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Andrew Roth.

The Book of 101 Books Seminal

Photographic Books of the 20th Century. New York:
PPP Editions/Roth Horowitz LLC, 2001.
TR145 .B66 2001

Aaron Scharf. Art and Photography. Baltimore:

Allen Lane/The Penguin Press, 1969. TR187 .S32
Library Reader Resources Series #1
Robert Sobieszek. The Art of Persuasion A History
of Advertising Photography. New York: Abrams
1988 TR990 .4 S63 1988
History & Criticism of Photography
Abigail Solomon-Godeau. Photography at the Dock.
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1991 TR187
.S65 1991

Susan Sontag. On Photography. New York: Farrar

Strauss & Giroux, 1977 TR187 .S65 1977

Carol Squiers, ed. Overexposed. New York: New

Press, 1999 TR187 .O94 1999

Robert Taft. Photography and the American Scene

A Social History 1839-1889. New York: Macmillan,
1938 TR123 .T34 1938

John Tagg. The Burden of Representation Essays

on Photographies and Histories. Amherst MA:
University of Massachusetts, 1988. TR183 .T34

Allan Trachtenberg. Classic Essays on Photography.

New Haven: Leetes Island Book Co., 1980.
TR187 .C53 1980

Brian Wallis, ed. Art After Modernism: Rethinking

Representation. New York: New Museum/Godine,
1984. NX456.5 .P66 .A74

Mike Weaver. The Photographic Art Pictorial

Traditions in Britain and America. New York: Harper
& Row, 1986. TR646 .G7 W43 1986

Deborah Willis. Reflections in Black A History of

Black Photographers 1840 to the Present. New
York: W.W. Norton, 2000 TR22 .W55 2000
International Center of Photography Library
Cover: Reginald Southey and Skeletons, June 1857 1114 Avenue of the Americas, Concourse
Southey was a Christ Church graduate scientist who New York NY 10036-7703
became a physician. A lifelong friend of Dodgson, he was (212) 857-0004 tel / (212) 857-0091 fax
also his photographic teacher and guide. library@icp.org
Courtesy of Princeton University Press Readers Resource
#1 was compliled for ICP Library by Bernard Yenelouis
8/2002. Revised for LC 11/2009.
Anthology of African and Indian Ocean William Ivins. Prints and Visual Communication.
Photography. Paris: Revue Noir, Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1969. NE400 .N4 .I93
1999. TR115 .A58 1999 1967. NE400 .N4 .I93 1967

Roland Barthes. Camera Lucida. New York: Hill & Elizabeth Janus, ed. Veronicas Revenge
Wang, 1981. TR187 .B37 1981 Contemporary Perspectives on Photography. New
York: Scalo, 1998. TR187 .V47 1998
Geoffrey Batchen. Burning with Desire: The
Conception of Photography. Cambridge MA: MIT Robert Lebeck & Bodo Von Dewitz. Kiosk The
Press, 1997. TR187 .B37 1997 History of Photojournalism. New York: Steidl, 2001.
TR820 .K56 2001

Richard Bolton. The Contest of Meaning: Critical Claude Lemagny & Andre Rouille, ed. A History of
Histories of Photography. Cambridge MA: MIT Photography Social & Cultural Perspectives.
Press, 1989. TR193 .C65 1989 Cambridge University Press, 1987. TR15 .H57
Jonathan Crary. Techniques of the Observer: On
Thomas Y. Levin, Ursula Frohne, Peter Weibel, eds.
Vision of Modernity in the Nineteenth Century.
CTRL [SPACE] Rhetorics of Surveillance from
Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 1990.
Bentham to Big Brother. Karlsruhe: ZKM/MIT,
TR187 .C73 1990
TR840 .C77 2002
Timothy Druckrey, ed. Electronic Culture
Technology and Visual Representation. New York:
Alexander Liberman, ed. The Art and Technique of
Aperture, 1996. TR267 .E43 1996
Color Photography. New York: Simon & Schuster,
1951. TR510 .L54 1951
Michel Frizot, ed. A New History of Photography.
Kln: Knemann, 1998. TR15 .N48 .F75 1998
Elizabeth Anne McCauley. Industrial Madness
Commercial Photography in Paris 1848-1871. New
Helmut Gernsheim. Creative Photography. Boston:
Haven: Yale University, 1994. TR139 .M33 1994
Book & Art Shop, 1962. TR15 .G47 1962
Diane Neumaier, ed. Reframings New American
Helmut & Alison Gernsheim. History of Photography
Feminist Photographies. Philadelphia: Temple
1685-1914. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969. TR15
University Press, 1995. TR654 .R44 1995
.G47 1969
Beaumont Newhall. The History of Photography.
Vicki Goldberg, ed. Photography In Print Writings
New York: MOMA, 1982. TR15 .N48 1982
from 1816 to the Present. New York: Simon &
Schuster, 1981. TR187 .P46 1981
Beaumont Newhall. Latent Image The Discovery
of Photography. New York: Doubleday, 1983.
Nancy Hall-Duncan. A History of Fashion
TR15 .N48 1983
Photography. New York: Alpine Book Co.,
1979.TR679 .I36 .H35 1979
Christopher Phillips, ed. Photography in the Modern
Era European Documents and Critical Writings
Martin Harrison. Appearances Fashion
1913-1940. New York: Metropolitan
Photography Since 1945. New York: Rizzoli, 1991.
Museum/Aperture, 1989. TR185 .P46 1989
TR679 .H36 1991
Naomi Rosenblum. A World History of Photography.
Sadakichi Hartmann. The Valiant Knights of
3rd Ed., New York: Abbeville, 1984. TR15 .R67
Daguerre Selected Critical Essays on Photography
and Profiles of Photographic Pioneers, Berkeley:
University of California, 1978. TR187 .H37 1978
Naomi Rosenblum. A History of Women
Photographers. New York: Abbeville, 1994.
Heinz K. & Bridget A. Henisch. The Photographic
TR139 .R67 1994
Experience 1839-1914 Images and Attitudes.
University Park PA: Pennsylvania State University,
Martha Rosler. 3 Works. Halifax: Novia Scotia
1994. TR15 .H45 1994
College of Art and Design, 2006. TR820.5 .R68