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AT&T Communication Manager Help

AT&T Communication Manager (ACM) is a software application that lets you control your connections to
either the AT&T mobile network nationwide or to available Wi-Fi networks including thousands of AT&T
Wi-Fi hotspots using your computers built in Wi-Fi capability. The five main features of ACM are
accessible via action buttons in the top row of the interface, as shown in Figure 1. Clicking on any of
these buttons will take you to the main screen for that feature. Here is a list of the features:

1. Connection
2. Settings
3. Update
4. Messages
5. Contacts

Figure 1
Connection Screen

Mobile Region
The connection screen is divided into two regions; Mobile and Wi-Fi. The Mobile Region displays the
device and network status whenever a valid device and activated SIM Card are inserted or embedded
into the laptop running ACM. Click the button labeled Connect to connect to the Mobile network.

Details of your data plan will be shown on the bar graph along with your present total usage for the
billing cycle. ACM queries the Billing System to determine your data plan details. Your usage is tracked
on the bar graph for the billing cycle established for your subscription. Total data remaining for the
month is the amount that you are still allowed to use before you will be charged at the overage rate.
For more details click on the Usage Details button to the right of the Usage Bar Graph.

Wi-Fi Region
The Wi-Fi Region displays any Wi-Fi networks or access points that are in range of your laptop wi-fi
radio. Select a Wi-Fi network from the list and press connect. ACM will ask you for a password or other
credentials as required by the network you have selected. These credentials will be saved in a Wi-Fi
Profile so you dont have to enter them the next time you connect to that network. If you wish to delete
a Wi-Fi profile you can do so from the Settings Screen, refer to the Settings Screen section below.

ACM will not connect you to both Mobile and Wi-Fi at the same time so that you always know when you
are using the data from your mobile plan or if you are using the unlimited access of your home or public
WiFi network.

Settings Screen
The Settings Screen provides controls for many aspects of ACM. In the majority of cases the default
settings will be the best setting for your personal use. The main Settings Screen shows a list the settings

Application Sub Menu

These settings change how the ACM application is launched or turn off some main features. Clicking on
these items will take you to a configuration screen.

Automatically run this application on computer startup

When checked, ACM launches at the same time the computer OS starts up.

Always start application minimized

When checked, ACM will be minimized whenever you launch it.

Enable flight mode

When checked, ACM will turn off all radios as allowed by the computer. For example, ACM
cannot control any physical switches that turn off a mobile radio.
Enable wifi support
When checked ACM will be able to control the Wi-Fi radio in your computer.

Mobile Settings Sub Menu

These settings control how the ACM application connects to the mobile network. Clicking on these
items will take you to a configuration screen.

Automatically connect when a mobile network is available

When checked, ACM will automatically connect to a mobile network if no known Wi-Fi networks
are available and the mobile network is available. Checking this setting increases the risk of
overage on your mobile use.

Warn me when roaming internationally

When checked, ACM will popup a message whenever you try to connect to an international

Network technology selection

Allows ability to lock to 2G and 3G only, for a temporary lock check the box reset to automatic
network selection upon client restart.

Mobile Profiles Sub Menu

This setting lists the default profiles and provides a way to build a custom profile by clicking on the new
button. Any profile can be selected but only those profiles configured to work with your data plan will
allow you to connect to the mobile network.

Wi-Fi Profiles Sub Menu

These profiles will be added as wifi networks are discovered and connected. If you wish to connect to a
hidden Wi-Fi network then you can add the profile details with this setting.

PIN Code Sub Menu

Allows you to lock the application to prevent others from making changes or connecting. It is
recommended that you lock your computer to provide security rather than just ACM.

Tools Sub Menu

Test your connection
This setting performs a check of your browser settings, your device and ACM in making an
internet connection over the mobile network. ACM must be disconnected from both WiFi and
Mobile for this feature to complete its task. The test results will be shown on an AT&T Support
landing page.

These are useful links supporting your Laptop Connect Device and your DataConnect Plan
A web page listing all of your subscription details

Mobile Coverage Viewer

A web page providing a comprehensive up to date status of the coverage in a specific location

Answer Center
The main landing page for AT&T Support

Device Tutorials
The main landing page for tutorial instructions on any AT&T device

About Sub Menu

This provides details on the version of the ACM application you are using, the Device Name and version,
and the critical details of your subscription as stored on your SIM Card, for example your phone number.

Update Screen
This feature allows you to set the frequency of automatic checks for an ACM application upgrade or a
firmware upgrade for your device. You can also manually check for an upgrade at any time by clicking
the button, provided you have an internet connection. If there are upgrades available they will be
displayed here, along with a title, description and file size for the upgrade file. It is recommended that
you download upgrades over an unlimited WiFi connection so you are not charged for the data usage on
your mobile subscription.

Messages Screen
You Laptop Connect Device and DataConnect Plan allow you to receive and send text messages. These
are charged at the present per message rate unless you have added a bundled messaging plan to your
DataConnect Plan subscription. Messages will be grouped together by Sender phone number with the
first 20 characters displayed from the most recently received message. Click on the message content to
see all messages sent to or received from that Sender. Click on the New button at the bottom to send
a message. Text messages are stored on your SIM Card and should be deleted when no longer needed
to ensure there is always space to receive another text message.

Contacts Screen
These are the contacts stored on your SIM card and are typically the contacts you save from messages
you send or receive.