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1. The sum of squares of two consecutive even numbers is 244. Find the numbers.

2. The base length of a triangle is 2cm more than its height. The area is 24cm 2. Find the length
of hypotenuse and the perimeter of the triangle.

3. The length of a square is increased by a 5th so that its new area is 44cm2 more than the
original value. Find the difference in perimeter of two shapes.

4. The length and width of a rectangular garden are 150m and 120m. A foot path of regular
width is added to the boundary of the garden and the total area of the garden becomes
2800m2 more than its original area. Find the width of the footpath.

5. Adam is about to embark on a journey on a narrow country lane that covers 32km and
decides to go at x km/h. On second thoughts, he calculates that if he increases the speed by
4km/h, his journey time can be cut down by 4 hrs. Find x.

6. The reciprocal of the sum of reciprocals of two numbers is 6. The sum of numbers is 25. Find
the numbers.

7. The speed of an ant is (2t + 10) and after travelling for t minutes, it covers a distance of 12m.
Find t.

8. Two chords and a diameter form a triangle inside a circle. The radius is 5cm and one chord
is 2cm longer than the other one. Find the perimeter and the area of the triangle.

9. The sum of a number and it reciprocal is 26/5. Find the number.

10. The product of two numbers is 20. The sum of squares is 41. Find the numbers.

11. The dimensions of the glass plate of a wedding photo are 18cm and 12cm respectively. A
new frame of equal width is about to be fitted around the glass so that the area of the frame
is the same as that of the glass. Find the width of the frame.

12. A group of acquaints went to a restaurants for a meal. When the bill for 175 was brought by
a waiter, two of the cheeky ones from the group just sneaked off before the bill was paid,
which resulted in the payment of extra 10 by each remaining individual. How many were in
the group at first?

13. Ashwin and Donald decided to set out from two towns on their bikes, which are 247 miles
apart, connected by a straigh t Roman road in England. When they finally met up
somewhere between the two towns, Ashwin had been cycling for 9 miles a day. The number
of days for the whole adventure is 3 more than the number of miles that Donald had been
cycling in a day. How many miles did each cycle?

14. When a two-digit number is divided by the product of the two digits, the answer is 2 and if 27
is added to the number, the original number turns into a new number with the digits being
swapped around. Find the number.

15. There are three numbers: the difference of the differences of them is 5. The sum and product
are 44 and 1950 respectively. Find the numbers.
16. Find the two numbers, whose sum is 19 and the product of the difference and the greater, is

17. A boy was asked his age: "If you add the square root of it to half of it, and then subtract 12,
the answer will be nothing," replied the boy. What was his age?

18. A group of army cadets, consisting of 1066 men, form two squares in front of a garrison. In
the side of one square, there are 4 more men than the other. How many men are in each
side of the squares?

19. The height of a triangle is 4cm less than three times its base length. If the area is 80 cm 2, find
the lengths of the base and height.

20. An isosceles triangle is inscribed in a circle in such a way that its longest side, which goes
through the centre is 50cm. Find the area of the triangle.