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Noora Ebrahim Mohammed Alzaabi

P.O Box , Ras Al Khaimah , United Arab Emirates

Mobile Phone: 0554777636 Home Phone: 2358688 nawwara93@hotmail.com

Objective :
To build a long-term career as an Elementary School Teacher that will utilize my strong
dedication to childrens educational needs and opportunities for career growth. Helping
to achieve my country's vision is my inspiration to take this profession. I want to help
build a brighter future for our younger generations. I want to teach not just because it is
prerequisite for learning but to help breed young ones of this country to be well-
developed, well-equipped, well-prepared and globally competent in the future

Higher College of Technology Ras Al Khaima Womens College Expected
Graduation: May, 2017

Bachelor of Education

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) December, 2016

Band: 6.0

Work Experience
Zamzam School Spring, 2017
Student Teacher
- teaching English subject (grammar, spelling, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs,
adverbs, names)

Nussaibah School Spring, 2016

Student Teacher
- teaching English subject focusing on literacy reading and comprehension.

RAKAAG School Fall, 2015

Student Teacher
- teaching Science subject (human body parts, experiments, dinosaur,

PYP School Spring, 2015

Student Teacher
- teaching Math subject
(numbers, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication)
PYP School Fall, 2014
Student Teacher
- introducing new curriculum, reviewing past lessons, evaluations
and observing student progress

Al Nakeel School Spring, 2014

Student Teacher
- planning lesson plans,
collaborating with the MST on different activities, focusing on the
area of my teaching that needs improvement (time management)

Al Meered School Fall, 2013

Student Teacher
- observing the teacher on how she teaches the lesson and on how
she implement her lesson plan.

RAKAAG School Spring, 2013

Student Teacher
- observe inside the class

Areas of Expertise
Higher College of Technology, Ras Al Khaima April 18, 2016
Motivate Yourself Workshop
-for my personal growth and development
Ministry of Health, Ras Al Khaima Medical District June 15, 2015-
September 6, 2015
Training and Development Office (25 hours)
Volunteer Work
-recognize essence of service, time management and social skills

Microsoft Office Management Communication

- MS Word -Classroom management -English language

- MS Excel -Research and investigation -Team leadership
- MS Power Point -Marketing and promotion -Public speaking
- MS Publisher -Problem solving
- MS Access
Education Faculty HCT RKWC
Colleen Menichini
Email: colleen.menichini@hct.ac.ae, 0509043275
Education Faculty HCT RKWC
Fatima Alawadi
Email: falawadi@hct.ac.ae, 0567101132

Education Faculty Zamzam School

Ruqayah Abdullah Al Ali
Email: umghalia1@gmail.com, 0501632299