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87/1, College Street, Kolkata - 700073, West Bengal, India

Application Form for Under Graduate Examinations

Date - 16/04/2017
Application Id. - 16D2130409
Examination - B.Com PART-I (Honours) Examination - 2017-Honours as a whole
The Controller of Examinations
University of Calcutta
I request permission to persent myself at the ensuing examination for which I deposit fees and furnish the required
particulars as follows:


Father's/ Guardian's Name - TARUN DEWAN

Regsitration Number - 213-1221-0409-16 Roll No- 1213 - 11 - 0156

Gender - FEMALE

College - Code - Name - (213) MAHARANI KASISWARI COLLEGE

Subject/s to appear & Fees to be deposited:

Srl. No. Subject Code Subject Name Subject Appear Type Lab Fees (Rs.)

1 C11G Financial Accounting I

2 C12G Business Regulatory Framework
3 C13G Principles and Practice of Management &
Business Communication
4 C14G Economics I
5 C15G Business Mathematics and Statistics
6 BNGL Major Indian Language-Bengali
7 CMEC Communicative English

Examination & other Fees 355.00

Complusary Language Exam Fee 2

Total Fees to be deposited by the candidate to the College 357.00

I declare that if any of the statement made in the above be found to be not true or if it appears that, in the opinion
of the University, I have contravened the provisions of the University Rules and Regulations relating to the
examination to which I now seek admission, my candidature for the examination shall be liable to be cancelled by
the University.

Date: Full Signature of the applicant with Date

1. Last date of submission of form to the College by the Student - 19/04/2017
2. Students are required to submit the form along with fees to their College only.


Received an amount of Rs.357.00 from TAMOSHA DEWAN having Registration No. 213-1221-0409-16 and Roll No.1213-11-0156 as
examination & other fees for B.Com PART-I (Honours-Honours as a whole)-2017
Signature with office seal