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Architects and Building Aesthetics .Why need an architect?

Why architects need to talk about aesthetics?

Certainly necessary and important enough to be easily

understood aesthetics of the building with a tool, because its size
is usually different aesthetics for everyone. Just like a language, if
there is no language, then knowledge is not transmitted. In
architecture, aesthetics is a visual language, which is not the
same as some languages are not the visual aesthetic, like
language itself. Aesthetics in architecture has a lot of nothing to
do with all that visual as surface, volume, mass, line elements,
and so forth, including various orders of harmony, such as

Different aesthetic look to get another aesthetic experience, such

as foreign tourists come to Bali. Aesthetics although related to
'sense' when viewing buildings can also be constructed through
the application of architectural theory. This is why aesthetics
should be reworded and discussed in a device called
communication. Aesthetics can be understood and developed
through an understanding on matters of aesthetic theory, the
basis for many branches of the arts. But look at the various
dimensions that influence how a person appreciate beauty,
aesthetics is just a medium to try to explain what is called
beautiful, but was never able to explain what actually happens in
the mind of a person associated with a sensation of beauty. In the
theory of aesthetics, trying described various side 'touched' by
the beauty of an object. So, what is beautiful to me may not be
beautiful to you.

Why different preferences? Is merely just a difference in genetic

or psychological factors? A building may be of interest to
someone, but not for others. Determination aesthetics in mind not
merely grown through external factors that are present on the
outside of a subject, but is also present on the device in his
introduction. Therefore the architecture is not always enough just
learned through science and objective superficial aesthetics
alone, it is necessary to determine a subjective approach

Therefore, a successful architect with an architectural object is

usually managed by knowing more about the client's subjective
side, for example, by the process of talking with a client. It makes
the architecture based on intuition when designing, but can also
the creativity of the container implementation aesthetic theory.

The beauty is subjective, in everyone, opinion about the aesthetic

value of a building such as houses, is influenced by many things,
among others;

subjectivity yourself. The sensation is only possible when the

biological functions of our body are related to the function of
sensation and perception in normal circumstances; such as the
eye could see, the nose can smell, mind under normal
circumstances / perceptive. Can an object excites 'limbic' in our
brain so feel any pleasure when in contact with an architectural
object. Enjoyment obtained it makes our brain saying something
is 'beautiful'.

the influence of the environment / society about what is called

beautiful. Among other things:

education: what's instilled education about beauty, may be a view

that is constantly stressed and may be rooted in us, as well as
methods to appreciate an object is also a method that
emphasized continuously.

growing opinion in the community. Mostly through the media,

aesthetics was introduced as a consensus within a certain scale,
whether regional, colonial, and disseminated in various ways.
Sometimes aesthetics are introduced are intended to support an
architectural trends related industries, such as the housing
industry. Aesthetic ideal which is a territorial-based tradition also
can provide enormous influence.

options granted by the situation, only option will be selected

which allows the architect used in the design

Land we buy and ready to be built, preferably in design as well as

possible so that we are not useless bother. Stay home that we are
building is a residence that we might live for a relatively long
time. When we build a house, usually we build for the sake of the
family and the future. Houses need to be designed to fit the
lifestyles and interests of us as owners. Sometimes, someone has
to have the land and intend to build a house. Architectural
services required in this case.
Residential architect can help us plan every detail is there in the
residence to be built. for example; details the beauty of the room,
a charming appearance, placement spaces that suit our lifestyle
and daily needs. The cost to hire the services of an architect is
also a consideration, and the costs are usually awarded based on
consideration of an architect in the ability, or at standard rates
generally applicable in the territory of the architect. Let's not easy
to believe the architects who gave the price is too cheap, or even
free, because the results of the design there is absolutely no
guarantee. An architect's fee may be indicative of the quality of
the architect. Also adjust to your budget, and you should know
the results of the previous work of the architect.

Someone could have made a plan, and so approximate the look,

then handed it to builders. The question is; whether the many
facets of the design considerations in planning have been met?
The things into consideration, among others; aesthetics and
beauty of home design, home construction planned structure,
placement in appropriate spaces and functional. The architects
have gained an appropriate education with the skills required in
the profession, including the ability to compose beautiful building
composition, attention to health factors of the building so that the
occupants are not harmed by the design of health-damaging.

However, not just any architect can meet your needs, because
good architect is an architect with experience designing and good
field experience. Actually, when you want to use the services of
an architect, first ask the architect to project what has been run,
and let the architect provides an explanation of how the principles
of the design process used to do. Should we choose architect who
is able to receive the attention and our aspirations, then made the
basis of our residential planning. Ask also to the architects, the
idea of whether that comes to mind in the design process, and
sometimes the architect will come up with interesting ideas that
we do not expect before.

Good architects will consider the needs of the room we wanted,

the budget we have, and is willing to provide the best home
design that can be given. Sometimes, even though we have hired
the services of renowned architects and pretty much also the
result of its design, the results of the design can not meet the
needs and desires will be an ideal residence. In this case, we need
to look at the example of the design of its home and when talking
with the architect, we can estimate whether good enough to hire
his services, whether the architect was not too busy so we
abandoned the design, and so on.

In the design process, what happens is an attraction between the

various factors in the home design process, including the client's
wishes, economic, social, cultural, as well as the wishes and ideas
of the architect. In the design process that we do together
architects, these things need to be considered carefully. When our
desires are too dominating, the result may not be creative design
architect and architect services are less efficient because
depressed with our wishes. If the architect is too dominating, the
result may be just as experimental design architect ambitious and
not according to the clients and the environment. Other factors
such as economic (budget), the state of the environment and
culture in the local environment is also noteworthy.

Thus, the dialogue and the process of design is something that

must be there, so it established a good relationship between us
and the architect, and then design a good expected birth.
Congratulations are looking for architects.

Trend Minimalist Style House Live

In recent years, the trend or style of architecture in Indonesia

tend towards the minimalist. Actually, the so-called minimalism is

Basically, minimalist architecture is a modified design flow of

modern style. The modern design is then reduced. This stream is
often interpreted as a reaction against expressionism style.

In Indonesia, the tendency of people prefer minimalist

architectural design, solely as a reaction to the saturation of
building models that tend to be monotonous, many ornaments,
difficult to clean and others. On the other hand, the minimalist
trend is also influenced by the architectural style of the world in
general tend to give priority to the impression of a practical,
simple but not reduce the basic functionality and beauty.

Minimalism was apparently not without problems. In some cases,

with an architect so eager to apply 100% minimalist, new
problems can also arise. The simplest example is the flat roof of
cast concrete applied in total to a residential building.

It is undeniable, building design minimalist house that we often

see in foreign magazines tend to be without a roof. Because
Indonesia is located on the equator and has a tropical climate, it
is true, is less suitable concrete roof.

In the summer, not concrete receiving continuous heat from the

sun. In addition to providing heat radiation in the room below, any
concrete tends to crack. In the rainy season, these cracks can be
filled with water and leaking becomes a common problem.

Although actually, cast concrete can be substituted with other

materials such as mild steel roof, in practice, the heat radiation of
the sun remains a problem. At the time of scorching heat
chamber can be increased. When it rains, the water noise on the
roof surface being a bully.

Another element that is not less important is the minimalist

design and window sills. Usually minimalist buildings using
window sills and made of weather-resistant material such as
aluminum. Since the minimalist building without a roof tend to
lack the protection of the sills and window. The use of wood
materials is not recommended due to expansion and destruction
susutnya finishing eroded rainwater and sunlight.

Well, from exposure to the above it can be concluded that the

actual trend of minimalist architecture adapted to buildings such
as residential or wrong is not prohibited. But the minimalist trend
that is also to be adapted to the characteristics of tropical
Indonesia in order not to happen "trend victim". The above items
are just some of the elements of the other elements that must be
And the last Tips for Choosing Architects .

Choosing Architects House Live

Have a nice house and to taste and lifestyle, surely everyone's

dream. Things like that can not be realized if we buy a house so.
Because buying a home so means we use other people's designs
and concepts. Not necessarily in accordance with the wishes of
the design and style that we have. Then how to get a house that
became our dream? How to conceptualize, design, and build
yourself a home stay.

It is necessary for the building designer (architect) who can

transfer the ideas and desires into a building design. By choosing
an architect who is really qualified, the picture of an ideal house
in mind we can become a reality.

An architect in charge of designing designing everything to do

with the design of the building until it became a building. Here are
including the regulatory process to building your own.

The task of the architect in the design originated from the

demand or order clients. They then conceptualize the client's
requests and desires into a design based on the standardized
science of architecture. In this process the architect will provide
advice to clients about the shape of the building in accordance
with the wishes and condition of the soil texture.

Choosing an architect who could translate our desires of course

not easy. Here are some things you need to do before choosing an
architect who will conceptualize your home or building.
1 Know the styles of architecture to be realized in your home. You
can choose a global style, such as the minimalist style, classic,
mediteranean, Bali ethnic, modern Balinese, etc.

After determining what style (which will be used to design the

interior / exterior design), then you choose an architect who could
translate the will and the style that you specified earlier.
Increasingly clear desire and style you want, the more easy for
architects to make it happen in a building design.

2 Each residential architects, especially those already

experienced in Architectural Design, will have its own style and
uniqueness that became his trade mark. Identify the works of
architect you want to select. Select the option to architects who
have the desire and style according to the style you have.
Conformity will further increase the likelihood of the realization of
your dream style homes (interior / exterior design that you want)

3 good residential architect will make every effort possible to

translate your desires and style into a design. If you have decided
to choose an architect, then the next process is necessary
discussions and good cooperation between you and the architect.
Frequently hold discussions and exchange ideas that architects
really understand what is your desire.