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Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Liquid nitrogen IQF tunnel freezer

( Model: SD-X-1000 )

Company Profile:

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2008, the
pioneer of ultra low temperature liquid nitrogen system in China. Now we have
the largest liquid nitrogen freezer workshop in China. Our products has been s
old to more than 30 countries, to provide the best quick frozen solution to our
clients all over the world.

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

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E-mailsales01cryogenic@163.com Websitehttp://www.iqf-china.com
AddressBeijing Zhongguancun Science Park, Changping Park Road No.5

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Why chose the Liquid nitrogen Freezer?

Liquid nitrogen temperatures is -196 C, it is the most ideal refrigeration

medium in the world. When the ultra low temperature nitrogen gas in contact
with food, it will take the heat of the food away in only few minutes, quick
freezing maximally preserves the moisture and keep the original taste, looks
and cells structure of the food. The ice crystal inside is very tiny and even, and
will not break the cells after defrost. The weight loss after processing is only
0.5%. Nitrogen gas is colorless, odorless, nontoxic, nonflammable, much safer
than Freon and Ammonia, especially it is environment friendly, and will
definitely replace the tradition refrigeration mediums.Our liquid nitrogen freezer
is a totally a game changer in the frozen food industry.
Compared to the tradition freezers (Freon or Ammonia), the advantages are:

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Our liquid nitrogen freezers have been widely used in quick freezing of :
Seafood and meat: Fish, shrimp,lobster, crab, squid, sea cucumber, especially
those high valued seafood. Beef, chicken, pork, mutton,etc
Fruits and vegetable: Durian, strawberry, Dragon-fruit, broccoli,beans, etc
Fast food: Hamburger, cake, shrimp rings, squid rings, etc
Biological laboratory : Quick freeze the samples and preparations

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Technical parameters

1. Equipment composition:

Main body -- including the tunnel, the maintenance door, the mesh belt
are made by food grade AISI 304 stainless steel

Heat preservation material -- the insulation layer is a multilayer composite

structure of the ultra low temperature insulation material from Germany
BASF, polyurethane high pressure foaming, good heat preservation
performance, the thickness is 150mm.

Door seal -- Double seal, special low temperature resistant silicone rubber
From France, Door seal with anti freeze heating system, can ensure that
the door open freely in cold temperature.
Reasonable maintenance and repair door, easy to repair and internal
cleaning, meet the requirement of HACCP.

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

The lowest temperature inside the tunnel -150

Transmission system adopts double pitch chain transmission device, with
a famous reducer, frequency converter to ensure transmission system is
stable and reliable, and prevent the mesh belt deviation.

Food grade stainless steel mesh belt, chain drive mechanism, high
strength chain, sprocket, not easy to wear, long life, good elasticity,
Imported frequency conversion speed regulation, quick freezing time can
be adjusted according to different foods.

Customized motor fan, with good low temperature resistance

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

PLC+Touch screen control, the food temperature and cooling curve can be
viewed. English/Chinese language. Easy to operate.

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Fully enclosed structure, Inlet and outlet end is set with the wind field
pressure balancing device, which is used to prevent the air leakage, and
the energy saving effect is obvious.

2. Technical parameters

Frozen capacity -- 1000Kg/1h

Working temperature -- 0-150can be set arbitrarily
Lowest temperature in the box -- -150
Maximum cooling rate -- 20/min
Freezing time: ( inlet to outlet)-- 5-50minutes, adjustable. The freezing time
depends on the type of foods, start temperature, with packing of not, etc.

Accuracy of temperature control -- 3

Temperature uniformity -- 1
Insulation layer thickness -- 150mm, to ensure that the surface
temperature is normal
The liquid nitrogen system -- including the heat insulating tube, the control
valve, the nozzle, the distributor. And the liquid nitrogen is injected by multi
point injection, ensure the uniformity of the temperature of the well.

The inside air circulation system -- including motor, fan, air distribution
Micro pressure valve -- When the pressure of the cavity reaches the micro
positive pressure, the valve will automatically discharge

Electrical control system -- the variable process controller, touch screen,

PLC, alarm instrument AC contactor, intermediate relay, knob switch, etc.;

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Installation parameters

Power -- 380V , 50Hz, 7.4KW;

Dimensions --9600*1800*1800mm
The effective size ( conveyor belt dimensions ) --9600*1200
Insulation hose-- 5- 15 meters, it depends on the distance between liquid
nitrogen tank and the freezer.

4. Composition of liquid nitrogen system:

Liquid nitrogen system -- including the liquid nitrogen tank (optional),

booster system, heat insulation pipe, control valve, nozzle, distributor,
liquid nitrogen injection to ensure the uniformity of the well body
The liquid nitrogen solenoid valve (ASCO USA electromagnetic valve --
imported) cryogenic solenoid valve to ensure the normal opening in
-196 ;
Liquid nitrogen nozzle -- used by hundreds of microporous consisting of
liquid nitrogen spray nozzles.
Frozen dedicated and efficient low noise axial flow fan, quick freezing
speed, efficiency than ordinary freezing improved by 40%-65%,

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

There is a unique wind farm design to make sure the wind speed and
temperature of the frozen region more uniform and stable, reduce air duct
on the flow resistance loss, reducing the power of the fan, reduces the
consumption of cooling capacity.

5. Control system

This system uses the touch screen+PLC

control mode, the touch screen or
computer as the upper computer, PLC
as the lower machine, make the
operation and input more convenient,
real-time monitor the temperature change in the tunnel, and can observe
the process operation, set the curve and running curve to compare.
The alarm device is set, will be alarmed when the door is not closed.
The system has the function of manual and automatic two modes, the
touch screen can be reflected, simple operation, high reliability. The high
and low temperature control of the two system are adopted PID regulation,
so that the accuracy of the equipment meet the requirements of the tender.
Operating Language -- English/Chinese interface.

The control instruments -- touch screen +PLC + instrument

The touch screen -- Taiwan / KunLun state
The PLC -- Japan Mitsubishi;
The key switch -- Japan IDEC (He Quan);
The control knob -- Japan IDEC (He Quan);
the intermediate relay -- Japan IDEC (He Quan);
Temperature sensor -- PT100 (Germany);
The AC contactor -- Germany SIEMENS (Siemens);

Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

The air circuit breaker -- Germany SIEMENS (Siemens);

The liquid nitrogen solenoid valve (ASCO USA electromagnetic valve --

6. Random essential goods, spare parts, tools:

One set of SD-X-1000

A stainless steel insulation hose( 5-15meter)
A piece of certification;
A piece of instruction manual.
A piece of equipment maintenance manual.
A piece of electrical diagram.

7. After-sale service

The equipment warranty for one year.

Technical training to the relevant personnel of the buyer.

After warranty, if the whole system is broken, our engineer will come to the
site in 15 working days.( visa application), and the client arrange the ticket
and accommodation.
if the parts need replacement, we will send it by express, and only charge
the cost of the spare parts.
Life time consult about the freezing process and equipment.

8. Customers site:

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Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Cryogenic (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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