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Lesson Plan in Mathematics VI

I. Learning Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the student should be able to:

A. Identify the different dimensions of rectangular prism;

B. Make use of the formula V=l x w x h in finding the volume of a rectangular
C. Solve for the volume of a given rectangular prism;
D. Write the solution in finding volumes of a rectangular prism correctly;
E. Convert m3 to dm3, cm3, and mm3 and vice versa; and
F. Perform unity in a group and work cooperatively to achieve best result.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Volume of a rectangular prism and conversion of units.

3x4x1=? 2x2x2=? 7x5x1=? 3x3x3=? 5x2x3=?
5x2x5=? 2x4x3=? 2x4x2=? 9x2x1=? 6x2x4=?

Skills: Finding the volume of a rectangular prism and converting units.

C. Reference: Mathematics for better life VI, pp. 236- 238.
D. Materials: Cartolina, Manila paper, illustration board, marker.
E. Value: Unity and cooperation.

III. Learning Procedure

A. Routinary Activities

1. Prayer
2. Greeting the class
3. Checking the attendance

B. Preparatory Activity

1. Mental Computation Drill:

Solving for mathematical equation involving multiplication.

C. Review

Appropriate unit of measure in measuring the volume set by the

International System (SI) Units.

D. Motivation

Play The Boat is Sinking game, the teacher will divide the class into
4 groups, each group will have seven (7) members and each
member of the group will have their assign weight.

E. Presentation
The teacher will discuss, what is volume?, what are the dimension of a
rectangular prism?, the formula in finding the volume of a
rectangular prism, and how to convert the unit in dm3, cm3, and mm3 and
vice versa.

F. Application

The teacher will divide the class into 4 groups, each group will go around
the classroom and look for 2 objects that resemble a rectangular
prism, each group will measure the length, wide, and height of the
object they choose and find its volume and convert their answer to the
following: m , dm3, cm3, and mm3, each group will be given 3
minutes to present their work in-front of the class.

G. Generalization

What are the dimensions of a rectangular prism?

What is the formula in finding the volume of a rectangular prism?
Conversion is a?

IV. Evaluation

Find the volume and covert your answer to the following:

Complete the table:

Given Volume m3 dm3 cm3 mm3

l= 4 m
w = 2.5 m
h= 3.5 m

l= 8 cm
w= 4 cm
h= 5 cm

V. Agreement

On your math notebook, answer pp. 239, Mathematics for better life VI to
submitted tomorrow.