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The Leadership Quarterly 19 (2008) 133


Call for Papers

The Leadership Quarterly special issue on The Evaluation of

Leadership Development

The Leadership Quarterly will publish a special issue on The Evaluation of Leadership Development. This will be
the first time a special issue has focused on the evaluation of leadership development. Evaluation of leadership
development efforts presents special challenges relative to program evaluation in other settings. Methods are available
to meet those challenges, but there are few published examples of such methods being applied in research or practice.
This issue will provide a venue for the publication of rigorous, scholarly work on the topic of leadership development
evaluation, with articles selected to promote this important practice and fuel future research.
The Guest Editors, Kelly Hannum and Bart Craig seek manuscripts which demonstrate specific evaluation
methodologies or implementations in a variety of leadership development contexts. Manuscripts should focus on the
process of evaluation and not on evaluation findings. Preference will be given to empirical articles, but theoretical
manuscripts are also invited. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is May 1, 2008.

Kelly Hannum
Center for Creative Leadership,
One Leadership Place, Post Office Box 26300 Greensboro,
North Carolina, USA
E-mail address: hannumk@leadres.ccl.org.
Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 336 286 4425.

Bart Craig
Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University,