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Preliminary Attachment

If claimed by 3rd
AP files bond value of
person (3rd person
prop, or court will decide
submit affidavit w/
(claim for damages w/in 20
copy to sheriff and
days fr. bond
1 sale, proceeds
to AP Sheriff to
Attach by levy Prop <
2 sell some make
or garnishment judgment
more return
3 collect debts
Prop> All not applied,
Judgment for AP
judgment return to obligor
All Order of
Filing Judgment for
proceeds attachment
- defendant
delivered discharged
nt itself Ord
or er Charge to
Service of summons prior
- Ex bond
or contemporaneous to
Separate parte Notice &
implementation of writ Makes Charge to
motion OR summary
(SS, app, complaint, Deposit surety
Motion If hearing
order, aff bond) OR Due notice-hearing-
Defendant judgment Applied to
Gives order discharge
for AP judgment,
Charge to excess refunded;
deposit if judgment for
refund all.
Application for
-Maybe imposed by award
Appeal, Application
counter affidavit -w/ notice &
judgment may be heard
Discharge others (thru -must claim for hearing before
for & decided in
motion): 1. Attach improper; damages before trial Judgment for Award; or if appeal
Hearing defendant trial court.
2. Judgment for def; 3. Attach or appeal perfected defendant appealed becomes
excessive; 4. Property exempt or before judgment executory
executory w/ notice Appeal,
to AP & surety judgment
for AP
Preliminary Injunction

Deny MR/Rule 65
Summons + Summary hearing w/in OR
Single Sala Order
Notice of hearing 24 hrs (adversarial) Writ Executi
Verified complaint for PI. Grant Bond Return
Injunction on
Application based on 3
grounds + bond. Filing
thru Executive Judge, motion Notice of raffle, must be Branch
Summons & summary OR
Multiple Sala for special raffle, in the presence of presiding Order
hearing (adversarial) Writ Executi Retur
summary hearing adverse judge Grant Bond
Injunction on n

Adverse to show cause

20 days TRO Ex parte effective 20
why Injunction is
Grave irreparable injury days fr. service
Time & Damages Critical TRO Summons, notice of
72 hrs. TRO
SS PJ hearing, summary Extendible 20
Extreme urgency, grave
hearing, etc days, incl. the 72
injustice & irreparable
Raffle, summons, SH, hrs.
injury MS EJ


Deny, ground: Adverse files

Verified application + Ord Discharge, ground: w/o
applicants bond er sufficient cause
Appointment of Receivers sworn oath Duties of Due notice of termination, and payment of
receiver and bond receiver compensation


Application, to deliver Affidavit + bond (2x value of PP. Start Order Sheriff shall serve Deliver to applicant w/in 5 Sheriff to make Trial, then
personal property PP. of 120 days to claim for damages. copy of order, and days return w/in 10 judgment
Period: from Damages also be for frivolous or take property OR days from taking
commencement before spurious claim (applicant or 3rd P File bond 2x the value of P; or
Before delivery, adverse may
answer claimant) If no bond, deliver to
require return
Sherrif to deliver to applicant
if A files bond (approved by
Claim by 3rd party court) for 3rd party
Otherwise, no delivery to