that larger institu-
pate in shaping the moral character of son is created in the image and likeness tions in society should not overwhelm
society is a requirement of our faith, a How Can Catholic Social Teaching of God. There is a rich and multifaceted or interfere with smaller or local institu-
part of the mission given to us by Jesus Help Guide Our Participation? Catholic teaching on human dignity tions; yet larger institutions have essen-
Christ. As people of both faith and rea- In the words of Pope Francis, prog- summarized in the Compendium of the tial responsibilities when the more local
son, Catholics are called to bring truth ress in building a people in peace, justice Social Doctrine of the Church. Every institutions cannot adequately protect
to political life and to practice Christs and fraternity depends on four prin- human being must always be under- human dignity, meet human needs, and
commandment to love one another ciples related to constant tensions pres- stood in his unrepeatable and inviolable advance the common good.
(Jn 13:34). ent in every social reality. These derive uniqueness ... This entails above all the
The US Constitution protects the from the pillars of the Churchs social requirement not only of simple respect The Common Good
right of individual believers and reli- doctrine, which serve as primary and on the part of others, especially political The common good is comprised of
gious bodies to proclaim and live out fundamental parameters of reference for and social institutions and their leaders the sum total of social conditions which
their faith without government inter- interpreting and evaluating social phe- with regard to every man and woman on Continued on page 26
26 easttexascatholic.com october 14, 2016
Continuado de la pagina 24 y albergue, educacin y trabajo, cuidado se refiere a ella en Laudato Si, nuestra el bien del prjimo, que est dispuesto a
en la legislacin y en las polticas pbli- mdico y vivienda. A estos derechos les casa comn. Todos estamos llamados a perderse, en sentido evanglico, por el
cas afecta el bienestar de los individu- corresponden obligaciones y responsabi- cuidar responsablemente de la creacin otro en lugar de explotarlo, y a servirlo
os y de la sociedad. Cada persona y cada lidades, para con los dems, nuestras fa- de Dios y asegurar un ambiente seguro en lugar de oprimirlo para el propio pr-
asociacin tienen el derecho y el deber milias y la sociedad en general. y hospitalario para los seres humanos ovecho.
de participar en la formacin de la so- La economa debe estar al servicio de vulnerables ahora y en el futuro. El papa Somos una sola familia humana, inde-
ciedad para promover el bienestar de los la gente y no al contrario. Un sistema Francisco, en coherencia con San Juan pendientemente de nuestras diferencias
individuos y el bien comn. econmico debe servir a la dignidad de la Pablo II y con el papa Benedicto XVI nacionales, raciales, tnicas, econmi-
El principio de subsidiariedad nos re- persona humana y al bien comn medi- (Mensajes para la Jornada Mundial de cas e ideolgicas. Nuestro compromiso
cuerda que las instituciones ms grandes ante el respeto de la dignidad del trabajo la Paz en 1990 y 2010), ha destacado la catlico con la solidaridad requiere de
de la sociedad no deberan abrumar o in- y la proteccin de los derechos de los contaminacin, el cambio climtico, la nosotros buscar la justicia, eliminar el
terferir con las instituciones ms peque- trabajadores. La justicia econmica ex- falta de acceso al agua potable y la pr- racismo, poner fin a la trata de personas,
as o de carcter local; sin embargo, las ige un trabajo decente con salarios justos dida de biodiversidad como retos par- proteger los derechos humanos, buscar
instituciones ms grandes tienen respon- y dignos, un programa de legalizacin ticulares. El papa Francisco habla de una la paz y evitar el uso de la fuerza excepto
sabilidades esenciales cuando las institu- amplio y justo que ofrezca un camino deuda ecolgica (no. 51) contrada por como un ltimo recurso necesario.
ciones ms locales no pueden adecua- a la ciudadana a los trabajadores inmi- los pases ms ricos con las naciones en De manera especial nuestra solidari-
damente proteger la dignidad humana, grantes, y la oportunidad para que todas desarrollo. Y nos llama a todos a una dad debe expresarse en la opcin prefer-
responder a las necesidades humanas y las personas trabajen juntas por el bien conversin ecolgica (no. 219), que encial por los pobres y vulnerables. Una
promover el bien comn. comn a travs de su trabajo, propie- implica dejar brotar todas las conse- prueba moral para la sociedad es la for-
dad, iniciativa, inversin, participacin cuencias de [nuestro] encuentro con Je- ma en que tratamos a los ms dbiles en-
El bien comn en sindicatos y otras formas de actividad sucristo en las relaciones con el mundo tre nosotros: los no nacidos, los que lid-
El bien comn est compuesto por el econmica. Los trabajadores tambin que [nos] rodea. De hecho, esta preocu- ian con discapacidades o enfermedades
conjunto de condiciones de la vida social tienen responsabilidades: realizar el tra- pacin por la ecologa natural es una terminales, los pobres y los marginados.
que hacen posible a las asociaciones y a bajo que corresponde a un salario justo, parte indispensable de la ecologa hu-
cada uno de sus miembros el logro ms tratar con respeto a los empleadores y mana ms amplia, que abarca no slo Conclusin
pleno y ms fcil de la propia perfec- compaeros de trabajo y llevar a cabo su las dimensiones materiales, sino tambin A la luz de la doctrina catlica, los
cin. trabajo de tal manera que contribuya al las morales y sociales. obispos repiten vigorosamente su lla-
La dignidad humana es respetada y el bien comn. Los trabajadores, los em- mado a un tipo renovado de poltica que
bien comn promovido slo si se prote- pleadores y los sindicatos deberan no Solidaridad se enfoque en los principios morales, la
gen los derechos humanos y se cumplen slo promover sus propios intereses, sino La solidaridad es la determinacin promocin de la vida y dignidad huma-
las responsabilidades bsicas. Cada ser tambin trabajar juntos para promover firme y perseverante de empearse por nas y la bsqueda del bien comn. La
humano tiene el derecho a la vida, el la justicia econmica y el bienestar de el bien comn; es decir, por el bien de participacin poltica en este espritu re-
derecho a la libertad religiosa y el dere- todos. todos y cada uno, para que todos sea- fleja no slo la doctrina social de nuestra
cho a tener acceso a aquellas cosas que Tenemos el deber de cuidar la cre- mos verdaderamente responsables de Iglesia, sino las mejores tradiciones de
requiere la decencia humana: alimento acin de Dios, o como el papa Francisco todos. Se encuentra en la entrega por nuestra nacin.
Continued from page 25 nity for all people to work together for of biodiversity as particular challenges. We are one human family, whatever
allow people, either as groups or as in- the common good through their work, Pope Francis speaks of an ecological our national, racial, ethnic, economic,
dividuals, to reach their fulfilment more ownership, enterprise, investment, par- debt (no. 51) owed by wealthier nations and ideological differences. Our Catho-
fully and more easily. ticipation in unions, and other forms to developing nations. And he calls all lic commitment to solidarity requires
Human dignity is respected and the of economic activity. Workers also have of us to an ecological conversion (no. that we pursue justice, eliminate racism,
common good is fostered only if human responsibilitiesto provide a fair days 219), by which the effects of [our] en- end human trafficking, protect human
rights are protected and basic responsi- work for a fair days pay, to treat employ- counter with Jesus Christ become evi- rights, seek peace, and avoid the use of
bilities are met. Every human being has a ers and coworkers with respect, and to dent in [our] relationship with the world force except as a necessary last resort.
right to life, a right to religious freedom, carry out their work in ways that con- around [us]. Indeed, this concern with In a special way, our solidarity must find
and a right to have access to those things tribute to the common good. Workers, natural ecology is an indispensable part expression in the preferential option for
required for human decency food employers, and unions should not only of the broader human ecology, which the poor and vulnerable. A moral test
and shelter, education and employment, advance their own interests but also encompasses not only material but mor- for society is how we treat the weakest
health care and housing. Corresponding work together to advance economic jus- al and social dimensions as well. among usthe unborn, those dealing
to these rights are duties and responsi- tice and the well-being of all. with disabilities or terminal illness, the
bilities to ourselves, to our families, We have a duty to care for Gods cre- Solidarity poor, and the marginalized.
and to the larger society. ation, which Pope Francis refers to in Solidarity is a firm and persevering
The economy must serve people, not Laudato Si as our common home. We determination to commit oneself to ... Conclusion
the other way around. An economic all are called to be careful stewards of the good of all and of each individual, In light of Catholic teaching, the
system must serve the dignity of the hu- Gods creation and to ensure a safe and because we are all really responsible for bishops vigorously repeat their call for
man person and the common good by hospitable environment for vulnerable all. It is found in a commitment to the a renewed politics that focuses on moral
respecting the dignity of work and pro- human beings now and in the future. good of ones neighbor with the readi- principles, the promotion of human life
tecting the rights of workers. Economic Pope Francis, consistent with St. John ness, in the Gospel sense, to lose oneself and dignity, and the pursuit of the com-
justice calls for decent work at fair, liv- Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI (World for the sake of the other instead of ex- mon good. Political participation in this
ing wages, a broad and fair legalization Day of Peace Message, 1990 and 2010), ploiting him, and to serve him instead spirit reflects not only the social teaching
program with a path to citizenship for has lifted up pollution, climate change, of oppressing him for ones own advan- of our Church but the best traditions of
immigrant workers, and the opportu- lack of access to clean water, and the loss tage. our nation.
october 14, 2016 easttexascatholic.com 27
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a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 9894 Gilbert Road in Fannett. Gospel Choir; and Gods Mercy Choir which is donate gift boxes or filler items, contact:
Dinner includes BBQ beef, rice dressing, pinto made up of a mixture of members from the choirs Tammy Domingue 409-982-4504, or Doreen
beans and trimmings for $10 a plate. Dinners at St. Therese Church, Salem United Methodist
M. Badeaux at (409) 985-4545.
can be purchased at the door. There will be an Church and the New Temple Baptist Church in
auction and sweet shop. For more information, Port Arthur. No admission will be charged but love
call the St. Mary office at (409) 794-2548. offerings will be accepted. Then Oct. 30 is Family
and Friends day with a 9 a.m. Mass at St. Therese
Church followed by lunch in the Church hall at
noon. For more information, call the St. Therese
Parish office at (409) 883-3783 or (409) 882-1768.
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Pope St. John Paul II: His feast is celebrated on Oct. 22

By Carolyn Martinez mer vacations, he traveled to france, Jozef Wojtyla was made a bishop he dedicated himself, his papacy
pope John paul ii was born May belgium and holland to minister to and on Jan. 13, 1964, consecrated and the world to Mary.
18, 1920, in Wadowice, poland, as polish immigrants there. as archbishop of krakow. on June karol Jozef Wojtyla was the first
karol Jozef Wojtyla. Wadowice is after completing his studies in 6, 1967, he was elevated to the col- polish pope and the first non-italian
about 35 miles from krakow, po- rome, he returned to poland and lege of cardinals. pope in 400 years.
land. he accomplished many
he was the second son of groundbreaking events while
his parents, karol Wojtyla and pope. he traveled around the
emilia kaczorowska. his father world, visiting places where
was a non-commissioned officer no pope had gone before. he
in the polish army. karol Jozef made 95 pastoral visits outside
received his first communion of italy including his 1988 visit
when he was 9 and was con- to the united states which in-
firmed at age 18. after finish- cluded stops in new orleans,
ing high school in 1938, karol san antonio and san francisco.
Jozef entered the krakows Jagi- he opened talks with prot-
ellonian university and a drama estant and orthodox denomi-
school. nations trying to bring about
The nazi forces of germany

Childrens Corner
christian unity.
invaded poland in 1939 and While pope he worked to
closed the university. karol improve the lives of the poor
Jozef went to work in a quarry and powerless. he spoke out
from 1940 to 1944. he then against war, economic injustice
worked in a chemical plant to and political oppression.
avoid being deported to ger- an inspired author he wrote
many. 14 encyclicals (letters from a
in 1942, aware of his call to pope on matters concerning
the priesthood, he entered a se- the church) and scores of other
cret seminary in krakow run by documents. he also wrote three
cardinal adam stefan sapieha, books including one volume of
archbishop of krakow. he was poems. he beatified and can-
also a pioneer of the rhapsod- onized more than a 1,000 men
ic Theatre in that city. once and women of all walks of life.
the seminary reopened, he pope st. John paul ii died
continued his studies and was april 2, 2005. pope emeritus
ordained to the priesthood on benedict xvi beatified him on
nov. 1, 1946. began teaching at the Jagiellonian on oct. 16, 1978, he was elected May 1, 2011. pope francis added
cardinal sapieha sent him to university until the communists pope and took the name John paul his name to the list of saints in cer-
rome to complete his studies in closed it. he then taught at the ii. his motto as pope was totus tuus emonies on april 27, 2014.
theology, where karol Jozef earned a catholic university at lubin. (totally yours), showing his devo- We celebrate the feast of pope st.
doctorate in 1948. during his sum- on July 4, 1958, father karol tion to the Most holy Madonna. John paul ii on oct. 22.

Mission P r a y e r
of the W eek
Jesus, i dont really understand about taxes and
governMent, but i do knoW about people Who
try to seeM better than they really are! help Me
to be More like the tax collector, focusing on
being good Myself and not Worrying too Much
for your mission this week, pray about What other people are doing. aMen.

the our father. Then, on a sheet

DID when we adore God, we acknowledge that we owe our
of paper, write a few sentences YOU existence to Him? He is the purpose of our existence and
about what the words forgive us KNOW? joining Him in Heaven for eternity is our ultimate goal.
our sins as we forgive those who Only the simple appeal Of the cOmmandment Of lOve cOnstant,
humble and unpretentiOus, free Of vanity but firm in its cOnvictiOn
have sinned against us mean. and dedicatiOn tO Others can save us.
-PoPe Francis
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New Principals both attended Catholic school

New St. Mary school principal Dr. Cynthia Jackson.

Dr. Cynthia Jackson is excited to be Dr. Jackson started her teaching career
New St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica school principal Felicia Andrews Runnels. the new principal at St. Mary School in in a very different environment in New
A former student told, then St. An- Runnels said its like the kids are wait- Orange. She has gone full circle in re- Orleans at Greggory Middle School.
thony Cathedral Basilica School teacher, ing for someone to hold them account- turning to a Catholic school. She said that this experience moved her
Felicia Andrews Runnels, I saw Christ able. Runnels said that as a teacher she Born and raised in Opelousas, La., she the most as she worked with economi-
in you. (Runnels was holding back the felt she was fair, firm and consistent. attended Holy Ghost Catholic School cally disadvantaged kids.
tears as she told the story.) Former students have commented that and graduated from Opelousas Catholic She also taught at Austin Middle
Runnels former student told her that they appreciated her for the way she High School. School and Vincent Middle School in
to explain why he wanted her to be his taught. Her job as a principal has not She would soon leave the small Loui- Beaumont, Sam Houston Elementary
confirmation sponsor. This student also changed her focus; but the methods of siana community behind. After getting and Booker T Washington Elementary
thanked Runnels for having high ex- reaching the students are a little differ- married Jackson began bouncing around in Port Arthur before returning to a
pectations for her students. As a teacher ent from the principal level. Long before the globe with her husband, who was in Catholic school.
Runnels always set the example for her Runnels was a principal, she was a Cath- the U.S. Navy. She found herself living When Dr. Jackson was asked why she
students and now is influencing even olic school student. in Japan and Guam. She visited Thai- would leave the public school system
more students as the new principal at St. Runnels grew up attending Catho- land and Australia. She even asked her she said public education moved more
Anthony Cathedral Basilica School in lic schools in Lafayette, La. After Run- husband to reenlist one more time so toward teaching test preparation. She
Beaumont. nels graduated from Holy Rosary High that they could possibly be stationed in feels students taught under this system
Runnels said she loves the St Anthony School, in Lafayette, she went on to Europe, but he decided to retire. may not be gaining the knowledge they
Cathedral Basilica School because St. graduate from Louisiana State Univer- Dr. Jackson moved with her husband will need later in life.
Anthony has a wonderful spirit; you feel sity in Baton Rouge. Her first teaching when he was stationed in Norfolk, Va., Dr. Jackson obtained her masters de-
the love of God here. job was at the now closed Corpus Chris- New Orleans, La., then Beaumont, gree in secondary education and a mas-
Runnels spends each morning walking ti Catholic School in New Orleans. She Texas where they bought a home. Dr. ters degree in human relations from
through the school because she wants to would later follow family to Beaumont Jackson said she is in a place in her ca- Southern University in Baton Rouge,
be visible and get a pulse of whats going and start teaching at St. Anthony Cathe- reer where doing what she loves is im- La. Later she would add a certificate in
on so she can put out small fires before dral Basilica School. The principals she portant, and her heart guided her back administration and a doctorate in edu-
they grow, and because she wants to get worked under had a profound effect on to Catholic Schools, where she truly cation leadership from Lamar Univer-
to know the students. Runnels instituted Runnels. believes students get a better education. sity in Beaumont.
Teachers Morning Prayers at 7:35 a.m. Sister Jenny Jones, from Corpus Chris- She is very excited about being at St. Dr. Jackson is a member of the Na-
each school day. The teachers attending ty Catholic School in New Orleans, and Mary. tional Association of University Women
say a prayer and sing a song together. former St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica Dr. Jackson said she loves the fact that and the Texas Association of Elementary
Runnels feels this helps start the day on School principals Sister Anne Middle- St. Mary is a generational school. Principals. She serves as a greeter at Our
a positive note and that this positivity brook, Mary Ann Mechura and Phyl- Many of the students grandparents and Mother of Mercy Church in Beaumont.
flows down to the students. lis Walters saw something in the young parents also went to St. Mary. Many She has volunteered at Elijahs Place and
Runnels has been affecting students at Runnels, and pushed her to further her of the schools employees also went to has been a CASA (Court Appointed
St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School education. Last May, Runnels obtained school there. Special Advocate) volunteer.
for a long time. Runnels started teaching her masters degree from Lamar Univer- Dr. Jackson noticed immediately that Dr. Jacksons son-in-law also retired
computer class at St. Anthony Cathedral sity. the teachers at St Mary are so positive from the U.S. Navy. She has one daugh-
Basilica School 18 years ago. Runnels Runnels attends Our Lady of Victory and take initiative before even being ter and one 11-year-old granddaughter.
feels that love for students is shown by Church in Sour Lake where she sings in ask or assigned a task. She also likes St. Her favorite hobby is reading and a
making sure each student reaches his full the choir for 5 p.m. Mass on Saturday Mary because the overall climate is very couple of authors she likes are Sydney
potential. and 8:30 a.m. on Sundays. peaceful. Sheldon and Maeve Binchy.


On Sept. 28, the entire St. Mary Catholic School gathered around the agpole for See You
at the Pole. The Student Council president, Jagger McCollum, lead the prayers, the pledges
and also talked about how fortunate St. Mary Catholic School students are to be able to pray
every day at school.

Day of reection
The African American Youth and Youth Ministry Teams Day of Reflection is Oct.
29 at St. Pius X Church at 5076 Bigner Road in Beaumont. Activities begin at 8 a.m.
and continue until 4:30 p.m. with Bishop Curtis J. Guillory, SVD, as the keynote
speaker. Brian Johnson, director of Adolescent Cathechesis and Evangilization for
the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, and Valerie Harrison, who ministers with
him, will be the speakers. A continental breakfast and light lunch will be served.
For more information contact African American Ministries director Linda Duhon- The St. Anne Halloween Carnival is Saturday, Oct. 29, from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.
LaCour at (409) 924-4306. at St. Anne Catholic School at 375 N. 11th St. in Beaumont. The carnival is fun for
the whole family and will include a haunted house, a cakewalk, confetti eggs, a pet-
ting zoo, inflatables, a mechanical bull, a dunking booth, a zip line, a photo booth,
a costume contest beginning at noon, bands and a DJ, face painting, spin art, and
sand art. Available food will include Zummos links, homemade tamales, gumbo,
pork kabobs, Frito pies, pizza, Raos cupcakes, cotton candy, snow cones and desserts
from local businesses. Admission is free, but attendees are requested to bring canned
goods to be donated to Some Other Place. Unlimited ride wristbands will be $30 or
tickets can be purchased for $1 each. The theme for this years carnival is There is
no place like St. Anne. For more information, call (409) 832-5939.

Junior High Spectacular

On Saturday, Nov. 12, the Office of Youth Ministry will be offering its annual Jr
High Spectacular event, hosted this year at Infant Jesus Catholic Church in Lumber-
ton at 243 S. LHS Drive. Registration and sign-in for the event will begin around
9 a.m. with the activities for the day kicking off around 9:30 a.m. This years Spec-
tacular will include various clergy, seminarians, and lay ministers from around the
diocese for the two rounds of workshops and will feature Tommy McGrady, the
campus minister from St. Louis Catholic High School in Lake Charles, LA, as the
events keynote presenter. The theme for this event, and many others during the
The National Junior Honor Society of St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica School, Beaumont, along 2016-2017 year of ministry, is Rise Up. Topics covered will include: advocacy,
with students, teachers, staff and parents, collected money for the Help Our Neighbors vocations, prayer, being a witness, and chastity. Advanced registration for the event is
project to aid those affected by the recent Louisiana oods. A check was presented to Carolyn
Fernandez, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas. Front row from left
$15 per attendee before Nov. 4, after that registration will be $25 per attendee. Reg-
are Jamie Tran, Mollie McLeod, Clare Coker, president of the National Junior Honor Society, istration is available at the Office of Youth Ministry at the Diocese Pastoral center at
Carolyn Fernandez, Gabrielle Augustine and Kimberly Nguyen. Back row from left are Bryce 710 Archie St. in Beaumont. Registration at the door will be $25 per attendee. For
Tolin, Jasmine Martin, Ike Nwaobi, Mathew Haynie and Eric Renfro. more information, call (409) 924-4362.
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Diocese youth annual Kickball tournament

Bottom from left, Demi Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Cynthia Gonzalez. Top from left, Erika Orne-
las, Cesar Ortiz, all from St. Joseph in Port Arthur.

Father Jerry McGrath with youth from many parishes including St. Anne in Beaumont, St.
Peter the Apostle in Groves, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Port Arthur and Holy Trinity in Mont

Brock Roedahl from St. Anne, in Beaumont, is pumped about his team.

Catie Leblanc from St. Mary, in Fannett, sprints toward home. Maddie Morgan from St. Louis, in Winnie, prepares to record an out at first base.

Please Save the Date Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pat & Tommy Frank

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