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Spring Edition 2017

Happy Holidays to everyone!

The Spring is in the air! This is the most beautiful time of year and we all just about
to enjoy the first signs of the spring: trees are starting to blossom and the grass
getting greener! In a few short weeks, well start to feel the warm air and most
pleasant scents of the spring air.

All students have already been engaged with various recitals, concerts and
competitions and everyone, without exception, has performed to the best of their
ability and competitions results speak for themselves! Im looking forward to many
more activities this season!

Breaking news just at hand: Julia Mirzoev is set to perform the Tchaikovsky Violin
Concerto with Hart House Symphony Orchestra at a Benefit Concert for Sistema

Sistema Toronto is part of the larger umbrella organization, El Sistema, which provides
after school music lessons for underprivileged children. El Sistema was founded in
1975 in the slums of Caracas, Venezuela in order to provide children living in abject
poverty with a musical education.

Our special guests at this concert are the students and parents of Sistema Toronto. Our
goals for this concert are to inspire these young musicians to continue on their musical
journeys and raise money for the continuity of Sistema Toronto.

Under the baton of Samuel Tam, the program will include Tchaikovsky's Violin
Concerto, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 and excerpts from Tchaikovsky's opera
Eugene Onegin.

Solists include: Julia Mirzoev, violin, Artun Myskciyan, piano, Matthew Cairns, tenor and
Jacob Feldman, baritone.

Free admission with an encouraged donation at the door.

All are welcome to share and invite all friends and family of all ages.

Also, please note that Cynthia Ding is performing Summer from Vivaldis Four
Seasons on Saturday, June 3 at 8 pm with the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra.
In the program, also Shauna Rolston on the Cello and Young Musicians from Sistema,
Toronto. For more details, please visit the link at:

ORMTA Award Festival will take place on Saturday, June 3 between 3:00 pm and
6:00 pm at the St. Matthews United Church 333 Crosby Avenue, Richmond Hill.
Entry is free and everyone welcome!
Everyone welcome and entry is free!

JVL Summer School for Performing Arts 2017 season is from July 1 through to
July11. For details:

Cremona International Music Academy 2017 season is from July 16 through to
August 6, 2017. For detail:

So far, this is all we have! Im sure we will have more additions to your calendar that
I will share with you as soon as they arrive.

News from JVL:

The biggest event of the year is of course our JVL Summer Schools Festival Music In
The Summer. As we are preparing for all kinds of musical activities throughout the
year, the Summer Festival will remain by far the most important for all students of all
ages. This is the time when we finally can concentrate on chamber music and orchestra
activities, where the purest of the pure enjoyment of music making actually evolves and
the joy of playing in small and large groups with the like-minded students will strengthen
the desire of turning those black dots on paper into the beautifully crafted melodies, and
of course further develop the musical skills that, as you all know, help students to be
much stronger learner in all other areas of study, including science and languages. This is
the only time of the year, when students can uninterruptedly work on improving their
musical and technical skills on their instruments by having up to 12 hours of daily
infusion of practicing! Of course, there are other activities that have been planned for our
workaholic students; swimming, nature walks, and all kinds of games and
competitions. There are new faculty members who will be joining our Festival in 2017
and the website is updated regularly.

Within the next week or two, we will send every participant the scales competition
requirementsso start practicing!!

The registration deadline closes in May and we have only a few spots available. Those of
you who have not yet registered, please do so ASAP!

For full comprehensive information on the JVL Summer School for Performing Arts
Festival please visit the www.MusicInTheSummer.com
More News:
Please note: I will be away in Calgary for RCM examinations from June 6th-June 16th.
Of course, I will try to make up most of the lessons, either before or after my trip. My
son, David, will also be back in Toronto and he will help with lessons as well.

I would like to welcome all the new students and their families to my studio and
hope that you will enjoy learning violin as much as I enjoy teaching it!

I would like to congratulate Artur for being accepted to University of Toronto on a
full scholarship in Jonathan Crows class pursuing a performance degree. I also
would like to congratulate Soulbin Lee for being accepted as a scholarship student
to the Longy School of Music, Bart University in Boston, Massachusetts in Mark
Lakirovichs class pursuing a performance degree.
I also would like to congratulate Lucia for being accepted as a transfer student from
McMaster University to the University of Toronto in pursuing her Music Education
All 3 students will commence their studies in September 2017. I certainly wish them
lots of success in their future studies and truly become great professionals.

Always yours,

Jacob Lakirovich

37 Cedarpoint court, Vaughan, Ontario L6A 4P7 Canada Phone: 289 553-7498