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Social Justice Lesson Joni Stevens 5th Grade

Pre-service teachers: Deirdre Sanborn and Jaimi Gomes

This lesson is based off the text 28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World.
This book goes through historical moments in American history that were significant to African
American rights and successes. We have selected 10 dates from the 28 for students to research
further. We will assign the 3-5 minute videos for students to watch in small groups. Once
students are the expert on their event, they will share it with the rest of the class through the
timeline activity.
Social Justice:
1. Students will respectfully express curiosity about the history and lived experiences of others
and will exchange ideas and beliefs in an open-minded way.
2. Students will recognize unfairness on the individual level (e.g., biased speech) and injustice at
the institutional or systemic level (e.g., discrimination).
SWBAT understand the issues of race when talking about Black history.
SWBAT participate in creating an active timeline of history.
SWBAT identify important moments in Black history.
SWBAT analyze interpretations of the same event from multiple perspectives.
SWBAT participate in class discussion in order to evaluate activity.
Lesson Overview
Activities Student Work

1. President poster board Students will guess how many

slaves the presidents owned
(whole group). Relate to student
background knowledge of
2. Introduce book 28 Days. Explain Revolutionary War.
how the book tells a story of African
American rights throughout history.

3. Assign groups and designate their

Students watch videos on
date in history. Give them YouTube
video links. Chromebook individually, then
discuss with their partners.

4. Create time line on white board and Students will write important
hand out sticky notes for each student. information about their assigned
date on their sticky note

5. Start from the earliest date and place Students will come up to the white
sticky notes in designated spot on board in their groups and place the
timeline. (Teachers will read the sticky note on the time line. They
corresponding page in book) will talk about what they learned.

6. Class Discussion: Teacher will

facilitate class discussion around
activity, prompting students to think
about their next steps in finding social