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Health and Hygiene: For Harmony

A Prescription for Wellbeing

By D.R. Hugh Mann

Humans adapt by nature, nature adapts to humans; therefore increasing life-force energy
with nature's tried and true recipes are sure-fire ways for successful survival and thrival.
Optimizing macro environments that envelope conscious existence, and life's micro
systems we call bodies that serve well being should be carefully honed and honored for
prime experience.

Health Cure Principals

Oral Hygiene
Over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) diluted to 3%, appears just like water, and
is similarly odorless and tasteless. Regular use of hydrogen peroxide as an oral debriding
mouthwash can be highly beneficial by letting foam inside the mouth for 30-60 seconds
then spitting out, not swallowing. Good for use after flossing, and for teeth brushing:
rinse toothbrush with water, then pour a small amount of H2O2 onto toothbrush before
adding toothpaste. When sick, there may be more foaming than usual due to additional
harmful bacteria in mouth (micro) and body (macro) systems.

A significant mouth to heart connection has proven to show symptoms of tooth decay
when a heart is unhealthy. Regular oral H2O2 hygiene can improve the cardiac and
blood systems, as can proper exercise and diet. An anecdotal benefit of spent H2O2 is
cleaner plumbing, especially effective for septic tanks due to it's gentile-to-the-
environment cleansing agency. H2O2 can be inexpensively purchased at most
supermarkets, pharmacies, and dollar stores.

Baking Soda
Adding Sodium Bicarbonate to drinking water (with or without fresh squeezed lime or
lemon juice) serves a human body especially well by restoring an alkaline pH balance
that can catalyze the immune system to cure/prevent cancer and dozens of other
diseases. This is especially helpful for those who smoke, and/or regularly consume
highly acidic diets. Adding baking soda to baths, soaps, shampoos, and toothpastes can
also be beneficial for cleansing.

Oil Pulling
Coconut oil can save lives, and oil pulling, or mouth-washing a table-spoonful for 1-3
minutes or more, will pull toxins out from the body with anti-bacteria cleansing. Hemp
seed oil can also be used, and both can be ingested regularly for preservation and body

A transformational substance, vinegar should be a regular ingredient for healthy human
consumption. White vinegar, apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, and others will suffice
when diluted with water. Consume a half shot-glass amount once a week or more for
optimum results. Feeling the tingle will confirm the alchemizing effects of the body,
which also aid in decalcifying the pineal gland from years of fluoride poisoning.

Green Tea
Seasoning organic green tea with ginger powder spice and sweetening with agave or
honey helps heal and perform maintenance to many of the body's systems.

Natural sun on the bare skin at appropriate times and in reasonable amounts catalyzes
vitamin D production in the human body, but be sure to also get plenty of shade and
hydration as to not burn. Caution: some sun-block brands may do more harm than good.
Natural Aloe Vera can be used to treat sunburns.

There are scores of other beneficial natural products that can have significant results to
human functioning such as garlic and chia seeds, therefore listening to your own body
for guidance and doing what feels good without harm is good practice for tuning your
body-as-an-instrument to proper pitch. The Internet and local health food stores are a
good start, but knowing what works well for YOU is better than listening to a medical
doctor who's sole purpose is exploitation of energy or money by prescribing pharma
meds en-masse as opposed to increasing the health and function of their community.

For strains and sprains, remember R.I.C.E. for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
When trauma strikes with say a broken bone, professional or proper treatment is best
called for to set and cast the injury, which is why hospitals will always be relevant, but
medical marijuana has been proven to aid in the healing of broken bones, and heal by
scent alone. Due to myth, misrepresenting propaganda, and nefarious agendas to keep
cannabis off the pharmaceutical shelves, among other medical atrocities, western
medicine is still lagging behind where it should be today.

Just because a treatment isn't (yet) proven effective by a widely trusted mainstream herd
mentality or provided with approval by a regulatory agency is not the same as
ineffective. Ask anyone who has benefited from acupuncture if they care that their
treatment may be discredited by a widely trusted medical association. For further
investigation, ask why the American Medical Association's logo is that of a caduceus,
the Greek symbol of medicine which is used in Hermetic alchemy and relates to the
Hindu term Kundalini for serpent energy.

Then ask a psychiatrist who tows the DSM5 line about telepathy, psychic-nervous
system development, and special healing powers, and chances are they'll be at a loss
because these concepts are excluded by design from western medical training.
Prescribing toxins that dull spiritual development is maligned to improving the health
and well-being of people and communities, therefore there's a disconnect in western
medicine due to compartmentalization, fostering ignorance in those who become
medically accredited, and shameful agenda making by those who possess, yet don't
share, pertinent information.

Health Care Principals

Symbiosis is greater than parasitic/host relationships.

When symbiotic harmony is reached, especially those with prompt feedback systems for
self-correction and optimization, fractalization based upon ratio, scale, and optimal
growth patterns are likely to occur to model and expand for further generation.
Inversely, chaotic and exploitative feed/need disharmony will deteriorate a system, those
who serve it, and those who participate without correction.

Dis-Ease is caused by either toxicity or deficiency.

A common misconception is that Smoking causes cancer, cancer is a harmful disease,
therefore smoking is toxic. Humans have engaged in smoking for many generations,
yet only recently have harmful toxins/chemicals been added to popular tobacco brands.
Also, smoking marijuana and other plant medicines can be very helpful to a human
biological system. Therefore, a more accurate statement is Smoking excessive amounts
of anything (including tobacco) sprayed with harmful toxins can result in disease, yet
smoking plant medicines can be beneficial, therefore smoking isn't always harmful.

Well-being typically results from proper balance.

Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food is a beautiful quote by the
Greek founder of medicine, yet today we know medicine can come in many other
beneficial forms. Food intolerance and allergies prove that all humans are NOT subject
to the same outcomes for any given stimuli, therefore medicine (health-cure) and
maintenance and prevention (health-care) should be formulated upon by both general
principals, and individual needs. For example, everyone knows food is required for
human sustenance, most people know that fresh organic whole food will serve a body
far better than rancid or genetically-maligned processed-food-like-substances that
happen alleviate hunger, yet few people know how each blood-type has an optimized
diet. Blood-type O systems can thrive upon vegan diets and show intolerance to over-
consumption of animal protein, whereas systems with B+ type blood may become
unstable without lean meat. Because life feeds upon life, conscious consumption that
serves wellness is best when consumers reflect upon their diet and consider all effects of
chosen meals. Respect and gratitude complement served meals because all consumers
both reap and sow.

Sleep and Regeneration

Clean and comfortable sleeping areas with plant-purified air that are free from
disturbances are best for human physical and mental health.

Nature Retreats
Occasional camping trips to sleep amongst natural settings without alarm clocks or city
noise can reset the body's natural circadian rhythm. Also, the occasional
urination/defecation into the ground can act as a check-in with Mother Nature, the
ultimate physician, for a sample test of the body's inner workings that may be hidden or
sterilized by modern use of plumbing/water purification systems. For those who live in
rural settings, find a Pee-Tree for outside urination, and see what naturally sprouts
similar to examining a culture in a petri dish.

Careful practice of staring at the sun for short periods of time near sunrise and sunsets,
or simple sun-glancing to say namaste anytime during the day, can improve mind, body,
and spirit, and may even provide better access to dream memory and/or lucid dreaming.
*For those who wear glasses or contacts, take special precaution.

Third Eye Blinking

To clear the eye sockets and improve vision and focus, occasionally cross your eyes by
looking at a point in the distance (like the moon or a candle flame) so two points
(moons/flames) appear, then shift your focus of sight between the two as a way to blink
the third eye chakra. Smokers subconsciously do this each time they put a flame near
their nose.

Take a barefoot walk in a natural setting with fresh air such as a beach or park, hug a
tree, touch rooted vegetation, smell flowers, then note the effects. If it's cold, safely
make a fire and feel flame's warmth.

Skipping a few meals here and there won't hurt, and a simple fruit, nut, or veggie
alternative can stave off starvation when fasting. Certain lunar days and houses are more
beneficial for fasting than others, and fasting at appropriate times can help boost the
immune system, flush toxins, and reverse aging.

Meditation and Vibration

Meditation reduces stress, and stress is a major cause of disease. Speaking, singing, or
chanting root syllables such as Om, Hum, Mi, Ma, Im, among several others produces a
vibratory healing effect. Listening to music, singing, and playing instruments can also
reduce stress and improve body function.

Laughter may be the best medicine because hysterically laughing is a bliss experience,
and bliss is what the body and soul desire. Compassion, helping others, and performing
good deeds also make people feel good, just as healthy orgasms, deliciously nutritious
meals, and hot cleansing baths. Achieving equilibrium by finding contentment in neutral
times can help people get to the next bliss event properly suited and better prepared for

The prescription to happiness is self-actualization, but self-realization usually comes
first. The prescription to self satisfaction is contentment with current circumstances by
releasing expectations or desires for more. The prescription for ensoulment is productive
passion and/or compassion. Balance brings harmony, and harmony brings proper
growth. Humans grow each time we learn something new, discover a truth, realize a
powerful notion, develop a new skill, etc. Look to nature for clues and guidance, and
remember to share productive information so others can benefit on your behalf.