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The term Merchandising means activity of promoting the sale of

goods to the client or customer

So, Menu Merchandising is all about making the best and effective
use of menu as a mean of advertising and selling the items of the
menu. Because it is that piece of advertisement which is sure to
be read by the guest so the menus the menu should be designed
so that the management is able to sell whatever they want to sell.

A menu should fit the market, facilities, ability of employees both

production and service staff. Due consideration should be given to
the paper used, format, layout because it should go with the
name of the restaurant, attire, and history of the restaurant or


Presentable menu-A menu should be well appealing, stylish,

neat and hygienic
Legible-The menu should be legible to the guests. Any kind
of overwriting and handwritten words should be avoided
Format-Format of the menu should suit the content of the
menu. If possible different formats should be used got
different courses.
Description of dishes-the dishes listed on the menu must
have a brief description so that guest may know what he/she
is ordering.
Headings-A menu should be well organized; similar dishes
should be grouped together so that guest may be able to
find whatever he/she wants to order without reading entire
Restrictive Menu-Menu should be kept as short as possible
rather than a booklet of 10-15 pages.
Easy to change-The menu should be designed in such a way
that it is easy to change from time to time due to various
reason like change in prices, addition and removal of certain
dishes, non-availability of certain raw material, etc.
Fit for operation-A menu should be designed according the
skills of the employees, resources and equipment available
to the organization.
Merchandising effect-the menu should have a merchandising
effect so that the management can sell whatever they want
to sell.
Language-The language chosen must be widely accepted by
the guests.


A cyclic menu is defined as a set of fixed or semi-fixed menu

repeated after a fixed period of time. These menus are very
common in places where same set of guests visit on daily or
regular basis. Emphasis should be laid on nourishment required,
recent trends, and resources available and time available to serve
all the guests.

1. Less burden for staff
2. Less wastage
3. Inventory
4. Customers choice
5. Variety
6. Day off

1. Choice
2. Different guests visiting together