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Colegio Portales

Lunilda Navarro D
English Department

PROJECT: My Culture (Worksheet N 4)

Chilean Historical Facts

OBJECTIVES: Working on this project, students will demonstrate theyve learnt:
- Vocabulary related to Chilean traditions
OFT: National Values Appreciation.

1. Work in groups of 3-4 students, discuss and analyze the following

a) Can you identify the following Chilean people?

1. ________________ 2._______________ 3. _______________

4. ________________ 5. _______________ 6. _______________

II. Now, using a dictionary, try to match people/ facts:

a)___________________________ b) ________________________

He is the independence leader, was He was a Chilean navy officer, and is

one of the commanders together considered to be Chile's greatest
with Jos de San Martn of the hero. He was killed at the Naval
military forces that freed Chile from Battle of Iquique after jumping on
Spanish rule in the Chilean War of board of the Peruvian armored
Independence. Although he was the monitor Huscar after his ship, the
third Supreme Director of Chile Esmeralda, was rammed by the
(181723), he was the first holder Peruvian monitor. Prat, as captain of
of this title to head a fully the Esmeralda, was the first to
independent Chilean state. board the Huscar. He was killed
shortly after boarding.
c) ________________________ d) _____________________

He was a Spaniard conqueror and He was a Chilean political figure and

first royal governor of Chile. He was president of Chile from 1964 to
the founder of various cities within 1970.
the territory, including Santiago,
Concepcin, and Valdivia. f) ______________________

e) _____________________ He was the president of Chile after

its return to democratic rule from
In Mapudungun: "Lef-Traru": 1990 to 1994, following the military
Speedy Crested Caracara, was a government of General Augusto
Mapuche military leader and Pinochet.
protagonist in the War of Arauco.

III. TRUE OR FALSE? After solving matching exercise above, decide if these
statements are True of False:

1. ___ Pedro de Valdivia was the first governor of Chile.

2. ___ Eduardo Frei Montalva was president during the 60s.
3. ___ Bernardo OHiggins participated in Chilean War of Independence.
4. ___ Arturo Prat was killed after jumping on board of the Esmeralda.
5. ___ Lautaro participated in War of Arauco.
6. ___ Patricio Aylwin was a dictator.

IV. FILL IN THE BLANK EXERCISE: complete the following sentences, related to our
Chilean, traditions, culture, and history. ( ????? ask n 5 group)

1. ___________________ is a popular Chilean writer and film director.

2. ________________ is one of the successful women novelists in Latin America.
3. Nicanor Parra is an ___________.
4. Violeta Parra played __________ music.
5. Claudio Arrau , played music from the _________ to 20 th century __________.

Get organized with your group

and bring:
- A piece of cardboard
- Colour pencils / markers
- Glue Scissors
- Chilean people pictures