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Are Parents the Best Teacher?

Our entire education system is based on what we accumulate each day for entire life. Even

though teachers contribute us a lot of information in variety of fields, our parent are still the

best teachers; they start their educational process as soon as we were born and never stop

teaching us.

In the initial year of our life, our parents are involved in guiding us to modulate our

personality and forming us to understand whether which is right and wrong. For example,

when I was five years old, my parents bought me a dog; they taught me how to tack care of it,

feed it, play with it, and even bath it. Thus, I learnt that we all have responsibilities.

Even if parents are not the specialized in education, their role of teaching the children to

aware of necessity to improve their knowledge at school is incomparable. On the other hand,

our parents are not supposed to teach us math, chemistry, or biology, yet they are very much

involved in delivering us lessons of being independent person. As my mother said to me,

fight your own battle because I will not always protect you.

Taking into account all these factors, I may reach a conclusion that parents are literally best

teacher because of their always last forever. Even when I am a grow person, they can still give

me unexpected advice when I reach a struggle. Based on their life experience, my parents

have the most important role in my education journey and I always be grateful for everything

they have taught me.