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A Robust FIX Trading Infrastructure Management Solution

In the fast-paced, high stakes world of electronic trading, one lost trade or one down connection can severely hurt your bottom line. With TradeScope, you can keep a constant eye on your FIX environment and pro-actively stay on top of trading issues from anywhere in the world.

FAst FActs

What is it? TradeScope is an easy-to-use, web-based tool used to monitor and manage your firm’s FIX infrastructure and day-to-day electronic trading activities.

Who is it for? TradeScope is built for both business and technical users from buy- and sell-side firms, broker-dealers and hedge funds.

What does it provide? You can manage your firm’s electronic trading infrastructure and connectivity, without being a FIX expert. With TradeScope, you can track all trading activity in real-time and historically with a user-friendly, dynamic interface. More importantly, TradeScope is pro-actively alerting you to possible trading issues and allowing you to respond to and correct them before escalation is required.

customer challenges

Handling data In electronic trading, manually keeping an inventory of potentially hundreds of connections across various markets – open at different hours around the globe – can be time consuming and onerous, often requiring digging through megabytes of log files just to troubleshoot a problem.

understanding FiX Protocol Designing an interface from scratch requires hiring staff and training them in FIX Protocol and all its nuances. This type of dependence on others slows down troubleshooting and prevents the business side of an entity from being proactive with their clients.

Lack of Monitoring for system Failure All too often systems don’t adequately monitor traffic and alert users when there’s a problem. Whether it’s a single counterparty going down, orders not coming through, or a whole gateway shutting down, desks often find out about a problem via their counterparty, meaning time wasted and lost orders.

via their counterparty, meaning time wasted and lost orders. solution Benefits extensively Monitor FiX infrastructure

solution Benefits

extensively Monitor FiX infrastructure TradeScope allows you to monitor all engines, sessions, and application connections around the globe. You can access complete FIX traffic and trade history, bring FIX engines and sessions up and down quickly, and evaluate trading performance with instant and historical reporting analysis.

streamline cumbersome tasks Through TradeScope’s flexible message browser, quickly retrieve and analyze messages without impacting engine performance. TradeScope centralizes all of your FIX dataflow in one easy location, eliminating the need to rely on staff versed in the FIX. Quickly find, filter, and sort critical trading information by parameters such as date, engine, session, and other specific field values.

stay on top of trading issues TradeScope allows you to be pro-active in your approach to events that impact the bottom line. You instantly receive powerful alerts regarding business or operational events through emails, pop ups, audible alarms, instant message or text messages. Alerts include order acknowledgement and rejected-order information, as well as critical system, engine, and session issues.

TradeScope presents a consolidated and customized view of all your FIX engines for a comprehensive view of your trading infrastructure. You can access and sort key engine details such as type, up/down, cluster, network location, configured sessions, session status, messages in/out, and application connections. You can also sort by key session details such as engine, remote firm, protocol, status, trading session interval, and message statistics.

Product descriPtion


Key Features

robust, real-time reporting & Analysis

With instant reports and trading recaps, gain real-time information on the overall performance of your trading system

Set filters and limits on trading counterparties to be pro-active on unique trading events

Research messages in detail with clear message descriptions, lists of specific message fields, and copies of raw FIX strings

Leverage the order chain function to list and retrieve the full life cycle of a trade

Access counterparty contact information directly from TradeScope, eliminating the need to search a CRM system

Use audit trails to diagnose message problems and help eliminate mistakes within your system

High capacity, enterprise-Wide Management

A scalable index server stores all FIX message information for processing on a dedicated machine

The index server minimizes system resource usage on a FIX machine and facilitates the quick retrieval of message browser query results

Through multi-site functionality, TradeScope reduces the impact of congestion across geographically distributed locations

ensure Business continuity with High Availability

Back-up TradeScope applications can be added and synchronized to each TradeScope server, offering high availability and fault tolerance

More often than not, firms rely on TradeScope as the sole solution for FIX management and administration—making High Availability a priority

secure, roles-Based Access to sensitive data

Pre-defined user roles control access to specific system functions

Access to sensitive data can be limited with specific session group and message query assignments

Requirements for user names and passwords or single or multiple user roles can be set by the system administrator

Common account details can be automatically set via user group assignment

customization tools

Easily adjust TradeScope’s appearance to your own configurations and preferences – adjust order of columns, set how much data appears on a page, and easily sort and filter data

Better manage engine types by creating custom agents or pages to meet your firm’s requirements (via pluggable agents)

Leverage the SDK to create custom applications and tabs to meet your specific needs or have NYSE Technologies’ Professional Services do it for you

About nYse technologies

NYSE Technologies provides comprehensive transaction, data and infrastructure services and managed solutions for buy-side, sell-side and exchange communities that require next-generation performance and expertise for mission critical and valueadded client services.

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Web: www.nyse.com/technologies The Order Monitor allows you to view the current status of

The Order Monitor allows you to view the current status of all your active orders.

you to view the current status of all your active orders. TradeScope’s intuitive session control allows

TradeScope’s intuitive session control allows you to view recent messages and alerts. In addition, you can receive a full audit trail of a particular session. This allows you to identify recurring events and make amends for future issues.