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Health PSA Rubric

Visuals Organization & Overall Criteria Relevant Terms

Content (x2) (x2)

Excellence PSA reflects extending PSA has specific, Followed specific PSA has 4 or more
(EX) effort or seriousness. clear, and factual instructions. relevant terms
4 Excellent use of information. Visually learned in class.
creative visuals and Extending effort in appealing, with The reader knows
writing is readable. organization and specific factual specifically what
content and makes and relevant message the author
sense. information. PSA is portraying
is a specific
reflection of what
students has

Above PSA reflects solid PSA has solid and Followed solid The PSA has 3
Average effort and seriousness. factual instructions. relevant terms
(AB) Visuals are creative and information. Solid Visually learned in class.
3 reflect the effort of the effort in appealing, with The reader has a
project. Writing is organization and solid facts and solid
readable. content and makes information. PSA understanding of
sense.. is a solid the message the
reflection of what author is
students have portraying.

Acceptable PSA reflects general PSA has a general Followed general The PSA has 1-2
(AC) effort and seriousness. message and instructions. relevant terms
2 Has colour and visuals. general Generally visually learned in class.
Writing is generally information. appealing with The reader has a
readable. General effort in general facts and general
organization and information. understanding of
content and General reflection the message the
generally makes of what student author is
sense. has learned. portraying.

Not Yet PSA reflects little effort PSA has an Did not follow The PSA has no
Meeting or seriousness. Very unclear message. instructions. Not relevant terms
Acceptable little colour and The PSA does not visually appealing learned in class.
(AC) visuals. The writing is represent effort in with little facts The reader has no
1 hard to read. organization and and information. understanding of
content making Not a clear the message the
little sense. message of what author is
student has portraying.