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Manoj Vernekar most of the time contractor provide valve at PG,

TG, Recorder, relief valve. once like pressure and witness by inspector
they close these valve and there will be no pressure drop after wards.
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Saquib Khan If the line in testing is very long ..with lots of

elevation..direction and orientation variations. ..check in line valves are
in open positions. ..Once I found a crew heating the line at a location in
pipe rack (to maintain desired test pressure) which was very difficult to
access. ..
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Karthi Keyan Duplicate water test certificate,variations in test limit,

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Hafeez Ahmed By the time you reach 80 percent they will close prv so
that there will be no pressure drop
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Suhail Kdr PTR(pressure temperature recorder) hand rotation ,if

inspector not there,they will rotate ptr graph by hand.
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Suresh Babu 1.Most of the cases there is one comment in the drawings
" Service Gaskets shall be used for hydro test". But the manufacturer
may use some other Gaskets according to the availability. So Gaskets
need to be verified against the approved drawings and confirm prior to
the torquing of all flanges. Same thing for bolts and nut material also 2.
Most of the specifications states that "Horizontal vessels shall be tested
while resting on their permanent support saddles without additional
supports or cribbing'' (Refer 32-SAMSS-004). But the manufacturer will
place an additional temporary saddle between the fixed and sliding
saddles for the sake of more safety (??) and fill the water. This is
completely un acceptable. if we found this scenario after placing the
temporary saddle and water filling, we can not remove the said
temporary saddle. All the water shall be drained without testing, then
remove the temporary saddle, then fill the water again. i will put some
more malpractices on the subject later.
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Suhail Kdr actually drain need to install extreme down& vent to be

install extreme up ,but construction people not following this for avoiding
difficulties(access) .& some times they are drain the water after hydro
test before opening the vent .
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Saquib Khan Suresh Babu...Pls share with us...

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Tariq Faridi Mr. Saquib Khan ,we need to check the PZV ( pressure
relief valve and Pressure gauge ) are calibarted and check the report
where its calibarted and who claiabrated and expiry date calibartion date
PZV has limit for seven days and Pressure gauge has 30 days
limitation , however if you want to ensure PZV and PI are correct
calibation is made give the pressure in line and use master pressure
gauge .and for PZV if you have doubt reach the beyond the test limit if
PZV is not pop up meaning its not calibarted .
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Tariq Faridi i hope you will clear

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Tariq Faridi normally long pipe line hydro testing there will be 4-5 people
@ different locations and using wlkie talkie sharing information each
other .
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Saquib Khan Tariq Faridi...For pressure gauge calibration validity differs

from project to project.....I agree with you the checks you mentioned..still
there might be some more malpractices which other members have
encountered.. other than what others and I mentioned above
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Saquib Khan You have mentioned if you are in doubt check PRV / PZV
beyond test limit and suppose this PRV pops up can we continue the
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Tariq Faridi if you have doubut PZV , PRV then you go beyond the test
pressure , and pressure test can be continue if pressure is not droping
down .
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Saquib Khan Can we continue the test once PRV pops out?? Will it be
safe to continue testing beyond Test Pressure??
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Tariq Faridi yes

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Saquib Khan I do not agree with you to continue testing after PRV pops
up forget about above test pressure limit
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Saquib Khan Then what's the use of PRV??

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Tariq Faridi second option to avoid this issue you have to verfiy
everything before start the test . and witnessed the PSV and PRV in lab
that is all
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Tariq Faridi suppose test pressure 450 psi and you reached 460 does
not effect much , but u can know weather PSV pop up or not
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Saquib Khan My question is now different...What the use of PRV?? if

you will allow to continue the test after it pops out??
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Saquib Khan Usually PRVs are calibrated to max of 5% above the test
pressure. And if it pops out then it will not be safe to continue testing the
line or system...
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Saquib Khan Hope that this clears....

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Suhail Kdr mr.saquib khan you are telling as per aramco rule or not
because in my project PRV s are settled 10%.
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Saquib Khan Yes right Suhail Kdr....Tariq mentioned about one month
validity for calibration for PG... I thought he is from some Aramco
Proj....if it is 10% then it will be more dangerous to continue the testing...
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Saquib Khan Suhail Kdr... Tariq Faridi...Basically my intention was to

make sure whether we should continue the test after pop up of PRV..???
May be it 5%.. 10% whatever.. .
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Franco Paul Its not advisable to continue the test if PRVs pops.
I thing subject gets slightly diverted.
Anyways intersting topic.
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Saquib Khan Yes right Franco...subject / post got diverted...still hoping

some more guys to share malpractices they came across during
hydrostatic testing
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Franco Paul Suresh Babu

I belive hydrotest position is a essential variable as per ASME section V.
Am i right?
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Saquib Khan Need some input from Suresh Babu....

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Tariq Faridi i have a 100 case during testing PSV pop up high pressure
13000 + psi , i accepted the test , beacuse some time specially in
summer PSV pop up due to temp
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Tariq Faridi sometime during the test or middle of the test PSV pop up
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Tariq Faridi u cant reaject the test

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Suresh Babu Franco Paul i hope ASME Sec V is not specifying the
Hydro test position is an essential variable.(According to my quick
glance to Sec V (2013)]
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Suresh Babu 3.For Stainless Steel components- water test report(for

Chloride content and PH Value) need to be submitted by the
manufacturer prior to the test. Hydrotest water shall have been tested
within 6 months (shall vary upon client specifications) prior to the
hydrotest date. The water sample tested shall have been taken from the
water supply source that will be used for hydrotesting. Here
manufacturer will play with the actual water used for hydro test and
certificate. Some times fabricated water test report will submit (Photo
copy) for our review. Always ask for the original water test report.
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Saquib Khan Tariq Faridi....PRVs are for safety purposes ...You can
play with your and others lives not me...You might have conducted
HUNDREDS of hydrotests with Pop Upd PRVs...In your cases / your
clients you do not need PRVs...Take care Sir...There are no spare parts
for human beings readily available in market..
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Suresh Babu 4. For Process Equipment - Sometimes manufacturer will

place the top pressure gauge without removing all air from inside.
Ensure one top nozzle is free from blinding up to the complete water
filling (Water shall come out from the open Nozzle then only start the
blind closing of the subject nozzle). Manufacturer will make a hurry on
this (!!).Sometimes there is no top nozzle in some equipment and having
nozzles on the side or on Dish Heads , in this case we need to prepare
an additional 'L' shape housing (like piping spool) and install it inside the
vessel and give a very less gap on the top of the vessel (about 1mm)
and the other end will connect to any of the side nozzles and water
should come through this and we can ensure the water touched the top
of the equipment and there is no air. 5. As per Drawing there will be
original blinds required for some nozzles other than man ways and hand
holes. Manufacturer will install temporary blinds for the particular
nozzles also and try to convince us like " the original blind flanges are on
the way". This is also not acceptable.
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Saquib Khan Great Suresh Babu...very good explanation...

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Tariq Faridi Mr . Saqib I have one question , as qa/qc not safety or HSE
incase if PSV pop up during the pressure test or in the middle of the test
will you alow the test ? or you will reject . by the way the dsicussion i am
uncessary involve in this case , i am client here and contactor are
international compnay by the way PMT also involve not one man show in
my case Saudi Aramco largest and top oil co i am working and there is
no safety or HSE and loss prevention than aramco . however qyestion to
my answer if psv pop up u will continue or reject after ur answer you will
see i will quit from this grup i will not invlove in this business having 26
years of oil and gas exp in diff, gulf country and highly qualified and well
exp ., i am not new in this field and not learner answer my question now .
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Saquib Khan Tariq Sir... I am not as experienced as you.. One year less
than you..i.e. 25 Yrs...have worked as PID and also PMT in Saudi
Aramco..as a Sr Inspection Engineer in PDO....now with Jacobs in
SADARA as PMC..personally HSE is more concerned to me...Pls do not
take it personally..we need people like you who are well experienced..so
be in our group for healthy discussion..
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Tariq Faridi send me your e mail i want to send the aramco smart sheet
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Tariq Faridi which will help what u r looking for

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Saquib Khan See ur inbox for my email id

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Tariq Faridi thnaks

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Tariq Faridi Mr . Saquib sorry for above my answer will keep continue
sahring my exp to all inspector if you are happy so .
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Saquib Khan It's Ok ..No need to be sorry...everyone has his own point
of view...
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