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Nudda is a Sardinian
word meaning
nothing. When you
engage in a fight,
there should be
nothing in your mind
just action borne out
of pure instinct and
where YOU become
the fight.

NUDDA M.A.X.TRAININGTM is a martial cross training system developed by

myself to improve my skills during my journey into the discovery of the Filipino
Martial Arts. The majority of the techniques are based on the Boxing phase of
the FMA: The main core of the system is Filipino Boxing in conjunction with the
footwork and battlefield strategies found in the art of Kaliradman.

Martial Arts Illustrated 73

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From that base I then developed a
unique curriculum that uses Western
Boxing training tools to develop reaction
skills, timing, balance, body mechanic
and coordination: Muay Thai to develop
the use of the devastating elbows
techniques as well as the use of the
knees, kicks and clinches and to
develop stamina and power. Some
basic grappling techniques are also part
of the syllabus, although our primary
goal is to stay standing and never be
taken to the ground. If we do end up on
the floor, it shouldnt be by choice and in
that event we must fight to get out of the
situation ASAP, therefore we concentrate
mainly on escape techniques.

If you are stacked on the ground during

a street encounter, the danger of Kaliradman checking the range Kaliradman basic high block
multiple opponents is a too risky option

Working the guard Working from the inside Neck control

and would make us extremely Below and as a striker I like to fight on my feet my body to such an extent that I had to
vulnerable to all sorts of trouble. The Antonio & so thats primarily what I teach. nearly give up martial arts all together.
irony of it is that to get out of the ground Valentin After this traumatic experience I decided
we must first know how to survive it. the NUDDA M.A.X.TRAININGTM is intended to take further my studies and
With the help of my former training Russian to be a striking art. Its aim is to develop understanding of the way our body
partner and old friend Pat Bamborough Bear an explosive and aggressive way of works and become a qualified Personal
(Pat is an instructor under Terry Barnett fighting that leaves very little room for Trainer and gradually repaired and
and one of the very first blue belts under counters and retaliation: it is specifically reconditioned my body, managing to
Mauricio Gomes in the UK) I spent some designed for urban orientated bring myself back to normal. I will
time training in BBJ, the main focus of situations. Its a modern never regret my overtraining phase as it
our training sessions was working on combat system that finds its allowed The Arts to become alive in
escapes from the various guard roots in the training methods me and part of my muscle memory,
positions and take and attributes based however I am aware that with proper
downs approach of the ancient physical conditioning, a better nutrition
counters, Filipino Martial Arts. plan and with some more rest I could
however I am have avoided years of pain as well as
certainly not a These techniques are the the risk to have to give up forever my
grappling consequence of biggest passion in life: training and
expert many years of teaching martial arts.
rigorous training.
There was a It took me (and still does) many years to
price to pay: create NUDDA M.A.X.TRAININGTM:
quite a few countless hours of research, trial and
years back I error, failure and success in the attempt
went trough a to create order from the chaos that only
stage of in a real fight can arise. The main idea
overtraining behind it was to become so proficient
that harmed that I could make the beautiful Filipino

74 Martial Arts Illustrated

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immensely inspiring; I cant even
Its aim is to develop an explosive and aggressive way of fighting imagine what my journey would have
been without his help and guidance and
that leaves very little room for counters and retaliation: it is for this and many other reasons I will be
forever grateful to this amazing man.
specifically designed for urban orientated situations.
In the next article I will spend some
Boxing arts work under real pressure. the people who were good enough to time talking about Guro Terry Barnett
As well as the average Joe I am share their great knowledge with me: and the way he profoundly made
currently teaching people from all as without their teaching all this an impact in my martial arts
walks of life: some of my students are wouldnt have been possible. adventure.
very experienced martial artists and
come from different FMA schools, I had the honour to train I hope you enjoyed
some of them hold trophies and world under some of the best FMA reading this article
title medals in stick fighting instructors out there and all and if you would
competitions, others have a strong of them equally played an like to find out
Muay Thai background with many essential role in my more about what I
fights under their belts, some of them formation, but the biggest teach and
are MMA fighters. I train Security influence in my martial arts introduce the
guards, Doormen, Bodyguards and adventure is by far Guro NUDDA M.A.X.
Policemen and all of these people have Terry Barnett. In my opinion TRAININGTM
found something they like with NUDDA what sets Terry apart from all curriculum in your
M.A.X.TRAININGTM , it works. the other equally great school, please visit
instructors I have trained the website below.
So what is the difference between under, is his ability to direct his Until next time, train
NUDDA M.A.X.TRAININGTM and other students in the right path hard and fight
FMA and cross training systems? throughout the easy.
Wellultimately is that it is a system. discovery of their own
It is an extremely detailed syllabus that expression of
nurtures you from the very beginning of combat. His
your journey and aims to guide you to integrity in the
find your very own expression of the teaching and
arts which ultimately is what FMA are all performing of
about. the arts is

It has been originally created for my

very own personal and physical
development, and is being tested hard
enough for me to firmly believe in its
efficiency, and with that confidence I
am sure that many people will enjoy
and benefit from training in it. I
would like to stress the fact that
this is not a new secret Sardinian
art (an art so secret that not even
the Sardinians know anything
about it) and I have to thank all
The NUDDA Mystem is Antonio

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Antonio is the Mastru - Chief

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email: info@nudda.com
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web: www.nudda.com e tio
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out the fight
YOU become Martial Arts Illustrated 75