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ob Judge and I have a the-
ory that with every girl ex-
ists a window of opportunity.

During that window you have an opportunity

to ask her out, go for the kiss, and take her home.
But when that window closes, you have to start
from scratch again building up the attraction.

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table of
Introduction: Core Concepts.......................................................4
Part 1: The Right Frames of Mind.........................................11
Part 2: Signs A Girl Wants You To Approach Her............32
Part 3: Signs A Girl You Just Met Is Into You..........39
Part 4: Signs A Girl You Just Met Is NOT Into You..........58
6 Ways To Actively Find Out If A Girl Is Into You....69
Part 5: Signs A Girl Youve Known Awhile Is Into You....76
Part 6: Signs A Girl Youve Known Awhile Is NOT Into You..86
Part 7: Reading her Sexual Signals................................95
Part 8: Signs You Should Be Sending To A Girl...101
3 Things To Keep In Mind As You Go Forward................126
Reminder Checklist........................................................................132
Further Resources........................................................................139

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core concepts

he majority of this book deals with de-
coding a womans signals to figure out
whether you have a chance with her of
if youre just wasting your time. Understanding
the signals a woman is sending also helps you
to decide when you should ask her for a date,
go for a kiss, and even when its time to take
things to the next level.

To ensure you make the best use of what youre

about to learn, its crucial you first understand
a few big ideas that put a womans behavior
into context...

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ob Judge and I have a theory that
with every girl exists a window of

During that window you have an opportu-

nity to ask her out, go for the kiss, and take
her home.

But when that window closes, you have to

start from scratch again building up the at-

This is why its crucial you NOTICE and

CAPITALIZE on the opportunity when it
presents itself.

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The Window of

There is an even more important reason:

Girls expect things to happen quick when

there is chemistry

They expect to get swept away...

So the longer it takes for you to make your

move, get her out on a date, sleep with
her the more she starts thinking there
must not be anything here.

Shell even begin to backward rationalize

and start finding reasons why youre NOT
worth meeting up with, why she should NOT
sleep with you, or why she should relegate
your sorry ass to FRIEND ZONE PRISON.

This is why in both our Unlock Her Legs pro-

gram and Magnetic Messaging we design
everything to happen fast.

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The Window of

It creates the illusion of chemistry.

Now, if youre currently in the friend zone

with a girl, chances are you missed your
window of opportunity.

The good news is that window will open

back up.

And this time, youll be ready for it.

Which brings us to the next important con-
cept before we go further

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is NOT
black or
ob and I have a second theory that
is extremely important for you
to understand: Attraction is NOT
black or white.

This means that a girls opinion of you can

change by the year, month, week, day, and
even by the hour.

Now, this comes with good news, and bad


The good news is that even if you didnt

make a stellar first impression you can still
win her over and get her wanting you

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Her Attraction is not
black or white

Even if youre not her type or she only sees

you as a friend

Even if youve already messed up

And even if shes dating someone else and

acts like you dont even exist

You ALWAYS have the ability to push that

attraction needle hotter. And make her
want you more.

But there is some bad news too...

The bad news is just because a girl feels

attraction for you today, does not mean
shell feel the same level of attraction for
you tomorrow.

Just like you can ALWAYS move the attraction

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Her Attraction is not
black or white

level hotter you can always do things that

will get things colder or drive her away.

This is why its critical to understand the

signs shes giving you.

When youre able to read the signals shes

sending, you can adjust your game plan as

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T h e Ri g h t f r a m e s o f
m i n d

t can be very frustrating to try to read what
a girl is thinking and figure out whether or
not she is interested in you. Rob and I work
with A LOT of private coaching clients and one
of the most common things we deal with is
helping a guy decipher the words and actions
of some girl.

Im sure youve experienced it before. You are

talking to a girl in a bar, club or party, and
youre just not sure how well its going. Should
you continue the conversation? ask for her
number? or even ask her if she wants to come

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The Right Frames
of mind

back to your place?

If youve ever let those questions prevent

you from closing the deal with a woman-
then this will be the most beneficial report
youve ever read.

Because youre going to capitalize on every op-

portunity that arises for you from here on out.

And if you follow along with the ongoing

training lessons well be sending via email

LOTS of opportunities will be arising.

Those lessons will be coming from Bobby

Rio so when you see them, make sure you
open up and read them.

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The Right Frames
of mind

How This Book

Will Help You
A girl almost always gives off subtle signs
about what she is thinking, but most guys
dont know what these signs are.

In this report, were going to discuss the

various signals that girls give in depth.
Youll learn to recognize them quickly so
that you can decide early on in a conversa-
tion if its time to escalate your flirting or
cut your losses and walk away.

When youre texting with a girl (particularly

if youre using the Key Lock Sequence) youll
know exactly when to pull the trigger and
ask her to meet up.

Well be discussing plenty of different types

of signs and behavior in the guide, so you
will not have to worry about missing one

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The Right Frames
of mind

subtle gesture. Once you know what to look

for, its easy to read what a girl is thinking
about you.

Learning these all-important signals will

not only help you with girls you have just
met, but also with girls that you have been
dating or with whom you already have
some sort of relationship with.

Maybe you have a girls phone number or

you have hung out with her casually on
a few occasions, and now youre wonder-
ing: whats the next step? Keep reading
and youll see that learning the signals can
make your decision very easy.

Or maybe youre in the friend zone with a girl,

and you want to try to figure out if or when
you should make your move. This guide will
make sure you strike while the iron is hot.

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The Right Frames
of mind
Thereis more to the
equation than learing
the signs
Reading a girls initial interest level is actu-
ally only part of the equation.

There is another important tool to have: the

correct mindset.

It will be much easier to approach girls and

use your signal-sensing skills if you are in
the right frame of mind. It will be much
easier to go for the kiss, invite her back
to your place, or make her your girlfriend
(if youre following The Scrambler) if your
Mindset is SOLID.

Well share what thoughts you need to focus

on when you are with a girl.

Of course, part of what you are going to learn

in this book will be related to the signals a

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The Right Frames
of mind

girl gives off when she is not interested in

you. Once you see these negative signs, it
can be difficult to move on, especially if you
feel that you have some sort of emotion-
al connection. Ill share some pointers that
will help you maintain the mindset that
will allow you to walk away when you know
its time to cut your losses.

Having the correct frame of mind before

you even start talking to a woman is very
important. So important, in fact, that we
need to discuss it first before moving on to
learn to read a womans level of interest.

So lets discuss what needs to be on your

mind when you are approaching a woman
and when you are trying to figure out her
level of interest.

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always assume
t is a fact of life: women arent interest-
ed in guys who are overly insecure.
If you are lacking self-confidence, a
woman will probably be able to tell, and
youll be at a disadvantage before you even
start the conversation.

You can avoid giving off the wrong vibe by

convincing yourself that the woman who
you are approaching is already interested.
This will put the odds in your favor every

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The Right Frames
of mind

time you start a conversation with a girl.

This mindset can be especially effective

when talking to women who have not yet
decided if they like you. Women find con-
fidence attractive and so a confident vibe
could be the difference between going
home with a girl and going back to your
place alone to wonder what went wrong.

The same rule applies for a girl who you al-

ready know or have already started dating...

Many guys, after they start dating a girl for

a while, will start analyzing every conversa-
tion and may start feeling insecure about
their future prospects.

Often, this is a case of simply over-thinking

things. However, if your insecurity starts to
show, it may chase the girl away, especially

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The Right Frames
of mind

if she was initially drawn to you because of

your confidence.

So, even after you have scored those first

dates, continue assuming that the girl is at-
tracted to you.

Always, always work from a place of con-

fidence until you see signals that tell you

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Trust Your
ve found that most of the time, people
are generally able to intuitively read a
situation. Unless they are completely
delusional or have worked themselves into
a state of paranoia, they can usually sense a
vibe quite well.

If you are talking to a girl and you feel a

strong connection or a certain sense of ro-
mance, chances are she feels the same
thing. If youre dating a girl and you feel like

20 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
The Right Frames
of mind

everythings really going goodthat she re-

ally likes youchances are its true.

Of course, this can work the other way as

well. If you are not connecting or feeling
some sort of chemistry with a girl, chances
are she doesnt either, and its better to cut
and run than to try and force the conversa-
tion. If youre dating a girl and you feel that
shes blowing you off or shes just a tease
and she doesnt really want to be with you,
chances are youre right.

It can be difficult to trust your instincts,

especially when they are telling you some-
thing that you dont want to hear. But it is
almost always the best policy.

That being said, double check your instincts

against the signs were going to present to
you in this guide...

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look at your situation
from an outsiders

nother way you can get past your
hopes and get to the truth of a sit-
uation is to look at yourself from an
outsiders perspective.

If you were looking at yourself, what would

you say? What would you say if you saw a
good friend doing what you are doing now?
It could be positive: Hey shes into you. Or
it could be the opposite: Shes not worth it,

22 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
The Right Frames
of mind

come on! Its time to move on.

A lot of times, when we take ourselves and

our emotions and insecurities out of the
equation and pretend we are looking at
someone else, it all becomes very clear.

Its natural to make excuses about why

you dont want to give up, especially if you
like a girl a lot. She might continuously
blow you off and make excuses about why
she cant hang out with you. You could tell
yourself all sorts of things to convince your-
self that youre still in the game.

However, if you saw someone else in your

situation, youd simply say, Sorry dude, it
really looks like shes not into you.

The same idea can be applied to first meet-

ing with a girl in a nightlife setting. Look at

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The Right Frames
of mind

her from an outsiders perspective. What is

her body language? What is she doing and

You might have even already done this in

a bar, maybe even subconsciously. Youll
glance at a girl and guy and know almost
immediately what his prospects are just by
watching her body language and the way
she is reacting to him.

So take a second to step back and pretend

like you are watching yourself from some-
one elses point of view. You will take your
ego out of the equation and get to the real-
ity of the situation very quickly.

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never decide you really
like a girl before
sleeping with her


We coach a lot of guys over the

phone and over email. Many want to talk
about a girl that theyve met and that they
really, really, really like. They may have even
told her how they feel. Perhaps she didnt
seem too excited to hear this, and now the
guy wants to know how to pursue her.

Heres the thing: when you decide that you

really like a girlmaybe youll even think

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The Right Frames
of mind

youre in love with herbut you havent

slept with her yet, youve already lost.

The games over!

Chances are youre not going to get her.

Youre not in the right frame of mind, be-
cause youre already too emotionally in-
vested. Youre not going to make good deci-
sions. Youre going to be thinking with your
emotions rather than using the type of cool
logic that is necessary to get the girl.

This is one of the main reasons we have

guys follow a very specific plan laid out in
The Scrambler.

What you want to do is make a commit-

ment to yourself that youre not going to
let yourself get wrapped up in any girl un-
til after youve slept with her.

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The Right Frames
of mind

After that, you can let down your guard a

little, but youve still got to play it cool.

This can be hard for some guys to do, espe-

cially when they are romantics and are prone
to getting obsessed with one girl.

But youve got to keep a cool mindset. Just

remember, very, very few guys get a girl that
they become obsessed with.

The goal is to get HER obsessed with YOU.

And you cant do that if youre already ob-

sessed with her.

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never chase
a loss
hen it comes to women, a lot
of us let our egos get involved.
When a girl starts slipping
away, guys want to recapture that high
that they felt when they knew that a girl
was really into them (or at least when they
thought that she was really into them).

In gambling, the terminology for pursuing

something that does not have a positive
expected return is called chasing the loss.
The gambler keeps pursuing the winning

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The Right Frames
of mind

high even though its obvious that the odds

are less and less in his favor.

The same idea can be applied to dating. A

lot of guys chase a woman after they have
obviously lost her. They can chase her for
months or even longer. They are not real-
ly trying to get her back; they are trying to
recapture that feeling that they had when
they knew she liked them.

When they are chasing a loss, guys are usu-

ally oblivious to the fact that their social
life is in shambles. They havent met any
other girls. They focused all their energy on
a pursuit that isnt going to have a happy

So the rule is: never chase, instead erase.

Erase her from your mind and move on.

29 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
The Right Frames
of mind

hasing the loss is a
human instinct. We
chase that which
retreats from us. It is a BIG
component of The Scrambler.
For now, just realize that you can actual-
ly use this as a weapon for your benefit.
When you sense a girl is slipping away. PULL
BACK. And get her chasing the loss. This
article explains the benefit of that move.

During that window you have an opportunity

to ask her out, go for the kiss, and take her home.
But when that window closes, you have to start
from scratch again building up the attraction.

Now that we have the right mindset, we can

move on to learn the signs that can tell you
that a girl is into you. These signs will be
evident regardless of the setting.

30 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
The Right Frames
of mind

If you are talking to a girl in a club or bar,

you should be looking for the same signs as
you would if you were talking to a girl in a
coffee shop, in a classroom or even just on
the sidewalk.

These are the signs that you will see if a

girl is into you. These signs might not mean
that a girl wants to jump into bed with you
or that she even wants to date you, but they
are signs that you should continue the con-
versation because, chances are, something
good is going to happen...

31 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants you
to approach her

o you know the easiest way to get
good at approaching women?

You learn to spot the ones that are sending

you the signals that they want you to ap-
proach them.

Yes, whether you realize it or not, every day,

every time you go out, there are women who
are trying their damndest to get your atten-
tion and to get you to approach them.

32 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants You
to approach her

Ive talked in depth about this with a lot of

extremely hot girls.

And girls will tell me how the most frus-

trating thing in the world for them is when
they hear a guy say, Oh youre a girl you can
get laid anytime you want

And the girl is like, Sure, if I put a sign

up that said Im looking to go home with

But short of that, these women go out all

the time sometimes theyre looking for
some male affection, sometimes its that
time of the month and theyre just freaken
horny, sometimes theyve just been dumped
and their looking for a revenge lay

Yes, they send all the signals and guys just

dont pickup what theyre putting down. I

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signs a girl wants You
to approach her
think youll agree, that there is no easier girl
to approach then one that is actively trying to
get your attention and hinting
that she wants to talk to you.

uys that appear to
be extraordinari-
ly good with girls
usually have amazing filter
mechanism that allows him
to zone in on the girl where his odds are
extremely good. Mastering the skill of spot-
ting the easy scores will GREATLY increase
your success in bars and club environments.

34 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants You
to approach her
She makes her way over towards
you, and for no reason stands
in your general area.
Heres what I mean. If youre at a large
un-crowded bar and you and your friend
are talking in one corner. And you no-
tice two girls on the other side of the bar.
And then, twenty minutes later, for ap-
parently no reason, they are now on your
side of the bar. There is a reason for that.

sheis with a group and she

accidentally separates
herself from the group.
Or she might just keep find-
i n g exc u s e s t o w a l k p a s t y o u . . .
If sheis already close to you,
she opens her body language
to be more inviting so you see
sheis available to approach.
In that case youll notice that she tries
to make herself appear available. She
wont be playing with her phone or doing
anything that signals, leave me alone.

35 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants You
to approach her
Or maybe you've had a girl
accidentally bump into you.

Did you take advantage of it? Or did you

just let her apologize and keep walk-
ing? (If so you missed an opportunity!)
One of the most obvious things a
woman will do when she wants
to talk to you is eavesdrop
on your conversation.
Shell noticeably laugh at one of your
jokes shes overheard, or even throw her
own opinion in to try to get your attention.
Maybe shell even drop some
thing near you hoping that
youll pick it up.
If she cant think of anything to say, a lot
of times shell do something physical to
get your attention. Another form of this
is asking you for help with something.
women arent stupid; they know
you need an opener so they'll try
their damndest to give you one.
If shes reading a book or looking at

36 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants You
to approach her

something shell try to let you see so that

you can ask her about it. If shes look-
ing at something or someone shell talk
out loud to herself so that you real-
ize she wants you to comment on it, too.

Shes handing you an opener on

a silver platter.

Now those are the obvious ones

Of course there are some girls who are

subtler and with those girls, youll have
to pay closer attention to body language.

If she catches you looking, she

might push her hair out of the
way so you can see her face
Or she adjusts her clothes after look-
ing at you. She is primming her-
self to appear more attractive for you.

37 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl wants You
to approach her

Shewill exaggerate her

moves or act a little ODD.

If she catches you looking at her,

and shes interested, shell try to ap-
pear like shes having a good time.

Shell exaggerate her laughing, shell

dance in place, and shell be do-
ing something to keep your attention.

Shes trying to make her-

self seem like a cool girl.

The fact is: the signs are there.

But how about once you start talking to


38 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just met
i s i nto yo u

oticing signs that girl is interest-
ed in you is helpful for a number of
reasons. For example, if youre like
most guys, you probably wont try to move
an interaction forward by asking a girl out,
going for a kiss, or inviting her back to your
place, unless youre at least relatively sure
shes into you and going to accept

If thats something youre currently doing

then it might surprise you that Rob and I
feel that is one of the LEAST practical appli-

39 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
cations of recognizing the signs of an interest-
ed girl.

Dont think just because shes giving you pos-

itive signs that shes necessarily giving you
permission. Doing so often leads to a bad call
either way: you might wait too long for a sign
before escalating and miss the window of op-
portunity OR you might believe a date or a kiss
is in the bag because you noticed a sign and
then feel crushed if she doesnt immediately
comply with your advance.

IMPORTANT: A girl accepting or reject-

ing your advances is often not a result of how
attracted she is to you. Girls will often reject
guys at first for a number of reasons: shes not
comfortable yet, she doesnt want you to think
shes easy, shes testing you to see how youll
react under pressure, etc. You should never
gauge where you stand with a girl solely on
how she reacted to you making a move.

40 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
Youll get much more out of this section if you
interpret these signs like markers on a roadmap.
For example, if a girl is displaying several signs
that shes into you, then it might want to focus
more on getting to know and getting her to feel
comfortable rather than tease her and flirt.

While flirting and teasing are the key ingredi-

ents in beginning an interaction, ONLY teasing
and flirting very rarely leads to quality interac-
tions. Women not only crave the stimulation of
laughter, excitement, and sexual tension, they
also want to feel comfortable, a sense of con-
nection as well as appreciation.

Noticing the signs in this section clearly

means youre headed in the right direction.
But like any significant journey, rarely do you
get from point A to point B in a straight line.
You may need to gradually turn and move in a
slightly different direction to steer things clos-
er to where you want them to go. This section
will help you recognize when to do just that.

41 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

She laughs at your jokes,

even the unfunny ones.

Laughing isnt necessarily something peo-

ple do when they find something funny.

It can also be a sign of approval.

This can be seen in many speeches: The

speaker makes some bad joke and the au-
dience laughs. Its not because the joke
was funny; its the audiences way of say-
ing Yeah, we like you; were enjoying this.

When a girl laughs at your jokes, it is

the same phenomenon. Her chuckle
is a way of saying, Hey, I like you. Keep
talking. When shes laughing at your
jokes, shes trying to tell you she gets
you and that she enjoys your company.

42 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

She asks you if you have

a girlfriend.

This can be a tough one to catch, be-

cause a lot of times girls will try to find
this out indirectly. Maybe you say that
you went to a concert or movie, and shell
ask, Oh, whom did you go with?

Or if you say you have a roommate,

or if you talk about your apartment,
shell ask you whom you live with.
If you notice any of these types of
questions, shes probably interest-
ed in knowing if you have a girlfriend.

Of course, some girls will just ask di-

rectly, in which case you dont need
to try and pick up the subtler cues.
When a girl asks this question, it
means that she is sizing you up and
measuring your relationship potential.

43 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

She calls you a player, a

jerk, or an asshole.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if a

woman makes this type of statement in a
playful way, its usually a very positive sign.

This kind of teasing is a form of flirting.

Calling you a player is her way of test-
ing you. She wants to see what youre
going to say. If a guy is insecure or isnt
scoring points with his flirtatious re-
marks, she isnt going to call him a player.

Shes calling you a player because she finds

herself attracted to you and she wants to
know if you are really a player
or if you are genuinelyinto her.

hen a girl
calls you a
player NEVER
go on the defensive. Jokingly

44 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
play into the assumption. In fact, NEVER defend
yourself to a girl period. It signals to her that
you care too much and are trying to hard. Rob
and I have a saying the person who tries harder,
holds less power. And when shes holding the
power, its impossible for her sleep with you.

She takes a sip of

your drink.

Youll be at party, a bar, or some sort of so-

cial situation where drinking is involved,
and a girl will ask to take a sip of your
drink. Or shell simply take a sip without
asking when you put your drink down.

This is a very strong indication that she feels

comfortablecomfortable enough to put
her mouth where your mouth has just been.

This type signal can also take oth-

er forms. She might offer you her drink.

45 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

Or perhaps offer you something that she

is eating. Shes showing you that she
has a high level of comfort with you.
A girl might lean into you
or get your attention by
touching your hand or
arm lightly.
These are all signs of intimacy and
are a sure signal that it is time to start
escalating your pursuit of the girl.

Beware: If you have TOO

MUCH comfort with a girl it could be
a sign youre in the friend zone!

She is displaying nervous


When a girl is too comfortable around

a guy its NOT a good sign. You should no-
tice that shes exhibiting some nervous-
ness around you. If there is no nervousness,

46 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

then there is likely no attraction. A lot of

times with girls that nervousness will man-
ifest itself in rambling. Or appearing di-
sheveled in the way shes communicating.

She actively tries to keep

the conversation going.

When your conversation hits an inevita-

ble lull, shes the one keeping it going.
She might ask you questions or make re-
marks. This is because she doesnt want
you to leave. If she asks, directly or indi-
rectly, personal questions, thats an even
stronger indication of serious interest.

Or She Asks Questions. Women are often

very reserved when it comes to making the
first move or approaching a guy in general.

If she does this, she might be very out-

going or shes just REALLY into you.

47 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

She might start by saying something

like...I think I know you from some-
where just to initially open a conversation.

She will also want to know more about

who you are. So pay attention to how
engaged she is in the conversation.

If she asks you open-ended questions that

make you give a detailed response versus a
yes or no response, its a pretty good sign she is
trying to prolong the convo and
hoping to get more out of you!

ont feel like you
have to always be
the one to fill the si-
lences in a conversation. Too
many guys feel the need to im-
mediately break the tension of silence. In a
seduction tension is your friend. Be the one

48 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
who is more comfortable with the tension.
Make her do some work. Remember,
the more shes investing and working
to keep you interested, the more pow-
er you hold. And the more power you hold,
the more attraction she feels toward you.

She teases you.

As mentioned,if she calls you a jerkor a player,

its a good sign. ANY type of teasing is a good
because its something people do with peo-
ple that they like and are comfortable with.

In the context of a male-female conversa-

tion, teasing is usually a form of flirting.
She may give you a nickname or just tease
you about something you said or did. Its
her way of saying, Hey, I get you, we have
a connection, I feel like I can tease you.

49 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

She introduces you to

her friends.

This can also be a bad sign if she in-

troduces you and then moves into the
background (that means she wants to
get rid of you or trying to pawn you off
on one of her less attractive friends).

However, if she introduces you and then

continues communicating with you,
it is a very positive sign because she
wants to show you off and/or get her
friends opinion of you later because she
likes you. Either way, its a positive sign.
She lets her friends leave
to continue talking to
The opposite type of situation could also
be a good sign. Ive slept with several girls
very quickly and this was always the biggest
indication. Perhaps the girls friends would
be leaving, and shed say, Im going to stay.

50 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
If a girl is staying with you in such a situ-
ation, you know theres a very good pos-
sibility that she is going home with
you right away. She can easily ask for
your number and leave with her friends.

If she stays, shes in the mood for some-

thing more. DO NOT MESS THIS UP. (Re-
member earlier we talked about window
of opportunity this is a MAJOR ONE!)

This usually happens in a bar or club,

but it could also happen elsewhere, too.

She follows you to

another location.

Perhaps its a party and there are mul-

tiple rooms and her friends go into
a different room while she stays be-
hind with you. Or maybe you tell her
youre going to go outside for some
fresh air, and she comes along with you.

51 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

In this specific situation, her staying or fol-

lowing you might not mean that she is ready
to sleep with you (she can still leave with her
friends later), but it is definitely a positive sign
and a signal that its time to escalate the con-
versation to more intimate subjects and heavi-
er flirtso you can help her, being extra girlie.

Her voice will


When a girl is at the point in a con-

versation where she wants you to
kiss her, shell begin to talk slower,
more feminine, and more seductive.
She Accentuates
Her Femininity.

This is a BIG ONE. The more feminine she

portrays herself around you, the more
chemistry she is feeling towards you.
An example of this is pretending to not
know anything about sports, acting weak,

52 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

so you can help her, being extra girlie.

HINT: When a girl is acting extremely fem-

inine around you, reward her for it. Show her
you notice it. And accentuate your masculinity.

Here is an example...

A lot times if the topic of sports comes up

the woman will exaggerate her lack of
knowledge about the topic. This is an ac-
tive display of her femininity. Maybe shell
pretend to confuse football with baseball.
And when a football player scores a touch
down shell ask, Did he hit a homerun?

She is TRYING to be cute and feminine for

you. Appreciate it. Give her a smile. Act like
you genuinely find it adorable. And then ex-
plain that was a touchdown... and that a home
run is in baseball. But make her feel like her

53 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you

gesture worked. Like she is seducing YOU.

That is one of the biggest

KEYS you need to understand.

Validation works when she believes that

she is seducing YOU. This is a major com-
ponent we discuss in Unlock Her Legs.

She will try to validate

herself to you.

This is one of those things you learn to

pick up on. Youll notice that she con-
tinues to slip things into the con-
versation that makes her look good.

Or shell steer the conversa-

tion towards things that make her
seem fun, cool, interesting, sexy.

Shes trying to show you,

Hey, Im a cool girl. Pick me.

54 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
bonus signs
BONUS #1: Too much exagerrated

If a girl is too actively acting disinterested

making comments like, In your dreams or,
You wish she is more likely flirting with
you and baiting you to pursue her more.
If she looks away first.
BONUS #2: Or looks away, then
look back.
If a girl cant hold strong eye contact it could
be mean that she feels too much tension.

Signs She Wants

to Be Kissed
Although we NEVER recommend waiting
for a girl to display signs before going
for the kiss, it is CRUCIAL you recognize
them. If she puts herself out there, pro-
viding the signs but you dont act, the
window of opportunity will quickly close.

55 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
She holds your hand
or touches you in a
prolonged way.

If a girl is at the point where she

knows she is going to kiss you, shell
do things to let you know its TIME.

One of the things shell often do is

make an excuse to hold your hand. May-
be shell take you by the hand to guide
you through the room. Or if youre sitting
next to her, shell place her hand graz-
ing against your leg and leave it there.


This is a clue that becomes obvious towards

the end of the night or the end of a date. If a
girl has decided that she wants to kiss you
she will linger and give you time to make
your move. If youre saying goodbye shell
make sure not to leave too quickly. As the

56 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is into you
date is ending, shell find an excuse to linger
around the parking lot. If youre dropping her
off, she wont get out of the car right away.
Shell sit there waiting for you to make a move.
Press herself
harder into you
when you hug.
Dont be fooled by their warm, mushy repu-
tations: hugs can be very revealing. But be
careful: a lot of guys screw this up because
they dont know how to give a hug without
being creepy about it. One thing I like to
do is rock back and forth as youre hugging.

This alleviates the creepiness while giving

her a chance to decide whether she wants
the hug to continue. If you feel her trying
to peel away as you hug and rock her, not
good. But if she seems to get a small burst
of energy and/or hugs you tighter and/
or rocks with you, its a great (yet subtle)
sign that, not only she likes you, but also
that shes comfortable with your touch.

57 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just met
is NOT into you

ant to know a secret that any
guy who is successful with
women understands: time is
more important than pride.

In other words, guys who are great with

women would rather a girl tell them shes
not interested in the first 10 seconds rather
than have a long, drawn-out conversation,
only to have the girl politely tell him she
needs to go to the bathroom

58 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
or needs to get back to her friends

or offers a phone number, knowing full-well

that shes never going to meet up. (Most of the
time, she has no intention of even respond-

If youve ever heard a girl say (usually awk-

wardly), Well, it was really nice meeting you,
often accompanied by a pat on the shoulder or
back (the pity pat), then you know how frus-
trating and painful this can be.

Bad enough you were wrong about a girl you

thought might be a future romantic or sexual
prospect; you also wasted your time, energy,
and emotions pursuing her.

For guys who are trying to meet girls in night-

clubs or bars, this can sabotage an entire
night. While a guy is locked in a friendly in-
teraction hes missing countless opportunities
with other girls...

59 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
Therefore, recognizing when a girl youve just
met is not into you is crucial for becoming
better with women.

Lots of girls will entertain a conversation with

you for a number of reasons: maybe shes just
being well mannered, maybe she feels bad for
you, maybe she thinks youre entertaining (but
not attractive)

Whatever her reason, its your responsibility

to be honest with yourself, admit youre not
getting anywhere, and move on. Doing so will
save you time, which is so much more import-
ant than saving face.

Sure, your pride may sting a bit if you walk

away without a phone number, or if you fail to
impress your friends or wingman with how
long you can keep a conversation going, and
you may even sometimes cause her to rudely
reject you.

60 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
In the long run, however, its only going to
help you. Youre setting yourself up to meet
more girlsones you actually have a legiti-
mate chance with!

So the next you find yourself talking with a

girl you just met, not only should you have an
eye peeled for the signs in this section, you
also have to remember not to let your pride
get in the way of your dating life.

If a girl is displaying one or more of the signs

in this section, you dont necessarily have to
cut and run right away (in fact, we recommend
you dont). However, you should adjust what
youre doing. If she continues to give off signs
shes not interested, you need to make the
call: is this worth your time, attention, energy,
emotion, and (sometimes) money?

Its always your decisionbut learning and

looking for the signs ensures you make much
better informed decision.

61 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you

She complains
that she's tired.

When a girl is in to you, shell have enough

energyto continue a conversation no matter
what time it is. You probably know this feel-
ing: when you are into someone and you are
with them, you seem to have unlimited en-
ergy. Time isnt even a part of the equation.
Perhaps, a girl doesnt
vocalize her tiredness,
but she keeps yawning...

This is major cue that she is not interest-

ed. She is bored, and its time for you to
move on. Girls will fake enjoyment if theyre
into you. Shell hide the fact shes tired.

She never asks you

your name.

Exchanging names might not be the

first part of your conversation, but if
youve been talking for a while and

62 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
it doesnt come up you might want to
start questioning her level of interest.
Its even worse if you
ask her name and she
doesnt reciprocate
by asking yours.
This means that most likely she doesnt
want the conversation to get personal and
that youd be better off wrapping things
up and moving on to somewhere else.
She quickly brings up
her boyfriend.

Sometimes a girl will bring up her boy-

friend later on in her conversation. Any-
time a significant other comes up, it is
not a good sign, but if she brings him
up after youve already been flirting and
talking, you may still have a chance.

However, if she quickly brings him up, its

because shes trying to send you a non-sub-
tle hint that says, Hey, I have a boyfriend or,

63 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you

I want you to think I have a boyfriend so that

you leave me alone. Obviously, when you get
this sign, it is time to move on.

hen youre
out at a social
event, youre be-
ing watched. So if a girl quickly
rejects you or gives you the boy-
friend excuse. Simply give her a
high five, and say, I bet hes an awesome guy and
then tell her youve got to get back to your friends.

The reason for this is that all of the girls watch-

ing will just assume you are friends with the girl
and will not realize you were just shot down.

She avoids
eye contact.
If youre trying to talk to a girl and shes
kind of looking away, its not a posi-

64 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
tive sign. You might recognize this same
type of gaze in people who are try-
ing to avoid a salesman at the mall.

Obviously if you are in the same category

as a salesman, its not good. Shes looking
for an opening so that she can leave. If she
avoids eye contact, its time to move on.

She has closed off

body language.

This is the subtlest cue Im going to

mention. Many times, it is not obvious.
Perhaps you get the feeling that she
just doesnt feel comfortable around
you. This means that she probably isnt.

That doesnt mean you cant break through

with a little more effort. Some girls just
might be nervous or shy. But if you see
this signal, you might want to start look-
ing for other signs that she is not into you.

65 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
She gives you short,
one-word answers.

If shes giving you short, one-word an-

swers, thats the complete opposite of
trying to keep a conversation going.

Brief answers usually mean shes think-

ing: I want this to end so Im making it
as difficult as I can for you to continue.

The shorter the answers, the quick-

er you should be looking for a chance
to exit gracefully so that you can try
to find flirtation somewhere else.

Signs She's a
She cuts off at the
high points.
Some girls love attention, but have
no interest in going any further than
that. These girls will almost always cut

66 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
off once the sexual tension mounts.
She is too high

The girls who are the loudest, highest

energy girls are rarely the ones who are
interested in you. They usually just want
your attention to boost their own ego.
Shes too comfortable
touching you too soon.

While later in the night a girl touching

you is a great sign. If shes too comfort-
able right off the bat touching you it usu-
ally means she views you as non threat-
ening and has no sexual interest in you.

IMPORTANT: Remember earlier

we said attraction isnt black or white. And
part of getting good with girls is what we
call getting comfortable in the grey area.

This means you are comfortable with

67 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you just
met is NOT into you
the fact that she might not be attract-
ed to you YET and you have the atti-
tude that if I just show her a bit more
of my personality shell come around.

Rob and I have been teaching dating ad-

vice for over 8 years. We have seen first
hand that when a guy implements the
right attraction building techniques
he can move the needle very easily.

However, you still MUST be aware of the


As you get better with girls, and become

more comfortable in the grey zone, you be-
gin to use these signs as feedback on what
you need to do to adjust your game, rath-
er than signs that you should walk away.

68 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
to actively
a girl is
into you
f you arent getting any readable
signs from a girl, you can do some things to
try and evoke a readable response from her.
Go in for
a kiss.

This is an obvious one, but it can actual-

ly be subtler than it seems. You can give
a kind of light peck on the cheek or on
the lips and just see how she responds.

A lot of guys might not have the balls to

do this during a first conversation, but,
if youre not sure where you stand, it is
the most straightforward way to find out.

69 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you
When you go for the kiss, youll know.
But be aware: even if she turns away or
puts up a hand, it might NOT be a bad sign.
If she kind of turns her
cheek but keeps talking
and flirting with you,
you're still all right.
If she turns away and gives you a clear indi-
cation: Hey, you got that totally wrong idea,
I was just being nice to you, then youve
got a clear cut answer as well. If you dont
want to wonder where you
stand, a kiss is the way to go.

here have been quite
a few times now that
girls have rejected sev-
eral of my attempts before finally
allowing the interaction to move
forward. Hell, I can think of one
time the girl slapped me twice (playfully) before
I wound up sleeping with her later that night...

70 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you
Even if she denies you againas long as
she still seems to be enjoying the interac-
tion you can go for it again later in the night.

Many times, even when a woman wants to kiss

you, she has a clock in her head that determines
when shell kiss you. And it isnt until that clock
goes off that she will accept your advance.

In that case, just follow the two steps forward,

one step back method of physical escalation.

Another extremely effective way

to handle getting the cheek is to
call out the elephant in the room.

This means that right after she

gives you her cheek when you go
for the kisssimply say out loud:
She slipped me the cheek? Damn!

Or say something else that humorously ac-

knowledges the fact she turned her cheek.

71 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you
I have a friend who was just telling me a
story where a girl turned her cheek when
he went for the kiss, and he said (in a Sein-
feld-like- voice, almost doing self commentary),
That was a little awkward totally wasnt
expecting her to give me the cheek.

He said she quickly played along doing her

own commentary, Yea A little too fast
maybe if he seduced me a little bit more
Two hours later he slept with her.

Make an offhand comment

like, we should hang out

Make the comment and then see how she

responds. You may not even have an actual
plan for a date, but you can learn a lot from
her response. A quick, Oh, yeah, definitely,
is a very good sign. On the other hand, if
she kind of ignores it, or acts weird when

72 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you
you say it, it means you probably havent
built enough attraction and youve got
to either continue building attraction or
youve got to cut your losses and move on.

Try the High

Five Test.

Sometimes, I like to stop a conversa-

tion and just say something like Oh,
youre cool and then give a girl a high
five and grip her hand lightly. (Not in
a creepy, weird way, just very lightly.)

Then, Ill see how long she lets her

hand stays there. If she lets her hand
linger in your hand, it means theres
some chemistry that she is feeling.

If she pulls her hand back right away,

it means theres not enough attrac-
tion there or she doesnt feel com-
fortable enough with you yet.

73 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you

Take Her Hand and Lead

Her Somewhere.

One thing you can do is lead her somewhere

by the hand. So if youre at a bar or party.
Say, Come with me and take her hand and
lead her into another spot. Youll notice
how she reacts to you holding her hand. If
shes into you shell probably grip your hand
a bit. And when you get to the destination
she wont pull away her hand right away.
Make a joke about your
wife and kids.

I sometimes do this: Ill just say,

I gotta get back to my wife and
kids and then judge her reaction.

If you say something like this and a girl

really likes you, shes going to say WHAT!
What do you mean your wife and kids?
Then you can say, Im just kidding. She
has shown that she is into you and that

74 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
6 ways to actively find
out if a girl is into you
your comment caught her off guard. On
the other hand, if you say Ive got get
back to my wife and kids, and you get
no reaction out of her, then it probably
wasnt going as well as you thought it was.

Ask Personal

This is something you can use on a date,

or when you go back to her place to see if
shes wants to sleep with you. The more
personal question shes willing to answer,
the more likely she is to sleep with you.

Robs personal favorite strategy is to ask her

about her first kiss. After shes answered
that, the hell ask her , When did you lose
your virginity? He says that every single
girl whos answered that question hes gone
on to sleep with. If they wont answer the
question, it means you have to work a little
bit more at creating attraction and comfort.

75 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you've known
awhile is into you

ome guys have been dating a girl for a
little while and they dont know what
her interest level is. This is actually
one of the most common questions that I have
gotten in my coaching career.

Or perhaps you are not even dating a girl, but

you have exchanged numbers or met on a dat-
ing site and you want to know if you should
pursue a romantic relationship with her.

Here are the most common signs that a girl

who you already know is into you...

76 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl you've known
awhile is into you
She sends you random
text messages.

If she is sending you messages out of the

blue, it means shes checking up on you and
doesnt want you to forget about her. This is
her way of testing your level of interest. She
wouldnt be concerned about your level of
interest if she werent interested herself.

She wants to introduce

you to her friends.

If one of her friends is having a par-

ty and she wants you to come and meet
all her friends, it means she sees some
sort of potential with you. Shes not go-
ing to introduce you to her friends if
shes embarrassed by you or if she plans
to end things with you soon thereafter.
She makes future plans
with you.

If she regularly says things like, Oh,

77 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
weve got to go here together or
we gotta do this, its a good sign.

Even if it seems like an offhand comment

(as opposed to a definitive date plan), it
is still a good sign. It means shes dream-
ing about the future and you are in it.
She wouldnt be doing that if she were
trying to find a reason to get rid of you.
She instigates

If a girl starts kissing you and doing in-

timate things without taking a cue from
you, she has a high level of interest.

Of course, this could also be a sign that you

are not being intimate enough with her.,
which makes it a tough sign to interpret.
However, if she gives you cues that are not
overtly sexual (sitting close to you, hold-
ing your hand, kissing you on the cheek),
you can be pretty sure that she is into you.

78 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
She always makes
herself available.

When a girl is into you, she makes herself

available no matter what. She will come
over at 2:00 in the morning when she gets
off work. She may even cancel plans she al-
ready had. Shell rearrange her social sched-
ule so that she can hang out with you.

Pay attention: she might not directly say, I

canceled my plans with my friends so that I
could hang out with you. However,if she men-
tions some cancelled plans, she is giving you
an opening to say, Come hang out with me.

She gets a
second wind.

Earlier, I talked about when youre first

seeing a girl and youre really attracted
to her how attraction gives you large re-
serves of energy. If youve been dating for
a while and you see that kind of energy in

79 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
girl, it is a good sign. It means shes still
enjoying your company or she has gotten
to know you more and is even more at-
tracted than she was initially. If she wants
to stay out late and then still has energy
when she gets back to your place, things
are probably going very well for you.
She continues to fix
herself up when she
knows she's going to
be seeing you.
If every time she comes to hang out with
you, she looks really good, it is a sign that
she still has a high level of interest. It
means she cares what you think about her.
If she didnt care, she would come over as
is. If you see make-up and fresh clothes,
and smell perfume, its a good indica-
tion that you are still winning the game.
She is paying more
attention to you than
others while at a social
If you go to a party together or a club where
she knows lots of people and shes stay-

80 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
ing with you and talking with you and not
mingling with other people, it means she
is definitely into you. She might stop by
to say high to friends, but if she does this,
shell either come back quickly or else call
you over so that she can introduce you.

She Spends Time On You

Even When Youre Not
One thing that is SUPER important is
the fact that the attraction between
two people should grow even when
youre not in each others company.

If anything, it should become even

stronger when the two of you arent to-
gether! A pretty good sign shes into
you is when she knows youre busy,
but she texts or calls you anyway.

She is communicating when you cant re-

spond and thats a HUGE indicator that shes
got you on her mind. Whether she leaves

81 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
a cute voicemail just to say hello or sends
a text letting you know shes thinking of
you...you know for sure your girl is into you!

In fact, as we talk about in this

article, it is absolutely crucial that youre
on her mind when shes not around you.

She Stalks You on


These days, when a woman first meets

a guy, the QUICKEST and easiest way to
get to know him is by digging up dirt on
Facebook or any other social media net-
work. If she starts leaving you comments
on older photos or posts, youll know for
sure that shes been stalking you a bit!

But dont worry, its in a good way =)

Shes using your Facebook to find

out more about you without com-
ing on too strong or scaring you away.

82 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
Just keep in mind that if she doesnt
send you a friend request, she might
not actually be that interested.
She wants you to

A woman will DEFINITELY make it known

that you are hers if shes really into you.

If you are at a bar and she sees you

talking to another girl, chances are
that if shes into you, she will interrupt
the conversation faster than lightning.

She will do everything in her pow-

er to make sure every other girl in
the bar sees the two of you together.

And to make things a little more

known, she may even kiss your
cheek and be extra touchy just to
make sure YOU know shes feeling it.

83 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you

Decoding Her Texts

The Bluff

Here is an innocent text you can send a

girl that will quickly reveal what she feels
about you. Simply send her: TONIGHT?

What she responds to that one word text re-

veals a lot. If she seems intrigued or press-
es you for more information she definite-
ly is into you. However, if she ignores that
text or doesnt press for more info, then
she doesnt have a strong desire to see you.
She adds excitement
emoticons to texts.

If a girl responds simply with lol or

haha not good. But if she sends you
etiher one of those followed my a lenghty
response thats a good sign. Shes trying to
show you shes excited to hear from you.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is into you
You may also notice texts like Heyyyyyy,
which is a lot better than, Hey.
Timing of her

If she is erratic with her responses its

ususally not a good sign. But if she re-
sponds right away or always waits five
minutes before respoding its a good sign.

Basically if she predictiably responds after

5 to 10 minutes every time she most likely is
trying toplay the gameand make you wait.
Im a fun girl

A girl who is into you is going to try to

send you texts that portray her as cool,
fun girl: Going to the Yankees! Woohoo!

When a girl is trying to impress you

over texts its a good sign. A girl
who isnt interested in you will make
no effort to appear cool or fun.h

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is not into you

f course, you have to keep an eye
out for bad signs as well. These are
the signs that shes NOT into you.
Remember, you have to keep the right frame
of mind and accept the situation when
these signs start popping up.

If youre seeing more than one of them, it is

probably time to take a step back and de-
cide if it is time to cut your losses and leave
or employ a new strategy (like the one laid
out in Unlock Her Legs.)

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you

If you want to re-spark attraction we

recommend using a move called The
Pull Back Here is a short article explain-
ing the move: Article on The

She says shes not ready

for a relationship.

If a girl goes out of her way to stress that

shes not looking for a relationship, it means
shes not looking for a relationship with you.

Even the most independent girl wouldnt

go out of her way to say that to a guy
that she had any interest in. If she likes
him, she is going to put herself in a po-
sition to be as close to him as possible.

If she mentions not wanting a boy-

friend, it is a non-subtle cue that
you are not in her future plans.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
She never calls you and
avoids your calls.

Ive dated girls who were really into

me, but never called. However, when
I called them, they answered on the
first ring and were always available to
hang out. They just had the idea that a
guy should always be the one to call.

However, this is not always the case. If a

girl never calls you but then when you
call her she doesnt answer or she doesnt
call you back right away, its a bad sign.

If youre calling her and shes unavail-

able to even talk to you on the phone, it
is definitely, definitely not a good sign. If
this happens more than once, youll have
to face the fact that she is not into you.
She texts you back one-
word answers.

If a girl always responds with short, one

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
word answers like lol or ha she is ac-
tively trying to get you to NOT text her.

When a girl wants you to continue tex-

ting her shell put effort in and try to en-
gage you with a question or something
to encourage you to continue texting.
She cancels plans and is
always busy.

Like I said, if a girl likes you, she will come

over your house at 2:00 a.m. after the bar or
party or when she gets off work (if she works
a late job) or shell stop by your house in the
middle of the day if she doesnt have time
later on or even break plans with friends.

If shes canceling plans with you routinely,

or if every time you ask her to hang out, shes
busy,you should be hearing warning bells in
your head. Some girls are very busy, but, like
I said, if they truly like you, theyll make time.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you

She avoids
If every time you try to hold her hand, kiss,
or touch her, she pulls away then...she is
not into you. Early on in a relationship,
there should be complete sexual attrac-
tion. The early days are when the fire is
burning the strongest and thats when she
should be the most into intimate behavior.

If she turns away from even non-sexual con-

tact (putting your arm around her, touching
her hand, kissing not on the lips), you need
to seriously consider cutting your losses.
She avoids any sort of
public displays of
Maybe youve slept with her already,
but when youre out in front of her
friends or other people, she avoids
any sort of public display of affection.

Its probably because she doesnt really see

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
a future with you and she doesnt want
people to see you with her because she
doesnt see you as boyfriend material.
She doesnt want people to get the wrong
idea about whats going on between you.
Shes sketchy
or secretive.

You might just get a gut feeling that

something is wrong, like shes giving off
a sketchy vibe. For example, a girl I dated
on and off for a long time came over for
dinner one night and I got a very weird
vibe from her. She just wasnt acting right.

She wound up leaving early, saying she was

going to study. But I just didnt believe her.

Now, Im not going to recommend the next

thing that I did,but I drove to her house to see
if her car was there. Sure enough, it wasnt.
Then I called her phone. She didnt answer.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
Turns out that she was out with another guy.

The moral of the story is that my intuition

told me that something was wrong, and I
should have trusted my gut and cut my loss-
es. Im not a super jealous guy. Im the kind
of guy who very rarely suspects something.

But when I do, Im usually right.

She tries to push you

off or suggests youd
be good for one of her
If shes actively telling you that youd
be good for this girl, or trying to hook
you up with her friend, its because shes
not into you. If she brings it up more
than once and youre sure its not teas-
ing or testing you, you can be sure that
her level of interest has gone down.

Or perhaps you thought there were

some sort of chemistry, but the girl

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
only thought of you as a friend. Ei-
ther way, its not a good sign if she is
consistently trying to push you off.

Important: Early in a flirtatious conver-

sation a girl might suggest you are good
for her friend as a way of teasing you or
testing you. In that case, its a GOOD SIGN.
At social events, shes
mingling and talking
to everybody else and
leaving you alone.
If youve been dating a girl for 2 years,
this type of behavior is, more or less,
normal. Youre both comfortable with
each other and know youll be see-
ing each other at the end of the night.
But early on in a relationship you
should be the center of her attention.

In a new romance, each persons mind and

energy is completely on the other person.
If her attention isnt on you at a social
event, it could mean that she is bored

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
and/or on the lookout for someone else.
She doesnt send you a
Facebook friend request
or accept your request.
If you start seeing more than one of these signs,
it is time to start thinking about moving on.

At the same time, dont get paranoid. If you

only see one of these signs, but everything
else seems to be going well, dont panic.

Generally, if something is not go-

ing well with a girl, youll get multi-
ple signals, so it will be pretty obvious.

The ultimate test on a girl youre dat-

ing to see is to use the Pull Back.

If you pull away, and there are feelings

there, she WILL chase you. Even if the feelings
have dwindled, her fear of loss will kick
in and shell want to prevent you from
slipping away until shes more certain.

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reading her
Sexual" Signals

oo many guys blow opportunities to
sleep with a girl because they either
miss the signs shes giving them, or
they dont know how to throw the right bait
out there to see how sexual she is willing to

In this section well give you some tests to

use on girls to see how sexual she will allow
herself to become around you. (Which, by the
way, is a huge indictation of how much she
likes you and/or feels comfortable around you.)

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
Use double entrendes as
bait to see how Dirty
her mind is.

If a girl spills something on herself you

can say, Youre wet already? Some girls
will laugh a comment like this off, but
if a girl is in a sexual mood she will of-
ten press it further and
take it even more sexual.

astering the
art of sexu-
al flirting is
a key skill to learn. Wom-
en immediately recog-
nize a guy who understands this sub-
tle art of sexualized flirting and banter.

Her reaction to
sexual comments.

Now there is a RIGHT WAY to make a

96 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
sexual comment. And its best done us-
ing humor (see, Make Her Horny with
Humor). But how a girl reacts to a sex-
ual comment will tell you a lot about
how far she is willing to go that night.

For instance, you can say something

like, You need to be spanked if shes
teasing you. Does she take the bait?
Or does she seem turned off by it?

another venue.

If youve met a girl out at a bar or are

out on a date with her, often you can
gauge her willingness to go home with
you by simply suggesting another venue.

If shes willing to leave where shes

at and have a drink somewhere
else with you, chances are shes
also willing to go home with you.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
She brings up
something back
at your place.
If a girl mentions how she has to meet
your dog or see the pictures from your
trip or anything that requires her go-
ing back to your apartment, shes giv-
ing you an opening to invite her.

n easy way to get a
girl back to your place
is to have something
there that you can use to invite
her back for. I have this awesome
new cappucino maker I guaran-
tee it will be the best cappucino youve ever had
or ,I have this trampoline in my apartment, its the
most fun youll ever have By making comments
about things back at your place you can see how
she responds. Often girls will use this as an ex-
cuse to invite themselves back to your place.

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signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
She says, Im not going
to sleep with you
Anytime a girl says something in the
negative like, Im not going to kiss you
or Im not going to sleep with you
it almost always means she is going to.

Hair, Neck

A true time-tested way to judge if a girl

wants you to kiss her is to touch her hair
and then gaze at her neck. This will spike
the tension and, if she wants to be kissed,
shell tighten up but wont fidget, which
allows you a chance to move in for the kiss.

Ask her this

innocent question.

How good of a cuddler are you? Most

girls understand that cuddling is code
for get naked in your bed. If she brags

99 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs a girl youve known
awhile is NOT into you
about her cuddling skills shes also tell-
ing you shes open to get sexual with you.

I cant because it will

make me tired.

Normally if a girl uses the Im tired ex-

cuse its a bad sign. However, later in
the night if a girl refrains from hav-
ing another drink because it will make
me tired its a good indication that
she wants to keep the night going.

She presents you with an

obstacle that you can
If you ask her to continue the night, and
she presents an excuse that can be over-
come that is a good sign. If she says some-
thing like, How will my friend get home?
or, How will I get home? it means shes
open to continue the night with you, but
wants you to handle the logistics of it.

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signs you should be
sending to a girl

hile the majority of this guide
focuses on signs shes send-
ing you, it would be incom-
plete if I didnt acknowledge that shes
also trying to decode YOUR signals.

Most guys dont even give the signals theyre

giving off so much as a second-thought
and so thats why so many guys end com-
ing across as needy, desperate losers
sometimes even when theyre actually
pretty winners in all other aspects of life!

101 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
Conversely, you probably knowor at
least heard stories ofguys who are ass-
holes, socially undesirable in almost every-
thing else they do, yet because they give
off the right signals to women, theyre al-
ways surrounded with attractive women.

In the past, you have felt frustrated that dat-

ing isnt like a job interview where the best
candidate gets the girl. Since the window of
opportunity is only open briefly, shes going
to decide whether or not she likes you based
on only a handful of signals she gets from you.

Thats why its so important to remain mind-

ful of the signals youre giving off, espe-
cially at the start of the interaction. Ear-
ly on, a lot of what you do or say around
women has subtext, which is another way
of describing the signals youre giving off.

For example, if youre out at a bar, the reason

walking up and immediately offering to buy

102 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
a woman a drink is ineffective and unattractive
is because the subtext of your offer conveys: I
dont believe in myself or the value I bring to this
interaction so I am trying to bribe you with a free
drink in hopes you will overlook my insecurities.

As the interaction goes on, however,

the subtext of buying a drink changes...

If youve been talking to a woman for more

than 5 minutes and youre flirting, offering her
a drink conveys an attractive subtext. If you ask
in a complimentary, cool way like, Hey so Im
enjoying talking to you. Allow me to be a gen-
tlemen and get us drinks by the bar. Done like
that, the subtext becomes: I dont have a prob-
lem being generous with people I find cool and
I understand what it means to be a gentleman.

Everything you do or say around women does not

need to be micro-analyzed. Doing so will drive
you crazy! Yet there are a few key signals you
want to make sure to convey, as soon as possible.

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signs you should be
sending to a girl

You have a bulletproof

sense of yourself.

Almost immediately women will test to see

if youre really the guy youre presenting
yourself as. This is especially true if youre
meeting a woman for the first time and youre
coming off very confident or self-assured.

Often women will say something nega-

tive, challenging, or even insulting just
to see if you crumble. If a woman can
tell her comment caused a guy to be-
come upset, defensive, insecure, angry,
sad, or even just a tad less confident,
shell interrupt that signal as: this guy
has no confidence in who he ishe cant
even handle a little criticism/negativity.

Just the other night, Rob was telling me how

he approached a girl at a nightclub in Ve-
gas and she started making fun of him for
wearing a suit when it was a casual dress

104 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
code. She teased him, Did your mom
make you wear this outfit? Moms still
picking out your clothes for you, huh?

Robs response had to demonstrate he wasnt

put off by the comment. Rob, like any guy
who understands how to pass these sorts of
tests, knew he had to stand by his decision
to wear a suit and her tease didnt bother
him or make him second-guess his decision.

Most guys would assume that means

Robs response should have been some-
thing like, Dont pretend youre not
loving it! or, Oh sorry, were you ex-
pecting me to dress like all the other
guys in an ill-fitting polo and khakis?

While that may seem like the obvious way

to handle her test, unless delivered with
perfect vocal tonality, those responses
could convey defensiveness or discomfort

105 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
Instead, Rob agreed with her and then
made it into a joke: Yeah, my mom TOTAL-
LY picked this out for me! She was like, Oh
Robby you look so handsome in ya little
suit youre gonna meet a nice girl tonight,
I know it! Ill be sure to tell her you no-
ticed! By agreeing with her and making it
into a joke, the subtext Rob conveyed was
that hes so secure in himself and his deci-
sions that he doesnt mind joking about it.
She is going to have to
work for it, too.

Too often Ive coached guys who were

head-over-heels with a girl just because
she looks good. When guys throw them-
selves at women, constantly praising and
complimenting her when shes done noth-
ing (other than look good and give them
a little attention), it signals desperation.

Its always good to get a girl to feel that

shes working to win you over. One of the

106 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
simplest ways to do this is to joke youre
putting her on a point system. Then,
if she says something you dont agree
with, you can say, What? You like that
band? Oh man, minus two points for you!

(Of course, if she does and says some-

thing cool, you can give her points, too.)

Even though it may sound minor, the

subtext it conveys is: I like you, but you
havent won me over yet. Im not des-
perate so you need to show me more
of your personality before I decided if
youre someone I want to be with. If you
give off this signal to her, shes going to
respect you and your affection so much
more than your average chump whos just
ready to hand it to her because shes hot.
You can "read" her
and see who she
really is.
An amazing signal to convey is that you
see her on a deeper level than most guys.

107 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
Sometimes you can accomplish this
within moments of meeting a girl if you
know what to look for and what to say.

You can do this is by cold reads, which are

assumptions about a girl based on her be-
havior. If, say, a girl was acting bossy, you
could cold read her: You probably have a
little brother, right? I can tell because youre
sweet to me one minute and a bullythe next.

Whats great about cold reading is that

you only have to be partially correct to
get her thinking you understand her.
Even if a girl doesnt have an older a
brother, if she agrees thats her behav-
ior pattern, shell go along with the cold
read saying something like, I dont have
a little brother but I do have little cous-
ins! And I do act like that with them!

Remember: People love talking

about themselves and are fascinated

108 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
when someone they just met presumes they
know something personal about them.
(Why do you think psychics and horoscopes
are so popular!?) Use this to your advan-
tage to give off a signal you understand
her more than the last 20 guys she met.
Silence does not
scare you.

Like most of the signals in this section,

using silence to your advantage is count-
er-intuitive. Most guys fear silence as
they feel awkward and so do whatever
they can to keep the conversation going.

Guys will ask interview-style questions,

ask if shes having a good time, and
say pretty much anything so long as it
keeps the interaction from going silent

And what signal do you think that gives

off? Hopefully you realized that it com-
municates the guy is desperately try-

109 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
ing to keep the conversation going be-
cause hes afraid if it stops, and he loses
her attention, shell leave because hes
not attractive enough to keep her there
without acting like a dancing monkey

which a signal so many guys

give off without even realizing it!

To show her youre not uncomfort-

able with silence, let there be moments
where theres a silent pauses and wait
until SHE jumps in and starts talking.
Rob and I call this playing chicken be-
cause often the person who speaks first
seems to be the one trying to impress/
hold the attention of the other person.

You "Get it"...

and literally.
The way men and women expect an interac-
tion to progress sexuallyis verydifferent.Most
guysand especially guys who have limited

110 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
sexual experiencethink interactions prog-
ress like they do in movies: guy waits to make
the big move and the girl is all over him.

Maybe its asking her out in a grandiose

way, going for the picture-worthy first kiss,
or being so smooth that a girl is practi-
cally dragging him back home for sex.

When guys operate under this presump-

tion in reality, however, they signal to a
woman theyre clueless when it comes to
sex, which means they probably are not
very attractive to women. Outside of Holly-
wood, guys enjoy abundant sex lives know
that the road from meeting to sex for the
first time is riddled with speed bumps.

Its important to note that what I call a speed

bump is what most guys consider to be re-
jection. Ive already discussed how it doesnt
matter if a girl turns her head when you lean
in for a kiss. Her rejection of your move isnt

111 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
the problem and, most likely, it has noth-
ing to do with you or her level of attraction.

What DOES matter is how to react. If you

get butthurt or show any sort of negative or
hurt emotion, youre signaling that youre
clueless about how a romantic interaction
escalates in the real world. Instead, make a
joke about it and move on (then try again
later, when she feels more comfortable).

A quick line you can keep at your fingertips

for the next time this happen (and if youre
interacting with girls it WILL happen) is:
Haha youre right we should have a prop-
er courtship before I ask you out/go for a
kiss/invite you home with me/ect. I dont
even know your favorite animal yet! What
is it by the way? Thats a quick, fun way to
show her that hitting a speed bump is no
big deal, that you respect her, and that you
know how to keep things from becoming
awkward or weird. All great signals to send!

112 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl

Money < Fun

Its really sad that a question Rob and I get

a lot from our students is this: How can I
get a girl to pay for a round of drinks? or,
I dont think I should have to pay for a
date. Is it okay to ask her to split the bill?

While I understand where these guys are

coming from, the signal that conveys is
two-fold: theyre cheap and theyre keep-
ing score of everything thats happening.

Maybe youve had this happen out with your

friends: youre all having a great night out,
buying each other rounds of drinks. Later
in the night, one of your friends realizes he
paid for an extra round or the bill wasnt
split perfectly even, and then asks to be re-
imbursed. It sort of sucks all the fun out of
the night and makes you realize: this guy
just sits around counting pennies rather

113 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
than enjoying himself out with his friends.

Remember: if youre on a date or out with

a girl, its not a business transaction! Even
if you have to pay a few extra bucks for a
round of drinks or even a dinner at a restau-
rant, who cares? Do you really want to ruin a
great vibe over getting some money back?

Its more important she sees that youre fun

and not adding up every transaction like
youre keeping a spreadsheet. That being
said, dont overpay for super expensive din-
ners and gifts before you really know a girl.

A good rule I like to hold myself to is

keeping the tab under $100 before sex
and/or until I REALLY get to know a girl.

Your budget may be different, howev-

er one thing should remain the same:
dont ruin a fun vibe over a little mon-
ey. In the long run the money wont mat-

114 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
ter, but whether or not you get the girl
could (e.g., this might be your next seri-
ous girlfriend or even your future wife!).
Youre not
trying too
If a girl sees a guy is trying too hard its
an instant turn-off. This is doubly true
when a guy brags or tells stories that
are thinly veiled attempts at impress-
ing her. Ironically, almost any time you
logically try to impress a woman, it
backfires and does the exact opposite.

Interesting,however,the reverse is true also.

Whenever a guy says or does things that in-
dicate hes NOT trying too hard, hes often
perceived as attractive.Agreat way to do this
is by being a bit self-depreciating or, as Rob
and I called it, showing cool vulnerability.

Both Rob and I have an entire reper-

toire of stories we tell girls that poke fun
at ourselves. While its not advised you

115 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
make fun yourself continually, and espe-
cially dont say anything that makes you
look pathetic, telling her a funny story
where something embarrassing or un-
expected happened to you will usual-
ly send her a lot of attractive signals.

And if you need help picking the right

story or telling it in a humorous way,
check out our Horny With Humor and/
or Seductive Storytelling courses!

Shes in
Sending women mixed signals is one of
the oldest dating tricks in the book (used
by both men and women). I like to say that
once a woman figures you out, she feels as if
she has you and you will never have her.

Put another way: if you know how a

movies going to end in the first 20 min-
utes, youre probably going to get bored
quickly and walk out of the theatre.

116 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
Therefore, even if you really feel a girl
is special and different, you should
still keep her on her toes a bit and
make her wonder just how much you
like her. (Its the thrill of the chase!)

One of the simplest ways to do this is by oc-

casionally referring to her as your friend.
For example, when asking a girl out for
drinks, you might text her something like,
Lets meet up for happy hour if we play
nice together, maybe we can be friends ;)
When you meet up with her, you might then
compliment her on how great she looks.

Remember, mixed signals means flip-flop-

ping between hot AND cold. A lot of guys
only go hot, or only go cold (this is espe-
cially true of guys who study a lot of dating
advice or think of social interactions like
a chess match). Balance calling her your
friendwith some sexualized compliments,
like telling that she looks sexy in her dress.

117 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
Theres life
for you outside
of her.
Women want you to have a social life
outside of them. Thats what makes dat-
ing you fun: theyll get to meet new
people, see new places, and enter
into your world when shes with you.

If you world simply revolves around

her, why would she even need
you? (Spoiler alert: she wont.)

This one is hard to fake so its best if you

ACTUALLY HAVE a life outside her. So get
some hobbies, especially ones that re-
quire you to socialize with other people.

Join a meet up group. Take a class. Do

something that gets you out of your house
and makes you a little more attractive
and/or interesting. (Oh, and playing Xbox
and watching movies does NOT count.)

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signs you should be
sending to a girl
women are
in your life
While they may say they hate players,
most women secretly find men who are
attractive to other women alluring. Its
simply biologya theory called pre-se-
lection. Its in a females DNA to de-
sire a male who she believes has al-
ready been selected by other females.

That being said, societyand especial-

ly feminine societyassociates players
with a social stigma. Therefore, if you
brag about your previous conquests
or directly indicate to her that wom-
en find you attractive, even if she be-
lieves you, likely her guard will go up.

lected is by dropping very subtle hints. The
know if you were in the company of women.

119 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
A way to do this instantly is if you notice a
girl wearing heels with a red bottom, they
are most likely Christian Louboutin shoes.
When you say to her, Shoes with the red
bottoms, look at Ms. Louboutin over here,
assuming she knows youre straight, shell
probably ask, How do you know that?
Just smile and nod. Most women will
connect the dots that you probably had
an ex-girlfriend who wore those shoes.

(The reason I know this is because my

ex-girlfriend was obsessed with the
shoes with the red bottoms and, while
annoying to listen to her talk about it at
the time, gave me the perfect way to sig-
nal Im pre-selected in a very subtle way.)
You are a
lover of
Just as you probably think feminists are
annoying, women usually want to screen
out guys who are misogynists. There are

120 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
lots of men who blame women for all
their problems and see women as noth-
ing more than a masturbation sock.

Hopefully youre not one of these men.

Aside from the ethics, its also a really un-
attractive attitude. One whiff of such an
attitude will send most women running.

Therefore, you want to make sure she

picks up signals from you that you en-
joy the company of women. An easybut
incredibly effectiveway to do this is by
talking about female family members in
a positive way. Make it a habit to talk up
your mom, your sister, your nieces, grand-
ma, anyone you love whos a female!
You are busy...
but still make
time for her.
If she thinks youre too available, shell
think youre either desperate or a loser
and probably both! Therefore, you want to

121 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
send her the signal that you have other
things going on in your life other than her.

However, you dont want to do it in a rude

or try-hard sort of way. An easy way to do
this is, when making plans for an eve-
ning out together, say something like,
I probably cant stay out late because I
have an early call tomorrow but itd be
cool to see you later for a bit. A statement
like that indicates your world doesnt re-
volve solely around her and her schedule.

Moreover, saying you cant stay out late

will help put her at ease about your sex-
ual expectations, which might make her
less likely to flake. Of course, if the date
is going well, you can stay out as late
as youd like. Just because you say you
couldnt stay out late doesnt mean you
signed a binding contract to go home early!
send her the signal that you have other
things going on in your life other than her.

122 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
She Might be Hot
But You still Keep
It Real.
Theres nothing wrong with compliment-
ing a woman on her physical appear-
ancehell, thats probably what caught
your in the first place! Even if you dont
come right out and tell a woman you think
shes hot, most women are going to as-
sume that you wouldnt be talking to her
if you didnt already find her attractive.

Where a lot of guys go wrong with this is

that they hand over all their power to a wom-
an just because of how she looks. Once a
woman sees youre bending over backwards
for her just because you think shes hot, it
signals that you clearly are not comfort-
able around women of her physical caliber.

Thats why its very important you real-

ly know yourself and what like, what your
opinions are, and how you see the world,

123 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
and hold to that no matter how a woman
feelseven if shes drop dead gorgeous.
Even if shes insanely hot, if she says some-
thing you disagree with, challenge her on it.

It may seem like youre creating friction, but

in actuality youre getting her to respect
you. If you can keep it real and assert your
viewseven if it would be easier to just agree
and/or dilute how you really feelyoull
signal that, while you appreciate her looks,
thats only a start. That sort of challenge is
exciting for most women and theyll enjoy
your genuineness a lot more than the syco-
phants who worship her only for her looks.

Not walking on

Have you ever played it safe with a woman?

For instance, have you ever thought of a good

joke or line, but stopped short of saying it

124 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
signs you should be
sending to a girl
because you were afraid it might offend her.

While you should use some discretion

in what you say around women (dont
bring up poop, piss, farts, weird serial kill-
er shit, etc.), a lot of what you filter should
stopespecially if its just a little edgy.

When you make jokes or comments that

show youre not walking on eggshells, most
women find it humorous and refreshing.

125 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
to keep in
mind as you
go forward

ow that weve gone over all
the signs and covered the correct
mindset, you should have a good
idea about how to read a womans interest

Some of the ideas Ive shared with you in this

book are very important and you need to de-
cide right now that you are going to do the
following three things...

126 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
foreplay first
oure not going to have feelings for a girl
youre not going to convince yourself that
youre in love with a girluntil youve at
least had heavyforeplaywith her.Preferablysex,but
if youve been doing everything but
sex with her, you still should be OK...

oure also NOT go-
ing to display any boy-
friend behavior to her
until AFTER youve hooked up with
her. This article explains 8 common
behaviors to avoid in the beginning:
Click HERE to read the article

127 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
Know when to
cut your losses
ake a vow to yourself that youre
going to cut your losses if things
dont work out. Youre not going
to chase the loss. If a girl is giving you mul-
tiple negative signs, even if at one point she
seemed really into you, you need to move

One thing that I tell guys all the time is that

a good-looking girl has a million guys in her
life. If all the sudden a girl that was really

128 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
3 things to keep
in mind

hot towards you goes cold, its probably be-

cause another guy came into the picture.

Usually that guy is a guy that was from her

past, maybe a guy she had really liked at
some point and now wants back in her life.
Maybe hes an ex-boyfriend or a guy she had
a crush on. It is what it is.

Whenever a girl goes from calling you all

the time to suddenly not calling you, its
not because of something you did. Its not be-
cause you pissed her off by saying some-
thing or not saying something. Its because
another guy came into the picture. Sadly,
90% of the time Ive been right about this.

I hate telling guys this. Its one of the worst

things to hear. I feel terrible when I have to tell
a guy on a coaching call, Shes probably with
somebody else. But accepting that and moving
on is the best (and only) thing you can really do.

129 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
3 things to keep
in mind

Now, if you decide to pursue her, it is very

possible to get her. But it wont happen by
doing what youve been doing. Youre going
to need a completely new strategy.

That new strategy requires a completely

new way of thinking. We teach the strategy
in our program Unlock Her Legs. If you are
dead set on going after that hard to get
girl than I recommend going further with
your education.

You can learn more about the program in

this video:

Learn More about the

Unlock Her Legs program

130 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
escalate It
n the other hand, when youre
talking to a girl and you see some
of the positive signs Ive mentioned
in this book, youve got to promise yourself
that you are going to really step up your
efforts and escalate the conversation to
more-intimate, more-flirtatious levels.

Decide right now that if the signs are there,

you are going to go for the kiss. Youre going
to get her number.

Youre going to close the deal.

131 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
Reminder Checklist
frames of mind
]Always Assume Intesrest
]Trust Your Instincts
]Look at Your Situation From an Outsiders
]Never Decide You Really Like a Girl Before
Sleeping with Her
]Never Chase a Loss
Signs A Girl Wants You to
Approach Her
]She Makes Her Way Over Towards You, and
For No Reason Stands in Your General Area.
]Shes with a Group and She Accidentally
Separates Herself from the Group.
]If Shes Already Close to You, She Opens Her
Body Language to be More Inviting so You See
Shes Available to Approach.
]She Accidentally Bumps Into You.
]She Eavesdrops on Your Conversation.
]She Drops Something Near You Hoping Youll
Pick It up.

132 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
]She Gives You an Opener.
]She Catches You Looking and Pushes Her Hair
Out of the Way.
]She Exaggerates Her Moves or Acts A Little
Signs A Girl You Just Met
Is Into You
]She Asks If You Have a Girlfriend.
]She Calls You a Player, a Jerk, or an Asshole.
]She Takes a Sip of Your Drink.
]She Leans into You or Gets Your Attention by
Touching Your Hand or Arm Lightly.
]She Displays Nervous Energy.
]She Actively Tries to Keep the Conversation
]She Teases You.
]She Introduces You to Her Friends.
]She Lets Her Friends Leave to Continue Talking
to You.
]She Follows You to Another Location.

133 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
]Her Voice Will Change.
]She Accentuates her Femininity.
]She Will Try to Validate Herself to You.
]Too Much Exaggerated Disinterest.
]She Looks Away First. Or She Looks Away and
then Looks Back.
]She Holds Your Hands or Touches You in a
Prolonged Way.
]She Lingers and/or Presses into You When She
Hugs You.
Signs A Girl You Just Met
Is NOT Into You
]She Complains that Shes Tired.
]She Keeps Yawning...
]She Never Asks Your Name.
]You Ask Her Name and She Doesnt Reciprocate
by Asking Yours.
]She Quickly Brings Up Her Boyfriend.
]She Avoids Eye Contact.
]She has Closed Off Body Language.
]She Gives You Short, One-Word Answers.

134 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
]She Cuts Off at the High Points.
]She is too High Energy.
]Shes too Comfortable Touching You Too Soon.
6 Ways to Actively Find
Out if a Woman is Into You
]Go in for a Kiss.
]Make an Offhand Comment like, We Should
Hangout Sometime...
]Try the High-Five Test.
]Take Her Hand and Lead Her Somewhere.
]Make a Joke about Your Wife and Kids.
]Ask Personal Questions.
Signs a Girl You've Known
Awhile is Into You
]She Sends You Random Text Messages.
]She Wants to Introduce You to Her Friends.
]She Makes Future Plans with You.
]She Instigates Intimacy.

135 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
]She Always Makes Herself Available.
]She Gets a Second Wind.
]She Continues to Fix Herself Up When She
Knows Shes Going to Be Seeing You.
]She Pays More Attention to You than Others
while at a Social Event.
]She Spends Time on You even When Youre Not
]She Stalks You on Facebook.
]She Wants You to Herself.
]She Bites when You Send Her the Bluff
]She Lets Her Friends Leave to Continue Talking
to You.
]The Timing of Her Texts Indicate Interest.
]She Sends Im a Fun Girl Texts.
Signs a Girl You've Known
Awhile is NOT Into You
]She Says Shes Not Read for a Relationship.
]She Never Calls You and Avoids Your Calls.
]She Texts You Back One-Word Answers.

136 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
]She Cancels Plans and is Always Busy.
]She Avoids Any Sort of Public Displays of
]Shes Sketchy or Secretive.
]She Tries to Push You Off on Other Girls or
Suggests Youd be Good for One of Her Friends.
]At Social Events, Shes Mingling and Talking
to Everything Else and Leaving You Alone.
]She Doesnt Send You a Friend Request or
Accept Your Request.
Reading Her
Sexual Signals
]Using Double Entredes as Bait to See how
Dirty Her Mind is.
]Suggesting Another Venue.
]She Brings Up Someting at Your Place.
]She Says Im Not Going to Sleep with You
]Hair, Neck Gaze.
]Ask Her the Innocent Question.
]She Presents an Easy-to-Overcome Obstacle.
]I Cant because it will make Me Tired.

137 www.TheMagneticLifestyle.com
Signals You Should be
Sending Her
]You have a Bulletproof Sense of Self.
]She has to Work for It, Too.
]You can Read Her and See Who She Really Is.
]You can Handle Silence.
]You Get How Escalation Works.
]Fun Trumps Money.
]Youre Not Trying Too Hard.
]Shes a Maybe.
]You have a Life Outside Her.
]You are Used to Having Women in Your Life.
]You Enjoy Womens Company and Respect Them.
]Youre Busy...but make Time for Her.
]She Brings Up Someting at Your Place.
]You Keep it Real.
]Youre Not Walking on Eggshells with Her.

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unleashing the
keylock sequence

agnetic Messaging is a step-
by-step system that will show
you show to craft Magnet-
ic Text Messages to quickly engage,
connect with, and turn on a woman

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the other messages she gets from otherguys
Gets her mind racing with excitement won-
dering what youre going to message her next

And allows you to quickly and easily pull the

trigger and get her out with you, close the
deal, and get her back to your bedroom

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unlock her

legs getting the

hard-to-get girl

he secret to the Unlock Her
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