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A Supplement to the Star Shopper Friday, April 21, 2017 Edition 5 Focusing on Todays Rural Environment

We sell fun!
Josts share the load with
each others businesses
By DIANE LEUKAM need to drive one to two hours one way to
Staff Writer purchase the type of bait they want. Enter
Debbie Jost. Though Minnesota provides
10 percent of her business, the other nine-
ALEXANDRIA Nestled in the ty percent of her business is done through-
rolling hills on a 50-acre parcel just out- out the United States, filling that need.
side of Alexandria, on Rob and Debbie A garage fit for worms
Josts property, the reflection of the sunset The Josts garage is a veritable worm
gleams off the surface of the small lake facility. Walking in, a wall of shelves is
in their backyard. Relaxing on their patio filled with plastic tubs that appear to the
behind the house overlooking the lake, naked eye to contain dirt. Rob reached
Debbie has just finished a busy day at into the dirt and instantly, European night-
her full-time job where she works in her crawlers filled his hand, as they await their
garage just a few feet away. Rob is right destination. In one corner, a large walk-in
beside her, a willing and able hand when- cooler holds shelves full of boxes of Ca-
ever he has time. nadian nightcrawlers, a type that must be
Debbie is the owner of Speedy refrigerated. Next comes a garage refrig-
Worm, an online live bait store. As of this erator that, rather than the beer found in
month, she has been buying, selling and some garages, is home to spikes. Most
shipping an assortment of bait for seven would know them as maggots. Waxworms
years. and mealworms have their own shelves in
A business major from St. Cloud other freestanding units.
State University and partner with her hus- Sitting near the packaging area is a
band in their business, Minnesota Muskie cylindrical screen system that separates
Farm, Inc. Debbie recognized a niche for the worms from the dirt they came in. The
her business quite quickly. worms are placed into the cylinder, and as
When I first decided to do this, I it turns, the castings (worm excrement)
decided we were only going to do online and dirt fall through, and the worms are
sales, Debbie said. then weighed and packaged, along with a
There is no other state like Minne- lighter-weight bedding that is less costly
sota, she said. If you see a lake youre to ship.
likely to see a bait shop. PHOTO BY DIANE LEUKAM
While Minnesota has an extensive Debbie Jost holds Canadian nightcrawlers, one type of bait she sells through her
infrastructure for bait, other states are WORMS online business, Speedy Worm. Jost and her husband, Rob, operate Minnesota
not that fortunate. In many areas, people continued on page 4 Muskie Farm, Inc., which they purchased in 1994.

since a chance meeting with
Lodermeiers find a wood decoy carver peaked
joy in carving, Mikes interest.
I just so happened to
pyrography meet someone who carved
decoys and he started show-
By LIZ VOS ing me how to do it, ex-
Staff Writer plained Mike, who has since
become an award-winning
wood carver, using a power
ROCKVILLE Sitting carving method.
in their living room, over- Brenda, who has also
looking the peaceful Sauk done woodcarving and relief
River in rural Rockville, carving, has found a niche in
Mike and Brenda Lodermei- pyrography, which is the art
er can easily look through the of decorating wood or other
large windows to see the art materials with burn marks.
Mother Nature has created. She began the art form nearly
But inside, they are surround- eight years ago after taking an
ed by the art they have creat- introductory class on it.
ed. I enjoyed it from the
Woodworking has been a
Brenda and Mike Lodermeier stand in their Rockville living room where they are surrounding by deeply cherished part of the
a plethora of woodcarvings and pyrography they have created over the past 20 years. LODERMEIERS
couples life for over 20 years continued on page 6
Page 10 Country Acres - Friday, April 21, 2017
YAKS continued from page 9
SAUK CENTRE NH L215, Cab, Heat, Radial Lift .................$22,800
TRACTORS NH L555, Cab, Heat .....................................$6,500
NH 8770, 2WD, 20.8x42 Duals...................$49,000 HAY TOOLS
NH T7000 Front PTO/3 Point Kit .................$6,500 NH H7150, 14 Haybine, HS Head,
JD 3400 Telehandler, 22 Lift, 6,000# .........$32,500 Like New .................................................$17,900
SKID LOADERS NH 166 Inverter, Hyd Drive, RH Table Ext ....$5,700
NH L230, Cab Heat, A/C, Air Seat .............$36,900 NH 1411, 10 4 Discbine ...........................$13,500
NH L218, Cab, Heat ...................................$24,900 (2) NH 499, 12 Haybines, 540 PTO ....... Starting at
HAY TOOLS $5,500
NH 1475, 14 Haybine ................................$13,500 (2) NH 1475, 14 Haybines.......... Starting at $3,500
NH H7450, 13 Disbine, Draw Bar Swivel ..$27,900 NH 492 Haybine, Nice ..................................$5,800
BALERS NH H7230, 10 4 Discbine, Std Tongue ....$17,800
NH BR7070, Crop Cutter............................$28,900 BALERS
NH BR7090, Net Only, Wide P/U ...............$27,900 MF 1756, 5x6, Net-Twine, 540 PTO .........$16,250
NH BR780A, Twine/Net, Wide P/U .............$11,500 MF 1756, Net-Twine, Nice ..........................$16,250
NH BR7070 Roto-Cut, Twine-Net ..............$19,900 NH BR780, Net-Twine, Bale Command .....$17,500
NH BR740A ................................................. Just In! NH BR740, Bale Slice, Net/Twine...............$17,500
TILLAGE NH BR7060, Roto Cut, Net-Twine,
Salford 8214 Plow, 14 Bottom ...................$55,500 New Belts ................................................$22,500
JD 3710, 10 Bottom Plow. .........................$42,500 NH BR7070, Net-Twine, XtraSweep ...........$24,700
FORAGE JD 469 Premium, Net, Mega Wide P/U ......$34,500
Krone EC7500 ............................................$29,500 JD 547, Twine, Bale Ramps, 540 PTO .........$8,200
NH 365W Hay Head, 15, Off FX25. .............$5,900 TILLAGE
NH 919A4 CH, 4R-36, Fits 1915.................$1,750 JD Plow, 5 Bottom, Hyd Reset ........................$750
NH FX25, 4WD, AutoLube, 360N6 CH, 365W HH, GRAIN HANDLING
Consigned ...............................................$52,500 Sudenga 8x61, 540 PTO Drive ..................$2,900
Berti TA-220 Offset Flail Mower. ...................$4,500 NH FP230, 27P HH, 3PN CH, KP...............$39,500
PIERZ Miller Pro 5200, 16 Rear, 12T Tandem ........$6,250 Craig Dischinger is assisted on the farm by his 4-year-old son, Jack.
TRACTORS NH 790, 12 Knives, 824 CH .......................$11,500
JD 4055, 2WD, 1650 Hrs., Sharp ...............$36,900 NH 3PN Corn Head ......................................$9,800 Dischinger sells the animals fur. consumption rates.
Super Steer .............................................$53,500 NH 155, Splash Guard, New Tire .................$6,900 We comb their hair in the spring Not only is the farm work and
SKID LOADERS MISCELLANEOUS here, he said. They have two differ- maintenance less involved, its also
NH 218, Cab, Heat, A/C, 2 Speed..............$28,800 Hiniker 5610, RH Discharge Stalk Chopper .$7,900 ent layers of hair. They have a coarse, more affordable.
NH L220, Cab, Heat, A/C, 2 Speed............$32,700 Grouser Skid loader tracks...............................Call!
NH LS170, Cab, Heat, Hyd Q-Tach............$17,900 guard hair thats the long layer all The vet is out here far less
over their body. Then theyve got a and I thought I had pretty healthy
really fine winter hair. beef cattle too, Dischinger said.
The winter coat is finer than al- There is a lot of savings on the vet
paca fur, Dischinger said, and it is costs; I also dont have to be around
ideal for being spun into yarn. Each as much during calving. With beef
spring, Dischinger combs the yaks cows you have to watch them to
once a week for about two months to make sure theyre not having any
collect the fiber. trouble. The calving is just so much
We comb them for as long as quicker. I timed it one time. I saw the
theyll tolerate it, he said. Some of cow going into labor, I timed it and it
them you can stand there and comb took ten minutes. A beef cow could
them for an hour, for some of them take hours.
five minutes is good and they want to Overall, Dischinger finds the
go. We dont want to stress them out transition from raising beef cattle to
so once we notice theyre getting irri- raising yaks pretty achievable of
tated we let them out. course, he has had help with various
Dischinger also sells yak hides, farm chores from his sons Jack, 4,
which can be turned into rugs, wall and Peter, 1.
hangings, blankets or even pro- The boys help me clean the
cessed into leather. barn, collect eggs
He said Wilson Sport- whatever Im do-
ing Goods has begun I love to yak ing they want to do,
producing yak hide Dischinger said.
KEMCO BENEFITS: softball and baseball about yaks. If In fact, Jack is
gloves. quite involved. On
 Wrap up to 4 bales per minute - 240 per hour! The leather is anybody has their Facebook page,
 Wraps round bales up to 66 or square bales to to 66 tougher and thin- Hot Disch Farm
 Increase protein content by up to 8% by wrapping balage ner than cattle, but
questions they LLC, the Dischargers
 Simple & easy to use - one person operation its more pliable, can call me. chronicle the story of
 Heavy Built unit - 5,500 lbs. UNIT S Dischinger said. I got
IN to feel a yak baseball Weve toured lots their boys growing up
with yaks on the farm.
STOCK glove, brand new, and of families that Jack is always helping
it felt like it had al- out, and from time to
Reduce the amount of waste at ready been through a were interested in time he has performed
feeding time, improve your hay harvest Optional season of use nice in commercials for the
Self-Propel and flexible. raising yaks. farm.
efficiency and reduce loss in
harvest and storage. Drive Unit The meat, how- - Craig Dischinger He likes to come
Available ever, is the primary to the farmers mar-
product. Hot Disch ket and pull stuff
Farms provides yak meat for a num- out of the freezer for customers,
ber of local resturaunts, and they are Dischinger said.
Check out the video at: currnelt working on distributing the Thanks in part to Dischingers
www.kemco-usa.com meat to nearby grocers. Last year, presence, there has been a growing
Hot Disch farms began showing up interest in yak farming in the area.
at the Willmar farmers market, and That said, Dischinger always makes
they intend to return this summer. and effort to keep himself available
Eliminate the rush of baling hay for threat of
of an oncoming storm! The Dischingers also sell yak meat for those interested in raising some
and yarn online. yaks of their own.
www.modernfarmequipment.com Over the years, Dischinger has I love to yak about yaks, he
found the sale and distribution pro- said. If anybody has questions they
cess for yaks to be more involved and can call me. Weve toured lots of
MNN demanding than with cattle; but he families that were interested in rais-
468 2161 Hwy.
H 27
27 West
W t also says the farm work itself, how- ing yaks. Well tour people and tell
SAUK CENTRE, MN ever, has been much less involved. them about our story, though every-
320-352-6543 Hwy. 71 South There is a lot less maintenance bodys story is a little different.
with the yaks, Dischinger said. For For more information, search for
www.modernfarmequipment.com feeding, with these guys I can put a Hot Disch Farms LLC on Facebook,
round bale of hay once a week and or visit the farms website at www.
make sure their water is full, whereas hotdischfarm.com.
with beef cows I was out there twice
a day. I had them both out at the same
time so I was able to see their hay
Friday, April 21, 2017 - Country Acres Page 11

Casama Brissp:
a foundation of plants
By HERMAN LENSING Calling the gift seed
Staff Writer money was fitting, because the
grandchildren quickly found
seeds were a great way to
ST. MARTIN Sev- grow their investment. Each of
PHOTOS BY HERMAN LENSING en years ago, Jim and Betty the last seven years they have
(Left) Betty and Jim Schmidt Schmidt gave each of their six sponsored a plant sale (this
started the Casama Brissp grandchildren a $25 gift. year May 13) at the Schmidts
Foundation by giving $25 to They each received an en- home to raise funds for the
each of their grandchildren foundation.
and challenging them to velope with $25, said Betty.
double the money each year. The money was theirs to start I dont think I really knew
a foundation. It was their seed what was going on at the first
(Below) Matthew Lieser checks money, and they were expected Christmas, said Matthew, 16,
on the progress of plants in to double it each year. the oldest of the grandchildren.
the hot house. The plants The grandchildren lent I think it has gotten bigger
are used in a sale to help the not only their money, but also than was ever planned.
Casama Brissp Foundation. their names to the foundation. Through 2016, the founda-
Its called the Casama Bris- tion has raised over $11,364.52.
sp Foundation. The name is The plant and bake sale has
derived from the first two let- been no small part of that. It
ters of the first name of each has grown each year, bringing
grandchild: Carly Feldewerd, in over $1,200, last year.
Samantha Lieser, Matthew
Lieser, Brent Feldewerd, Isaac CASAMA BRISSP
Lieser and Spencer Lieser. continued on page 10

Sign-Up for Leagues NOW! OP OW

Sat., May 6
SPORTING CLAY LEAGUES 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
(Apr. 25-Aug) The General Store of Osakis will
have range guns and pistols
available to try.
Special shooting price!
$5 OFF a round.
and Pheasant Hunting Preserve (League shoots are regular price)
2.5 miles W. of Sauk Centre on Hwy. 28 | 320-266-1727



'16 Ford Escape SE '16 GMC Acadia SLE-1 '15 Ford F350 Super Duty '15 RAM 2500 SLT '14 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT '17 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT

$ $ $ $ $ $
18,488 24,988 43,988 30,988 34,988 46,988
Ingot Silver, 4 Cyl. 2L, 26k mi., SUV Ebony Twilight Metallic, 6 Cyl. 3.6L, Lariat, Oxford White, 8 Cyl. 6.7L, 66k mi, Bright White Clear Coat, 8 Cyl. 5.7L, Quicksilver Metallic, 8 Cyl. 6.6L, 128k Ingot Silver, 8 cyl. engine, 6.700L, crew
4X4, Stk. #T127-16 31k mi., SUV, AWD, Stk. #T2-17 Crew Cab, 4X4, Stk. #T10-17 23k mi., Crew Cab 4X4, Stk. #T26-17 mi., Crew Cab 4X4, Stk. #T16-17 cab, 4x4, 16k miles, Stk. #T39-17

'11 Ford Explorer '08 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LT1 '16 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali '16 Ford F150 XLT '16 Ford F150 XLT '16 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT

$ $ $ $ $ $
18,988 25,988 55,988 30,988 34,988 32,988 IURP
White Suede, 6 cyl., 3.500L, auto, SUV Summit White, 8 Cyl. 6.6L., 144k mi., Onyx Black, 8 Cyl., 6.6L, 26k miles, Blue Flame, 8 Cyl., 5L, 24k miles, Crew Lithium Gray, 6 Cyl. 3.5L, 15k mi, Crew Oxford White, 8 Cyl. 6.2L, 19k mi, Crew
AWD, 85k miles, Stk. #T18-17A Crew Cab 4X4, Stk. #T19-17 Crew Cab 4X4, Stk. #T27-17 Cab, 4x4, #T1-17 Cab, 4x4, #T8-17 Cab, 4x4 #T34-17
'14 Toyota 4Runner Limited '14 Ford F-150 XLT '16 GMC Sierra 2500HD '15 Chevy Silverado 3500 '14 Lexus GX 460 '08 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

$ $
34,988 27,988 $
34,988 $
53,988 $
38,988 $
Nautical Blue Metallic, 4L 6 cyl., SUV, Blue Flame Metallic, 8 cyl. eng., 5L, Summit White, 8 Cyl. 6L, 19k mi. Crew LTZ, Black, 8 Cyl. 6.6L, 2k mi., Crew Cab, Knights Armor Pearl, 8 Cyl. 4.6L, 44k LT1, Summit White, 8 Cyl. 6L, 168k mi.,

4x4, auto, 45k miles, Stk. #T41-17 Super Crew 4x4 48k miles, Stk. #T30-17A Cab, 4x4, #T37-17 4x4, #T25-17 mi., 4x4, #T23-17 Crew Cab, 4x4, #T17-17

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I-94 & Country Road 75
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56302
Page 12 Country Acres - Friday, April 21, 2017
CASAMA BRISSP continued from page 8
The money is donated to help If we dont do that we have a huge however, seems to have taken hold and Casama Brissp Foundation as worth
others, said Betty. Some has gone to mess, said Heidi. grown into another generation and has keeping and growing.
Catholic Charities to sponsor families at They are labeled and carried into spread a bit beyond the family. I like doing it, said Samantha. It
Christmas, but some has gone to help a greenhouse. There are also two hot- Allison Hukriede, Matts girl- is really good to help people who need
local families. houses for the plants that have started friend, is helping this year, said Betty. help. Some of my friends come to the
The Schmidts conceived of the idea growing. The Schmidts wrote a sunset clause plant sale and they think it is cool and
following the 2009 Christmas perfor- Every plant is tagged and marked, into the document on the foundation, give donations. Its nice to do because
mance by John Tesh in St. Cloud. Tesh said Betty. We use old Venetian blinds but it is possible it will not be invoked. we are helping others.
told the audience how he and his staff for the stakes. Some of their grandchildren see the
volunteer in every city they perform in. The plants are constantly moni-
He then challenged audience members tored while growing.
to make a difference. The Schmidts had While it has become a multi-gen-
always been believers in helping oth- eration family project to plant and sell
ers and passed that lesson on to their the vegetables and flowers, it is not the
daughters, Megan Lieser and Heidi Fel- only activity used to bring in funds.
dewerd. The foundation, they felt, was Funds have also been raised through
a great way to way teach that lesson to craft sales (Betty is a crafter in her own
their grandchildren. right) and getting pledges for running,
One thing they were very clear fishing and swimming. A love of base-
about: while adults (parents and grand- ball shared by Isaac, Spencer and Mat-
parents) could help out, the projects and thew also played a role in increasing the
work to increase the seed money was foundations funds.
to be done by the grandchildren. That That was grandmas idea, said
clearly is the case when it comes to the Matthew. Isaac and Spencer got more
plant and bake sale. At the Schmidt into it than I did.
house there are three planting days, one The formula calls for various hits,
late in February and two in April. In or runs, and their grandparents donate
a work shed on the Schmidt farm, the a certain amount to the fund, but strike-
grandchildren fill the pots and plant the outs and errors result in a deduction
seeds that will develop into tomatoes, from the fund.
squash, cucumbers and other plants The project, attention to the fund
and flowers to be sold at the plant and (a report is created and signed by the
bake sale. The planting and growing is grandchildren each year) and work on
spread out over about six weeks. the fund does take time. The lesson,

MORE TRACTOR Megan Lieser and her daughter, Samantha, prepare to plant various vegetable

for Your Money! and flower seeds that will be sold at the plant sale.

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25-101 HP

Every LS Tractor comes with a ve-year warranty:
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and Labor, with No Deductible. to 72 Months
Test Drive Your Next Tractor At
320-573-2341 www.wollerequipment.com Spencer Lieser (from left), Isaac Lieser, Allison Hukriede and Brent Feldewerd fill
1 Mile NE of Upsala on Hwy. 238 pots for the seed.


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Wood Splitter/ APRIL 1630
Tree Shear
$2,750 Mail-in rebate limit $80
Bolt together design, 1 unit Rock Bucket
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$810 Pallet Fork 125 Main Street, St. Martin, MN 56376 320.548.3255 Fax: 320.548.3705
TK Timber
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into USEABLE lumber.
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Log sawing
Alfalfa Round up - Ready & Conventional your site or ours
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Round Bale Spear your seed need Corn Round up - Ready & Conventional Bobcat work

$410 We ca rr y
$975 $595
Soybeans Round up - Ready and Liberty
Excavating and site
tons of seed!!
Grasses Lawn Forage Sorghums
prep services
MRF SKID LOADER ATTACHMENTS (320) 859-5994 Fax (320) 859-2146 Ofce 320-266-4909
Manure Fork........................................$975 Freestall Groomer ........................... $1,850 creamery@midwestinfo.net www.tk-timber.com
P.O. Box 386 Osakis, MN, 56360 CA_Apr21_1B_BT Veteran owned company
Manure Fork Grapple ...................... $2,150 Sand Spreader ................................ $2,500
3Pt Gooseneck Tow Bar ......................$445 Bale Squeezer ................................. $2,025
Rock Bucket Grapple....................... $2,150 Replacement German Tines Starting at $40
Brush Grapple ................................. $2,100 Established in 1975

Drainage LLC.
Material Bucket ...................................$875 HEAVY DUTY OFF ROAD DUMP TRAILERS
Material Bucket Grapple .................. $2,200 4X8 Rock Trailer.............................. $2,650
Snow Bucket ................................... $1,050 6X12 Flair Side ................................ $5,750
Tree Scoop ..........................................$535 6X12 Straight Side .......................... $5,950
Quick Tach Plates ..................................$80 8X16 Midline ................................... $8,350 Howard Marthaler 320-250-2984 Jason Marthaler 320-249-6062
Stall Plow ........................................ $2,375 8X16 Premium .............................. $14,950 Karl Larson 320-808-8012
Feed Pusher .................................... $1,350

SAUK CENTRE, MN Ditching Tiling


Ag Waste Systems
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Mon.-Fri. 7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.;

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is a Trained
miscellaneous work. We also do
county, township, and
RWT 7x12 Mini V Nose watershed work, as well as soil Service
Trailerman 12 Dump Trailer
2x7000 lb axles LED Lights conservation work. Provider
3,650 Electric Brakes
Scissor Lift Hoist
72 Rear
Stored Ramps - MBC Drainage, Sauk Centre
Remote Control 24 Sides
& Corded Control
Other 6,500

sizes and #001789

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32 side door

IL Vehicle & Trailer ER

H Sales and Repairs
Hwy. 71 South Long Prairie, MN 56347 CA_Apr21_1B_BT 1800 2nd St. S. Sauk Centre, MN
Page 14 Country Acres - Friday, April 21, 2017

The Rural City Guy

Heimkes til the city became what it is today, Heimkes
said. With the change in scenery, we moved
to Glenwood.
shows support For 46 years, the Heimkes family has
lived on Lake Gilchrist.
The Heimkes are stewards of the land,
for agriculture, being environmentally aware of their actions
and the consequences they have on nature.
This respect for nature earned Heimkes the
nature nickname rural city guy.
Taking action
Heimkes love and appreciation for na-
ture ignited a drive in him to become involved
By ELIZABETH BETHKE in different organizations to spread the word
Staff Writer about paying attention to the Earth.
For many years, Heimkes worked at a
hazardous waste facility, testing and balanc-
GLENWOOD Richard Heimkes of ing the pH levels for the surrounding bodies
Glenwood has been named the Rural City of water.
Guy, because of his love for agriculture and I was in charge of making sure the water
nature, despite not living on a farm. didnt drop below a certain pH level, other-
For over 20 years, Heimkes has been in- wise the flood gates would barricade down,
volved in numerous organizations and has Heimkes said.
served as a voice for the local agricultural in- With an ever-changing lakeshore environ-
dustry. ment, Heimkes took action within local orga-
Ambition and common sense is how I nizations.
earned my involvement in the organizations, I became the co-director of the lake asso-
Heimkes said. I practically sat on every ciation and as years went by, we made some
round table in the county. changes changing the meeting times and
The city guys rural roots accommodating everyones busy schedules
PHOTO BY ELIZABETH BETHKE Heimkes, his wife, Delores, and children to talk about issues surrounding the lake and
Richard Heimkes sits in front of certificates he has been grew up in Eagan. At the time, the community land nearby, said Heimkes, who served as
awarded over the years for his involvement in environmental was built around livestock and hay fields. president of the organization.
and agricultural organizations. We could hunt out of our back door un- Going hand in hand with the lake associ-

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19828 US Hwy. 10, Verndale, MN 56481
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Arvig 2017
*3-year pickup warranty covers internal components and includes parts and labor. Does not include teeth or hardware for teeth. See local Vermeer dealer for details.
Vermeer, the Vermeer logo and Equipped to Do More are trademarks of Vermeer Manufacturing Company in the U.S. and/or other countries. 2017 Vermeer Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Friday, April 21, 2017 - Country Acres Page 15
ation, Heimkes also volunteers for the culture were obvious, and the rules
Citizen Lake Monitoring program. were revised to allowed him and other
I have been taking lake observa- members without agricultural land to
tions and water data; temperature and vote on certain matters.
clarity from ice off to ice on for 27 I dont know how much prouder
years, he said. I test the water week- I could be, Heimkes said. My pas-
ly and have noticed a steady decrease sion is in the farm. Farms live off the
in the level of water and quality over- Earth and create agriculture that helps
all. Mother Nature thrive.
The 2-mile-long lake that Heim- Advocating for future generations
kes and his wife Heimkes fo-
live on is not cus in all the or-
suitable for rec-
reational use be-
Between the farms ganizations is to
help the younger
cause of the over- and nature, the Earth is generation be-
growth of blue come aware of
and green algae. getting tired and we are how important
Mother Na-
ture is sending a
not using our resources farming is and the
delicate balance
message, Heim- wisely. My motto is to between Mother
kes said. She is Nature and farm-
getting tired; I can use common sense to ing. PHOTO BY ELIZABETH BETHKE
The Rural City Guy, Richard Heimkes, lives on Lake Gilchrist. Heimkes has tested
tell by the years of look at situations in a It is getting the water of the lake for 27 years.
testing. harder for the
Nature and positive way. small farms to the farms and nature, the Earth is get- ble. Consumers need to walk through
agriculture thrive - Richard Heimkes continue, Heim- ting tired and we are not using our woods and farms to get the full expe-
from water the kes said. Either resources wisely. My motto is to use rience.
two linking fac- younger genera- common sense to look at situations in Heimkes believes that if every-
tors that made Heimkes want to join tions do not want to continue on with a positive way. one can be as environmentally aware,
the Minnesota Farm Bureau. the family farm, or, if they do, large Although retired from some en- Mother Nature will slowly start to re-
I have been a member of Min- companies are buying land at higher vironmental organizations, Heimkes pair herself.
nesota Farm Bureau for about nine prices than what small farmers can remains persistent in protecting the The worst thing that can happen
years, he said. I am also a board compete with. land and water for the purpose of food is for the younger generation to accept
member and serve on the executive The concerned environmentalist production. what is happening with the environ-
board. lets fear push him to persuade oth- The overall population of the ment and not ask why is it happening.
When Heimkes joined the organi- ers like him, and younger, to become world does not understand the bal- Everything has a cause and an effect
zation, he was unable to voice a vot- more aware of what is going on in ance between mankind and Mother its never too late to make a change,
ing opinion because he did not own their own backyard. Nature, Heimkes said. Agricultur- Heimkes said. Nature is for the ani-
farm property. However, to the board, Once I am gone, who is going to al teaches youth about where food mals Mother Natures wealth.
Heimkes love and passion for agri- continue? Heimkes said. Between comes from from the farm to the ta-

Happy Mothers Day! 1/4 mi
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19828 HWY. 10 VERNDALE, MN 56481
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Lend me your ear ear infections and for some allergy dogs,
this is the only allergy symptom they
have. Treating external ear canal infec-
tions is sometimes simple and sometimes
draining the blood from the ear and al-
lowing the skin and cartilage time to heal
back together. Unfortunately, just pulling
the blood out with a needle and syringe
The three most common ear prob- is easy to forget and miss some doses. very challenging depending on the cause rarely works. It tends to start filling back
lems we see at veterinary clinics can be There are much better alternatives for and our ability to manage any chronic up so quickly that the skin and cartilage
interrelated. They are the fol- eradicating ear mites now that underlying conditions. Some chronic, re- do not have time to seal back together.
lowing: ear mites, bacterial or often mean only one to two curring external ear infections can cause One of a couple of surgical techniques is
yeast ear infections, and aural treatments. Your veterinarian so much damage over time that only ag- usually needed. One technique is to open
hematomas. They all have can explain all the options. gressive surgery will provide relief. a hole for drainage in the ear flap and
similar symptoms. These are So if dogs usually dont have The third common condition we see is evacuate all the blood and clots and then
head shaking, scratching at ear mites, what is that stinky, usually the result of an ear infection, ear insert a bovine teat cannula that is then
the ears, pain, discharge from dark discharge in their ears? mites, or something else that caused the left in place for a couple weeks or more
the ear, bad smell and possi- Well, it is usually a bacterial pet to shake their head repeatedly due to keep the ear flap drained while healing
bly a head tilt. To understand or yeast (a fungus) external ear to ear irritation. This condition is called occurs. This can be messy and irritating
what is at the root of the prob- canal infection (otitis exter- an aural hematoma. When a cat or dog for the dog, but some tolerate it well.
lem, each condition requires a by: Wendy na). There is normally a small shakes their head hard enough and often This works better for dogs that have ears
minimum diagnostic combina- Womach amount of bacteria and yeast enough, they can break a blood vessel that hang down allowing for continuous
tion of an exam of the ear canal in the ear, but with increased in the ear flap which then fills the space drainage. Another technique is to open a
with a magnifying otoscope and usually moisture and decreased ventilation these between the skin and the cartilage with hole to drain the blood and clots and then
microscopic evaluation of any abnormal can overgrow causing inflammation, dis- blood. This will make the ear feel and suture the skin and cartilage together,
material in the ear canal. charge and discomfort. Many factors can look like a water balloon. Treating this holding them in close contact while they
Ear mites are microscopic tick-like create the perfect conditions for an ear condition involves fixing the underlying heal. This works well for all ear types
bugs that live in the ear canal. They tend infection. These can include things about problem that caused the head shaking and and is well tolerated.
to create an ear discharge that is black, the anatomy of the ear pendulous ears,
crumbly and dry like coffee grounds. narrowed ear canals, increased amount
They are most common in cats. Many of hair in the canal, and increased num-


people see discharge in their dogs ears bers of oil glands in the ear. All of these
and think they have ear mites, but unless things decrease ventilation of the ear

that dog lives with or spends a lot of con- canal and increase moisture retention.
tact time with a cat that goes outdoors, Frequent swimming and bathing that in-
this is uncommon. Many people waste troduce water into the ear canal and high
time and money treating dogs with over humidity weather can contribute to ear - Feed Bunks - S Bar Feeder - Horse Feeder
the counter ear mite medication, so al- infections developing. Even excessive
ways check with the vet first before start- cleaning can traumatize the ear canal
- Heavy Duty Round Feeder
ing any ear treatments. People do not get setting up conditions that foster an ear
ear mites, but they are very contagious infection. In addition to these predispos-
between cats and dogs. This means that ing factors, there are many direct causes
when your pet is diagnosed with ear of ear infections like foreign objects in
mites, you need to treat all the pets in the the canal (often pieces of plants), un-
household so they do not keep passing derlying allergies, underlying hormonal
them back and forth. Ear mite adults live imbalances like hypothyroidism, disor- Check out foor
about 2 months and the entire life cycle ders of skin shedding like seborrhea in
website cts!
more produ Paynesville, MN 320-243-7552
from egg to adult takes about 3 weeks. Cocker Spaniels, tumors, and yes ear
This means that most over the counter mites sometimes. By far, allergies are the
treatments need to be used for at least 3-4 most common cause of recurrent ear in-
weeks. Many pets get very crabby about fections. Eighty percent of dogs with al-
treatment over this period of time and it lergies (food or inhalant) have recurrent

Pasture Pro Plus
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Sole Source
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A 21-30, 2017
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Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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When the Open Road Calls . . .


2018 Amerilite 218MB travel 2018 Amerilite 274QB travel

Was $21,467 Was $27,410

trailer features a front bedroom with

11,965 $
trailer features an open oorplan. a walk around queen size bed, power
Contains an electric awning, electric awning, outdoor kitchen, sofa, dinette,
tongue jack, outside speakers, front rear bedroom w/upper and lower bunks
bed, front queen, rear bath, dinette, on one side, jackknife sofa with a bunk
and a full fridge/freezer. Why miss out over it, and much more!
on this price?!

Gulf Stream Coach, Inc. of Nappanee, Indiana had a minor hail storm and
Outlet Recreation purchased the lightly dented trailers.
Huge Savings On These Units Brand New Units w/Full Factory Warranty!
2017 Amerilite 188RB, roof air, BH #125394 ......................... Was $18,870 - SALE $9,965 2018 Amerilite 198BH, front queen w/bunks #126970....... Was $19,108 - SALE $10,765
2018 Travelmaster 198BH, roof air, loaded, BH #126139 ... Was $19,108 - SALE $10,865 2018 Innsbruck 276BHS, front queen, dbl. over dbl. #126974 Was $31,680 - SALE $17,965
2017 Track & Trail 24RTHSE, front queen, TH 126211 ...... Was $28,916 - SALE $17,965 2018 Innsbruck 277DDS, dbl. door, queen & bunks #126975 .. Was $31,560 - SALE $17,865
2018 Amerilite 268BH, dbl. over dbl., sleeps 10 #126803 .... Was $26,911 - SALE $15,865 2018 Innsbruck 277DDS, dbl. door, queen & bunks #126976 .. Was $31,560 - SALE $17,865
2018 Amerilite 268BH, dbl. over dbl., sleeps 10 #126804 .... Was $26,911 - SALE $15,865 2018 Innsbruck 277DDS, dbl. door, queen & bunks #126991 .. Was $31,560 - SALE $17,865
2018 Innsbruck 268BH, dbl. over dbl., sleeps 10 #126898 ...... Was $27,115 - SALE $16,065 2018 Amerilite 198BH, bunkhouse w/fr. bed #127055 ........... Was $18,108 - SALE $9,765
2018 Innsbruck 268BH, dbl. over dbl., sleeps 10 #126899 ...... Was $27,115 - SALE $16,065 2018 Amerilite 198BH, bunkhouse w/fr. bed #127056 ........... Was $18,108 - SALE $9,765
2018 Amerilite 198BH, roof air, BH #126954 .................... Was $19,108 - SALE $10,865 2018 Amerilite 198BH, bunkhouse w/fr. bed #127057 ........... Was $18,108 - SALE $9,765
2018 Amerilite 274QB, OS Kit w/kids room #126958 ......... Was $27,410 - SALE $16,865 2018 Amerilite 198BH, bunkhouse w/fr. bed #127058 ........... Was $18,108 - SALE $9,765
20188 Amerilite 199DD, front queen, loaded #126963 ........ Was $17,993 - SALE $10,965 2018 Amerilite 268BH, dbl. over dbl., sleeps 10 #126959 .... Was $26,911 - SALE $15,865

Parts and Service
I-94, Exit 178 2088 202nd St. E 2249 East Main 1015 Hwy. 59 So.
Clearwater, MN West Fargo, ND Detroit Lakes, MN
855.558.6999 or 320.558.6999 888.478.6990 218.844.6969

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Albany Roller Mills

For your Dairy, Cattle and Hogs -
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Albany (320) 845-2303

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Beilers committed
Melvin and Elizabeth
Beiler (left) and Jethro
and Rosie Beiler are

to next generation
the two generations
that operate Natures
Acres organic farm in
Paul & Larry Grove City.
St. Wendel, MN

Spring Hours conventional way, Melvin said. He

M-F: 8-8,
Sat: 8-5, Sun: 1-5 Carrying was turning away from using
When Melvin took over the farm
See us on Facebook
for gardening tips
Visit us and experience the
personal service and quality
of over 55 years!
on organic he saw the benefit in continuing that
style of farming.
At the turn of the century we
www.hulsnursery.com 320.363.8110
farm realized there was a real market for
organic products, he said. So we
became completely certified.

Natures Acres farm became
certified organic in 2002. The
certification requires that all land is free
of prohibited products for at least 36
By MICHAEL STRASBURG months, and livestock must be fed
Staff Writer organic feed for one year before the
milk can be labeled organic.
It basically means you cant use
GROVE CITYAs time goes on, any type of chemicals for weed control
the simple family dairy is becoming or pesticides or even synthetic
more of a rarity. Some families, fertilizers with added nitrogen, said
however, like the Beilers, manage to Jethro Beiler, Melvins son. Jethro grew
make things work. The Beilers secret up on the farm and started taking care
to success? Organics. of the calves at age 12. Jethro has been
If I wouldnt have gone organic a partner on the farm for 17 years.
back in 2002, I probably couldnt have In addition to providing organic
made it financially, said Melvin Beiler. feed, the Beilers livestock must be free
Melvin began working on his of antibiotics, additional hormones and
father-in-laws farm in 1978. While the GMO grains. As a result, they use
organic farming industry didnt really approved vitamins and nutritional
exist back then, Beilers father-in-law supplements. While the end result of
started the farm in 1958 with a similar organic farming is a more valuable
philosophy. commodity, it takes a lot of work to get
My father-in-law was thinking there.
about farming differently from the Its a lot more work, Melvin said.

Natures Acres supports two families on 160 acres and 65 cows. The farm has
been certified organic since 2002.
Friday, April 21, 2017 - Country Acres Page 19
We have to go out and deal with weeds constantly.
The whole growing season we have to keep getting
rid of those weeds.
Aside from the selling point, the Beilers have
found additional benefits in their choice of organic
farming especially when it comes to livestock

Herd health has been really good since we
switched to organic, Melvin said. We have a lot
fewer veterinary bills, almost non-existent.
$ off 1

But in the end, the primary benefit is clear.

The major benefit is being able to sell your
product for a higher price, Melvin said.
The Beilers sell their milk through Organic
Valley and their milk can be found at local groceries
through the Organic Valley label. 1025R TRACTOR
They do really good in helping small farms be
successful, Jethro said. They really focus toward AutoConnect Drive-over Deck
that. Here, we support two families on 160 acres and Quik-Park Loader
65 cows. It doesnt take thousands of cows or
thousands of acres to make it work. iMatch Quick-Hitch compatible
Amidst the recent trend of consolidation, the 6-year powertrain warranty**
Beilers believe theyre experience is an example that
small family farms can still survive for decades.
The challenge is how do you transition small
family farms to the next generation, Melvin said.
Organic farming makes it a lot more possible to do
because of the value of the commodity you produce.
It brings in enough revenue to do that.
Otherwise youd be forced to go buy 500-600
cows or merge with someone else, Jethro added.
Getting your foot in the door is a lot harder with
that, compared to a smaller operation that you could
start to take over. People can do it in a larger
operation like that, but its just easier to start
Having inherited the farm from a previous
generation, Melvin plans to continue that trend as
the farm continues to be productive.
I want to make it so Jethro can continue
operating the farm; Im committed to making that
happen, he said.
And Jethro, who is currently raising three
children on the farm, is cut out for the farm life.
Its great to be able to work at home, work the
land and work with the livestock and most of all 22 hp* (16.4 kW), 726 cc engine 50 hp* EFI
work with your family, Jethro said. 48-in. Accel Deep Mower Deck Fully independent suspension
4-wheel steering
4-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty*** MODEL YEAR 2016
$300 OFF 1
$400 OFF1
High Five
If You Hate
Ticks & Fleas

Serving you from 13 locations, including:

GLENWOOD 1710 North Franklin Street PAYNESVILLE 725 Lake Avenue South
320-634-5151 320-243-7474

12 ALEXANDRIA 5005 Co Rd 82 SE
SAUK CENTRE 1140 Centre Street
Buy 2 LITTLE FALLS 16069 Hwy. 27 E.
1 receive 320-632-5469
a $15
Offer valid from March 1, 2017, through May 1, 2017, on the purchase of any new 1025R Tractor, X394 Lawn Tractor or Model Year 2016 XUV825i Utility Vehicle.
Get $400 off 1025R Tractor, $300 off X394 Lawn Tractor and $400 off XUV825i Utility Vehicle. Offer, prices and savings are in U.S. dollars and available in the

mail in U.S. only. Ask your dealer for details.

*The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower
rebate. and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturers website for additional information.
**Beginning January 1, 2016, all compact utility tractors purchased new from an authorized John Deere dealer come standard with a 6-year/2,000-hour, whichever
551 Railroad Ave., Albany Located across from the Kraft plant John Deere, the leaping deer symbol, and green and yellow trade dress are trademarks of Deere & Company.

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320-836-2284 888-276-1751 www.strosalumber.com ~ Serving Central Minnesota ~ 320-256-3680
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AcresPublished by
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for news and advertising is the
Thursday before publication.

Extra Copies available at the

Albany Enterprise,
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Sauk Centre Herald offices.

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effective drainage. Office: 320-351-4872

Cell: 320-293-0882

Professional design. Bill Pasche, Sales & Design

Cell: 320-293-6951
Reasonable rates. Now offering site
prep for buildings,

Gene Mensen, Sales

bins and lagoons Cell: 320-429-1036

Sam Lange, Sales & Site Manager

Cell: 320-232-3102
sam @agtechdrainage.com
Page 20 Country Acres - Friday, April 21, 2017

Why did you decide to raise chickens Between the boys and I, we only let the
and how long have you been raising chickens out when someone is home.
them? Chickens are an inexpensive pet Our chickens have been taken by multiple
that doesnt take that much time to bed, predators, like Bald Eagles, hawks, fox,
feed and water, and then to open and raccoons, owls, skunks, bobcats and
close them during the day and, of course, weasels. As far as cleaning, watering and
for the fresh eggs. We have been raising feeding, I always double check at the end
them about 10 years trying different of the day before we close them up for
types of chickens from regular Banties to the night.
Barnyard to our Silkie Bantams.
Tell us about your chickens
Tell us about your chicken coop: I personalities and their antics. We have
mentioned it to the boys about making a proud, good, white rooster that we call
another chicken coop, so my oldest, Roody. He protects his flock of hens.
Zachary, found a picture on the internet Hes so protective he attacks my youngest
and we thought it was perfect for our son, Austin, when he teases him. Hell
fancy little silkies. We got some materials fly at his feet or chase him around the
and wood after designing our hut. Austin yard. The hens are pretty docile and
and I started to build, changing the friendly. Another unusual thing with
design to make it work with the windows, Silkies is they do not roost like most
doors and nesting boxes. We put skis chickens. They cuddle together in a
underneath so it could easily be moved nesting box or just on the floor.
Lisa Moening and Austin around the yard to give the chickens new
Moening territory. We also insulated it for winter. What is it about raising chickens thatt
Sauk Centre makes you happy? Fresh eggs and too
Todd County What are the benefits of raising watch these balls of fuzz. We also have a
Breed: Silky Bantam Chickens chickens? Fresh eggs, some fertilizer for broody hen that we call snowball sittingg
Number: Five hens and three roosters around trees or gardens, pest control like on eggs, about 14, that should hatch in n
bugs, ants and wood ticks. Chickens also about 14 days. Watching baby chickss
love table scraps like noodles, bread and with the mother is awesome too. Lastt
chips, and they love fruits like time she successfully hatched six chickss
watermelon, grapes and strawberries. o
five roosters and one hen. You can also
fill the food and water and leave for a
How are the responsibilities of raising few days and not worry.
chickens divided up in your family?

Why did you decide to raise chickens Tell us about your chickens
and how long have you been raising personalities and their antics? We
them? My mother-in-law Doris had started out with 6 chickens. Five of them
chickens forever. She was known as the got away they were up in the trees and
chick lady in Farwell. My husband Kevin didnt know they flew there. There was
and I have been raising them for 20 an eagle down the road and she spotted
years. them. By that time they were down in the
field and there was no way of catching
Tell us about your chicken coop: It was them. The only one that remained was
on this property, but got moved to where our one guinea hen. She is a good watch
it sits right now. Weve been here for 40 dog, alerts you to cars pulling in, wild
years, but the coop has been standing for animals and is great for snakes. As for
60 years. our chickens, Whitey has the sweetest
personality. She lets you hold her, pet her
What are the benefits in raising and enjoys being rocked to sleep. Doris is
chickens? I find pleasure in doing it. Its speckled and has a personality like my
a great pastime. I have Multiple Sclerosis, mother-in-law. Shes quite sassy and
so its a reason to get me out and keep doesnt take crap from anyone. Margie is
going. That way I get my walking in, it reddish in color and named after my
cheers me up and its also a tribute to my mother. She is more of a loner, likes
mother-in-law. treats and loves flowers just like my Kim Norlien
mother-in-law did. Farwell
How are the responsibilities of raising
chickens divided up in your family? What is it about raising chickens that Todd County
My husband cleans out the coop, feeds makes you happy? I think its because Number: Three chickens and
the chickens and I treat them with they dont judge. They dont care that I one guinea hen
mealworms, bread and regular wild bird cant bend down and pick them up right
food. away. Its calming.

BERGMAN Automatic
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Weather! Easy to operate day or night
PTO compatible
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Fast & Economical! Concretet Low Winter Rates! Gilman Co-op Creamery
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36x48x10 ......$14,000 crew travel in some areas. www.bergmanmfg.com
Prices subject to change
40x64x12 ......$18,000 without notice.
j.austinconstruction@yahoo.com Gilman, MN 320-387-2770
Friday, April 21, 2017 - Country Acres Page 21
Why did you decide to raise chickens not be a benefit, but with a rooster in the
and how long have you been raising flock you know when the sun is coming
them? It all started about four years ago up in the morning.
when a friend of ours gave us some eggs
that we decided to incubate and hatch. How are the responsibilities of raising
continued After seeing how relatively easy it was
and the fun the grandkids had watching
chickens divided up in your family?
The chickens are mainly Kooper and
them hatch, we were hooked. Without the Jerrys responsibility. They dont require
help and knowledge of our friend and much work, just feed and fresh water on
neighbor boy, Kooper, we perhaps would a daily basis. The coop gets cleaned once
not be doing chickens. He is such a big a month and fresh wood shavings are
help and always researching chickens. added.

Tell us about your chicken coop: The Tell us about your chickens
chicken coop started out as a playhouse personalities and their antics. The
that we built for the grandchildren. As it chickens all have different personalities;
became used less and less we decided to some are more shy than others. They can
convert it into a chicken coop. We added be really silly. The rooster is very
perching boards, nesting boxes and protective of the flock. If he spots
hanging feeders. To keep them contained something dangerous, he alerts the hens
at times, we added a fence around it. with different noises. If he sees a predator
After losing several chickens to predators in the sky he will make a certain call and
such as hawks, owls, coyotes and a fox, the hens will know to take shelter. The
we built a mobile chicken tractor that can chickens become very tame. We even
be moved around. But most of the time had one roosting on our horses back one
they are free range around our hobby winter.
What is it about raising chickens that
What are the benefits of raising makes you happy? They are just very
chickens? Most people would say fresh entertaining. Its fun to see the flock
Jerry and Sandy Larson and Kooper Frank eggs, which is definitely a great reason, change. Some die but then getting the
Cold Spring but there are other benefits too. We new chicks is a real joy. Its cool to see
Stearns County noticed our woodtick population how the mother hen protects and teaches
Breed: Rainbows, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington and more decreased with chickens and they are a the baby chicks lessons. Its also very
Number: Eight chickens with 15 more coming in May. great source of entertainment. They love interesting to incubate eggs and watch
to eat some of our compost such as them hatch out. It teaches kids about life.
melons, grapes and cucumbers. This may

Why did you decide to raise chickens and how long have How are the responsibilities of raising chickens divided up in
you been raising them? For some responsibility for the your family? It is mainly Aidens responsibility (Aidens
kids to take on, and we thought it would be fun to have our business) because he receives the proceeds from the sales.
own eggs. We have been raising them for one year.
Tell us about your chickens personalities and their antics.
Tell us about your chicken coop:We changed a manure The white ones seem much more friendly than the red ones. And
pump room from a retired dairy barn, into the chicken since its gotten nice out, we have been letting them go around the
room; it was the perfect size. yard, and they never want to go back into the coop.

What are the benefits of raising chickens? Well I cant What is it about raising chickens that makes you happy?
say that it is a money maker, because eggs are pretty cheap Because it gives me (Aiden) something to do when I come home
in the store. But it is fun, and nice to know where your food from school, and it makes me happy to see all those eggs!
comes from.


131 12th St. S. 706 S Lake St.

Sauk Centre Long Prairie
320.527.0050 320.732.6612
Weve Moved

Brent and Aiden (pictured) Boesl LLet us hhelpl you

with your

Douglas County
Breed: California Whites and Production Reds
Number of chickens: 30
insurance needs! Heidi
H idi B
i l M kT
Mark T. M
Agency Manager
Caroll Rieland
C Ri l d

Standing By Our Service and Serving Central MN for Over 35 Years

Get the job done right this SPRING!! Stop at Midsota Manufacturing!
Remember, if youre going to be QUALITY EQUIPMENT

HAULIN you need to be CALLIN, Midsota

Manufacturing in Avon! Grapples

Rock Roto
Wagons Processor Tillers
404 County Road 50 Avon, Minnesota 56310 South Side of I-94
Fork 320-356-2412 www.midsotamfg.com
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Recipes Submitted by ZUCCHINI BREAD

JEN MOLITOR 3 eggs 1/4 tsp. baking powder

1 cup oil 2 tsp. cinnamon
Lake Lillian 2 cups sugar (or less if desired)
Kandiyohi County 2 cups zucchini, 1 tsp. soda
peeled and ground 1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. vanilla 1/2 cup nuts (if desired)
3 cups flour

Beat eggs until light and foamy. Add oil, sugar, zucchini
and vanilla. Mix together lightly but well. Mix and blend in
flour, baking powder, cinnamon, soda, salt and nuts.
Bake in two greased 9x5 inch bread pans at 325 degrees for
one hour. Remove from pans immediately and cool on racks.


1 pound ground beef, browned APPLESAUCE CAKE (NO EGGS)

1 cup rice, boiled
4 Tbsp. butter
1 onion, minced 1 1/2 cups applesauce 1 Tbsp. hot water
1 green pepper, minced 1 cup sugar 2 tsp. soda
1/4 cup celery, diced 2 cups flour 1 tsp. cinnamon
2 cups tomatoes, cooked 1 cup raisins 1 tsp. cloves
2 tsp. salt 1/2 cup shortening (or less if desired)
1/8 tsp. pepper

Mix and cook butter, onion, green pepper and celery. Add Mix all together and bake in a loaf pan at 350 degrees until
to hamburger. Add tomatoes, salt and pepper. done.
Cook all of this slowly for 15 minutes. Gently stir in hot *This recipe can be used for fruitcake base for Christmas.
drained boiled rice and cook 5 minutes longer. Makes about 8


2 loaves bread, frozen

1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup brown sugar
1 large or 2 small boxes vanilla
pudding mix (not instant)
2 Tbsp. milk
cinnamon (to taste)

Thaw two loaves of frozen bread (do not allow to raise).

Break one loaf up in bottom of greased 9x13 cake pan. Melt
butter. Add brown sugar, pudding mix, milk and cinnamon.
Mix all together. Pour over broken bread. Break second loaf
on top and let rise 2.5 to 3 hours. Bake approximately 30 min-
utes at 350 degrees. Cool and cut out of pan.

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8 FT HW $114.95 $104.90 Walk Thru Gate 4 $109.95 $94.95 Cattle Feed Bunk
10 FT HW $129.95 $120.65 Walk Thru Gate 6 $119.95 $104.95 Medium 10 $149.80
14 FT HW $165.95 $154.80 Calf Table $1,899.00 $950.00 Verns 16 Steel Bunk $315.00
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Growth Through Accuracy & Excellence
with DHIA Laboratories
1 pound ground beef Glaze: Feed and Forage Testing - includes mold,
mycotoxin, and wet chemistry testing for dairy cows,
1 egg, beaten 1/2 cup ketchup beef cows, swine, poultry and equine
2/3 cup bread crumbs 2 Tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. soda 1 Tbsp. vinegar Manure Analysis - An integral tool to help
1/2 tsp. salt 1 Tbsp. soy sauce ensure efficient nutrient management and aid in
1 Tbsp. chopped onion environmental compliance.
Certified Water Testing - homes, farms, well 825 12th St. S
drillers, realtors, daycares, municipalities and watersheds
Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Mix ground beef, eggs, bread crumbs, soda, salt and onion.
Form into small balls. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Milk Testing - accurate testing for dairy herd
improvement, including MUN, Johnes, Leukosis,
until brown, uncovered. Put glaze on the meatballs and bake Pregnancy and Milk Culturing
for 30 more minutes at 325 degrees, covered.

Questions? Contact us at 320-352-2028,

Toll-Free 1-800-369-2697
Special Services
PEACH COBBLER 24 Hour turn-around on NIR samples - 36 Hour
turn-around on most wet chemistry samples
Rush service is available on select
12 peaches Glaze:
2 1/2 cups sugar 2 eggs, beaten water analysis
9 Tbsp. flour 2 Tbsp. butter E-mailing or faxing of results
Slice peaches and mix sugar 1/2 cup cream
and flour together. Put on top 2/3 cup milk Toll free service for voice
of crust. 1/2 tsp. vanilla communications
Mix eggs, butter, cream,
Crust: milk and vanilla. Pour over Competitive
2 eggs, beaten peaches and bake in oven for pricing
3/4 cup shortening 1 hour at 350 degrees.
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp. sugar
Mix together eggs, short-
ening, flour and sugar. Pat
down well in a 9x10 pan.

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are accepted

Email: Email:
www.stearnsdhialab.com stearnsdhialab@stearnsdhialab.com

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E-Z-Go Valor Arctic Cat VLX 700
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AG TIRE REBATES GALORE Building Relationships

See dealer for details! Since 1958
(See list of eligible tires below)
Eligible Tires
Michelin Ultralex Technology Axiobib, Cerexbib, Xeobib, Yieldbib, Spraybib, $120 per tire
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Michelin MachXBib, MegaXBib, XM27, XM28, Agribib (Large-metric), $100 per tire
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Kleber Fitker, Kleber Super 8L, Kleber Super G, Kleber Super Vigne, $80 per tire
Kleber Tracker and Kleber Super 3 via reward card
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1-Cu.-Ft. Potting Mix
L 462 572 B65 While supplies last.
*$2 mail-in rebate. Limit 2 rebates.
Customer responsible for
taxes and fees.


2-Cu.-Ft. Colored Mulch
2,080-Sq.-Ft. Coverage
Choose black, brown or red. L 200 424, 425, 426;


192 210, 212, 213; 186 457, 458, 459; 201 763, 764, 765 B65
Garden Weed Preventer
L 689 903 B42 While supplies last.

While supplies last.

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Heated Steering Wheel
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Diesel, 4x4 XL Value
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Pkg., Trailer Tow
Priced from Priced from Priced from
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16,999** #58
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2013 2013 Ford 2012 GMC 2016 Ford

Taurus SHO Edge SEL Terrain Escape SE
AWD, Bluetooth, FWD, Leather, Fresh Trade & FWD, Bluetooth,
Heated Seats, Heated Seats, RR Very Clean RR Camera,
Leather, and Camera, Trailer 3,500 miles
Much More! Tow., and More!

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18,997* 269/mo*** #30276
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Sinc Sale & Service hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm; Sat 8am-2:00 pm; Sun CLOSED
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Time to play in the dirt

By now, many of you have at least begun to till taking care of the soil is a priority. What benefits the soil times, but imagine the alternative.
your fields for spring planting. There is always a cer- benefits the farmer. Years ago, people loved the land as much as we
tain excitement and anticipation when the days get It hasnt always been so. Last Friday, April 14, do today, but things we know now they didnt know
warmer, the equipment is ready to go and the marked the anniversary of Black Sunday, then. Products we have now werent available then.
fields are ready to be worked. when in 1935, a massive dust storm hit the There werent soil tests that determined precisely what
Those vegetable gardens might be tilled, Great Plains. Giant clouds of black dirt filled nutrients each field might need. Now, manure and other
and even a few potatoes in the ground. the air over 27 states, and similar to a severe fertilizers are more likely to be handled with precision.
Theres just something about playing in blizzard, people and livestock were strand- Chemicals are used by the ounce per acre instead of the
the dirt. Obviously if farming is your liveli- ed and some left for dead. There had been a quart or gallon. Tillage practices have changed.
hood you might not consider it playing, but severe drought, and to that point, not much Nature can tell us how far weve come in the pro-
its still a good thing. thought of conserving the soil. Farming tech- cess.
A photo online caught my eye one day. niques only made the situation worse. It was For decades, it was pretty much a dream to think of
Someone was holding up a couple of hand- by Diane Leukam a national disaster, with literally hundreds of ever seeing a bald eagle. The few that remained werent
fuls of dirt and the caption read, Antidepres- millions of tons of topsoil lost. anywhere near here. Now they are a fairly common
sant Microbes in Soil: How Dirt Makes You A black cloud even settled over Washing- sight, to the point where they are considered a nuisance
Happy. The story was about Mycobacterium vaccae, ton, D.C., and that year, the Soil Conservation Act was to many with small animals. To me, they symbolize
which is found in the soil, and the positive health ef- passed by Congress. The Soil Conservation Service the return of a healthier planet. Theres still room for
fects it has. There are volumes written on the subject if that resulted helped turn the tide of disastrous farming improvement in soil conservation, but weve come a
you care to delve into it. techniques and the natural resource of the land became long way. Tomorrow 192 countries around the world
Other articles talk about the physical and mental something to be preserved. will celebrate Earth Day. People are concerned about
health benefits of gardening, with everything from the Admittedly, government agencies like the Environ- the birds and the bees and the flowers and the treesI
exercise and sunshine, to the beneficial organisms that mental Protection Agency, the Soil Conservation Ser- almost broke into song there.
live in the soil. And thats before you eat anything. vice and the Department of Natural Resources can be a Theres good reason to sing. Winter is over and its
I believe that. Ive always felt a sort of therapeutic pain in the rear at times. The red tape can be ridiculous time to play in the dirt!
effect when digging in the dirt, whether that was pick- and burdensome. They can overstep their boundaries at
ing rocks in the spring or flower gardening. A little dirt
under the fingernails is good for the soul.
We have a common love for that dirt. Farmers,
whether conventional or organic, love their land and


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Attachments in a small shop environment.
We are looking for an experienced individual who is hard working,
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At least 2 years experience in
welding repair and steel fabricating is required.
- Leadership - Problem solving
- Accurately reading blue prints
- Attention to detail/quality of work - Good organization
Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs. frequently.
We offer Competitive Wages & Benefits
Including Health Ins., Vacation & Simple IRA.

Please visit www.messerrepair.com or stop out

and complete an application at:
42739 County Road 184, Sauk Centre, MN 56378
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WORMS continued from front
Even the castings have value for Deb-
bie as a soil amendment. Lifting a handful,
it appears to be a rich, dark soil.
This is perfect for the garden, she
Shipping worms
Having grown up in Millerville
and spending her youth helping her dad
raise pigs and doing chores, Debbie is
no stranger to hard work. That comes in
handy, since during her busiest times of
the year, she ships up to 200 boxes of live
bait a week.
The packaging depends upon the time of
year and items being shipped. Various
R-value Styrofoams boxes are used, and
frozen bottles of water when necessary. PHOTOS BY DIANE LEUKAM
She ships on Mondays, Tuesdays and (Above) A walk-in cooler houses
Wednesdays. Canadian nightcrawlers.
They (the worms) dont stay here
long, said Debbie. They come in and (Right) Rob Jost demonstrates
they are shipped right back out. a screen system that separates
So where do all those worms come worms from dirt before they are
European nightcrawlers are imported
from the Netherlands. Canadian night- Scare ride at Valley Fair, and the Como
crawlers arrive from Canada in flats of Zoo. A bat sanctuary buys waxworms,
500, and the other types from sources in reptile owners and bird feeders buy others
the United States. Since they dont stay to feed their animals & birds.
long, what is coming in depends on what One of my customers in Florida built Brainerd Community College. Rob was years are the spring and fall.
is going out. a giant stingray aquarium in his home, studying in the natural resources program, Theyve built their businesses, and
Various types of bait are popular at Debbie said. and finished up at Alexandria in the aqua- together they help make things work
different times of the year. When ice fish- Last fall, bait was even purchased as culture program. during their busy seasons. Debbie helps
ing begins, up to a million waxworms are a birthday gift for one of the presidential We had the opportunity to buy Min- Rob mainly after Labor Day, and he helps
shipped a week, though they are popular candidates. For privacy reasons she can- nesota Muskies in 1994, the year after we her mostly on Mondays.
all year round. Spikes, too, are year-round. not say which one it was, but she can say got married, Rob said. Together they have raised their family
The Canadian nightcrawlers are more it was not President Trump. The company raises pure strain musk- of four children, Amy, 19, April, 18, Alex,
popular during the summer. Leeches are A major sporting goods store in Ne- ies, tiger muskie, walleye, northern pike, 16 and Aaron, 14. And in the backyard is a
sold too, though the permitting for them is braska also uses their bait, and it is from black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, lake.
much more complicated than other types there that Debbie sponsors an ice-fishing smallmouth bass, perch, fathead minnows A lake that, 22 years ago, was a must
of bait. team that travels to tournaments through- and white sucker and sells them to stock for the young couple looking for a new
The leech facility is inspected by the out the Midwest. lakes. They raise between 5,000 to 10,000 home.
state of North Dakota and those results are People in Nebraska are crazy about purebred muskies a year, along with 3,000 We needed a place with acres, and
shared with the state of Montana and any fishing, said Rob. There can be 2 inches to 5,000 Tiger muskies. water for the fish, Rob said.
other states requesting them. of ice and theyll be out there. Then theyll The Tiger Muskie is a cross between Though they no longer use the lake
Interesting destinations have 70 degrees and the ice is melted. the pure muskie and northern pike, Rob for their fishery, it still gives them much
Though the majority of her customers At the end of the day, the Josts relax said. They cant reproduce. pleasure. Much like what they hope their
involve the sport of fishing, Debbie Jost on the patio they built together, and to- Fish are grown to precise lengths and work brings to others. One could say both
has had many unique customers over the gether is a good thing for them. Debbie sold to the Department of Natural Re- businesses have the same end result.
years. A shortlist includes providing for met Rob, a native of Alberta, Minn., when sources, lake associations, fishing clubs We dont sell food; we sell fun, Rob
many films in Hollywood, for the Valley they were both starting out in college at and wholesalers. Their busiest times of the said.
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Stay up a running this spring Farm/Home Business Auto Life
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Darcy Claire
Jennissen Rieland
Implement inc.

23661 Hwy. 4 , Lake Henry, MN


(320) 243-7411 320.351.2436

512 Main Street S, Ste 2 Sauk Centre, MN 56378
www.lakehenryimplement.com Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM Appointments available at anytime
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If it grows your business,

we can nance it.

Finance new or used farm equipment

with rates as low as 3.25%APR.
Leasing options also available. Ask us for more details!

888.330.8482 | mycmcu.org |

Centered on you.

Subject to credit approval. Membership qualication required. Rates base

ased on past credit history. Does not
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Ot restrictions apply. Ask for details.
Equal Opportunity Lender. Federally Insured by NCUA A
Page 6 Country Acres - Friday, April 21, 2017
LODERMEIERS continued from front

start and got hooked. I want to be one The group

of the best in the world, she said. I meets the third
keep working at it all the time it is Monday of each
really enjoyable. month at 7 p.m. at
From just about every angle in the Whitney Senior
the Lodermeiers living room, the Center in St. Cloud
creativity and talent of the two catch- and as the Loder-
es eyes. meiers point out,
Mikes award-winning duck de- has made an im-
coys (his favorite is the canvasback) portant impact on
line cabinets. Character carvings of their lives and their
funny cowboys add a splash of hu- woodworking.
mor to the room and majestic busts It is such a
of Native American chiefs and war- supportive group of
riors look out from the mantle of the people, Mike said.
fireplace. We have carvers
While he typically uses tupelo who have 30-40
for his ducks, Mike also uses butter- years of experience
nut for some of his work and also has and we have people
used moose and elk horns, but points who are really quite
out that power-carving horns is toxic, new to it. There are
thus, proper protection is needed to all sorts of levels
avoid inhalation. and there is always
Her material of choice is bass- something to learn
wood, but Brenda, who has also from every one of
earned multiple awards, also creates them.
incredibly detailed designs on vary- The group not
ing woods and dried gourds. only shares insight PHOTOS BY LIZ VOS
The thicker the shell, the more and education to members, but it also (Top) Mike Lodermeiers
you can do with it, she explained of contributes to well-deserving indi- canvasback duck decoy is an
the gourds. Minnesota gourds are viduals. Each year, dozens of com- award-winning favorite.
thinner because of the short grow- fort crosses are created and donated
ing season, but I have gotten them by members of the group to hospice (Right) Character carvings
from places like California where patients around the area. Addition- accentuate features of the subject
they have longer seasons and can get ally, they create honor canes, which and make for fun projects for Mike
much thicker. That allows me to cre- have the head of a bald eagle as the Lodermeier.
ate more depth into the shell. handle, to members of the U.S. Mili-
As with horns, power-carving tary who are recipients of the Purple carvers from all over the state and
gourds is toxic and inhalation needs Heart. the country. They participate in
to be avoided. Its those types of contributions about five competitions with their
In their efforts to grow and im- that make this group of people even work each year and also attend
prove on their skills, the couple turns more special to us, Mike explained. multiple seminars across the coun-
to the Central Minnesota Woodcarv- Mike and Brenda have gained try. Brenda also shares her skills
ers Association, which is one of four great friendships with their fellow with others by teaching at semi-
chapters of the Minnesota Wood association members and they have nars throughout the year.
Carvers Association. also been able to be connected with We have made great friends

No One Knows The Country Like We Do





Longer life with extended drain intervals Tough against vibrations thanks to heavier lead
We Servf
compared to market generals. Up to 600 hours components and epoxy-flooded construction.
with Unitek No. 1 Engine Oil 10W-40. Heat- and cold-resistant with flame-treated container

All o N Tested and approved by Case IH engineering to and vertical ribs that hold up in extreme temperatures.

M provide outstanding performance in heavy-duty diesel

engines operating under the most severe conditions. HY-TRAN ULTRACTION
Superior protection against wear and corrosion. HYDRAULIC / TRANSMISSION FLUID
New technology developed for CVT transmissions.
GENUINE CASE IH FILTERS Highest level of water tolerance in the market.
Synthetic, high-capacity media for high-efficiency.
Rigorously tested and fully approved by Case IH
for the best heavy-duty protection.

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PHOTOS BY LIZ VOS with people from other states because For 30 years, the Lodermeiers Its a nice way to spend our
(Below) With the addition of color, of this there are just so many talent- have lived on their 40-acres along time, he said as he chipped away
this relief piece by Brenda Lodermeier
pops off the wood canvas. ed and interesting people who are into the river, slowly remodeling and on a piece of tupelo wood. The only
wood carving, Brenda explained. adding onto the original farmhouse. limit is your own imagination!
(Bottom Left) Samples of Brendas People from all walks of life do They have also expanded living spac- For anyone who has interest in
award-winning pyrography work woodworking and it has been a lot of es away from the house, with each woodcarving or pyrography, the Lo-
showcase her attention to detail and fun to get to know them. having their own shop to enjoy their dermeiers encourage involvement
talent. Being connected with other carv- woodworking. with groups like the Central Minne-
ers also gives Mike and Brenda the I could just do this for hours, sota Woodcarvers Association. They
(Bottom right) Mike Lodermeier hand opportunity to have their work cri- said Brenda, smiling as she used a also suggest taking classes.
carves a figure in his workshop, being tiqued, something they say is import- flattened tip on a wood burner to cre- I dont know of anyone who
careful to use a protective glove. ant to improving artistically. ate intricate patterns on a plate made carves that has not taken classes to be-
We both see importance in criti- of basswood. come as good as they are, Mike said.
cism, Brenda explained. It may not Just a short walk away from Bren- There is natural ability, but learning
always be easy to hear, but it guides das workshop is Mikes shed where from others and practicing is vital.
us toward becoming better and thats an array of tools and paints await his
what we want. talents.

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Craig Dischinger and his family raise royal yaks, recognizable by their black and white coats, for their meat
and fur.

Hot Disch Farm raises Tibetan yaks


113 West James Street, By MICHAEL STRASBURG Dischingers wouldnt have it any other way.
Paynesville, MN Staff Writer Craig Dischinger entered the yak game with
years of beef cattle prior experience. Dischinger
RAYMOND Craig Dischinger loves to worked on his grandfathers cattle farm while
yak about yaks. The Raymond school teacher growing up and up until a few years ago, raised
has been doing so ever since he brought a herd some cattle of his own.
of Tibetan yaks to central Minnesota, establish- I raised some steers for him, then when
Gary Rothstein
Brittany Frank
Jolene Zachman
Ruth Rothstein
ing Hot Disch Farm with his wife, Shawn. Now, I got married we bought a couple beef cows,
after five years of raising yaks and two sons, the Dischinger said. We had beef cows until 2012;

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Dischinger has only owned one bull, Matthew, since he began raising yaks in
2012. The prime breeding age for a yak bull is between ages 6 and 9.

iron and the protein is almost double Wyoming and Montana. Discharg-
beef. They have a distinct sweet fla- ers farm is one of six Minnesota yak
vor to the meat. You cook a burger farms. Being a higher-altitude ani-
or a steak to a nice medium-rare and mal, the yaks have larger lungs than
you wont even need barbecue sauce other cattle their size.
or ketchup. They use yaks to pack gear up
Not long after that, the to Mount Everest, Dischinger said.
Dischingers were raising royal yaks, They haul gear to the base camps.
recognizable by their black and Theyre really sturdy on their feet.
white coats. While Dischingers first genera-
PHOTO BY MICHAEL STRASBURG Theyre the least common in tion of yaks were tame enough, the
Dischinger raised and bottle-fed this calf, Gertrud, after its mother rejected her. North America, for their color pat- second generation born and raised
tern, Dischinger said. on his farm are particularly doc-
thats when we switched to yaks. In 2012, in search of a new, The yaks, even the first genera- ile. Discharger is currently raising
A primary motivator in more cost-effective venture, the tion born, are relatively friendly and the first wave of third-generation
Dischingers switch to yaks was Dischingers toured bison, yak and tame. Most of them, once theyre calves and the trend appears to con-
feed prices. Unlike the beef cattle, water buffalo farms. While Craig friendly, are friendly for life but tinue.
Dischingers yaks are grass-fed, with was interested in all the species, a they all have distinct personalities, One yearling, Gertrud, is a very
hay, water and some protein pellets clear, deciding factor quickly arose which is really neat, Dischinger friendly calf because Dischinger
thrown into the mix. in favor of the yaks. said. raised her and bottle-fed the calf
We were buying lots and lots of We tasted the meat. Thats what For instance, one of the cows, after its mother rejected it. The
feed for our beef cows, corn was go- really got us, Dischinger said. Its Penny, is a tad irritable, but not out- Dischingers even let Gertrud out of
ing to $7 a bushel. It was becoming the same texture as beef. Its lower in wardly hostile. Her personality is in the fence so she can run around. As a
an expensive hobby, he said. fat, they have higher omega 3, higher sharp contrast to Shelby, who allows result, Gertrud due to her docility,
the Dischingers children to ride on pep and small stature has come to
her back. be akin to the familys farm dog.
Dischinger currently has three Dischinger typically arranges for
cows, three heifers, two steers and his calves to be born between April
one bull on his farm. Being natives and July. He harvests the yaks be-
of the Himalayan Mountains in Ti- tween 3-4 years, a longer wait than
bet, the yaks love the winter weather beef cattle. Dischingers two main
in Minnesota. The summer? Not so cows are both five years old and have
CIH 5240 Maxxum, New Sitrex Rakes JD 13 450 much. plenty of calf-bearing years ahead of
FWA w/loader - $48,000 Available
w/ grass, press wheels A hot day for a yak is about 40 them. Cows can have calves until up
$10,500 degrees, Dischinger said. So we to 25 years old, Dischinger said.
CIH 8930, FWA, 3600 hrs., 540/1000 pto ...$76,000 HAYING & FORAGE EQUIP.
get 90 here in the summer and they As long as theyre healthy well
CIH 7230, 2WD, 4200 hrs ...........................$53,000 New Holland 1465..............................................Call lay in the pasture like theyre dead, keep them around, he added.
CIH 7230, 3500 hrs., new rubber, nice........$71,000 Sitrex QR12 rake ...........................................$6,500 on their side, and they pant like a Dischingers bull, Matthew, will
96 CIH 7220, 2WD, 540/1000 PTO, We have NEW Sitrex 10 & 12 wheel rakes .........Call
6000 hrs, nice ..................................................Call Many sizes of rakes available
dog. They drink lots of water and we still be able to produce for another
CIH 7220, 2WD, 2300 hrs, 18.4x42 ............$71,000
havent lost one to heat yet. Theyre two years. Dischinger said prime
CIH 7150, FWA, new motor.........................$58,000 pretty tough animals. breeding age for yak bull is between
CIH 7120, 3600 hrs., FWA ...................... Coming In VARIOUS SIZES OF GRAVITY BOXES ON HAND
IH 5488, 2WD, 540 & 1000 pto ..................$21,000 2) Demco 650 .............................................$12,500 The climate has resulted in yaks ages 6-9
CIH Maxxum 125 Pro, FWA, 950 hrs, 2) Demco 550 .............................................$11,500 not being a particularly popular farm In addition to yak meat,
very nice, coming in ................................$68,000 2) Demco 450 .................................. $9,500-10,500
IH 3688, exc. shape, 540/1000 pto .............$17,000 1) Demco 365 ...............................................$4,800 animal in America. There are about
IH 986, exc. cond. .......................................$17,000
Parker 2600 w/ 16 belt conveyor ..................$5500 200 yak farms in North America,
All sizes of used Demco gravity boxes avail.
IH 856 w/cummins engine ..........................$21,000 with most of the farms being in the YAKS
IH 766, new motor, cab ...............................$12,500 GRINDERS mountainous regions of Colorado, continued on page 10
IH 856 ........................................................$13,000 Gehl 170 grinder .........................................$18,000
Farmall Super M, exc. cond., new tires .........$2,500 Artsway PM35, hyd. swing lift, scale ..........$17,000
CIH Tigermate 200, 24 w/ rolling basket ....$13,500 CIH 12 5300 w/grass ...................................$8,500
CIH Tigermate II, 28 ...................................$18,000 Midsota 5510 rock trailers ......................... In Stock
CIH 4800, 28 & 26 ......................................$8,500 New Midsota Rock Wagons ..................... On Hand

Let us help you

CIH 4800, 28 w/IH mulcher..........................$8,500 New Mandako land rollers...........................In Stock
CIH 4300, 36 ..............................................$10,500 Various sizes of New Agrotrend snowblowers ...Call
customize your farm
CIH 4300, 30 ................................................$9,500
CIH 3950, 25, nice shape ...........................$17,500 CIH 12 5100 w/ grass ..................................$6,500
CIH 530B ripper w/lead shanks ...................$17,000
CIH 530C.....................................................$28,000
CIH 496 21 cushion disc ...................................Call Bale Wrap &
CIH 496 cushion gang w/mulcher ...............$13,500 Twine Available! Call
CIH 496, 25 cushion gang, no mulcher ......$11,000
CIH 3900 19 cushion gang disc ................$13,500
DMI Tigermate II, 24 ..................................$13,500 Derek,
White 435, 11 shank .....................................$8,500 FARM OYL PRODUCTS or Cody
JD 714 disc chisel, 9 shank ..........................$9,000 AVAILABLE Today!
JD 712, 11 shank disc chisel ........................$8,500


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