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RUNNING HEAD: Last CT Observation Reflection

Last CT Observation Reflection

Miekal Morris
University of South Florida
Last CT Observation Reflection

The Reflection

I am always going to be my own worst critic because there is always room to improve

and I felt that this lesson could have gone a lot better. There were so many aspects of my lesson

that were implemented differently than I planned. My original lesson was a nearpod activity, but

we had to push that activity back. First I originally wanted the students to take a fruit loop out of

the bag to display the number we would be decomposing but I decided to remove that element of

my lesson at the last minute because I thought it was going to be too distracting for the students

to un clip their bags, open them, take out a fruit loop, reseal the bag, and then clip the bag back

to the clip board. I also felt that it would have taken up too much time to do these transitions. I

think that would be a great element to use in the future in a small group. I also had to stop my

lesson to do a brain break since my students were so off task. I originally had a worksheet for

students to do, however we ran out of time and they were too many students off tasked and were

too focused on going to recess. At the end of the day before dismissal I allowed each table an

opportunity to earn a table point by selecting a table member to decompose and explain their

reasoning for the class on the whiteboard. I plan on doing a problem of the day tomorrow instead

of the worksheet to assess their understanding.

If I was going to teach this lesson to the same group of students, I would have started

with a brain break activity first and include some sort of whole brain activity for part-part-whole.

I would have also included a turn and talk activity to keep the students focuses and to provide

additional support. What surprised me the most about this lesson, is that my lesson that I did on

Thursday, the students really got the material and during this lesson, my students were acting like

it was the first time they seen this material.

Last CT Observation Reflection

I was able to connect this lesson with the lesson that I taught last week on the same

subject because the students reacted so differently this time around. I remember that a few of the

students were not using their manipulatives to help them work out a problem for their Kahoot. I

made sure to include the manipulatives and instruct on how to use them this time around to

refresh their memories on how to use them.

The Analysis

Overall, this was defiantly not my best lesson, I knew my students knew this material but

they were not in the mindset to work, I changed up the manipulatives, I took the manipulatives

away, I have them get up and get the sillies out with a brain break, I even had students come up

to the white board to show their learning. I felt that no matter what I did, I just could not get

them focused on the lesson and I was starting to feel defeated. Granted, I only had an hour of

sleep and an injured knee. I do feel that deep down I know I could have handled the situation

better. Had this been my own classroom, I most likely would have broken down this lesson into

two different lessons, rather than trying to plow through this lesson for my observation.

I felt that this lesson was somewhat effective because my students were able to identify what

part-part-whole is and how to draw out a problem instead of using a manipulative. The activities

and materials were effective because I was using fruit loops and smarties which helped engaged

the students. The activity and materials helped visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners. If I was to

go this activity again, I would make sure that the students remove the extra fruit loops to

decompose a number rather than leaving them in the bag because it confused a few students. I

had to make several accommodations to my lesson due to students behavior to stay on task and

remain focus. I had to take away the manipulatives and the reward smarties. I also had to

incorporate a brain break activity and scratch the worksheet from the lesson.
Last CT Observation Reflection

Based on what happened with this lesson, the next steps would be to review part-part-

whole again in addition to showing how you can draw out a problem instead of tangible

manipulatives. To evaluate the students learning I will continue to give a problem of the day that

the students will record in their math journals. My students understand the content when I

explain it, but they have a tendency to forget what to do when they work on their own. By

recording in their math journals I will be able to better assess what students needs more support

or enrichment.
Last CT Observation Reflection
Last CT Observation Reflection
Last CT Observation Reflection