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Figure 2: This represents a visual of what these animals go

through in order to satisfy our cravings.

The Horrific Truth

Figure 1: This man is preparing the meat after it's trip from the slaughterhouse. The meat will be cut
into smaller pieces and shipped to local grocery stores.

Thanh Trinh
San Diego Unified School District
Figure 3 This picture demonstrates the inside of a CAFO that houses chickens.

AFOs has played numerous however, has been around for a long period

outbreaks in present day of time. Especially, during the time period

society and has become a of WWII, 1940. The beginning of

controversial topic due to these factors. industrialization in our nation provided

CAFOs stands for Confined Animal Feeding demands on a faster production of foods, in

Operations and is responsible for, 72 percent order to feed America. This resulted in the

of poultry production, 43 percent of egg rise of CAFOs popularity, due to the fact

production, and 55 percent of pork that it could provide an abundant supply of

production worldwide. (Worldwatch food at a faster rate.

Institute, 2017) Animals such as cows and

chickens are kept in facilities the day theyre

born to the days they die. This method


There are many

viewpoints when regarding

CAFOs. Reasons that make

CAFOs good is its ability to

provide opportunities for those in

need of jobs. This can help our

economy by keeping a steady

ratio of those with/without jobs.

Along with that, it can help

Figure 4: Comparison of annual manure to cars
produce more food at a faster 257,000 national animal feeding operations
rate. This can lower the prices of our foods produce more than 500 million tons of
due to the capability of a higher production manure annually. When successfully used,
rate. manure can be used as compost and can
Although CAFOs can play a fertilize our plants to become bigger and
beneficial role in present stronger.
day society, it can harm us When used
as well. CAFOs are incorrectly,
responsible for most of the manure can
pollutants lingering in the contribute a
air. According to the huge threat
Environment Protection towards our
Agency (EPA), The health. Hazardous chemicals such as
ammonia and methane

are often emitted into

the air by these animal

operations. This is

primarily due to the

manure that isnt

cleaned up after the

animals do their Figure 5: This picture provides a clear understanding of what these crowded facilities
look like
business. If there is a high exposure towards vomiting and/or diarrhea is a result of this

ammonia, it can lead to respiratory failure disease.

and immediate burning to the nose and Author Viewpoint

throat. Also, the manure belonging to these

animals are responsible to most of our Considering the negative sides and

polluted water. When using manure as looking back on how CAFOs play a role on

compost, most of society, I feel that

the manure often CAFOs is good for

fuse within our our society but it can

irrigation systems. be improved. There

This results in are little actions that

contaminated can be made to help

drinking water turn these issues

and can cause many diseases and health around to help betterment our society. For

issues. For instance, cholera. Constant instance, instead of leaving the manure stay
in the facilities and letting

bacteria/viruses thrive, we

can use them as compost

to help our plants flourish.

Also, we can come up

with new foods to feed

our animals that make

them grow just as fast. If

these animals consume

foods containing deadly Figure 6: We should love the animals that live with us on this earth

diseases and pesticides, well be consuming possible where they never see grass or

those diseases as well; knowing that the sunlight. If you can envision one thousand

chemicals had already fused into their chickens in your bathroom, in cages stacked

system. to the ceiling, youre honestly getting the

picture. Steven L. Hopp is expanding our

Call to Action knowledge on CAFOs and taking us to a

deeper side of this topic. These animals are

CAFOs has affected our society in
facing these inhumane actions each and
various ways. More so, towards our health.
every day, from the day theyre born to the
Animals are kept in crowded facilities where
last breaths they take. In these confined
theyre incapable of roaming around. They
animal camps, most animals such as cows
are kept in these tight areas till death. Steven
and chickens dont even live to their full
L. Hopp, author of A Year of Food Life,
lifespan. Therefore, we should provide ways
claims. CAFOs house them as tightly as
in which we can help betterment the use of with the foods that are more towards their

these camps for these poor animals. For diet. All in all, we should avoid these

instance, expanding these camps and inhumane actions that are set amongst

allowing space for them to roam. On the these poor animals, and find new methods to

other hand, we could feed these animals enhance our ways of consumption instead.
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