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Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack

Unit Tests Unit 6

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. waste
1 There are lots of animal species that are on the
of extinction. 1 The oil hit a rock, and millions of
a extent c loss litres of oil poured into the sea.
b brink d form 2 We try to buy only products which come in
2 Be careful when you clean that vase; its very . biodegradable .
a domestic c fragile 3 A lot of air pollution is caused by factory
b specific d conscientious .
3 average, there are ten forest fires in that area 4 Travel agents, tour guides and hotel managers are all
every summer. part of the industry.
a At c Of
b On d In 5 Unfortunately, a lot of cities around the world still dump
their into the sea.
4 People have this tiny island since the 15th
century. /5
a imposed c encouraged
b inhabited d involved Vocabulary: /15
5 The changes are occurring at a faster than they
can cope with.
a extent
b effect
c way
d rate Grammar
6 Most of the environmental damage was done when
the was built in 2003.
a coast c region
b resort d craft 1 To smoke/Smoking makes your skin look old.
7 is a huge problem which leads to soil erosion. 2 The birds in that area are having difficulty finding/
a Sewage c Vegetation to find trees to build nests in.
b Deforestation d Biodiversity 3 He is believed to have written/to have been writing
the book in two days.
8 The children want us to measure our footprint.
4 We finally persuaded Anna coming/to come with us.
a carbon c fossil
b solar d greenhouse 5 She cleaned the walls, then went on to paint/painting
9 Even though she was speaking in front of 300 6 I really dont remember saying/to say anything like that.
experts, she was as cool as .
a snow c a log 7 My dad and I used to eat at that restaurant all the time,
and I cant imagine to go/going there without him.
b a cucumber d a bone
8 I would rather she comes/came tomorrow.
10 The government has promised to improve the citys 9 Can you stop to buy/buying some bread on the way
, especially the public transport system.
home? Weve run out.
a habitat c infrastructure
b levels d resources 10 We must tell/to tell her what happened.

Grammar: /10

/10 Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 7

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. cautious
1 Theyre organising a to stop bullying at our 1 You wont be able to make him change his mind; hes
school. really .
a chatroom c profile
2 Denise can be rather , so she
b campaign d comment
sometimes gets into dangerous situations.
2 Stop thinking that everything will go wrong; try to be 3 You should always be to
more ! customers, even when they are rude to you.
a sociable c optimistic
4 Carl is a very person. He rarely
b cheeky d preventable
takes any risks.
3 Marina loves animals; thats why she wears fur, 5 Paula needs to be more ; she
not real fur. cant expect everyone else to do what she wants.
a anonymous c rude
b fake d harmless /5
4 Janet received a(n) phone call last night. The
person said some horrible things to her.
a abusive c dependent Vocabulary: /15
b harmful d unintentional
5 Theres something in the water, but I cant
what it is.
a hand c fall
b pick d make Choose.
6 I spilt a whole cup of coffee on my desk and
completely my project. 1 If you come/will come to the party tonight, youll meet
a removed c ruined my friend Joan.
b harassed d abused 2 We have to go home tomorrow; if only we could/would
stay a little longer!
7 Shes going to her holiday photos on her blog
so that we can all see them. 3 Had they/They had worked harder, they might have
a post c log succeeded.
b give d let 4 If they knew which town she had gone to, they
8 Thomas is the company while Ms Harrison is
could start/could have started looking for her.
on holiday. 5 She speaks to everyone as if they were/are stupid!
a running c working 6 They wish they had bought/bought tickets for the
b seeing d keeping show; everyones still talking about it.
9 Im not going to back because I truly believe 7 Theres no way shell get in if/unless shes been invited.
that Im doing the right thing. 8 I hope the rain stops/would stop soon.
a up c through 9 Even/Only if you have lots of experience, you still need
b down d on to do the training.
10 Dont pay attention to him: just him. 10 If you ate less sugar, you might have felt/feel better.
a ignore c intend
b contact d ruin Grammar: /10

/10 Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 8

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. lifespan

1 Zoe works as a at a museum. 1 When the man fell into the sea, somebody threw him a
a dimension c rectangle large, round .
b curator d figure
2 I think the of mosquitoes is only a
2 The art teacher told the students to draw a line few weeks. They dont live very long.
in the centre of their piece of paper.
a successful c social 3 My grandad saw this area change a lot during his
b vertical d personal
4 Jed works as a on the beach
3 This artist always lots of paint to the canvas.
during the summer.
a bases c outlines
b leads d applies 5 Their changed completely after
they won all that money.
4 Robert holds the in his right hand and paints
with his left. /5
a easel c frame
b portrait d palette
Vocabulary: /15
5 Its a area that even the experts cant agree on.
a silver c grey
b white d golden
6 Will you have finished the history by Friday?
a assignment c texture Choose.
b appreciation d statement
7 His books manage to what growing up in 1 He wasnt able/couldnt to fix the washing machine.
poverty is really like.
2 Did you have/get her to write the letter for you?
a remind c convey
b create d observe 3 Should/May I use your phone for a minute, please?
4 The hospital has/needs painting; it looks terrible.
8 His cruel treatment of the child caused in the
5 Kristin should have/had to work until 11 oclock last
people who saw it. night.
a outlaw c outlay
6 Luckily, we didnt need/neednt have to tell them what
b outlook d outrage
happened because they already knew.
9 It was really at work today. The shops never 7 She cant/hadnt have been enjoying herself; she was
been so busy before. the first to leave.
a fragmented c vibrant 8 The politician denied having been/had her speeches
b repetitive d hectic written by someone else.
10 This painting shows us how people dressed at that 9 Jeremy speaks some Italian; he might/has to know
time, so it also has historical . what that word means.
a significance c symbols 10 You ought/will not to see him again!
b comment d focus
Grammar: /10
Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 9

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. award
1 Which school do your children ?
a enlist c recruit 1 She never cooks or cleans because she has
b attend d ensure to do that for her.
2 John goes to school; he only comes home 2 The charity wouldnt survive without the many
during the holidays. it receives.
a primary c nursery
3 The bank is offering a(n) of a5,000
b secondary d boarding
for information about the robbery.
3 Our school is looking for three new teachers. 4 We still have lots of to overcome,
a regularly c completely but I think well succeed.
b especially d currently
5 Who won the for best actor?
4 You promised to do it. Dont now!
a back out c blow up
b turn away d fill in /5

5 Murat has made it his to build a school in his Vocabulary: /15

a matter c mercy
b mission
6 Our school has been
d media
as one of the best in the
a represented c guaranteed Choose.
b ranked d required
1 It doesnt matter what/which one I like; youre the one
7 The new means that all parents have to send whos going to wear it.
their children to school. 2 Whenever/However I say anything during the lesson,
a facility c legislation she laughs at me!
b parliament d opportunity 3 Dont say anything embarrassing, do/will you?
8 I rarely eat fast food because its not very . 4 Not until/No sooner she finished the book did she
a nutritious c permanent realise it was a true story.
b dedicated d limited 5 The school where/which I went to has now been
made into a museum.
9 Its an organisation, so it doesnt receive any
money from the government. 6 Hed forgotten all about it, hadnt/didnt he?
a illiterate c unofficial 7 Whoever/Who painted that picture must have been
b annual d uncovered completely mad!
8 Ive never been to the opera.
10 Albana does two jobs so that she can make ends
I havent neither/either.
a find c match 9 To whom/whose should I give this when Ive finished?
b take d meet 10 Let me have a go at driving it, do/would you?

/10 Grammar: /10

Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 10

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

1 It was
Choose a, b, c or d.

that she would have an accident; she


always drives so fast.

1 It was a tiny fishing village before it became a popular
a potential c inevitable
holiday .
b proposed d breathtaking
2 Katrina has been on the town for
2 Im not doing that again. You know the proverb:
Once , twice shy.
a broken c beaten 3 One of tourism is that it creates
b bitten d boosted jobs for local people.
3 Weve booked the flights, but we still need 4 We stayed in a cheap youth while
to find . we were in Amsterdam.
a infrastructure c development 5 If you look at the bar , you will see
b accommodation d destination which month is the hottest.
4 Its that you follow the instructions carefully, /5
otherwise you might get hurt.
a imperative c decent Vocabulary: /15
b valuable d reliable
5 There was a sudden of refugees after war broke
out in a neighbouring country.
a identity c interest
b issue d influx Choose.
6 Leaflets were being to everyone in the shopping
centre. 1 They showed/were shown the photographs from the
a commissioned c evaluated crime scene.
b nestled d distributed 2 These recycling leaflets were handing out/being
7 Peter was always . I knew he would become a handed out in the street.
successful businessman. 3 Someone was bought/had bought the last light bulb
a spacious c ambitious just minutes before I got to the shop.
b lush d vital 4 The police are still looking for the diamond that stole/
8 We stayed in a lovely self-catering when we went was stolen last month.
to Barcelona. 5 The politician was/had made to return the money.
a motel c caravan 6 Dr Monroe believes/is believed that he has found the
b hotel d flat solution.
9 Its no good sitting there, banging about it. Get 7 Linas grandparents got/were married for 60 years!
off the sofa and do something about it, instead! 8 The new hospital has just opened. It is said/They say
a on c off to be very impressive.
b for d up 9 Michael and Jen were organised/organised the party
10 Many city come here for the weekend because for me.
its only a two-hour drive from the capital. 10 They arrested/were arrested the killer at 5 oclock this
a traditions c dwellers morning.
b communities d proposals Grammar: /10

/10 Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 11

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. profound simultaneous


1 The in that country has left millions of people previous isolated universal
without food.
a aftermath c abolition 1 Its a(n) hospital with all the latest
b famine d victim technology.
2 This piece of music was written by a Polish . 2 She grew up in a(n) village in the
a slavery c lullaby middle of a rainforest.
b playlist d composer 3 That book has had a very effect on
me; I cant stop thinking about it.
3 I cant get that song out of my head. Ive been it 4 Pollution is now a(n) problem; its
all day. everywhere.
a raising c humming 5 At 6.15, there were three
b mentioning d inspiring explosions in different parts of the city.
4 The musics good, but the are really silly. Have /5
you actually thought about what theyre saying?
a ballads c lyrics
b vocals d anthems Vocabulary: /15

5 Our teacher is always talking about the psychological

of listening to music.
a vessels c centuries
b benefits d praises
6 The doctor said that Diana will in two to three
days. 1 The woman at the airport warned/explained us that
a relate c revise there might be delays.
b release d recover 2 Marianne said that she must/had to rewrite her essay
by the following day.
7 They say that music can make the immune
stronger. 3 Anna likes her new job, but she wishes her colleagues
a surgery c support to be/were friendlier.
b instrument d system 4 Has anyone told/said anything about what happened
last night?
8 I ran Izaak today. I hadnt seen him for ages. 5 He refused/denied being anywhere near the bank
a into c out when the robbery took place.
b on d up 6 She advised us not telling/not to tell anyone what had
9 Fred is suffering from a serious , but we dont happened.
know all the details yet. 7 Mum always encourages/suggests us to try new things.
a mood c effect 8 The teacher asked us had we/whether we had done
b condition d cause our homework.
9 Tom told the children that France is/was in Europe.
10 A lot of teachers and students are trying hard to a
change in the education system. 10 Marie said that she works/would be working tonight.
a bring out c turn out
b bring about d come around
Grammar: /10
/10 Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
Unit Tests Unit 12

Vocabulary Fill each gap with a word from the box.

There is one extra word.

A Choose a, b, c or d. shiftwork
1 I hope they me. Ive been looking for a job for
ages! 1 The boss is very pleased with my work, so hes giving
a hold c apply me a(n) .
b hire d supervise 2 Her colleagues dont like her much because shes got
a bad .
2 Unless you learn to be more patient, youll never be
3 Graduating from university is an important
able to a proper job.
for young adults.
a help out c hold down
b wipe down d hang out 4 Toby does ; this week hes working
at night.
3 Theres been a huge increase in at the factory 5 You must have from the
since the new machines arrived. headteacher to leave school early.
a production c performance
b producer d rates /5
4 Arthur his job last week because he hated
working at night. Vocabulary: /15
a quit c dismissed
b retired d turned
5 I dont think that what youre wearing is
for a job
a responsible c punctual Choose.
b relevant d appropriate
6 Tanias job is to customers when they arrive and 1 Todd was exhausted when he got home; consequently/
then show them to their table. nevertheless, he still managed to play with the children for
a serve c clear a while.
b greet d provide 2 He didnt tell anybody what hed done with the aim/
7 My old car isnt going to last much longer, so I need for fear of getting punished.
to start saving for a new one. 3 The book was so/such boring that she didnt even finish
a up c to the first chapter.
b down d in 4 In spite of/Although Id never met him before, I
immediately knew he was Susans brother.
8 Have you been to the new shop on the corner?
Its prices are very . 5 However/Despite much I dislike her, I could never
a trustworthy c competitive hurt her!
b efficient d courteous 6 The guide told the tourists to stay with the group so that/
in case they wouldnt get lost.
9 If it needs to be done by tomorrow, give it to Radu;
hell make work of it. 7 The traffic was terrible due/because to the heavy snow.
a sudden c thin 8 It was so/such cold a day that we all stayed at home.
b enthusiastic d short 9 Even though/No matter how Im young and fit, the job is
10 If the thinks the kitchen is dirty, she will close the still very tiring.
restaurant down. 10 The reason for/why they tried to escape during the day
a organiser c inspector is still not known.
b composer d workaholic Grammar: /10
/10 Test total: /25


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 1-3 Reading Comprehension

Read the text and complete Tasks A, B and C.


In Mediterranean countries, it is hot and dry in and carry very little moisture. The winter heat in the
summer perfect for tourists hoping to be out and South Asian subcontinent is also due to the fact
about, sightseeing or enjoying sunny beaches. that the Himalayas form an enormous barrier that
Rain falls during the other three seasons in this prevents the cold northern air from moving south.
region. For the people who live in countries close The temperature during an Indian winter can reach
to the northern part of the Indian Ocean (like India as high as 43 degrees centigrade!
and Bangladesh) however, summer is the rainy A large percentage of the worlds population lives
season. And, in this part of the world, the term in regions affected by the monsoons of Asia, and
rainy season means monsoons. most of these people are farmers. Too little rain can
The monsoon rains usually begin in June and end mean that there is not enough water to irrigate their
in September. During this period, the northern crops, and this can result in famine. Too much rain
hemisphere of the Earth is tilted towards the sun. can result in widespread flooding which, ironically,
This means that in India, for example, the sun is will also destroy crops and result in famine.
directly overhead at noon, and its rays heat up the Unfortunately, despite the fact that the monsoons
ground a lot more than they would in December appear every summer, it is still impossible to
or January. As a result, the land becomes very hot predict exactly when they will begin, how long they
and heats the air above it. This hot air rises and, as will last or how much rain will fall. And it is not just
it does so, the air above the ocean moves inland farmers who depend on the monsoons. In India,
to take its place. This air is full of moisture from for example, the summer rains provide almost
line 20 the sea, however. It also rises, now being part of a 90 per cent of the total water supply, and a large
powerful cycle that has been set in motion and, as percentage of the countrys electricity is produced
it cools, it drops all its moisture on the land in the by hydroelectric plants which depend on the water
form of rain. brought by the monsoon rains.
Monsoons bring very heavy rainfall and severe Technically, the term monsoon doesnt refer only
flooding. They can be extremely destructive, to summer rains. It refers to the whole climatic cycle
and often cause landslides which may sweep that includes both the moist summer winds and the
whole villages away. Monsoons bring death and dry winter winds which blow out from the land over
devastation but, despite this, they are usually the sea. Despite this, most people equate the word
welcomed by the farmers who depend on the water monsoon with torrential rain, crop irrigation and,
to irrigate their land. This is because these areas are unfortunately, flooding and destruction.
usually very hot and dry in winter when the winds
blow in the opposite direction (from the northeast)


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 1-3

Answer the questions. Do NOT
Choose a, b, c or d. use more than five words for
each answer.
1 According to the first paragraph of the text, in 1 When is the rainy season in Bangladesh?
Mediterranean countries,
a most rain falls in winter. 2 What is tilted towards the sun in June?
b rain falls mostly in autumn and winter.
c there is rain in autumn, winter and spring. 3 What kind of destruction can monsoons cause?
d most of the rain falls on the Indian Ocean.
2 The monsoon season usually 4 Where does most of Indias water come from?
a ends in January.
b makes the Earth tilt. 5 What stops cold air from the north from travelling south to
c brings very cold weather. Asian monsoon regions?
d begins in June.
3 The word It (line 20) refers to
a the fact that the land becomes hot. /5
b the sea.
c the moisture.
d air that was over the ocean.
4 The writer of the text finds it ironic that
a farmers welcome monsoons even though they

come every year.
a lack of water and too much rain can have the
same effect.
C Write T for true, F for false or NS
for not stated.

c the monsoons can result in famine. 1 India usually has higher temperatures than
d a large number of people live in regions affected countries in the Mediterranean region.
by monsoons.
2 Winter winds typically come from the
5 Which of these statements is true according to the northeast in Asian monsoon regions.
3 Most famines in Asia are caused
a Technically, the word monsoon means
by monsoons.
summer rains.
b Monsoons dont appear every year. 4 Farmers are the only group of people
c We cant predict exactly when monsoons will who depend on monsoon rains.
start. 5 Very little of Indias electricity is generated
d About 90 per cent of Indias electricity comes using hydroelectric power.
from hydroelectric plants.


Reading Comprehension: /15



Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 1-3

Vocabulary 12 I cant study with other people; I can only concentrate

when Im
a bustling
c immune
b alone d lonely
Choose a, b, c or d.
13 One bad teacher can the whole school a bad
1 In Byzantine times, people lived in that on the hill a make c call
because there they were safe from attacks by pirates. b drop d give
a fountain c fortress
14 I was putting on weight, so I went to the doctor for
b lantern d lane
some advice on diet and .
2 The land around the refugee camp was enough a famine c receipts
for the refugees to grow some vegetables. b nutrition d cuisine
a thriving c scenic
15 Research shows that clever placement in films
b fertile d glamorous
can increase sales.
3 The headteacher told Harry that his teachers would no a slogan c consumer
longer his bad behaviour. b product d jingle
a tolerate c overcome
b imitate d manipulate
Vocabulary: /15
4 Nowadays, its difficult for families to get on just
one salary.
a by c over
b through
5 Shes always
d across
names; she wants everyone to know
how many rock stars shes met.
a linking c throwing Choose.
b calling d dropping
6 The plants on my balcony are because they get 1 I thought I would never be/get used to teaching such a
plenty of sunlight and water. large class.
a attracting c flourishing
b achieving d expanding 2 When Bob got to work, he realised he had left/left his
wallet at home.
7 There is a government every 10 years, which gives
information about the countrys population. 3 The animals are allowed to move free/freely around the
a census c monument park.
b bill d account 4 Mark is frequently/recently late.
8 The people knew the soldiers were coming to and
5 We need to get there until/by 6 oclock.
destroy their city, so they escaped with whatever they
could carry. 6 David is working like/as a waiter on an island this
a surrender c persecute summer.
b plunder d produce 7 I didnt visit/havent visited the new museum yet. Is it
9 She was rich, and looked down anybody who was interesting?
8 How long has she been in/to Thessaloniki?
a at c on
b to d over 9 My meal is any/no better than yours!
10 They applied to the bank for a so that they could 10 It was too/very kind of you to help me with my project.
buy their dream house.
a refund c mortgage
b pension d purchase
Grammar: /10
11 Patrick felt very about starting his new job.
a apprehensive c diverse
b painful d foreign Test total: /40


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 4-6 Reading Comprehension
Read the text and complete Tasks A, B and C.

Message in a Bottle

1 4
The Plastiki is a one-of-a-kind catamaran large enough for Most marine pollution is caused by plastic materials.
six people to live and sail on at any one time, and nearly Scientists have discovered two enormous garbage
everything about it is unusual. From the very beginning, its patches in the North Pacific Ocean and the Mid-Atlantic
designers aimed to create a boat powered by renewable Ocean where millions of tiny pieces of plastic gather. This
energy sources such as the sun, the wind and the sea, plastic is consumed by marine life and seabirds. Toxic
and built mostly out of recycled materials. Toxic glues are plastic is then passed into the food chain and we end up
often used in conventional boat construction, but a special, eating it! In addition, scientists believe that at least one
fully-organic glue was developed for the Plastiki. This boat million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea
floats on approximately 12,500 plastic drinking bottles. Its turtles die every year as a result of eating plastic or being
mast is made from reclaimed irrigation pipe and its sails strangled by it. The Plastiki crew were shocked by the
are made from recycled PET, a substance used to make amount of rubbish they saw floating around the ocean.
certain plastics. The Plastiki even has a vertical hydroponic They were also saddened by the fact that they saw
garden in order to grow nutritious plants for the crew, and relatively little marine life on the voyage. Sea expeditions
a water catchment system that filters rainwater to use for that took place fifty years ago recorded that the crew ate
drinking. But can this revolutionary boat really sail? fish every day and that they couldnt swim in the sea for
fear of sharks. The Plastiki crew saw very few sharks and
caught only a couple of fish.
On 20th March 2010, after being tested on a lot of short
trips, the Plastiki set off from San Francisco Bay. More
than four months later, after a challenging journey across But the Plastiki message is not all negative. It teaches us
the Pacific, the largest ocean in the world, the catamaran that we have the power to change our behaviour and our
arrived in Sydney, Australia. During the journey this attitudes so that we can help protect the environment. By
unusual craft and its crew survived four-metre-high recognising that waste is a result of human activity, we
waves, wild winds and extremely high temperatures that should be inspired to search for solutions to the problems
lasted for days. For the first time in sailing history, a boat of plastic waste that are threatening our planet.
floating on plastic bottles completed an ocean journey of
over 15,000 kilometres!

But the Plastiki voyage was not just about having a
fantastic adventure. The leader of the expedition, David
de Rothschild, shocked at the environmental devastation
humans have caused, believed that news of the Plastiki
voyage could send out a global message and raise
awareness of the dangers of plastic waste. With the
amount of media attention the Plastiki has received,
the sad reality of the catastrophic effects of plastic on
our oceans and our planet is certainly more widely
understood now.


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 4-6

Match the headings A F to the
paragraphs (1-5). There is one extra
heading which you do not need to use.
C Choose a, b or c.

1 What is true about the Plastiki?

A Not what it used to be a It has enough room for six people.
b Only recycled materials were used to build it.
B A wake-up call
c It needs only one source of energy.
C A unique vessel
D No easy achievement 2 What do the materials used in the mast and the sails
have in common?
E Cleaning up the coastline
a They are made from PET.
F Looking on the bright side
b They are fully organic.
c They were used for other purposes in the past.
3 What did the Plastiki do in March 2010?
a It started lots of short trips.
b It sailed out of San Francisco Bay.
c It sailed into San Fancisco Bay.
4 What was de Rothschilds main aim?
a to have an exciting adventure

B Write T (true), F (false) or b to get enough publicity to pay for another voyage
c to teach people about marine pollution
NS (not stated).
5 What has been discovered in the North Pacific and
Mid-Atlantic Oceans?
1 The crew of the Plastiki could produce a countless large areas where ships leave their rubbish
some food on their voyage.
b large areas where countless bits of plastic end up
2 The crew drank filtered seawater. c small areas where millions of bits of plastic end up

3 The voyage took three and a half months.

4 The sea was very rough at times.
5 Members of the crew swam in the sea
during the voyage.


Reading Comprehension: /15


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 4-6

Vocabulary 12 Lots of my friends

music to pop.
a wonder
me because I prefer classical

c lose
b retain d tease
Choose a, b, c or d.
13 Unfortunately, that species of bird is : the last
one died last year.
1 Put the fork in that drawer. Thats where we keep all a endangered c fragile
the . b unsustainable d extinct
a archery c military
14 Critics say that this singer has a(n) voice; no one
b cutlery d hospitality
else sounds like her.
2 Some farmers, trying to defend their land, were by a unique c intact
the invading soldiers. b obvious d bright
a wounded c damaged
15 The when the two pieces of wood rubbed
b preserved d destroyed
together created heat which, in turn, started a fire.
3 Her business was doing very well, but it was at the a catalyst c friction
of her personal life. b ritual d gravity
a erosion c expense
b event d loss Vocabulary: /15
4 The manager is a lot more popular than the last
a fascinated
b undisputed
c common
d current
5 The clouds in the sky were as as snow. Choose.
a light c white
b dry d cool 1 Ill stay with you until you feel/will feel better.
6 I couldnt figure the answer to the last maths
2 They spent the all/whole day playing in the garden,
and now theyre asleep.
a on c at
b through d out 3 Anka regrets speaking/to have spoken to her sister
so rudely.
7 These buildings were damaged in the earthquake
last year. 4 The train for Bristol is on the point of/due to leave in
a severely c relatively an hour.
b approximately d annually
5 Dad will have returned/will return from work by the
8 Marias studying hard because shes her final time we get there.
exams tomorrow.
a giving c dubbing 6 They had too many/much luggage for just one taxi.
b taking d accepting 7 Id rather be given/have given more work to do than
9 If we hurry well be time to catch the last bus. listen to her complain!
a on c at 8 Were going to travel across -/the Sahara Desert on
b in d for camels.
10 After many months of experiments, the scientist was on
the of making a new discovery.
9 Catalina cant stand to be/being spoken to like a
a limit c brink
b factor d tank 10 They go to the farm quite often because the children
11 Im going to up French because were planning to enjoy to feed/feeding the animals.
move to Paris.
a make c put
b take d give Grammar: /10

Test total: /40


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 7-9 Reading Comprehension
Read the text and complete Tasks A and B.

Follow Your Art

The Simmons European University of the Arts (SEUA) fashion, its really important to be able to change with
is regarded as one of the best and most specialised the times, and our instructors work hard to prepare us
institutions of its kind, and has produced some of the to do that by teaching us to be flexible. They are always
finest contemporary designers, directors, photographers, encouraging us to incorporate new elements into each of
actors and musicians. The guiding principle of SEUA is to our designs.
encourage questioning, experimentation and discovery
The son of a well-known TV director, Geoffrey Lewis
in its diverse student body.
dreamt of the bright lights of film and television while
Marios Papastavrou is in his second year of a Computer he was growing up in central London. Now in his third
Games Design course. When he was younger, he never year of SEUAs Film and Television course, Geoffrey
dreamt that one day he would be able to study his passion has studied various production methods and has been
at university. His obsession with computer games was encouraged to develop his own style of directing. He told
the source of many arguments with his parents, but now us, The best thing about my course is that I get to work
they couldnt be prouder of their son. Marioss course with students from other departments such as animation,
includes a lot more than hed ever imagined, such drama and fashion design. Thats great practice for the
as 3-D modelling, but his teachers have been able to real world, where Ill always have to work with a team of
help him understand the relevance of everything he is people from different fields.
expected to learn. He says, The best thing is that when
Lin Chang, a young woman from China, is also in her
I get my degree, I wont be limited to designing games.
third year at SEUA. She hopes to receive her degree
Ill be qualified to work in web design, advertising and
in fine arts this September. At the moment, Lin and the
publishing too. Thats important, because it could take
other students in her department are organising a formal
years for me to get into one of the few great game design
public exhibition of their work as part of their course
companies that I have my eye on, and I have to make a
requirements. Lin says, My time here has been a real
living in the meantime!
eye-opener, artistically speaking. I arrived thinking that I
Fulani Adu is a first-year international student who is wanted to learn how to paint portraits and landscapes
really excited about studying Fashion Design at the same like my mother, whos a successful artist back home.
institution where some of her favourite designers, such Now, Im into video art and mixed-media collages with
as Stella Carson and Julian Ivanovich, got their degrees. social and political messages! My teachers have really
The course is really hard work, says Fulani, but I helped me explore all aspects of my artistic abilities, and
love the atmosphere and get a tremendous amount of exposed me to the many different directions I can choose
satisfaction every time I finish a challenging project. In to take in my future career.


Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 7-9

A For questions 110 choose from the

people in the box (AD).
B Write T (true), F (false) or
NS (not stated).

1 The universitys main goal is to push

A Marios Papastavrou students to try new things.
B Fulani Adu
C Geoffrey Lewis 2 Marioss parents are unhappy with his
choice of course.
D Lin Chang

3 Fulani thinks Fashion Design is one of

Which person or people
the hardest courses at SEUA.
mentions working with people who
are studying different subjects? 1 4 Geoffrey would prefer to work in TV
rather than film.
admires certain people who studied
at SEUA in the past? 2 5 Lin has to take part in the exhibition
in order to receive her degree.
have a parent who works in the field
they are studying? 3 4
feels that his/her course is difficult
but rewarding? 5
knows specifically where he/she
would like to work? 6 Reading Comprehension: /15

loves something that used to cause

problems at home? 7
has dramatically changed his/her
viewpoint since starting at SEUA? 8
have already completed two years 9 10
of study at SEUA?



Journeys B2 Test Pack Journeys B2 Teachers Resource Pack
3-Unit Tests Units 7-9

Vocabulary 12 Every morning, the

the palace library.
a homemakers
had to dust all the books in

c bookworms
b ministers d servants
Choose a, b, c or d.
13 Robert is always making rude in Mr Johnsons
1 He often finds himself in dangerous situations as a a comments c patches
result of his behaviour. b intentions d sections
a reckless c permanent
14 I was by the terrible thought that I might never
b anonymous d limited
see my family again.
2 Anya has a very positive on life, so shes fun to be a checked c involved
with. b struck d contacted
a mood c appreciation
15 Phone boxes are becoming a thing the past now
b mission d outlook
that so many people have got mobile phones.
3 If the kids want to go to the beach, I can them a in c for
when I finish work and drive them home. b of d behind
a gather c pick
b collect d add Vocabulary: /15
4 I cant rely on Andy any more; hes let me too
many times.
a off
b in
c down
d out
5 Yesterday, an old school friend called me up out of the
and suggested we meet up.
a white c blue
b grey d black 1 I never would find/would have found it if I hadnt
thought about when Id last used it.
6 In this , the king looks a lot like his grandfather.
a easel c frame 2 He neednt have/mustnt have bought more bread.
b portrait d palette We had plenty at home.
7 I love the of this scarf. Its so soft! 3 The house, whose/which owners were on holiday,
a rectangle c shape had been broken into.
b outlay d texture
4 If/Should he come here again, call the police.
8 Max foolishly my warning and dived into the
dangerous river. 5 Theyd sooner not take/not have taken the bus; they
a ignored c led think the train will be quicker.
b applied d emphasised 6 You wont know how to do it unless you would read/
9 Jackie out with her friend Steve when she found read the instructions carefully.
out hed lied to her.
a fell c backed 7 Jason had his house painted/painted his house
while he was away on holiday.
b blew d broke
10 Lots of governments have passed banning 8 If only it hadnt rained/wasnt raining that day!
smoking in public buildings. 9 My cousin Tom, that/who finished school last year,
a dimensions c legislation has just found a job.
b assignments d appreciation
10 We had/got Susan to take a picture of us at the
11 Ms Rendell is a(n) teacher, who loves her work and
tries very hard to make her lessons interesting.
a countless c abusive Grammar: /10
b dedicated d complementary
Test total: /40