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Category 4 3` 2 1

Identifying During the The artist The artist The explanation

Principles of Design critique, the artist accurately accurately does not support
accurately identifies identifies the Principles of
identifies principles of principles of design within the
principles of designs with design but they woven bag.
designs with explanation do not have
adequate and during the enough details
precise details critique. explanation
explanation. during the
Craftsmanship The woven bag The design and Thedesignand Theweaving
shows that the construction look construction looksthrown
artist took great planned. The wereplanned. togetheratthe
pride in his/her woven bag has a Thewoven bag lastminute.It
work. The design few flaws has several appearsthat
and construction (uneven cadence flaws (uneven littledesignor
look carefully to the rhythm of
cadencetothe planningwas
planned. The the weaving, a
rhythmofthe done
woven bag is neat few unfinished
(free of unwanted threads visible),
holes, unfinished but these do not unfinished
threads). detract from the threadsvisible,
overall look. unwanted
Analyzing the The artist The artist The artist shows The artist has not
artwork accurately identifies little knowledge demonstrated
identifies elements and about elements knowledge of the
. elements and principles of art and principles of elements and
principles of art in in her/his woven art. principles of art.
the woven bag. bag.
She or he explains
how the elements
are used
together. The
artist reason how
the elements and
principles of art
create aesthetic
Time and Effort Exhibit a Time and effort Meets basic time Little or no
professional level expended on the and effort authentic time
of time and effort woven bag required to spent on the
expended on the enhances the complete the woven bag.
woven bag. overall project. woven bag.