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Eastinghouse sells air conditioners.

The annual demand
for air conditioners in eac
e*,-iry,-0ril,:;ffi !fiffi ,^tti::i:lr,drt?,ff
90,000. Eastinghouse is I 28r Thailand inducts
rt.n c,Jo].?IIi;:::"1 draftees at three drafting
tionersinrour?ffi;"".ilXl.iHr"::i1lf;#;A;f#: rcrs.

T13o olr:r:'..n9 ;'oau;i'fi1??l*o**

cost of

ffi X;,'iU,Tit* El".: :i,T ffi ffi ';f '## ,ffi'"H:{i;-#,#;.}f,FlT$i1{.i#''l#

':'%per year. The'ann ui;fi *J .*,i
tion ers
"i "p",i',iigl a"".y
u n
tn each city is given in Thbte
19. Aiteas;iilffii""i"
demand for air conditioners
must come from New "r*"
at teast 50,0C0 units rh;il;;;;;;;;o
come from Atlanta. Formrrlare "f
Eastinghouse how to *i"irnir"
* ,n"r,
rp;-h;;;;riiioiruil t"lr
demand for air conditioners.
ut", tog" $10,000 plus
rr,ip. A il;#::Tts $3 per mire to
i A I L t t8 way to rie *.1;'b;;"d'ttp^may visit up to three bases on its
t3i.tsport up to 500
possible "."J;i#.#i,",la-v men. The
[ost S',th ilidwest yr,esr
B#tr#:ffi#{rtli#H[tl#;# total cost incurred in
New York $206 $22s $230 $290
sending the
$206 $221 $270
$221 $208 $262
IAStt 26
Los Angeies $290 $270 $262 $21-5
27t The Father Domino Company seils copying machines.
fsoc -ErTh-EGr
A major factor in making a sale is Domino's quick ser- Center i
vice. Domino sells copiers in six cities: Boston, Neu.{s*, $200 $200 $300
Philadelphia, Washington, Providence, and Atlanrit- Ciq:
Center 2 $300 $400 $220
Center 3 $300 $400 $2so
The anqual sales of copiers projected depend on s-hethe:
a service representative is within 150 miles of a ciry (see
Table 24).
Each copier costs $500 to produce and sells for Sl00i''. T ABLE 27
The annual cost per service representative is SS0,0C\,.
Domino must determine in which of its markets tc' base : Iour lotqtirnr Itliler
service representative. Only Boston, Nerv York. Philadelphi: l{umter Virired Iroveled
and $/ashirigton are under consideration as bases for sen'i.-e
representative. The distance (in miles) bettr,een the .-itie-i :s I B-l-B 370
shown in Table 25. Formulate an IP that will help Domii:.. 2 B-l-2_B 515
maximize annual profi ts. 3 B-2-3_B 665
4 B-2-B 460
I A Itt 23
5 B-3-B 600
6 B--l-3_B 640
Republiccnr Demotrcls
7 B-I-2_3_B 720

City I 80 34 men from.the rraining bases to the main base. (tlrnr..

City 2 60 44 /r. : numberoimen sent by touri from base 7 to main base
City 3 40 44 (B) on a small ship, x, : number of men sentiy
tour i from
City 4 20 24
.?::1 ," B on a. large lf,tp, S, : number of times tour i is
Ciry 5 40 l14 used Dy a small ship, and Li :humber of times
tour i is useJ
City 6 40 64 by a large ship.)
Citi,7 70 l4 29 You have been assigned to arrange the songs on the
Ciry 8 50 44 cassette version of Madonna's latest album. A
"54 cassette tan"
City 9 70 has two sides (l and 2). The songs on each side
of the;..;;
City l0 70 64 must toral berl.een 14 and 16 minutes in length. ffr"
anri type ofeacli song are given in Table 2g. fh" u.rignrnlni
of songs to the tape must satisfy the following conditions:
TA 8 t E 24 I Each side must have exactly two ballads.
2 Side I must have at leasr three hit songs.
Y{ithin I 50 Soles
3 Either song 5 or song 6 must be on side l.
fltiles? Boslon N.Y. ftrilo. Ylosh. Prov r,i. (irl 4 If son-es 2 and 4 are on side l, then song 5 must be
on side 2.
Yes 700 1000 900 80c r00 -150 Explain how you could use an integer programming
No 500 750 700 450 :00 i0(r lation lo determine whether there is-an uar"-rrgarn"nt-of
satisfying these restrictions.
30 Cousin Bruzie of radio station WABC schedules ra-
Eoslon t{.Y. Philo. Wosh. dio commercials in 60-second blocks. This hour, they have
sold commercial time for commercials of 15, 16,20,i5,30,
Boston 0 222 310 44t 35, 40, and 50 seconds. Formulate an integer programming
New York 222 0 89 241 model that can be used to determine the minimum number
Philadelphia 310 89 0 t46 of 60-second biocks of commercials that must be scheduled
Washington 44t 241. 146 0 to fit in all the current hour's commercials. (I1iir.. Certainiv
Providence 47 186 255 376 Ii9 Tolg than eight blocks of time are needed. l*t y : 1 i1
Atlantic City 350 123 82 178 block i is used and y; : 0 otherwise.)

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