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Lucas Johnson

22068 N. 30TH LN, PHOENIX AZ 85027

(928) 864-6609
LU K E J O H N S O N 1 6 @ G M A I L . C O M

Bachelors, Secondary Education in History, Arizona State University, 4.00 GPA,
December 2017
Associates, Administration of Justice, Coconino Community College, 3.5 GPA,
December 2013

West Wing Elementary School, Peoria, AZ, 8th World History, Spring 2017
o Coordinated group work, classroom management, and provided direction for student
o Taught lesson plan that implemented ELA and new literacy standards incorporated
with historical readings
Sandra Day OConnor High School, Phoenix, AZ, 11th & 12th US History & Government,
Fall 2016
o Taught several lesson plans each semester which I designed and implemented with
effective student retention
o Collaborated with other teachers to implement an interdisciplinary lesson between
history and psychology
Imagine Cortez Elementary, Phoenix, AZ 6th, 7th, 8th US & World History, Spring 2016
o Graded student quizzes and papers and entered scores in the gradebook
o Taught full lesson plans with hands on activities that grew students understanding of
the subject


Youth Corrections Officer AZ Dept. of Juvenile Corrections

February 2015 to August 2015
Main source of classroom management and discipline during school hours during the week
Mediated between troubled youth every day, taught procedures, rules, and acceptable
behavior classes
Worked directly with local law enforcement on ad hoc basis, and built strategic relationships
Wrote daily reports detailing activities and irregularities
Commonly used initiative to solve security system breaches and defeat emerging security
Developed professional relationships with the youth in order to manage and teach multiple
groups of troubled youth

Rocket Motor Technician AZ State Department of Emergency and Military Affairs

July 2011 to May 2014
Designed and implemented vehicle maintenance and munitions inventory tracking
initiatives through Microsoft Excel, that drove work efficiencies; impacting over 1,000 items
and 50 employees

Oversees logistical support of rockets motors, explosives, and incendiary materials from
multinational clients

Wrote new Standard Operating Procedures and trained multiple teams with them

Recognized by the Governor of Arizona and received a letter of commendation for

outstanding performance and client service in 2012
Lucas Johnson
22068 N. 30TH LN, PHOENIX AZ 85027
(928) 864-6609
LU K E J O H N S O N 1 6 @ G M A I L . C O M

Trained all new incoming team members of specifics of job procedures, standards, and

Designated Marksman Team Leader - United States Army

March 2006 to January 2011
Observed, analyzed and effectively communicated enemy trending behaviors
Served as the youngest Team Leader in a 450-man Infantry Battalion. During tenure was
responsible for performing security and reconstruction efforts in Nuristan, Afghanistan
Routinely, independently lead patrols against enemy insurgents while developing an intelligence
gathering matrix that could reliably pass accurate reports to higher command
Led a four-man sniper team during combat operations; executed all orders quickly and effectively
in high stress combat situations
Maintained a 100% level of readiness and delivered a calm leadership presence in over 250
combat patrols
Awarded Purple Heart Medal for wounds sustained during combat operations against enemy
Meritoriously promoted on two separate occasions over 213 other peers
Supervised training of local military forces on such topics, as communication, movement,
and Army standards