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Pre-Instructional Plan

Lesson Focus: Volleyball

Grade Level: 9-12

Equipment/Resources Needed:

-2 volleyball nets


-speaker or stereo system

-8 volleyballs

NASPE Standards Addressed:

NASPE 1: The physical literate individual demonstrates competency in a

variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

NASPE 2: The physical literate individual applies knowledge of concepts,

principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

NASPE 4: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal

and social behavior that respects self and others.

Lesson Objectives


I can serve the volleyball over the net.

I can pass the volleyball.

I can set the volleyball.


I can explain how a point is scored in volleyball.

I can demonstrate and explain how to rotate on the volleyball court.

I can identify that the ball can be hit 3 times by my team before being hit
I can identify that a ball that hits a line is in.


I can communicate with my team in order to be successful in scoring


I can demonstrate good sportsmanship by encouraging others in class.

Assessment Plan: Students will be assessed informally throughout class

through various questions checking for understanding. Students will give
verbal answers and physically demonstrate. I will also informally assess
through observation.

Teaching and Learning

Welcome/Warm-up/Roll Call:

-students will be lined up on the line alphabetically. As students are lined

up I will take attendance.

-Once students are lined up they will warm-up by doing the following:

1. Jog forward with arm circles

2. karaoke down and back

3. side shuffle with arm swing

4. hamstring stretch to the gray line.

5. atlas lunges

They will do these exercises to the opposite side of the gym.

Lesson Focus for Instruction and Drill:

- After students have warmed up I will divide them into the following 4
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
- After students have been divided into their 4 teams I will lead them
into the fieldhouse gym where we will begin drills.
- I will demonstrate to students serving a volleyball.
- After doing this I will divide the teams to each court and have the
students on one side of the court practice serving over to the other
team who will catch the ball and serve back.
- CFU: What is the team who is not serving doing with the ball?
(catching it)

Drill Diagram:
Lesson focus for Instruction and Drill:

After students have practiced serving I will have them come back around
as I explain the next drill. The team captain will line their team up on the
line and toss 1 volleyball to one player at a time. The first round the player
will pass the ball back to the captain.

* This used to be referred to as bumping the ball. Have students use their
forearms and meet the ball in the air. The ball will go where your arms go.

-the second round the ball will be set back to the captain.

*setting the ball is literally meant to set the ball up so a teammate can hit
it over. Use fingertips to lift the ball up-forming a triangle with the thumbs.

After having one team demonstrate I will have the teams go back to the
court they were on to practice for some time. I will be walking around to

*After each game the teams should High Five each other and say
something positive.

Transition from Drill to Game Play:

After teams have practiced each skill drill I will collect the extra volleyballs.

Once I have collected the balls they will be instructed to play in their
games. Games will be about 7-10 minutes depending on how much time
we have after we get through the drills.

Lesson Closure : after the game time is up I will have everyone bring it in
for the lesson closure. I will collect the volleyballs and have students help
put equipment away if necessary. I will remind the students what we will be
doing the following day so they may plan accordingly. After those talking
points I will excuse them to the locker rooms.