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Date: 4/13/2017

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Durga Bhavani

Domathota, an exceptionally talented dental student who has attended all my
classes on Periodontics. Dr. Durga Bhavani has consistently demonstrated her level
of engagement, intelligence and innate understanding of this field. As a result, in all
of my Periodontics classes her many talents and focused attentiveness were
constantly evident. Not surprisingly, Dr. Durga Bhavani easily ranks among the best
students that I have ever taught and I fully recommend her for admission into
Advanced Placement program for International Dentists in your school.

As a dentist who could specialize well in several fields or be an excellent

general practitioner, she has shown great promise during her clinical rotations. As a
professor who has supervised her during the clinical sessions, I can say that Dr.
Durga Bhavani possesses a keen problem-solving mind, a very steady hand and has
the mental and physical stamina to handle the stresses of surgery. Her knowledge
and thorough physical examination skills allowed her to draw up careful treatment
plans and suggest relevant therapeutic options. Her pre-operative case filling and
investigative workup were comprehensive as were her post-operative management

I give Dr. Durga Bhavani my highest recommendation. She has demonstrated

on repeated occasions that she possesses many of the skills typical of the best
dental surgeons, always demonstrating a high level of overall expertise. Dr. Durga
Bhavani can pick up new techniques with great ease, and has an eager, exploratory
mind that seeks to understand everything that she is doing as well she also has a
tremendous capacity for independent work and a desire to better the lives of others.
She has also proven herself an able and trustworthy team member and team leader.
As such, I fully expect her to be as excellent and productive as a U.S. Dental
Student, as she was in my classes. I feel that she will be an excellent addition to
your program. Without reservation, I strongly recommend her candidacy.


Dr. K. Raja V. Murthy

Email: krajavmurthy@rediffmail.com