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To describe people (Positive Personalities)

No. Common Sample sentence Sophisticated
adjective adjective

1 Active She was an agile

active student.
2 Adventurous He was an bold
3 Beautiful His bride was appealing
very beautiful.
4 Brave My father was bold
very brave.
5 Careful We were careful meticulous
in making
6 Clever The clever boy brainy
smiled at me.
7 Committed He was a devoted
8 Confident I was confident optimistic
we would win.
9 Cooperative Everyone was accommodating
10 Famous She was a celebrated
famous singer.
11 Friendly The receptionist amiable
was friendly.
12 Funny My granduncle hilarious
was funny.
13 Generous The manager philanthropic
was generous.
14 Glamorous He led a dazzling
glamorous life.
15 Good His son had good virtuous
16 Great His mother was a eminent
great lawyer.
17 Hardworking The workers were industrious
To describe people (Negative Personalities)

No. Common adj. Sample sentence Sophisticated


1 Arrogant I hated his arrogant snobbish

2 Bad I could not stand dreadful
my bad neighbour.
3 Careless She was a careless reckless
4 Crazy Were they crazy? lunatic
5 Cruel The cruel criminal ruthless
was arrested.
6 Dishonest The dishonest clerk fraudulent
was fired.
7 Evil We stayed away devilish
from the evil killer.
8 Forgetful He was young but scatterbrained
very forgetful.
9 Fussy Her fussy mother- picky
in-law was dying.
10 Greedy The village avaricious
headman was
11 Lazy The lazy students indolent
were sleeping.
12 Rude The rude boy was boorish
her cousin.
13 Selfish Their selfish self-seeking
attitude was bad.
14 Strange Her strange acts creepy
scared us.
15 Stupid Her stupid act half-witted
made everybody
16 Garrulous She was a talkative garrulous
Practice 1

1. Choose any 10 of your classmates.

2. In pairs, construct a sentence about each of them. The description could either be
positive or negative.
3. Make sure each of your sentences has at least one sophisticated adjective. Underline
the word(s).
4. Use past tense verbs to describe your classmates.
1. Azim was a cheerless boy in the class
2. Beng Hee tried to be industrious after he failed his Physics.

1. Individually, describe about your friend in not less than 60 words.
2. Include at least 5 sophisticated adjectives in each paragraph. Underline them.

Some people liked but some others hated her