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3rd Quarter English 2017 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

1/24 1/25 1/26 1/27
Quiz for each section--Add Series of Unfortunate Events- Finish Movie and organizer Finish Movie/ Discuss Complete Costa Questions
Constructed Response? Movie Organizer
. Vocab ppt.
1/23 10 minutes to work on PPT- Costas house and
Syllabus review Graphic Organizer Homework: Finish Movie information Finish CCR
New Seats and Jobs Costas object activity

Pass back Argument Writing/ Model CCR/ Costas

other papers House with movie.

Explain Graphic Organizer Homework:

Begin Movie
1/30 1/31 2/1 2/2 2/3
Vocab Victor Challenge Common Core Bellringer 2 Bad Boy Show Cab Calloway Jumpin Vocab Victor Challenge
(Kahoot) Jive youtube video (Kahoot)
Pass out BB books and SC Read pages 7-16
Powerpoint- Socratic Circles/ schedule-- Bad Boy Read 21-34 CCR wrap up--
questioning Begin Bad Boy House CCR independently.
Video of Walter Dean Homework:
Last 15-20 minutes- Volunteers Meyers Read 17-21 (continue house) CCR House Due Collect outer circles
complete a Socratic Circle. CCRs
Introduction with
Outer Circle Critique background Power Point Homework:
and questions
Common Core Bellringer 1

Constructed Response:
Quickwrite of a character
traitUse Lemony
Snickets A Series of
Unfortunate Events
2/6 2/7 2/8 2/9 2/10
Bad Boy 40-64 Bad Boy 65-77 West- 1st hour: Kahoot Group 2: Socratic Circle
Group 1: Socratic Circle for for Bad Boy pages 35-77
Bad Boy pages 7-34 (show pic of taxi) Complete CCR/ Costas Finish Reading 70-77
House for reading Outer Circle takes notes
Outer Circle takes notes Continue with CCR CCR wrap up--
Vocab Victor Challenge independently. Time permitting-- Show
Bad Boy 35-40 Homework: (Kahoot) Video on 6-word memoir
Read ____ Quiz- Chapters 2-7 https://www.youtube.com
Begin CCR/ Costas House for Assigned CCR Homework: /watch?v=dBP0Oia2hv8&
reading Complete CCR House Collect house feature=youtu.be
Quiz Tomorrow
Write 6 word memoir for
Removed 2017--Pass out Walter
BB EC Log sheetDue
March 14???
2/13 2/14 2/15 2/16 2/17
Grammar Notes with Complete Story Prediction Bellringer 2: Prepositions Bellringer 3: Prepositions Quiz on Fish Cheeks-10
Bellringer 1- prepositional pts (with prep song)
phrase reviewsing song Play Fish Cheeks again Complete CCR/ Costas Complete CCR House
Fish Cheeks and revisit House for Fish Cheeks Collect outer circles
https://www.youtube.com/wa predictions Students worked with Vocab Victor Challenge CCRs
tch?v=dBP0Oia2hv8&feature thinking partners (Kahoot)
=youtu.be Complete 6-word memoir Group 3: Fish Cheeks
for Amy Tan (consider her Homework- Homework:
Discuss and brainstorm 6 word story as a writer) Text Connection Complete CCR House Outer Circle takes notes
memoir Complete sheet version
Write on 6-word memoir of 6 word memoir
Homework: 6 word memoir wall as exit activity. Thursday. HW: Finish
draft due Monday Skipped Constructed Brainstorming /
Homework: Response due to snow day! complete picture with
Venn Diagram color
Complete sheet version
of 6 word memoir
2/27 2/28 3/1- 3/2 3/3
Youtube: Video with ppt. Begin Cultural/ Tradition Grammar Bellringer- Type Traditions Draft:
Use 1965 Impala show Finish Pimp my sentence Brainstorm senses boxes Verb Phrase Review Use Checklist
1-2:06 final copy Save in OneDrive
16:33-17:47 Intro and Conclusion of Work on body paragraph of Collect at end of
17:5220:10 Traditions writing traditions writing. hour
Groups of 3 Pick three items to
1. Give Copy of Dead Words Homework: develop and zoom Complete- Grammar
List to Each Group Finish conclusion in on. Bellringer- Verb Phrase
2. Complete draft using T- Begin final draft of Add figurative Review and prepositional
chart dissection of sentence traditions picture language. phrase
(include snapshot and (colored)- Due Friday.
explode a moment)
3. Glue boring sentence with Collect traditions draft/
letter to top of poster Poster voting for different final draft of picture
4. Write New Sentence class.
Find a Fish Cheeks
5. sentence Homework: Finish
cultural traditions
Decorate with color and writing.

HW: Finish Brainstorming /

complete picture with color
3/6 3/7 3/8 3/9 3/10
Verb Phrases- Bell practice 1 Collect Bad Boy Extra Complete CCR Award Sentence Winner
and 2/Vote on Pimp my Credit Questions and Connection
Sentence Collect CCR House
Complete MDM Reading 5 Question Quiz MDM
Listen to Mason Dixon and T4 (modeled after M-Step) Vocab Victor Challenge
Memory and T4 Add constructed response (Kahoot)
14:29 CCR House: Text-Text of paragraph
Glory ??- Time permitting Group D
Predictions with vocabulary Socratic Circle-Mason
and complete vocabulary Homework: Complete CCR Dixon
garden boxes. House except for Text
Connection Complete last section of
Homework: Vocabulary flashback writing

Flashback Writing Draft FlashbackFirst two

Brainstorm/organizer sections.
3/13 Curriculum Night 3/14 3/15 3/16 3/17
Collect Draft of Poem Grammar Bellringer Review 2 Grammar Bellringer 3 OR Checklist for typing
Introduce biographic poem Vocab Victor Challenge
Bellringer 1 Grammar Bellringer 3 OR (Kahoot) Show a teacher example
Look at examples/ create an Vocab Victor Challenge
example for Clifton. Read story and begin CCR (Kahoot) Collect CCR Thank you, Maam Quiz
House (Cassette and with grammar sentence
Homework: write poem cassette player needed). Listen to story as intro to
House wrap up circle (changed from pre- Library- type
Finish reading due to snow day) autobiographical poem
Thank You Maam NPR Audio: A Victim
Homework: treats his Mugger Right Collect Poem
Begin CCR House Finish House/ SC http://www.npr.org/player
tomorrow /v2/mediaPlayer.html?actio
Homework: Story/ Grammar quiz- n=1&t=1&islist=false&id=
Complete vocab garden Friday 89164759&m=89176753/
and text connection. story

Story and Grammar Quiz Group E

Friday Socratic Circle- Thank
You Mam

3/20 3/21 3/22 3/23 (Paula Sub) 3/24 (Paula Sub)

Review Memoir concepts Dialogue Notes Video/Powerpoint Collect Final Draft Heart Conclusion
Last Lecture Speech https://www.youtube.com/ Map
Lesson- writing dialogue watch?v=K9vFWA1rnWc Type Personal Narrative in
Heart Map with Comic stripModel Read Teachers Narrative Event Share Library (6th Hour also)
first with students
Web Ideas Lead model and share
Homework: Heart Map Due 20 minutesheart map
Thursday work Model Personal Narrative Personal Narrative Drafting
(Brainstorm): Event and lead (Intro and body paragraphs-
Homework: Comic color code with
practice extra credit Complete relationship/ highlighters/ add stems)
background boxes
HW: Finish RD

Homework: Begin Rough

Draft- Complete 4 event
boxes and lead

3/27 3/28 3/29 3/30 3/31

Madame and the Rent Man: Book binder letter 3rd Quarter Unit Test Sign out laptops and log- in Group Revision for
Exam Practice Personal Narrative
Posttest Review Partner Revisions for
class- Finish Typing- in Partner-- Kahoot Traditions Paper Collect Narratives to revise
class with ELA Think Pads after break.
Individual Socrative #2- Partner Revisions with
Homework: discuss (teacher led?) Spice it Up Sheet hour
Typed narrative due
Tuesday Homework: Homework: Fix and Print using
Socractive.com- #1 $ for book binding Due $ for book binding Due laptops in classroom.
Unit Test Wednesday Thursday Thursday
study session tomorrow! EC-- Redo Socrative as
Unit Test Tomorrow
4/10 Introduce Memoir Book 4/11 4/12 4/13 4/14
and Rubric Begin storyboardthat Create Books in Classroom Create Books in Final Kahoot Vocab
Introduce Storyboardthat using stations Classroom using stations Challenge
Complete Storyboard
Pass out Direction with saving Make Checklist Powerpoint Make Checklist Vocabulary Practice (10
pic into teacher folder (load Due @ the end of class. with rule for using boxes Powerpoint with rule for questions) quiz?
students names into website) using boxes
Meet in Library Day Bring Books into Kinkos
Library Rules: *begin working on 6-word Grammar sites for kids
Move ahead to next movie who are finished, using
paper when finished ipads
Ask three before me Set up library after school Bring electronic device
4 kids per table tomorrow

Revise and Print Narrative

begin SBT is collected Caf Date__________

4/17 4/18 4/19 4/20 4/21

4/24 4/25 4/26 4/27 4/27

Memoir Cafe
Add to rubric: Precepts, Be Poster, and Traditions Picture