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Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Henry Castro

Professor Keith H. Dickinson

MKT 3300.002

April 30, 2016

Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary

Inwood Soccer Center wants to provide a chance for anyone within or outside our

community to come play soccer. People of all ages are welcomed within our facility and we hope

you consider Inwood Soccer Center your home away from home. Here at Inwood Soccer Center

the employees are trained to handle soccer related events and management handles any issues

that may present themselves.

The price to register a team to enter is reasonable with respect to the other indoor soccer

facilities and we put extra effort to help out our customers with prompt updates of payment due

dates. The information can be provided directly at our complex or if more convenient, our

website and social media outlets can help guide our customers to the information they are

seeking to obtain.

The availability to play anywhere is evident that is why here at Inwood Soccer Center we

take extra care and show our appreciation towards our customers. Each customer that comes by

can expect fair treatment and a comfortable visit. Inwood Soccer Center hopes to maintain and

create new relationships with different organizations as well as individual relationships with

customers that consider their time here with us.

2.0 Situation Analysis

Inwood Soccer Center has been around the Addison area for several years relying on a

good word of mouth to spread its name and keep their customers. In recent years more and more

indoor soccer facilities have opened around the Dallas areas allowing people to find a place more

convenient to their needs. Inwood Soccer Center will have to find new ways to keep their

customers from coming back season after season and intrigue new customers to come play at

their facility.
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

2.1 Market Summary

. Inwood Soccer Center is an indoor facility to play soccer for people that want to stay

away from the blazing heats of the summer and the cold nights of winter. Inwood Soccer Center

is open year around for customers to come play from people of all ages, leagues for male or

females and even coed, an area for open play (when available), and even if you are coming to

just watch a friend play there is a nice viewing area where you can enjoy a nice cold drink while

watching the game. If you love and appreciate the art of soccer we want you to be a part of our

family and come break a sweat with us while playing against some formidable opponents.

2.1.1 Market Demographics

Inwood Soccer Center is for anyone that has the desire to play soccer; we do not care if

you are white, black, brown, yellow, or green if you just want to come and have a good time

playing soccer come join us.


Children between the ages of 7-15 play on Saturdays in the mornings. People of 16 years

old or older can play in adult leagues with parents approval if needed throughout the week. A

league for only over 30 year olds for people that just want to get a run in and pass the ball around

without competing against the youth. Different levels of competition for males and females

throughout the week as well as for coed teams on the weekend.


Inwood Soccer Center is in Addison, Texas and is a well-known establishment in the

area. The neighboring cities are Carrollton, Farmers Branch, and Richardson. The people from

these areas are somewhat familiar with the establishment due to how long they have been open

and people who actually play soccer on the regular are even more familiar with the
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

establishment. Inwood Soccer Center can use the social media outlets to reach out to even more

potential customers throughout the Dallas areas by uploading videos and pictures to intrigue new

customers to come play here.


At Inwood Soccer Center we treat everyone with the upmost respect and expect the same

amount of respect back from our customer to create a safe and peaceful environment for

everyone to enjoy. In in-game situations, the referees will determine the level of punishment

handed down to a player that will range from:

Blue card- two minute in-game suspension.

Yellow card- five minute in-game suspension.
Red card- Out for the rest of game with the possibility of multiple game suspensions and

a fine to get soccer I.D. back.

2.2 SWOT Analysis


Industry experience.
Two large arenas for league play.
Three small arenas for open play.

Plenty of space to warm up before a game and plenty of room to get comfortable in order to

watch a friend or family member play.


Hidden from the general public.

Inwood Soccer Center is surrounded by warehouses, offices, and stores that make it hard for

people to see them as they drive by them every day without ever noticing their location right next

to them.

Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Create more leagues for children of different ages and level of play.
Hold soccer camps throughout the year.
Hold soccer tournaments for children, adults (males and females), and coed.

For parents that are highly invested in their kids extracurricular activities, creating more chances

for their kids to come play can have lasting effect on keeping customers and the chance for a

team to win a big time tournament held by us can elevate a teams reputation as one of the best in

the Dallas community.


Teams thats sign up for a season but back out at the last minute.
Insufficient teams for a competitive division.

At times teams may not be able to afford paying for the season which may make for a weak level

of competition to play against that is unsatisfactory for people looking to play against the best.

2.3 Competition

People are finding new places where the amount of travel is more convenient for them to

travel to rather than playing at Inwood Soccer Center. In Lewisville the people may choose to go

to American Indoor, in Richardson the people may rather go to Spectrum, and even in Carrollton

a new establishment called Real Soccer Center is making it easier for the people in that area to

go there now. Throughout Dallas there are several indoor facilities making a name for themselves

and stealing customers and potential customers as well. Inwood Soccer Center needs to have a

watchful eye on its competitions successes and failures to better improve their establishment.

2.4 Service Offering

Inwood Soccer Center is offering an enjoyable time for people of all ages and gender to

come play soccer inside our facility. We have two full size courts for league play so that we can

allow more teams to play and a few smaller fields for people looking for scrimmages against

competition that are only looking for a good run with friends and family members. Our indoor
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

soccer facility allows for a healthy workout for people that are looking for something else rather

than the usual weight lifting at the gym. Not forgetting to mention the pleasant customer service,

refreshing drinks, and tasteful snacks that we offer; enhancing our customers visit.

The year around play that we offer allows for new teams to become members of our family

oriented community.

2.5 Key to Success

Providing the best customer service will be an important factor for keeping our customers

satisfied and too continuously resign their team to a new season. Giving them notices of when a

new season will begin and when they need to start collecting to pay off leagues fees is another

issue that we take into account to address for each individual team. For new teams wanting to

join, we post online registration on our website about what league is available and the level of

competition they can expect by playing in that league.

2.6 Critical Issues

The abundance availability to play soccer anywhere is the most detrimental factor

inhibiting Inwood Soccer Center. The option to play outdoor or indoor gives the customer a bit

of leeway when making the decision to put a soccer team because they have to consider all the

members of their team.

3.0 Marketing Strategy

3.1 Mission

Inwood Soccer Center mission is to provide the best environment available for youths

and adults to come play soccer. When the weather is unbearable due to high climates or the

blistering cold is too much to handle, Inwood

Soccer Center provides a spacious center for anyone trying to stay in rhythm.
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

3.2 Marketing Objectives

To keep the teams that are already there interested and to continuously come back, we

will be giving out new and different championship shirts for each team member and one team

trophy after each season. For new teams that want to join a league, the information will be posted

around the facility and on our website.

3.3 Financial Objectives

Maintaining a steady set of teams that play season after season will be important because

the word of mouth that we expect will eventually interest individuals to enter their own team.

The new teams that enter will bring in higher levels of profit and we expect new teams to enter at

the beginning of each new season. Once the existing leagues are filled by teams, creating new

leagues will have to be created to allow for newer teams to join. Soccer training camps will be

developed seasonal only, for kids between the ages of 5-17 to bring in a different factor of


3.4 Target Markets

The biggest market and the one that we want to dominate is that of the youth league play.

There are so many different age categories that could be tapped into and then to establish

different level of competition within each age group will create even more categories of leagues

to play.

3.5 Positioning

To position ourselves to where our brand name can be seen and mention throughout the

community, we plan to contact and develop a connection with the North Texas Soccer
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Association. The partnership will help us bring in newer teams around different area of the

Dallas metroplex. Developing a relationship with the local bars that surround Inwood Soccer

Center will be helpful in reaching out to different people that may not be directly involved with


3.6 Strategies

Once a relationship is developed with the North Texas Soccer Association, the

availability to reach out to different youth teams around the Dallas metroplex will be easier.

Since the outdoor season are only during the spring and fall season, making preparations and

informing the teams after their season is done that they can come play at our facilities. The

coaches that want to keep the team from losing any condition during the offseason can play at

our facility, keeping their players in tip top shape. To provide teams a sense of superiority, the

picture of the teams that win their respective division league will be taken and hanged inside our

lounge area as well as posted in our website. Sponsoring the teams that win their division league

by posting their name all over social media as well, will enhance and give more of a reason for

teams to come back and defend their title. Other people that get too see their friends and family

members all over the social media may as well be incline to enter a team of their own just to get

the recognition that may be admired over the community due to the level of completion that we

will provide as more and more teams join our family.

3.7 Marketing Mix

Inwood Soccer Centers marketing mix will be compromised of the importing issues of

the pricing to enter a team, the distribution of our name, advertising and promoting our facility,

and the excellent customer service we provide to our customers.

Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Pricing. The price for each team to enter is the same no matter what division a

team enters in to play.

Distribution. Inwood Soccer Center as relied greatly on word of mouth to spread

the companys name. Increasing our efforts online by social media and our website as well will

elevate peoples awareness about our complex to register a team. Making connections with

organizations already involved in soccer can further enable us to reach out to other teams.

Advertising and promotion. Advertising our name at the local bars that surround

our complex and promoting within the organization that we plan to become partners with are

plans that we are putting our efforts into further developing.

Customer Service. The employees employed by us will be instructed to treat the

customers with respect and have a sense of understanding to make the customer feel welcome

within our facility.

3.8 Marketing Research

A few indoor soccer facilities have as well become well establish within their respected

community. A few of them have as well joined into the online world, providing information on

how they are marketing their efforts to attract potential customers. The information is so easily

found that Inwood Soccer Center can plan and develop the price range in which they want to

charge teams from registering their team to enter. The insight provided will allow Inwood Soccer
Inwood Soccer Center Marketing Plan

Center to price at a range that keeps profit continuously increasing and keep customers satisfied

with paying at a fair price that includes family oriented customer service.