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The Libertarian Act and

the Divine Revolution in Photos

02/28th/1997 (1st edition)
09/01st/2008 (revised edition) - © Copyright by:

Suprema Ordem Universal da Santíssima Trindade
(Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity)

New Catholic Order established

on Feb/28th/1982 by INRI CRISTO

Headquarters of SOUST: Núcleo Rural Casa Grande

Rua 8 MA chácara 18 Setor Oeste – Gama
Brasília – Brazil
Zip Code 72.428-010
Contact to Aderexi Schmidt : (+ 55 61) 3404-0134
(INRI CRISTO’s Disciple – SOUST’s English Spokeswoman)

Aderexi Schmidt
Douglas Vasconcelos

Production and Typing: Amaí Gabardo

Priestess and Secretary of Information Technology


All rights reserved to:

Movimento Eclético Pró INRI CRISTO
(Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO)

Internet: www.inricristo.org.br
E-mail: mepic@inricristo.org.br

Printed in Brazil

Two thousand years ago, Herod crowned him with a crown of thorns and he was
crucified by roman soldiers under Pontius Pilate’s order, as a wish of the children of Israel.
Now he has reincarnated, has come back in the flesh and lives among us. INRI CRISTO
is the only King crowned by enemies, who never imagined that, at the time of coronation,
they were legitimating him as the King of kings (Revelation c.17 v.14).
INRI CRISTO returned to this world to speak the truth and free his children from
the slavery of idolatry, fantasy and lie. For that reason he has been boycotted, bereaved from
his sacred right of expression by the enemies of truth. Before the LORD’s glory day, INRI
suffers very much, while he drinks, sip by sip, the last portion of the bitter cup of reproach
(Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
The vulgar “espevos” (in Portuguese, “pseudo-developed spermatozoon”, a term
used to define a non-developed spirit), look and consider him a man that looks like Christ.
Without questioning him, they go like humanoids down the hill to the valley of the living
dead. Many look, but only the human beings with pure hearts can see the mystery of the
Holy Trinity: FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit, the transfiguration in the same face, in the
same body (“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see GOD” – Matthew c.5 v.8).
Sometimes, he is like a pure and tender child, but when he comes across irrever-
ence, disobedience, lie... and finally, the violation of the divine law, the lamb disappears
and becomes the lion of Judah: the ancient Adam, the oldest of all human beings, the Son
of GOD and Father of mankind, and he shows, as if by magic, the thousand faces of the
King of kings.
As a lamb, he teaches; as a lion, he imposes the divine law (Revelation c.5 v.5 and
6). INRI CRISTO is tender, loving and docile when he is together with the reverent, the
pure hearts, the simple and the humble. When we listen to his voice, look at his face, his
blue eyes that change in color according to the circumstances, his hands, his feet, his hair,
his silhouette, finally, his natural gestures, we can realize that he is the same Christ who
was crucified. When you are close to him, you feel peace and such a great happiness that
fills all necessities and restlessness inherent in human beings.
Those who have eyes to see, see. Those who have ears to hear, listen to him and
recognize him by his voice (John c.10 v.3 to 27).

Disciple Asusana
Scribe and Priestess of the Kingdom of GOD, formalized as SOUST

Return and Peregrination of the Son of GOD

- The Youth .............................................................................................................................. 17

- As a Prophet - 1969 / 1979 .......................................................................................... 18
- On the path of spiritual transcendence ...........................................................................19
- The Fast in Santiago of Chile ..........................................................................................20
- In Mexico - 1980 ............................................................................................................21
- The New LORD’s Prayer ............................................................................................22
- INRI CRISTO in Portugal ............................................................................................23
- INRI CRISTO in France ...........................................................................................25
- Back to Brazil .............................................................................................................32

First Visit to Belem of Para, the Cradle of the Divine Revolution

- At Santa Alice Hotel in 1981............................................................................................34

- The cure of a paralytic at Guajara TV ................................................................................35

Preparation for the Revolution

- The return to Belem ...............................................................................................................37

- INRI CRISTO washes the feet of twelve men ....................................................................41

INRI CRISTO breaks into the temple

- The march in procession to the cathedral .............................................................................42

- INRI CRISTO goes inside Belem’s cathedral ....................................................................44
- The arrival of policemen and evacuation of people ......................................................54
INRI CRISTO’s Detention

- INRI CRISTO is arrested inside the cathedral ................................................................56

- INRI CRISTO blessing the crowd .....................................................................................58
- The arrival at the Police Station ..........................................................................................64
- INRI CRISTO is stripped of his tunic ...........................................................................67
- INRI CRISTO is taken to a cell ...................................................................................70
- Faustino Brito, the Caiaphas of this century ................................................................72

INRI CRISTO Imprisoned

- INRI CRISTO is taken to prison “Sao Jose”..................................................................73

- A report in Veja magazine ...............................................................................................81
- Divine Punishment ..........................................................................................................82
- INRI CRISTO x false prophets ..........................................................................................83
- After the revolutionary act .............................................................................................84

Foundation of SOUST, Only and New Church of CHRIST

- The first church ...............................................................................................................85

- The history of Nicassio Kolino .........................................................................................86
- The second temple .........................................................................................................88
- The provisional headquarters in Curitiba ......................................................................89
- Prophetic Voices on the Coming of the Messiah ........................................................90
- The Parable of the Mine .........................................................................................92
- INRI CRISTO’s vision about the end of the world ...................................................93
- The Symbol of GOD’s kingdom ..........................................................................................94

Decadence of the Vatican

- INRI CRISTO in the Vatican ..................................................................................................95

- The Prophecy Over Rome ......................................................................................................96
- Lost of Privileges ...........................................................................................................98
- The Padlocks of Reasoning................................................................................................100
- Scandals inside the proscribed church ...................................................................................101
- Mary, the Woman ...........................................................................................................105
- The Parable of Lie ................................................................................................................107
- INRI CRISTO’s first message to K. J. Wojtyla, “John Paul II” ..............................................109
- INRI CRISTO’s second message to K. J. Wojtyla, “John Paul II” .........................................110
INRI CRISTO and the Contemporary Society

- Rabi Reveals the Name of the Messiah ...............................................................................111

- Does humanity expect the return of Christ? ....................................................................113
- INRI CRISTO’s Identification ......................................................................................115
- Relationship towards the Civil Authorities ........................................................................117

INRI CRISTO in Curitiba

- INRI CRISTO and Curitiba’s Media ....................................................................................119

- The Public Parades ...........................................................................................................121
- Christ, the Son of Man .......................................................................................................123

The Supreme Priest

- The Quest .............................................................................................................................128

- The Same Face: INRI CRISTO and the Shroud .....................................................130
- A wedding ceremony ...................................................................................................131
- The Parable of Diamonds ................................................................................................132
- The Ark of the Covenant..............................................................................................133
- The Symbols on the Altar of the Holy Trinity............................................................134
- The Supreme Judge ..................................................................................................138

Agony of the Proscribed Church

- Fatima’s Third Secret ....................................................................................................139

- Vatican’s news ........................................................................................................140


- Resurrection ................................................................................................................142
- The only shepherd ......................................................................................................145
- INRI CRISTO announces the end of the chaotic world ........................................146
- A testimony .........................................................................................................................147
- Official recognition of INRI CRISTO’s identity..................................................................148
- Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais’ declaration .....................................................................156

The purpose of this work is showing to mankind, in photos, some of the trajectory and
the most notable events of the Divine Revolution.
On March 22nd 1948, INRI CRISTO reincarnated in a small village called Indaial, in
the countryside of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. A midwife called Mrs. Bema delivered
him to a couple of German Catholic peasants, Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais. Both of them
did not know his origination and nurtured him as if he were their own son. Despite being a
circumcised Jew, since his earliest age INRI CRISTO was providentially raised in a Catholic
atmosphere so as to understand and demythify the dogmas imposed upon the Catholic people.
INRI had his “first communion” in a church called Cristo Rei (King Christ), uptown Bairro
da Velha, Blumenau City (Santa Catarina State, Brazil).
Since INRI was a boy, his life was different from the lives of other children. In his
childhood, he was awakened in the still of night by clear but very terrible visions, of people
groaning, creeping upon their own exposed members and crying out in pain, earthquakes, floods;
later on, his FATHER gave him knowledge that these visions were premonitions concerning
the end of the chaotic world. But he could never comment to whosoever about such terrible
premonitions... So it happened until he was seven years old. Only in adolescence and when he
was already grown up did they reappear a few times again. INRI CRISTO attended the school
Adolfo Konder, in Blumenau (state of Santa Catarina – Brazil), only until the third primary
year; he was forced to leave studying. In his early age, he had to carry water to help the woman
who raised him up in her occupation of washerwoman, as she had to provide the maintenance
of family. Unfortunately, her husband was an ex-worker of Oswald Hot Tannery and suffered
a pulmonary illness due to a work accident. He was considered unable to continue working
and was declared retired by the Social Welfare; however it did not reward him with any work
insurance. Yet in his childhood, he knew the vicissitudes inherent to material poverty. Amidst
the usual jokes peculiar to boys, he did not understand why the others jeered, laughed for the
fact that he was different. Only later when he was grown up he could understand the meaning
of his origination and of circumcision.
Tested in the forge, he survived attentively observing every moment of his life, learn-
ing the art of survival by overcoming the vicissitudes of life. At the age of thirteen, obeying
that voice in his head whose identity and origin he did not know, he left home comforts and
had to face the reality of social corners in the same way he did when he was called Jesus. At
that time, he had to be baptized by John the Baptist because, from the age of thirteen through
thirty, he experienced world sins; in other words, he tasted butter and honey until learning to
reject badness and choose goodness (“The LORD himself will give you a sign: the virgin is with
child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel. He shall eat curds and honey by the time he
knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good” – Isaiah c.7 v.14). In adolescence, he worked as


greengrocer, baker, food deliverer, peddler, waiter etc. He also had the opportunity to witness the
proscribed roman church using the name of the poor and the needy people to practice frauds
and unashamedly gather resources for her own benefit. Since his early age, INRI CRISTO
could observe the hidden face of those who claim to be GOD’s servants; he observed how
they present to people as paladins of just causes, however, internally, they are full of falsehood,
corruption and iniquity. This made INRI CRISTO completely discredit religions and become
a convinced atheist until the fasting in 1979. INRI CRISTO could never attach to anything or
to anybody. Whenever he was pleased to work in a place or to live with a person, he received
orders to move away, change the profession, change the city, always going ahead in obedience
to the voice that commands him.
In 1969, in Caxias do Sul City (Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil), he started his public
life as Iuri, surviving on the gift of clairvoyance, which GOD granted him with, thereby being
able to prophesy the future destiny of people. Dressed as men use to dress, he passed through
all social layers and all steps of the so-called “high society”. He experienced the hypocritical
relationship of those who live in the world of pretence, mainly when he lived at Copacabana
Palace Hotel, suite number 951 (Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil). There he could see the human
maladies concealed under expensive clothes.
In 1978, submissive to the same voice, he left Brazil. In 1979, when he first fasted, in
Santiago of Chile, the imperious voice was revealed to him as being his FATHER, LORD
and GOD, the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. It showed him his real identity, the
stages of previous incarnations inside the biblical context, since humanity’s remotest ancestor,
the primordial man (Adam), until Jesus and the meaning of his presence on Earth fulfilling
the biblical and apocalyptic prophecies.
In the face of that revelation, INRI CRISTO questioned his FATHER, LORD and
GOD: “How can I be your son, Christ, if I went into the alcove with different women, even
into the brothel, if I experienced vices, sat down at the gambling table?” Then, the LORD
answered him saying: “Everything that you did was not by yourself. I made you experience
the sins of the world without free-will so that now, as an unblemished judge, pure, not naive,
you have authority and be able to fulfill your mission of judging mankind and establishing my
kingdom on earth”.
After the fast in Santiago of Chile, dressed in a white tunic, INRI CRISTO contin-
ued his peregrination on earth. He visited twenty seven countries and all Brazilian capitals
identifying himself as the Only Son of GOD, Adam, who reincarnated as Noah, Abraham,
Moses, David, etc., afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. Due to bestiality and imbecility of
humanoids, he was detained several times, banished from the USA, expelled from Paraguay,
Venezuela and from England as a landless person. However, he was well-received in France,
the first country to declare in the media: “Le Christ est revenu sur la Terre” (Christ returned
to Earth).

10 Awakener INRI CRISTO

In 1981 happened INRI CRISTO’s first visit to Belem (state of Para, Brazil), but he did
not know that the city had been prepared by the LORD to be the stage of the divine revolu-
tion. INRI was invited to speak at Guajará TV, channel 4. On that occasion, the presenter Elói
Santos organized a committee of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, neurologists
and esoteric people to examine a paralytic in the attempt to unmask INRI CRISTO (as if it
were possible to unmask the Son of GOD, who does not have any mask). They challenged
him, asking if he would be able to cure the paralytic or not.
The scientists interrogated the paralytic in front of the TV cameras. After investigating
him, the presenter Elói Santos asked: “Is INRI able to make him walk?” The doctors looked
at each other and, with laughs of disparagement and disdain, they said: “Of course not!” They
placed the man in front of INRI CRISTO, who invoked his FATHER, put his hand on the
penitent’s head and said: “Stand up! Walk!” When hearing the powerful words from the mouth
of the Son of GOD, the paralytic left the crutch and went out walking. His face was a mixture
of surprise and happiness.
The doctors started to make their judgments on what happened. They were expelling
hatred from their eyes, by all pores, except one neurologist who remained meditative and coher-
ent with the truth. In front of the TV cameras and newspapers, an orthopedist threatened that
if the paralytic did not return to his crutch, his pension from INPS (Brazilian social welfare)
would be cut. Pursued by the doctor and by the journalists and afraid of losing the benefit, on
the following day the miserable man allowed them to photograph him with the crutch. This
was one of the stingiest deeds INRI CRISTO witnessed in his peregrination over the Earth.
Many people saw the moment when INRI CRISTO made that man walk and began
to follow the Son of GOD in search of more miracles. At Santa Alice Hotel, people would not
leave INRI alone; he needed to hide in a car trunk to go from one place to another. When they
discovered his address, a multitude shouted: “We want to see Christ”. Traffic jams occurred
and the owner of the house where INRI CRISTO was lodged asked him to leave. Such events
happened in several places forcing INRI to temporarily leave Belem.
The LORD GOD said that INRI had to free his people from the slavery of idolatry and
one of the cities he had visited would be the place where he had to enter a cathedral, remove
the dummy from the cross (which people think is the Son of GOD) and break it in front of
In the beginning of 1982, when INRI was in Macapa (a Brazilian state), the FATHER
ordered him to return to Belem, where again He would open the doors of Guajará TV, channel
4 (at that time, the television was free, but afterwards it was bought by the pharisees that claim
to be evangelicals). It belonged to a family of politicians and was headed by a woman called
Conceição L. Guimarães. On that TV station, INRI CRISTO spoke live: on Wednesday, for
one hour, on Thursday, two hours and on Friday, three hours. The LORD ordered that someone
amidst the crowd had to go to a store, one of those next to the Roman church, and bought

Awakener INRI CRISTO 11

a statue (crucifix) with a receipt to show its price to the television viewers. On Friday, when
INRI CRISTO spoke for three hours, he showed the receipt, and pointed out some verses
concerning idolatry in a Paulinas’ edition Bible (Friar Matos Soares’ translation):
“I am the LORD, your GOD; you shall not make idols for yourselves nor sculpture images to
worship at them...” (Leviticus c.26).
“The idol, work of human hands, is accursed... because the cult of idols is the cause, beginning
and end of every evil” (Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27).
“Outside the kingdom of GOD are idolaters and whosoever loves and makes lie” (Revelation
c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15).
“I am the LORD, this is my name; I will not give my glory to another nor will accept my
praise be given to idols” (Isaiah c.42 v.8).
After that, INRI removed the little dummy from the cross and broke it, showing people
that he was not a statue. Then, he called the television viewers for a meeting at D. Pedro II
Square, on Sunday. On Saturday, at the eve of the revolution, INRI CRISTO was lodged at
Haroldo Pina’s house, placed at 366, Mucaja Street; the LORD commanded him to wash the
feet of twelve of his sons, as a preparation for the Libertarian Act.
INRI sat down on a hammock and ordered his disciple Abeverê to bring him a bowl
of water. He called each of his sons present there, one by one. He washed their feet explaining
that it had been an order from the ALMIGHTY, because he had to perform the same act
he did before crucifixion. It had a spiritual meaning; because of this act, some of them would
remain faithful at the time of reproach. Pio Varella (a dedicated servant of the LORD) did
not want INRI to wash his feet and said: “Not me, Lord!” But INRI replied: “Yes, you too”.
He was one of the last.
INRI CRISTO had already washed the feet of eleven men, adults and teenagers, but
he needed one more. He looked through the window and thought to call a pedestrian passing
on the street to fulfill his FATHER’s will. Then, the LORD said: “Count again and you will
notice there are twelve men there inside”. INRI went back and counted again, but he could
see only eleven. The LORD said again: “Look carefully, that woman has a child on her lap, he
is also a man, in development, but he is a man”. The Son of GOD washed his feet completing
the number twelve, therefore fulfilling the LORD’s order.
And on Sunday, February 28th, 1982, after speaking a brief sermon at D. Pedro II
Square, INRI CRISTO called the multitude to follow him into Belem’s cathedral. At eight
o’clock am, he surprised the priest Faustino Calixto Brito and others that deceived his people by
showing them a statue, saying in front of the incautious and defenseless congregation that the
cold statue, work of human hands, was Christ. INRI CRISTO entered the cathedral, stopped
mass rituals and cast out priests (sacraments vendors), shouting: “Get out of here liars, thieves,
idols worshipers, false sacrament peddlers! I am CHRIST!” Next, he climbed the altar, pulled
the statue off the cross and broke it before the register of media and the witnesses present there,

12 Awakener INRI CRISTO

who exclaimed: “Christ! Christ! Christ!”. INRI CRISTO showed with this act that he is not
a statue eternally nailed on the cross but CHRIST alive, in bone and flesh back on Earth.
Priests, desperate, realizing they had been unmasked, in a last gesture of madness,
trying to save their sordid trade of sacraments, called the police. The policemen, obeying their
orders and commanded by Faustino Calixto Brito (highest priest of the cathedral), took two
hours using violence to remove people from the Cathedral. Christ only remained, sitting upon
a chair on the altar, which is his place. The same chair priests had thrown at the Son of GOD
with the intention of dislodging him from the altar and injuring him; but he had received it
in his hands with a graceful, dignifying gesture and majestically turned it into a throne, with
his exclusive naturalness and sublimity.
As many police took him from the cathedral, the LORD spoke to him: “Behold, my
son, this is not your house or mine. My house is your house. This is the house of idolatry, the
house that sells your name and my name. It is just like a prostitute, for while the prostitute
sells her body, this house, which had been your church, sells the sacraments that are her body.
Due to iniquity that prevails in all churches, this is neither my dwelling nor yours. For this
reason I order you to establish my kingdom there on earth, announce to the world that this
is my command. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and
GOD, the same who opened the sea for Moses to pass and comforted you as you agonized on
the cross. I am the only LORD of heaven and earth”. In this dramatic moment of extreme
gravity, when the Son of GOD came once more to his own and they did not accept him ( John
c.1 v.11), SOUST came into being, the only church of Christ.
The only one, because the church he had established through Peter when he said in the
singular: “...You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church” (Matthew c.16 v.18), prostituted
and degraded to the point of ordering incarceration to the very Son of GOD. Outside the
cathedral, before thousands of amazed people, INRI CRISTO was taken to the Police Station
after blessing them and who again rejoiced, crying: “Christ! Christ! Christ!” The delegate, Dr.
Hamilton Cesar, in the presence of Faustino Brito and journalists, stripped INRI CRISTO
of his clothes, hysterically shouting: “Son of a b..., where is your power? Save yourself if you
are Christ!” He took the Son of GOD to a dirty cell, and they shouted once more: “If you are
Christ, get out of here! Set yourself free from behind these bars!” (“He came to his own home,
and his own people did not accept him” - John c.1 v.11).
On the same day, he was taken from the central Police Station to the state penitentiary,
called “Sao Jose”, whose director, Col. José Bahia, exclaimed: “Justice will not prosecute Jesus
Christ again!” Nevertheless, pressed by the Vatican (represented by the seller priests of the
prostitute, ill and moribund mercantile roman church), judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha kept
him captive for fifteen days in cell number 14 of that penitentiary, violating Brazilian laws,
because they could not accuse him of any crime.
At eight o’clock pm, when INRI CRISTO arrived at the penitentiary taken from the

Awakener INRI CRISTO 13

Central Police Station, he was acclaimed by the prisoners again, who cried: “Christ! Christ!
Christ!” Some of them knelt down to ask him a blessing and even the soldiers and officers
knelt down in front of the Son of GOD, captive and given to sinners’ hands, once more in the
fulfillment of Scriptures (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
While crowds waited every day outside the penitentiary for an opportunity to see the
reincarnated Word, psychiatrists and scientists studious of the human mind officially visited
him with the despotic intention to examine Christ. They went out amazed, exclaiming in front
of the penitentiary director, Col. José Bahia: “What a divine intelligence! We have never heard
or seen such wisdom in only one person!”
Nevertheless, moved by their obvious hidden interests, the Vatican also sent their own
psychiatrist, Hibraim Jorge, who smoked one cigarette after another, exhibiting a nervous and
most inappropriate posture for a person whose profession is to evaluate the mental state of
his fellow. With abnormal psychic conditions due to his advanced age and bad habits, he got
furious when Christ said that, even in jail, he deserved the right to be distanced from addic-
The psychiatrist already had a pre-fabricated diagnosis from the Vatican, contradicting
the principles that guide psychiatry. Without a deep analysis (which is impossible after only few
minutes of dialogue and in only one meeting), assuming an attitude of paladin of just causes,
after lighting one more cigarette with his tremulous hands weakened by this vice, he said that
the Son of GOD was a dangerous madman! INRI CRISTO answering a journalist’s question,
said: “Crazy? Yes, I am crazy with love for all mankind. Only because I am crazy with love for
humanity, I have returned after having been crucified”.
The malicious rumors that constantly arrived at the penitentiary from the moribund,
proscribed roman church, were in effect pressuring for INRI CRISTO to never be set free
from prison. As human tempests, they were pleading for certification to have the Son of GOD
permanently incarcerated in an asylum and never to be released. Consequently, journalists
inquired of him: “When will you be set free from prison?” He calmly answered, full of convic-
tion: “When my FATHER wants. Only when my FATHER wants, will I get out of here. Not
a minute before and not one minute after”.
On March 15th, to the astonishment and disappointment of all who are against the
Kingdom of GOD on Earth, the gates of the penitentiary were opened and the Son of GOD
was taken in front of the Pilate of this century, Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha, who politely
received him in the presence of several lawyers, journalists, authorities and others who ecstati-
cally surveyed him in his majesty. In a historical gesture, the magistrate stood, giving his chair
to serve as seat for the Supreme Judge. He said he was unlike Pilate of old, for instead of
crucifying the Son of Man, he had protected him in jail, against the hatred of Caiaphas and
his priests, as this epoch ends.
After hours of dialogue about the kingdom of GOD, judge Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha

14 Awakener INRI CRISTO

also said, in front of many witnesses present, that if it were possible, he would like to spend the
rest of the afternoon learning from the reincarnated Word. When the Son of GOD used the
restroom in the magistrate’s office to wash his face, then bathed in sweat as a consequence of
conversing with people for hours, Dr. Jaime dos Santos Rocha, in a courteous and affectionate
gesture, screwed up a sheet of paper to improvise a towel so INRI CRISTO could dry his face.
He apologized for not having a conventional towel available at that moment.
Col. José Bahia later took INRI CRISTO to Haroldo Pina’s house and cried when
saying goodbye to the Son of Man. After a meeting with the journalists that reported his
enigmatic freedom from prison, INRI CRISTO accepted the invitation from Guajará TV to
talk directly to people, who expectantly awaited him.
In a last “swan song”, the ex-apostolic, commercial roman church (the whore of Rev-
elation c.17), attempted to bring back again those times of fear, when she burnt in fire the
Christians that opposed her barbarities. Thinking she could live the days of notorious “satanic
Inquisition” again, the barren priests, frightened by the truths coming from INRI CRISTO’s
mouth, threatened that if he went to air, live on television, they would kidnap his followers,
pervert justice and arbitrarily intern him in a madhouse.
In the face of this threat, everyone became terrified. Only Guiomar (at the time a
fifty-four-year-old woman, his servant and later disciple Abevere) remained faithful, and with
André (a sixteen-year-old teenager) followed him to the Guajará TV Studio. INRI CRISTO
spoke for more than one hour to many Christians and others who viewed him, while he made
official his definitive separation from the church that in the past had been his daughter, born
from his words to Peter (“Peter, you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church, and the
gates of hell shall not prevail against her” - Matthew c.16 v.18). At that night, he definitively and
irrevocably severed all association with the “Commercial Roman Catholic Church”.
On the same occasion, before thousands of people who watched him on TV, he an-
nounced the establishment of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, formalized as SOUST – Su-
preme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity (also called Supreme Catholic Order of the Holy
Trinity, because the words “universal” and “catholic” have the same meaning), which then
became the only church of Christ, in the formation of “only one flock and one shepherd” ( John
c.10 v.16), fulfilling the Scriptures.
Here follows the Divine Revolution in photos.

Disciple Asusana
Scribe and Priestess in SOUST

Awakener INRI CRISTO 15

16 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO, a nine-year-old little boy, after taking his first-

communion. He had a sad look on his face because, at that time, the
future of mankind had already been revealed to him in premonitions;
he already knew what would happen upon mankind and remain after
the nuclear hecatomb. His FATHER, LORD and GOD allowed him
to experience the rituals of the proscribed roman church, such as the
communion, in order to know what happens with the Christians and
have authority to make the judgment. In 1958, when INRI attended
of the ritual of “confession”, the friar Roberto Hoffman made a serious
offense to him for not understanding what had been told, showing an
incoherent posture for someone who claims to be GOD’s servant. In
addition to other irregularities INRI had already witnessed amidst the
clergy, this caused him to break any bond with the roman church and
henceforth become a convinced atheist until the fasting in 1979.

INRI CRISTO reincarnated in a small

village called Indaial, in the countryside of state
Santa Catarina, Brazil. On March 22nd 1948, at
this place in the locality of Rio Morto, a midwife
called Mrs. Bema delivered him to a couple of Ger-
man Catholic peasants, Wilhelm and Magdalena
Thais. Both of them did not know his origination
and nurtured him as if he were their own son.

Every Sunday the little boy INRI left this

house to attend the “mass” rituals, where he would
listen to the fantasies taught by the proscribed church
in the catechism of hoax and prepare to take his first

Awakener INRI CRISTO 17

AS A PROPHET - 1969/1979
In 1969, at the age of 21, INRI CRISTO started to live as a prophet with the gift of
clairvoyance granted by his FATHER. He was the prophet of an unknown GOD (“I will come
upon you as a thief and you shall now know what hour I will come upon you” – Revelation c.3 v.3). Not
having consciousness of his identity, but always obedient to the imperative voice that spoke inside
his head since childhood, he started his public life as Iuri and spoke in radio stations announcing
the future. He started to speak on television in 1971; his first appearance happened in TV Morena,
channel 6 of Campo Grande (state Mato Grosso do Sul – Brazil).
Under such circumstance, his life had a huge jump; from city to city, he started to live in
the hotels and to attend all social atmospheres. Before departing Brazil in 1978, he lived in the
suite 951 of Hotel Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The gift of clairvoyance and his
predestination to know the winding paths of the human soul provided that he was known and
requested by many people. Deputies, senators, judges, business men, socialites came to his presence
to ask advise, orientation and to question him about the future. He showed the solution for their
problems, gave them instruction and they contributed to his survival, to his walk over the Earth.
So INRI CRISTO closely experienced the problems from the lowest to the highest standard of
Through this immense laboratory of sociology, his FATHER, LORD and GOD made him
deeply know the true intention hidden inside each human being, their weaknesses and miseries, the
sicknesses disguised under expensive clothing, the hypocrisy and corruption of contemporary society.
It was a detailed study of human sciences in the school of life, necessary for the accomplishment
of his mission; that cannot be learned from books or from conventional academies.
(Photographs given by the newspaper O Estado do Paraná)

In 1974, speaking to the journal-

ists at the Presidential Suite of Mabu Hotel
(Curitiba City, Parana State, Brazil). Dressed
as men use to dress, he prophesied the future
of people. In this condition, he obeyed the
imperious voice that spoke inside his head,
whose origin he still did not know.

18 Awakener INRI CRISTO


In 1977, in a meeting with the journalists at the

pressroom of Eduardo VII Hotel (Curitiba), dressed in a
white safari outfit and with his hair longer than usual, he
had already quit eating meat. In the way of spiritual tran-
scendence, the ALMIGHTY was preparing INRI for the
revelation yet to come, and made a very strong sign not to al-
low him cut his hair. At that time, he always went from city
to city, all around the Brazilian states, speaking in the radio
and TV stations. As INRI did not have conscience of his
identity, he was still subject to human feelings such as vanity,
pride, etc. so he would cut his hair only in the big cities, with
famous hairdressers; he would never accept to cut his hair in
the countryside. More and more his hair grew, the months
passed and the circumstances did not allow him to go to a
big city, but INRI could not tolerate its size anymore.

While INRI was in Caxias do Sul, in the countryside of state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,
he commented the situation with a woman called Ivanilde Lima; she then told INRI that the
best hairdresser in the whole state was right there in Caxias do Sul, where INRI could finally cut
his hair; his name was Alonson. As INRI was a public person, the woman arranged to have an
extra-time, to avoid the curious people. When the hairdresser saw INRI’s hair, instead of soon
cutting it, he looked one side, looked the other side; he held INRI’s hair with impatience and
finally said, with resolute determination: “I cannot cut this hair; nobody can cut your hair while
it does not grow enough. The hair is like a frame for a person’s face, and your face must have the
appropriate frame. You cannot cut your hair”. INRI was there to pay for his service, and would
pay more than usual as Alonson worked extra-time. But the hairdresser was inspired by GOD and
when he spoke that way, with such vehemence, INRI felt in his inner that he had to resign. Then
INRI asked: “How will I present myself to people in suit and tie, with long hair? It does not fit!”
Alonson answered: “It is another matter; what concerns to your look is not of my business; maybe
you should change our outfit, the way you dress. This is a matter of yours”.
For this very reason, INRI CRISTO was forced to change his outfit to a white safari, as a
soldier of the peace, until GOD would lead him to the fast in 1979.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 19


In 1978, he received an order to depart from Bra-

zil without leaving anything behind, completely divested of
material goods. He felt inside he would embark on a journey
with no return. On the 1st of September 1978, he arrived at
Santa Cruz de La Sierra and on the next day he arrived at La
Paz, in Bolivia. After he spoke to the Bolivians, the Paraguay-
ans, the Uruguayans and the Argentineans, he finally arrived
at Santiago in Chile, where an independent esoteric group
was prepared by the hands of Divine Providence to receive
“el gran Maestro” (the great Master). They had built a rustic
stone house, which had not been inhabited by anybody until
INRI CRISTO arrived there; it was the place where he would
fast. In September 1979, obedient to the same voice that com-
mands him, without free-will, he subjected himself to fasting.
Being the first time he fasted, INRI CRISTO did not drink
water. When he was in the imminence of a starvation process,
once more that voice imperatively ordered him: “Stand up!”

When he stood up, because blood delayed to rise up to his head, his hands did not help him,
his arms did not sustain him, they weakened back and INRI CRISTO broke his nose by falling on
the ground (the scar resulting from this fall is seen until nowadays). At this moment, blood poured
out and he felt stabbing pain; then the voice told him, at this instance stronger and more imperi-
ous than ever: “Pain is necessary, blood is necessary, so when you pass through denial and reproof, you will
remember the pain and the blood, which is the same blood you spilled on the cross, and then you will obtain
strength to endure the hardness of reproof that awaits for you. I am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of
Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, and you are my First Begotten, the same Christ who had been crucified”.
The LORD GOD revealed his previous incarnations and the mystery of his name, which
had the second letter upside down (u # n). The LORD said his new name is not Iuri, but Inri, the
name he paid with his blood on the cross. I.N.R.I, INRI is the name Pilate wrote above his head when
he agonized on the cross, when they spat on his face, when they humiliated him, when Scriptures
were fulfilled. INRI is the name that cost the price of blood. It is the new name of the Son of Man
(“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Revelation
c.3 v.12). Nevertheless, the LORD told him that, except those to whom He revealed directly, INRI
CRISTO could not reveal his identity to anybody until a newspaper, as if it was by mistake, wrote
his name correctly. INRI CRISTO was clothed with a white tunic manufactured by Berta Segura
Sanches, a retired Philosophy teacher, leader of the esoteric group who waited for him in Chile.

20 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Departing from Santiago in Chile, INRI CRISTO continued his peregrination over the
Earth passing through Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and all countries of Central America, always
speaking to people in public squares, radios, televisions and universities in search of meeting his
children again; however he presented only as a messenger of GOD. Yet he did not openly say he
is the same Christ of two thousand years ago, some children recognized him. When he arrived at
Mexico, to fulfill what the LORD had told him in the fast, the newspaper Ovaciones published in
the first page: “INRI, el Cristo, Hijo de DIOS, habla al pueblo y cura a los enfermos en el Quiosque de
la Alameda” (“INRI, the Christ, Son of GOD, speaks to the people and heals the sick in Alameda
Kiosk”). From this day on, INRI CRISTO started to publicly say he is the Son of GOD who
returned to Earth. He vehemently felt the fulfillment of what his FATHER had warned him of
in the fast regarding reproof. Many hated and rejected him; few loved and recognized him.
He left Mexico destined for the USA. Banished, from the airport of Miami he followed
directly to Spain. In Madrid, when he spoke to people in front of the Building of the English
Court, due to the crowd who went to see his appearance, the police detained him and took him
together with the multitude to the seat of the National Guard. As a consequence of the agitation,
the general moved from his cabinet in the direction of the door; by contemplating INRI CRIS-
TO’s face and hearing his voice, he said: “En España, Crito puede hablar donde quiere” (“In Spain,
Christ may speak where he wants”). Afterwards INRI CRISTO went to Portugal, where he spoke
to the people in Rossio Square (Lisbon) and lived some particularities of the Lusitanian people.

INRI CRISTO, after fasting in a

small village 50km far from Mexico
city, where the LORD GOD ins-
tructed him how and why he should
eat basically raw vegetables.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 21


GOD’s revelation to INRI CRISTO

Eternal and ineffable FATHER,

Infallible GOD,
CREATOR of the Universe,
Hallowed be your name,
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Thanks I give you for the food
That emanates from you.
Keep me away from errors
And enlighten me
So that I serve you
Without mistakes
Glorifying you
Now and forever,

When he was called Jesus, INRI CRISTO taught us to pray: “Our Father, who art in
heaven... thy kingdom come...” (Matthew c.6 v.10). The ALMIGHTY, in His infinite goodness,
answering Christians’ pleas, after two thousand years, sends back His Son in flesh and bone, in
order to set up his Saint Kingdom on Earth, formalized as SOUST, which flourishes since February
28th, 1982 (date of institution). Therefore, it is inappropriate to ask “thy kingdom come”, as it has
been established since 1982. After 23 years in Curitiba (State of Parana, Brazil), now the definitive
headquarters of SOUST has been placed in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, mystically named the
NEW JERUSALEM (“And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from
GOD…” – Revelation c.21 v.2).
It was for this reason that OUR FATHER revealed this prayer to INRI CRISTO as the
New LORD’s PRAYER, which is the most perfect, the most wonderful and the strongest prayer, the
most sublime way to contact the Heavenly Father. The legitimate children of GOD, the authentic
Christian, heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, conscious and confident, learn to pray the new LORD’s
PRAYER establishing a symbiosis with the Supreme Creator, the only non-created being, the only
Eternal, the only being worthy of worship and veneration, the Only LORD of the Universe.

22 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Newspapers O Dia and Portugal Hoje

INRI CRISTO, in Lisbon, speaking to people at Rossio Square

Title: “I am not from this world”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 23

From Portugal, INRI CRISTO went to England. When he arrived at Dover, soon they
expelled him to the country of the landless people, France, that sheltered him for nine months and
was the only country to openly announce in the media: “Le Christ est revenu sur la terre” (Christ is
back on Earth). Among all the places INRI CRISTO visited, France was the most significant one.
In the beginning, INRI CRISTO did not know to speak French. When he walked on the streets
and did not know what he would have to eat or where to sleep, as he walked only with his insepa-
rable white tunic, his mantle and his sandals, stripped of material goods, his FATHER showed
him the beggars and said to him: “Look there, because of your representative condition, because you are
my Son, you cannot beg for anything, as I am not a beggar. You cannot ask anything from anybody until
your legitimate children come to you”. So INRI CRISTO fasted when he did not have anything to eat
and slept even in the cemeteries and in the forest of Rambouillet when he had nowhere to sleep.
But ironically, these dramatic and extremely difficult moments of his walk over the Earth
were exactly the ones where INRI CRISTO most felt the living and vehement presence of his
FATHER, LORD and GOD. After fasting, the first words INRI CRISTO spoke in French were:
“Avec ma main, mon PÉRE guerid les malades” (Through my hands my FATHER heals the sick).
From then on, through his hands countless and notorious miracles happened; miracles that he
never attributed to himself but only to his FATHER. France was the country where the signs of
GOD through INRI CRISTO’s hands most occurred; this fact was registered by local media.

24 Awakener INRI CRISTO


The French newspapers Liberation, Le Parisien, Le Courrier Picard recorded INRI

CRISTO’s declarations and the events. Le Courrier Picard, on its October 28th 1980 edition (filed
at SOUST), emphatically reported INRI CRISTO’s presence in France. On its ninth page, there
were several photos of INRI among the crowd, people crying and receiving blessings and paralytics
walking their first steps.
“A thirty-two-year-old Brazilian is received as a prophet by the inhabitants of Montataire.
The most astonishing thing in this person is not in his appearance or in his past, but in the way
people from Montataire received him. In this industrial city, where religious practice is almost
non-existent, people received him with a great interest and did not hesitate to recognize him as a
prophet, the Messiah, their own Son of GOD that returned to Earth.
He makes miracles. Modestly, he heals. The proof was given when four people accepted
to testify such delicate occurrence for having received the cure for their illness. “I have never seen
a man like this: I have total confidence, I believe in everything that he speaks. You can see that he
is special, my cure is a proof of it!” said the truck driver Gerard Wurtz, who received a healing... A
woman (who preferred to keep anonymous) suffered a serious problem in the spine and received a
cure. Behold her description: “I had been suffering this illness for more than six years. When INRI
put his hand on my head and prayed, I felt something very strong inside my body, my heart beat
accelerated. The day following such unique experience, I did not suffer anything else”.
Many other cases were testified, as the case of people previously declared incurable by doc-
tors, psychologists and other health professionals... There was also the testimony of Martine S., who
worked nine years in a recovering center for handicapped minors. Her son, Ludovic, had a leg and
a hand paralyzed; she saw him becoming totally healed. She said that INRI is really extraordinary.
She also declared that there are many people with psychic power, but they are mysterious, while
with INRI CRISTO everything is clear. “He does not have dogmas, does not ask anything, much
less money, lives as simply as possible, with only a tunic and sandals.”
This unique visitant does not come on behalf of any church. On the contrary, he avoids all
of them. Even the incredulous have come to see such an extraordinary man. One of them came
from a long distance, despite the fact that he did not even want to see INRI, as he declared later.
The first time he met INRI, he had another sensation and talked to him four hours. This man, who
firstly did not even believe, suffered a facial paralysis that prevented him from experiencing the
taste of food. Now, after meeting INRI, he was healed. “My life completely changed after he put
his hand on my head. Everything is good for me. It is just to think about him that I feel a state of
welfare taking care of me”, so testified Jean-Luc Petit.
One meeting with INRI CRISTO leaves an incredible impression: his gestures, his strong
way to express each word and the speed he had to learn French. His sentences are direct, his voice
is very different, his strength is in each word. The conviction he shows in saying that he was born
to fulfill GOD’s will, all these things could be interpreted by some people as usual phenomena to
a paranormal. However, what about the cures? He healed paralytics on skin and bones, cancers, etc.
INRI is not subjected to any institution on Earth. He does everything fulfilling orders from his

Awakener INRI CRISTO 25

FATHER LORD and GOD. He does not practice sex, does not eat meat or even have possessions
other than his white tunic. He has already suffered many accidents, as declared, but GOD protects
We could expect that the presence of this man speaking things beyond this world and as-
serting to be directed by the CREATOR’s power could cause confusion in Montataire, a communist
city dedicated to practices different from the religious ones. But as we noticed, several hundreds
of people came to see him for many reasons, other than to protest against him. Despite not talk-
ing to INRI, the mayor declared that his presence did not bother him at all, and INRI could do
whatever he wanted. The only contrary manifestation came from a priest of the roman church. He
said that, were Christ back on Earth, he would be clothed like men, but he would not wear a white

26 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Awakener INRI CRISTO 27
28 Awakener INRI CRISTO
Awakener INRI CRISTO 29
INRI CRISTO brought French people together in Montataire, after his fast. When he
first spoke French, he said: “Avec ma main, mon PÈRE guerit les malades” (Through my hands my
FATHER heals the sick).

Behind INRI, a shelter improvised by

Gerard Wurtz for daily bath.

30 Awakener INRI CRISTO

After speaking at the auditorium of Grande Ecole Polytechnique de Paris as an inviting of the
government, INRI CRISTO spoke to the French people at the Triumph Arc.


Is again among us. He will speak and heal the sick as he did 2000 years ago, on Saturday,
January 31st 1981, 3pm, at the Triumph Arch.

INRI CRISTO, after speaking to

the French people at the Triumph Arch,
observing the nature surrounding the Vin-
cennes Lake, in Paris.

Despite being well received by the French people, INRI CRISTO had order from
his FATHER to return to Brazil and provide the foundation of SOUST. He was declared a
landless person in France; in this condition he returned to the land which GOD gave as
his birth place. He arrived at Salvador (state of Bahia, Brazil) on March 21st 1981; un-
til the date of the revolution, INRI CRISTO went alone through all capitals and main Bra-
zilian cities, always speaking to people in the public squares. The LORD told him that, while
he had not established the New Catholic Order, he could not have disciples in his company.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 31


Newspaper O Estado
Florianopolis city (Santa Catarina state - Brazil)

Title: “Prophet gathers more than three thousand people at capital’s downtown”

32 Awakener INRI CRISTO

These newspapers give proof of
his passage through Florianopolis
(Santa Catarina state, Brazil).
The LORD said that the name
of that land is only Catarina. It
became Saint for being the birth-
place for His Son to reincarnate.

Title: “Christ” gathers three thousand people at Quinze Square.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 33


The newspaper A Provincia do Para granted us

with this sequence of photographs. It registered INRI’s
first visit to Belem, when he lodged at Santa Alice Hotel
(646, P. Eutiquio Street).
INRI CRISTO, thirty-three years old, had just
arrived from France. It had been his first visit to Belem,
in May 1981, before performing the revolutionary act.
At this hotel INRI met his first disciple (Abevere).
INRI shows a weary face after answering so many
questions to the journalists. After INRI CRISTO left
this bedroom, the owner, Nazareno Jose Dias, declared
that for one year he did not allow anybody to occupy it,
because a smell of roses emanated from the place.

34 Awakener INRI CRISTO


In 1981, when INRI first visi-

ted Belem, he was invited to speak
at Guajara TV, channel 4. On that
occasion, the presenter Eloi Santos
organized a committee of doctors,
psychologists, psychiatrists, orthope-
dists, neurologists and esoteric people
to examine a paralytic in the attempt
to unmask INRI CRISTO. They
challenged him, asking if he would be
able to heal the paralytic or not.

The scientists interrogated

the paralytic in front of the TV
cameras. The presenter Eli Santos
asked: “Is INRI able to make him
walk?” The doctors looked at each
other and, with laughs of dispara-
gement and disdain, they said: “Of
course not!”


his FATHER, put his
hand on the penitent’s
head and said: “Stand up!
The cripple
Walk!” When hearing the
explaining to the
powerful words from the
doctors why he
Son of GOD’s mouth, the
used the crutch.
paralytic left the crutch
and went out walking.
His face was a mixture of
surprise and happiness.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 35

The doctors started to make their judgments on what happened. They were expelling hatred from their
eyes, from all pores, except one neurologist who remained meditative and coherent with the truth.

“I thank you, FATHER, LORD of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things
from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to the simple and the humble”
(Matthew c.11 v.25).

36 Awakener INRI CRISTO

In 1982, after peregrinating through many Brazilian states, the FATHER ordered
INRI to return to Belem, where again He would open the doors of Guajara TV, channel 4.

“I am the deliverer. I have returned to this world to free my people from false religious
yoke, idolatry fetters, fantasy and lie. I love freedom, so I set free the ones that I love. If they return
it’s because they have recognized me and are my children, worthy of my FATHER, LORD and
GOD, who is in me. If they don’t, it is because they have never had part with me.”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 37

INRI CRISTO, looking at heaven, explains television viewers that every power comes
from the ALMIGHTY.

The Messiah has a strength which goes beyond the intellectual understanding, the aca-
demic knowledge; it is a strength manifested in the perception of the subtleness, in the mystical
sensibility, in the intensity of the feeling, in the power of disposition, in the conviction of the ideal,
in honesty and in enthusiasm.

38 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO in the studios of Guajará TV. INRI CRISTO spoke live: on
Wednesday, for one hour, on Thursday, two hours and on Friday, three hours. INRI
then prepared people for the meeting at D. Pedro II Square, on Sunday Feb. 28th 1982.

INRI CRISTO exhorting people to worship only the living GOD.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 39

INRI CRISTO shows inside a Paulinas’ edition
Bible (Friar Matos Soares translation) the verses concer-
ning idolatry (Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27, Leviticus
c.26, Isaiah c.42 v.8, Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15).
On the photograph, the moment when INRI removed
the statue from the crucifix and broke it in front of the
cameras of Guajara TV.


“While the only church I left two thousand
years ago – when I said in the singular: “Peter, you are
Peter and upon this rock I will build my church, and the
gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18)
– remained faithful to my teachings, to my doctrine,
it could be considered my church. However, since it
started to incorporate pagan beliefs and rituals to the
body of its doctrine, besides serving as an instrument
of political domination, it stopped being my church to
become catholic apostolic roman church.
Catholic, that also means universal, because the intention of the Roman Empire was to
extend its domination over the Earth. Apostolic because it was organized not by my apostles, but
by the apostles of Constantine, of Justinian and so many others that distorted, disparaged my
Gospel. Roman, because it started to serve Rome’s morbid interests, not the divine cause any-
more; it gave to Cesar what belongs to GOD, forgetting that I said when I was called Jesus: “Give
Cesar what is Cesar’s and GOD what is GOD’s” (Matthew c.22 v.21). While Constantine aspired
to absolute monarchy, form of government that would benefit from religious support, he saw in
Christianity an effective tool of pacifying, union and domination for roman State. He personally
had his formal conversion to Christianity, not as an act of religious faith, but as a trick of political
skill. In year 313, he promulgated the Edict of Milan, which determined the end for persecution
against the Christians and gave them freedom of cult. In 391, By the Edict of Tessalonic, emperor
Theodosius decreed Christianity as official religion of the Roman Empire. On the 6th century,
obedient to his prostitute wife Theodore, emperor Justinian ordered the suppression of reincar-
nation from the Christian doctrine. In 787, the Second Council of Nicea sanctioned the cult of
images in the churches, disparaging the first commandment of GOD’s law. Those who dared to
remain faithful to my teachings and to divine law suffered terrible persecutions: many were dead,
tortured, martyred, burned alive, especially in the times of the notorious “Saint Inquisition”…
So, while Christianity converted the world, the pagan world converted Christianity.
Now that many people even doubt that someday I really existed, for astonishment of the majority,
I came back as I had promised through the natural, eternal and divine law of reincarnation. And
because the gates of hell prevailed against the church that I left, my FATHER ordered me to es-
tablish the new catholic order, SOUST, in the formation of only one flock and only one shepherd
( John c.10 v.16), fulfilling the Holy Scriptures”.

40 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Saturday, February 27th 1982. At 366, Mucaja Street, district of Cremacao (Belem, Para),
INRI received order from his FATHER, LORD and GOD to wash the feet of twelve men, as a
preparation for the libertarian act.

INRI CRISTO washing Pio Varella’s feet, one of the twelve men present at Aroldo Pina’s
house, where INRI was lodged before performing the libertarian act.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 41

Sunday, February 28th 1982. Eight o’clock am, at D. Pedro II Square, INRI CRISTO met
a multitude of approximately ten thousand people, previously invited by Guajara TV.

After speaking a brief sermon at D. Pedro II Square, INRI called the multitude to follow
him to Belem’s cathedral, also known as the See Cathedral.

42 Awakener INRI CRISTO



“If you see any apparently faulty or unjustifiable thing or act in me,
the error is not in me but in the evil optic of your sight. There can not be any
errors in me because I am pure and came to this world without free will only
to perform the will of the Supreme and perfect being who sent me back to
this world.
And when you dare to judge me, you will be judged by Him, my FA-
THER, LORD and GOD, who is in me.”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 43

The See Cathedral, Belem. In this place, obedient to his FATHER, LORD and GOD,
INRI CRISTO finally consummated the libertarian act. INRI removed the statue from the cross
and broke it, while people acclaimed him: “Christ! Christ! Christ!” He made everybody know that
the Son of GOD is on Earth in flesh and bone and is not a dummy eternally nailed on a cross.

“ You are Peter and on this rock I will build

my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail
against her” (Matthew c.16 v.18). And to fulfill
the word that the gates of hell would not prevail
against her, the Son of Man entered the cathe-
dral, which represented his former church, and
performed the revolutionary act inside it.

The entrance into Belem’s cathedral.

44 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO entered the cathedral, stopped the hoax of mass rituals, manifested against the reli-
gious commerce and worship of statues. Then he cast out priests, vendors of false sacraments, shou-
ting: “Get out of here liars, thieves, idols worshipers, false sacrament vendors! I am CHRIST!”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 45

INRI climbed the small altar in the middle of the cathedral, where the priest lied to the
congregation in the profane rite of mass; turning it into a pedestal, he ordered his followers to carry
him until the main altar, where it would be annexed.

INRI CRISTO showing his followers the direction of the main altar, while the priest
walked around shouting: “There are not any men here, there are not any men on this earth!”

Finally, INRI CRISTO taking possession of the main altar.

46 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO invoked his FATHER, LORD and GOD and, obedient to ALMIGHTY’s
imperative voice, the Supreme CREATOR of the Universe, the only uncreated being, only eter-
nal, only being worthy of worship and veneration, took the crucifix from the niche, removed the
statue from the cross and broke it in front of the astonished glance of people who acclaimed him:

Awakener INRI CRISTO 47

INRI showed through this libertarian gesture that he is not a dummy eternally nailed on
the cross, present in the temples, homes, public places, squares… object of veneration by the misled
catholic people. Instead, he is the living Christ, in flesh and bone back on Earth.

48 Awakener INRI CRISTO

After breaking the statue on the cross, INRI CRISTO spoke a vehement sermon pointing
the biblical verses against idolatry:

“I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall not make for yourselves idols and erect no carved images...
to worship at them, for I am the LORD, your GOD. You shall keep my Sabbaths... But if you don’t listen
to me and do not observe all these commandments...I will set my face against you... I will destroy your
high places and break your statues... I will heap your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols and my soul
will abhor you” (Leviticus c.26). The priests, divine cause traitors, obedient to the roman emperor
Constantine, since year 321 taught to keep Sunday sacred instead of Saturday, which is the day
consecrated to LORD.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 49

“The idol, work of human hands, is accursed...” (Book of Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27).

“For outside the kingdom of GOD are idolaters and

whosoever love and make a lie”
(Revelation c.21 v.8 and c.22 v.15).

“I am the LORD, this is my name. I won’t give my

glory to another nor will allow my praise
be given to idols” (Isaiah c.42 v.8).

50 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The priest, in panic, realized that the farce was about to be unmasked; in a last attempt to
save the trade of false sacraments, he ordered his subjects to drop INRI CRISTO from the altar.
Every sacrament that is sold for a price is false, since INRI CRISTO said before crucifixion: “ You
received without payment, give without payment” (Matthew 10:8).

At the moment of confrontation, the LORD said: “It is the time of violence, take the
candle and beat on his head, otherwise he will climb the altar too, and the altar, my Son, only you
can climb!” INRI CRISTO beat with the candle on the priest’s head, which got frightened and

Behold the priest’s subject purposely without a t-shirt; he held INRI’s sandal trying to
drop him from the altar, but he was overcome by the faithful.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 51

Christ only remained, sitting upon a chair on the altar, which is his place. The same chair
priests had thrown at INRI with the intention of dislodging him from the altar and injuring him;
but he received it in his hands with a graceful, dignifying gesture and majestically turned it into a
throne, with his exclusive naturalness and sublimity.

The first turbulence passed. INRI CRISTO reassumed the possession of the altar and kept
temporary control, putting his inseparable mantle in the niche, substituting the crucifix.

52 Awakener INRI CRISTO

After the violent confrontation, INRI CRISTO ordered two of his servants to keep his
back on the altar.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 53

Minutes later, the shock battalion of the military Police entered the cathedral, evacuated
the people and arrested INRI CRISTO.

Under archbeast’s order, the Police used of violence to remove people from the cathedral
during two hours.
Behold the moment when a citizen invoked his constitutional rights.

54 Awakener INRI CRISTO

In a short time, INRI CRISTO exerted authority upon the soldiers, ordering them to
substitute the civil servants in the guard of his back.

Lieutenant Watrein coordinated the removal of people, but the faithful protested.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 55

Lieutenant Watrein, with his hand, helping INRI CRISTO to get down the altar.

When INRI got down from the altar, followed by policemen, the LORD said: “Behold,
my son, this is not your house or mine. My house is your house. This is the house of idolatry, the house
that sells your name and My name. It resembles a prostitute, for while the prostitute sells her body, this
house, that had been your church, sells the sacraments, which are her body. And because of the iniquity that
prevails in all churches, there is no more space for Me or for you inside them, my Son. For this reason I
command: establish my kingdom there on earth, announce to the world that this order came from Me. I
am the GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob. I am your LORD and GOD, the same that gave you
comfort when you agonized on the cross. I am the only LORD of heaven and earth”.

56 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The local press estimated there were over ten thousand people present at the revolutionary
act and INRI CRISTO’s detention. However, Globo TV networks documented the entire event
and never published it. Ever since, there has been a coordinated and organized boycott and lack
of information concerning INRI CRISTO in the media. What are the reasons to prevent people
from knowing the truth about him?

Awakener INRI CRISTO 57


Inside the cathedral, the Liberal TV (affiliated to Globo TV) was strategically positioned
on the right side of the altar and recorded everything: the libertarian act, the confrontation with
priests and his subjects, the arrival of Police, the violence to remove people from the cathedral, the
sermon INRI CRISTO spoke from the Police truck, INRI CRISTO in the parade blessing his
people... Nevertheless, the Brazilian people were allowed to see only INRI CRISTO’s detention,
at program Fantastico.

58 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO on the back of the military Police truck, blessing the crowd in triumphal ges-
tures and saying goodbye to the people that acclaimed him: “CHRIST! CHRIST! CHRIST!”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 59

All these photographs were taken by the newspaper A Província do Pará (The Province of
Para) and obtained by the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO (MÉPIC – Movimento Eclético
Pró INRI CRISTO) for sake of this documentary. The newspaper O Liberal (The Liberal) also
registered the whole event; however, they did not allow any of their photographs being available
for MÉPIC’s use.

60 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO ordered the policemen to run the truck at 10km/h, so he could bless the crowd.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 61

INRI CRISTO was taken to the Police Central Station for the inquiry.

62 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO, with his heart bleeding in pain, showed his disappointment for being
taken from the bosom of his people, who desperately followed the vehicle.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 63


Machine gun waiting for Christ.

64 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Serene face, barefeet, walking to the judgment of men, as in the time when he was called Jesus.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 65

Moments before stripping INRI CRISTO of his tunic, he showed a serene expression in
his face, convinced of fulfilling his FATHER’s will. The delegate Hamilton Cesar barked against
him: “Son of a b..., who do you think that you are? Take off his tunic!”, in front of the astonished
glance of lieutenant Watrein, policemen and journalists.

Before being recognized and accepted by the contemporary generation, the prophecy on
the return of the Messiah is fulfilled:

“As the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be
in his day. But first he must endure much suffering and be rejected by this generation. Just as it was in the
days of Noah, so too it will be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking, and marrying
and being given in marriage, until the day Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed all
of them. Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot: they were eating and drinking, buying and selling,
planting and building, but on the day that Lot left Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and
destroyed all of them. It will be like that the day when the Son of Man is revealed. On that day, anyone
on the housetop who has belongings in the house must not come down to take them away, and likewise
anyone in the field must not turn back. Remember Lot’s wife. Those who try to make their life secure will
lose it, but those who lose their life will keep it” (…) “Then the disciples asked him: ‘Where, Lord?’ and he
said to them: ‘Where the corpse is, there the vultures will gather’ ” (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
“Behold that he is coming over the clouds and every eye will see him” (Revelation c.1 v.7).

It was not coincidence that right on the century of the Messiah’s reincarnation GOD
inspired scientists to build the airplane, the television and the world wide web, providing the ful-
fillment of the 2000 years prophecy.

66 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Under insults and implacable orders from the delegate Hamilton Cesar, they stripped
INRI CRISTO of his tunic.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 67

68 Awakener INRI CRISTO
Without his tunic, before the glance of hatred coming from Faustino Calixto Brito, the
“priest” of the cathedral, INRI CRISTO turns his eyes to heaven and exclaims: “Oh, FATHER,
why everything again?”

Newspaper O Liberal 03/1st/1982

Stripped of his tu-

nic, with only the
u n d e r we a r, I N RI
CRISTO renders his
statements in the in-
quiry room, before
the registrar and the

Awakener INRI CRISTO 69


INRI walking along the horrible walls of the Police Central Station. Stripped of his tunic,
with only the underclothes, he is taken to a dirty cell, whose wet floor was covered with newspapers
by the attentive prisoners who walked around the courtyard at that moment.

70 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Do not be weak when you are tested, do not think that the LORD GOD has abandoned
you. His house is the whole creation. Even if all the mountains were destroyed, the seas emptied,
the stars cleared from the sky, even so nobody would have ever touched Him.
Do not think that GOD is the face of the sun, because He is more, much more. The sun
is only a symbol of His heat, of His creative power. He is not an image nor a touchable thing, but
the CREATOR of all things, the only non-created being, the only eternal, the only being worthy
of worship and veneration, the loving vivifying spirit that lives in our hearts. You will be the most
fortunate beings amidst men if He allows you to know Him.
GOD is inside all of us; He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. At the right mo-
ment, He will speak to everyone through His Son, with words that cannot be misunderstood.

“But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers
will worship the FATHER in spirit and truth, for the FATHER seeks
such as these to worship Him. GOD is spirit, and those who worship
Him must worship in spirit and truth”
( John c.4 v.23 and 24).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 71

The priest of the cathedral, Faustino Brito, also manifested his testimony to the police.
Under his schizophrenic vision, he referred to the revolutionary act as vandalism, profanation and
mental insanity. Such declaration culminated in the decision of transferring INRI CRISTO to
prison “Sao Jose”.

At the Police Station, the Caiaphas of this century fruitlessly attempted to incriminate the
Son of Man, whose only crime is to provide the freedom of consciousnesses.

72 Awakener INRI CRISTO


After the inquiry, INRI CRISTO

was taken to prison Sao Jose in
the Police vehicle.

In prison “Sao Jose”, the doctor Nerival Barros (director of the Bio-typology section) was
named by the judge to preside over the committee of psychiatrists who examined INRI CRISTO,
as registered the newspaper O Liberal (The Liberal) in March 1982. He declared that the verdict
concerning INRI CRISTO’s examination would be concluded, according to optimistic perspectives,
only by the “Last Judgment”!
After many meetings with INRI CRISTO, he noticed the authenticity of his identity and
came across the impasse: if he announced what he had discovered, would then have to confront
the hatred of the enemies of the kingdom of GOD. Such circumstance motivated him to have a
private meeting with the “archbeast” Gaudencio Ramos; invoking his condition as a Catholic, he
stated the warning: “It would be appropriate for the church if INRI CRISTO left Belem as soon as
possible”. And so the daily pilgrimage of catholic people besieging the prison in search of blessings
would be finished.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 73

Newspaper A Província do Pará (The Province of Para)
Monday, March 1st, 1982

Title: In prison, he was acclaimed: “Christ, Christ”

Speaking to The Province, INRI remembered the fact, pointing out that it was See’s priest
who caused the mess; by asking his imprisonment, he did as priest Caiaphas 2000 years ago. Ex-
plaining his act, INRI assured that by invading the church he was just fulfilling orders from GOD,
“my FATHER”. “I entered my house; nobody is obliged to believe, but I am the same Christ and the
FATHER ordered me to enter the temple and unmask the vendors as I did 2000 years ago in Jerusalem”.

74 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO’s register at prison “Sao Jose”. An employee of the Secretary of Justice in
the state of Para granted it to the Eclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO.

Name: INRI CRISTO Birthday: March 22nd, 1948 Civil State: celibate
Nationality: landless person
Eyes: light chestnut Beard: trimmed Moustache: trimmed
Job: without job Military situation: did not serve
Marks, Scars, Tattoos: no marks, scars, tattoos
Father’s Name: without affiliation Mother’s Name: without affiliation
Residence: without fixed residence Economic conditions: no properties or debts

INRI CRISTO’s eyes change in color according to the circumstances. The enemies that arrested
him did not deserve to see the beauty of his sky-blue eyes, as the reader can notice in this record.

License used by INRI’s first disciple, Abeverê (Guiomar Lopes de Sousa) to visit him in
prison. On the back, INRI CRISTO’s signature giving her the authorization.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 75

The Son of Man was put in jail because his only crime was to exert the power and autho-
rity characteristic of his legitimacy. Such condition was manifested two thousand years ago in the
historical explosion of wrath, when he dropped down tables and chairs, and whipped the peddlers
of the temple in Jerusalem.
The only difference was that, this time, instead of whipping the peddlers who commercia-
lized at the door, he entered the temple and expelled the traitor priests, who sold false sacraments
and taught people to worship idols inside the cathedral, so far considered GOD’s house.

76 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO giving interviews to
the journalists at Col. Bahia’s office, as he was
the director of prison “Sao Jose”. Ironically, he
had on the wall an artistic picture that faithfully
represented INRI CRISTO’s image.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 77

INRI CRISTO stayed at the cell number 14 of prison “Sao Jose” for fifteen days, blessing
those who came in search of solution for their problems.

When the “archbeast” Gaudencio Ramos was questioned by the journalists: “Is INRI
CRISTO the Christ or not?”, he answered: “If INRI is the Christ, the world is in the end”. One of
them then asked: “So, do you believe he is the Christ?” The “archbeast” evasively said: “No, Christ
is in heaven. I just want him to get out of the prison, leave Belem and never come back”.

From the policeman’s hands, INRI CRISTO received fruits and letters that were sent to him.

78 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The media reported the whole episode of the libertarian revolutionary act. It fully occupied
the first pages of Belem’s newspapers and was recorded by Globo TV. The program Fantastico, on
its February 28th 1982 edition, at that time presented by Cid Moreira, reported this way: “False
Christ invaded Belem’s cathedral, smashed the crucifix and is in prison”. It only showed INRI
CRISTO being taken on the Police truck.

INRI CRISTO was subjected to the analysis of many psychiatrists, whose verdict would be
concluded in the Last Judgment. As the prison daily received intense affluence of people in search
of blessing and due to the countless requests insisting for the liberation of Christ, after fifteen days
INRI CRISTO was set free without depending on any attorney’s intervention. The same judge, Dr.
Jaime dos Santos Rocha, who precipitately sentenced INRI CRISTO saying that his place was a
hospice for having invaded a temple, afterwards reconsidered the situation. He changed his attitude
being face to face with INRI CRISTO and said: “I have not crucified you like Pilate; instead, I have
kept you in prison, protected from your enemies”. With this gesture, he disappointed the enemies
of the kingdom of GOD, who howled: “If you are Christ, make a miracle! Get out of the prison!
Set yourself free from the bars!”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 79

INRI CRISTO, in his cell, speaking to a commission of law trainees.

Title: Attorney will plead for INRI CRISTO’s liberation

The photograph: For the detained, the world will know that Christ is back
The underlined part: But there is only one problem: INRI refused to sign any
petition, alleging that “I, the FATHER’s Son, do not need any attorney...”

80 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Title: Christ at the square

Crowd helps fanatic to invade a church

Below the photograph: The “catherinian” INRI ex-

communicated the archbishop

Obs: We mean “catherinian” a person born in the state

of Santa Catarina (Brazil).

“We are assiduous readers of Veja for consider-

ing it a serious magazine. For this reason, it was very
strange that Veja could be satisfied to write an article
about INRI CRISTO basing in the view of a free-
lance in Belem, who qualified INRI a fanatic and false
prophet, tendentiously favoring the proscribed roman
Which were the parameters where the reporter
based to write about INRI CRISTO, even because
there was not any personal contact? At our point of
view, precipitate judgment does not combine with the
investigative conduct of Veja magazine. Although INRI
CRISTO is a polemic issue, Veja was never interested
(or allowed) to know his opinion and motivations.
INRI CRISTO was kept captive for fifteen
days in the penitentiary “Sao Jose” and was set free
without depending on attorneys. Nevertheless, he could
not claim for his constitutional right of expression.
So far, INRI CRISTO patiently expects that
Veja magazine will make a serious investigation and
show to the public all his history, that means, the other
side of the coin.”

(This is part of a letter sent by MÉPIC’s Secretary of

Communication to the direction of Veja Magazine, on
January 2nd 1996).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 81

Photocopy of the newspaper that registered the agony of vicar Faustino Brito and archbeast
Gaudencio Ramos. The Celestial Saint Court condemned both.
Faustino passed away

Underlined words:
For more than ten years suf-
fering sequels of a stroke (...)
he lost his voice, suffering very
much with the illness in the last
ten years.
The last re-quest to D. Zico: the
pla-ce in the last dwelling.

“I know I am not the arch-
bishop any more, but I would
like to be buried in the See

(Words of archbeast Alberto

Gaudencio Ramos)

D.Alberto had a cancer in the
Both compelled the Police to detain INRI CRISTO
The “vicar” of Belem’s cathedral, Faustino Calixto Brito, present at the Police Central Sta-
tion, ordered to strip INRI CRISTO of his tunic. Punished by the ALMIGHTY with a stroke, he
endured ten years in a vegetative state, however lucid, remembering the crimes committed against
the kingdom of GOD. The same way, the archbeast (archbishop) Alberto Gaudêncio Ramos, after
a long period of suffering, died with a cancer in the stomach. He manifested to his successor, D.
Zico, his wish to be buried inside the cathedral, historical place where the Son of GOD, INRI
CRISTO, obedient to his FATHER, LORD and GOD, on February 28th 1982, performed the
libertarian revolutionary act that culminated in the proscription of the commercial roman church
and the birth of SOUST, the new catholic order, only church of Christ.

82 Awakener INRI CRISTO

How to differentiate INRI CRISTO from the false prophets?

To answer the less elucidated people that are not able to distinguish INRI CRISTO
from the false prophets and decipher if INRI is the Christ or not, it is necessary to know
a little of his history and part of the revolution.
Until his arrival at Belem, there were three ways to consider INRI CRISTO: a
crazy person, a false prophet or Christ. A crazy person: someone crazy could not lead a
revolution. After the revolutionary act perpetrated in Belem, when INRI was detained
at the penitentiary Sao Jose, the committee of psychiatrists officially named by Dr. Jaime
dos Santos Rocha and presided by Dr. Nerival Barros, after long interrogation, publicly
confessed that INRI is the Christ.
A false prophet: two thousand years ago, INRI CRISTO said when he was called
Jesus: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are raven-
ous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from
thistles?” (Matthew c.7 v.16). In order to identify a false prophet, it is necessary to find out
the proscribed religious that have their agreements under the pretence called “ecumenism”
and bargain among themselves: “Let me sell my Jesus my way and I allow you sell yours
the way that you want.” They do not quarrel and are always justifying the meetings among
the wolves under sheep skin, dogs and pigs making apology for the just causes, serpents
disguised as samaritans, blackmailing the miserable salary of people (“Woe to you, scribes and
Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like the whitewashed tombs, which on the outside look beautiful,
but inside they are full of the bones of the dead and of all kinds of filth. So you also on the outside
look righteous to others, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness” – Matthew c.23 v.27).
They want nothing by gathering the fruits of their iniquitous activities (Matthew c.24 v.5
and 24).
Nevertheless, INRI CRISTO freely binds the human beings to GOD: he makes
marriage, baptizes, gives GOD’s blessing and teaches the divine law without asking any-
thing from anybody, fulfilling what he said before crucifixion: “ You have received without
payment, give without payment” (Matthew c.10 v.8). He established the New Catholic Order,
the formalization of the kingdom of GOD on Earth. Even nowadays, when people are
literally eating one another and the corrupt politicians do not feel embarrassed on robbing
the abandoned by luck, SOUST legitimately flourishes and welcomes GOD’s children
unsatisfied with this chaotic world.
So, proceeding in accordance to the logic elimination, amidst the three possibili-
ties listed above, only the last one remained. In other words: INRI CRISTO is the Son of
GOD, the same Christ that had been crucified two thousand years ago.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 83


After the revolution, the persecution

of false religious

When INRI CRISTO was set free from prison,

he rested in the privacy of a place called Baia do Sol (Sun
Bay), in Mosqueiro, a district of Belem.
This place was designated by the divine provi-
dence for the Son of Man to lay his head while Guajara
TV announced the day and time of his reappearance. As
the polemic and interest of population increased, so did
the despair of the false religious.
The enemies of the kingdom of GOD, in panic,
threatened the physical integrity of INRI CRISTO’s
followers; they even formed a commission which tried to
disturb INRI CRISTO’s peace in the still of the night,
aiming that he fled away Belem in the eve of the meet-
ing at Guajara TV. When the lackeys of the proscribed
church cannot use the force of argument, they use the
argument of force.

84 Awakener INRI CRISTO


The altar of the first church in Belem

(May 25th 1982)

Awakener INRI CRISTO 85

The man that preferred an old, blind and scabby fifteen-year-old dog to the Son of Man

After the revolution, INRI CRISTO went to speak live at Guajará TV to proclaim the
break with his former church, declaring it proscribed as an order of the ALMIGHTY. For the first
time, INRI announced the name of the new catholic order, SOUST (Suprema Ordem Universal
da Santíssima Trindade / Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity), henceforth his new and
only church.
INRI was asked where the first temple would be placed and answered: “The first temple
will be here in Belem”. They replied: “Where?” INRI said: “I do not know. Only my FATHER
knows the place and the man to whom he revealed where the first temple will be. At this moment
he is watching me and by the time he comes to my presence, he will show me the place; he lives
here in Belem and is waiting to fulfill this mission”. INRI declared the phone number of Haroldo
Pina’s house, where he was lodged.
A man named Nicassio Kolino called and said that he was the person INRI mentioned. He
identified himself telling the following history: “Approximately twenty years ago, I had a warning
from heaven. A spirit of light advised me that the Son of GOD had reincarnated in Santa Catarina,
saying: ‘He is there and is still a twelve-year-old boy’. The spirit said that he would come here, to
Belem, and I would have to be at his disposal. And now I saw him on television saying that there
is a man here in Belen prepared to help him make the first temple. I want him to know that I am
this man and I have the place where he will make his first church.” Receiving this information,
INRI arranged an appointment with him.
He had the appearance of being a sixty-year-old citizen. He took INRI CRISTO to the
place where the first temple would be (930, September 28th Street). It was a workshop separated
by a wall in the middle, making two rooms with independent external doors and one internal
door; Nicassio lived in the back of that place. The man had good will; he was dedicated to be at
INRI’s service and even let the Son of GOD choose which place would be better to arrange the
first temple. INRI chose the side where there was an annexed bathroom and ordered to make
everything hygienic, removing tools and machines.
Everything was arranged. Nicassio Kolino was an independent spiritualist. INRI went
back to the South of Brazil and let him in charge to take care of arrangements, painting the walls
in white, etc. Journalists wanted to know when the inauguration would be. After taking care of the
legal procedures to establish SOUST at the 2nd Curitiba’s Titles and Documents Registry Office,
INRI returned to Belem. Nazareno José Dias (owner of Santa Alice Hotel) with some other people
built an altar and put a cross on it, according to the photograph. Each one brought a chair forming
an assembly. The first disciple, Abeverê, and a man candidate to be disciple, named Tiago, always
followed INRI wherever he would go. So began SOUST.
On the inauguration day, there was a general boycott in the media. Only the newspaper
O Liberal registered a little note. It said: “At INRI CRISTO’s church cansado is written with ç”,
referring to a message written inside the temple: “Vinde a mim, vós que estais cançados de sofrer”
(Come to me, you who are tired of suffering). Only because of this providential mistake in or-

86 Awakener INRI CRISTO

thography it happened that the newspaper, although in a sardonic way, registered the inauguration.
Once more, it was proven that GOD writes right even though on tortuous lines, as men make
them crooked...
Every morning, INRI CRISTO went to D. Pedro II square, spoke to people and returned
to the temple. Nicassio Kolino had a an old, blind and scabby dog, which he and his wife treated
as a child. Therefore, INRI always advised Nicassio to be careful and never leave the door of the
temple open, so the dog would not come in and make any profanation: “Don’t leave the door open,
now here is the LORD’s house and you are the caretaker of the LORD’s house while I am not
here”. INRI slept on the altar, his disciple Abeverê and Tiago slept in a camp bed.
One day, back from the square, INRI CRISTO found a puddle of urine in front of the
altar. He called Nicassio and told him: “My son, I told you not to allow the dog come in here and
desecrate my FATHER’s house. But you let the dog come in and urinate in front of the altar. Now,
because of this profanity and for your disobedience, your dog is accursed” (INRI CRISTO teaches
that something is accursed when it is destitute of the divine protection). The dog disappeared and
never returned again. Nicassio put advertisement in the newspaper, on the radio, offering fifteen
thousand Cruzeiros (Brazilian money of that time) to the person who could find the dog. Nicassio’s
wife, who was always seeking for a fault and an opportunity to find INRI defeated as she did not
believe in him, said: “Can you see it, now you reached his weakness, something very delicate for
Afterwards, Nicassio Kolino wrote a letter to INRI CRISTO and left on the altar since he
did not have the courage to speak personally; it had the following words: “It’s time that you, Lord,
remove your belongings from here, because the time to use this place as a church is finished.” The
first temple was inaugurated on May 25th 1982 and the letter written on June 9th 1982.
On June 11th, INRI CRISTO left that place and went to Severino Ivo da Silva’s house,
district of Icoaraci, in Belem, where he endured this bitter portion of reproof (“First must the Son
of Man suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will
be in the days of the Son of Man” – Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). One day early in the morning, Severino got
up and went to the forest beside his house with some tools. He came back with a big piece of wood
and started cutting it to make a cross, saying: “I am severe in the things of the LORD and I will
build an altar for you here, where you can meet your people”. Severino wrote the letters I.N.R.I.
on a piece of wood with iron heated in the fire and fastened it to the cross. When he finished,
INRI could then meet his followers until moving to Curitiba and organizing the temple of the
provisional headquarters of SOUST.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 87


“Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man
has nowhere to lay his head” (Matthew c.8 v.20).

“My kingdom is not from this world. If my kingdom were from this world, my followers would
be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But now my kingdom is not from here” ( John
c.18 v.36 – The Gideons International Version). Fulfilling the Holy Scriptures, INRI CRISTO
reincarnated and established the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, on the historical Feb. 28th 1982.
As INRI said two thousand years ago, “the Kingdom of GOD is not coming with things that can be
observed; for, in fact, the kingdom of GOD is within you” (Luke c.17 v.20 and 21).
In other words, the Kingdom of GOD is not political, it is not a sumptuous reign of os-
tentation; it is not coming with cinematographic effects as many expect it to be. The Kingdom of
GOD is a Kingdom of Light, a Kingdom of energies which begins in the Lamb of GOD, INRI
CRISTO, and extends to those that strive to follow the path of the divine law, thus becoming
receptacles and transmitters of the divine light manifested into his teachings. And INRI CRISTO
teaches at any time and anywhere with simplicity, without fantasies or empty rituals.

88 Awakener INRI CRISTO


In spite of being born in

Belem, the LORD determined that
INRI CRISTO formalized the insti-
tution of SOUST in Curitiba (state of
Parana – Brazil) for mystical reasons.
Besides being the highest Brazilian
capital city after the New Jerusalem
(Brasilia), SOUST had to be officially
instituted with the presence of Peter,
Above: Disciple Abeverê and the headquarters the same who received the primacy
of SOUST in Curitiba, 1984. two thousand years ago (“ You are Peter
and upon this rock I will build my church,
Below: Curitiba, 2005. On the entrance: and the gates of hell shall not prevail
“Only GOD’s children are welcome” against her. I will give you the keys of the
kingdom of heaven; and whatever you
bind on Earth, will be bound in heaven,
and whatever you loose in Earth will be
loosed in heaven” – Matthew 16:18).
Dr. Edson Centanini (Simon
Peter) was born in the Brazilian state
of Sao Paulo. Before meeting INRI
CRISTO, he studied Law and inves-
tigated many religions. He worked as
delegate and judge.

The ALMIGHTY provided that he lived in Curitiba and was ready to participate in the
juridical foundation of SOUST when meeting INRI CRISTO again (the details of his history and
how the ALMIGHTY branded him with blood revealing that he was Peter are in book AWAK-
ENER 1st part).
According to the FATHER’s will, INRI CRISTO should remain most of the time of his
reproach in Curitiba, where he would experience the hardness of human hearts and have a deep
study in Sociology which cannot be learnt in the books or universities. It was the fulfillment of
what INRI had predicted two thousand years ago concerning his return (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
Despite all the reproach that INRI CRISTO endured there, he came out victorious by overcoming
a lawsuit of ideological falsehood which lasted for 15 years and obtained the official recognition
of his identity by Earthly authorities on October 24th 2000.
After 24 years in Curitiba, obedient to the FATHER, INRI CRISTO determined the
transfer of the headquarters of SOUST to Brasilia in May 2006, as foreseen in the 14th article of
the statutes of SOUST since its foundation in 1982.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 89

The headquarters of SOUST in Brasilia, mystically named the New Jerusalem.


Throughout the Jewish history there has always been the awareness that a future time life
on Earth, as we know it, would be drastically changed for the better. Throughout the Torah and
the other books of the Bible, there are prophecies which speak of a time when all the promises
that GOD has made to the Jewish people would be fulfilled. More than this, the future utopia
will change the course of nature. “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into
pruning hooks” (Isaiah 2:4); “And a wolf shall live with a lamb, and a leopard shall lie with a kid… a
cow and a bear shall graze together… and an infant shall play over the hole of a snake” (Isaiah 11:6-8).
While some interpret these prophecies metaphorically, others take them quite literally. The com-
ing era of world piece and brotherhood where all mankind will know the true CREATOR and
cooperate in manifesting the glory of universal spirituality is that time which is called the “Age
of Messiah”, the time of the rule of the anointed.
The definition of what this age is to entail, and just when it is to start is a matter of much
discussion in Jewish and non-Jewish circles. Messianic speculations and prophecies are not a
thing of the past. On the contrary, the closer we get to the dawn of the new age, the more ancient
prophecies are being fulfilled. More than this, new prophecies are being received and fulfilled. The
time approaches when mankind will meet its collective destiny.
In spite of what appears to be randomness to human history, the entire human race has
been following a teleological path since its inception upon Earth. Since the days of Charles Dar-
win there has been heated debate whether there exists that which he calls evolution. For physical
evolution does not occur arbitrarily, it is guided from the higher echelons of creation, directed by

90 Awakener INRI CRISTO

the hand of the ALMIGHTY GOD. Physical evolution is nothing but the most external garment
of an inner psychic-spiritual evolution. Mankind is thus following its spiritual path of evolution,
guided by the CREATOR’s hand.
It is prophesied that collective mankind will together recognize our inner spiritual nature
that truly binds us as a race. As a matter of fact all of human history has been orchestrated so as to
teach all of its many members the necessary truths of spirituality and the reality of GOD. The
culmination of this phase of human history will be the coming of a man and his government
who will have the power and the success to teach mankind the necessary lessons that will enable
the human race to evolve to the next phase of spiritual evolution. Needless to say, this one who
is to come will be opposed by those who cannot share his vision of emancipated humanity. No
society can awaken to the freedom of emancipation without the previous awakening of its indi-
vidual members. The period of this awakening has long been prophesied and is referred to as
the “birthpangs of Messiah”.
The Messiah himself is born a man and is not a god who comes from outside of man-
kind. He will be born and grow like any other human child. Throughout his life he will be guided
by invisible forces that will guide his destiny in accordance with the affairs of collective humanity.
This man will learn throughout his life that there is more to his essence than simply being an
ordinary person leading an ordinary life. He will not only be able to acknowledge that he has a
higher self our soul; he will become master of himself. Through the powers of his inner and higher
self he will be able to dominate the forces of his physical being. He will thus be able to dominate
the forces of his flesh in all ways. The Messiah will thus be a master of life and death of the spirit.
He will be lord over all the earth and all physical existence, through the evolution of his soul, that
is guided by the hand of GOD.
Not only will this man be able to master these things for himself, he will be able to teach
all people, men and women, Jew and gentile, leading us all to this level. Thus is he called the Mes-
siah, the redeemer, the emancipator. He emancipates the human race from our collective prison
in the realm of ignorance. Not only will the Messiah establish a government of wisdom that will
dominate the planet, he will also teach all mankind to experience the reality of GOD. With or
without the cooperation of the world peoples, the Messiah will teach the world from the inside
out. He will start influencing collective mankind at the unconscious level thus preparing each
individual to become aware of things yet to become manifest.
When the time is right, the Messiah will announce himself to the world. He will be met
by those who will resist what he stands for, and he will be met by those who have long awaited
both him and his message. For over two thousand years, Jewish prophets have foretold the events
that would surround the coming of the promised one. These same prophets were given insights
into what the Messiah would teach. In order to understand ourselves as human beings, our collec-
tive destiny, the events in human history that are presently spiraling out of control and what is yet
to come upon us, we must turn to the prophets who have been given the authority and insight to
reveal what is to come, to prepare us to usher in a new world, the Era of World Peace.

“Everything you wanted to know about Kabbalah but had no one to ask”
By Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok

Awakener INRI CRISTO 91

“The kingdom of GOD is like a mine of gold whose owner is the only aware of the discovery
map. Many ambitious prospectors, in search of gold, try to draw the map even under the owner’s
watchful eye, that observes all of them with the peculiar serenity of one that knows that He is the
Lord. Each one thinks he can draw the map, others try to find it here or over there; conjecture
arises amongst themselves: Maybe the legitimate map is here or there, ignoring that it has been
drawn and imprinted in the owner’s mind and this drawing was made by the owner’s FATHER.
Therefore, it is useless trying to draw a new map or find the only legitimate map. There remains
only one solution for those that want to share the joy of possessing the mine: That is to learn from
the only Lord of the mine, and only he decides, according to the humility of the applicants, if he
gives access to the mine or not.
If you have not understood the meaning of this parable, it is necessary to remember what I
had said before being crucified: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by
me” ( John c.14 v.6). The value of my words is worth forever, because time passes but my words will
not pass. Behold, my children: each time an impostor establishes a new sect using my former name
( Jesus) and my FATHER’s name, he is trying to build a new map in order to deceive the incautious,
turning them into the contemporary pharisees, called “believers” and “evangelical people”. Each
time someone follows the false prophet, impostors called “vicar” or “shepherd”, he will crawl after
a false map of the mine. Or when an incautious follows a pseudo-esoteric sect that uses my former
name, he is again following a false map of the mine. And my FATHER, LORD and GOD, who
is in me, and truly is the owner of the mine, as He and I are only one, looks at everything, letting
each human being free to follow the way he wants, making good or bad use of free-will.
The traitors of the divine cause, heirs of my former church, that became a prostitute (“After
this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying: Hallelujah! Salvation
and glory and power to our GOD, for his judgments are true and just, he has judged the great whore who
corrupted the earth with her fornication, and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants at her hand”
– Revelation c.19 v.1 and 2) and an iniquity principality (for this reason declared proscribed on
February 28th 1982 by my FATHER, LORD and GOD), present themselves in front of people
as being owners of the mine, with the purpose of deceiving many. Nevertheless, they themselves
do not believe in the existence of the mine or in the Lord of it. And now, with the arrival of the
Lord of the mine, there will be a great turbulence, for all humanity will know that the mine exists
and only the Lord of it has the map inside his head. In order that he can show that he knows the
drawing of the map, he only needs to speak and unmask the enemies, divine cause traitors, that
want and need to continue deceiving people for being trained since their childhood in the “work”
of lurelogy, swindlelogy and hoaxlogy, disguised as theology.
Anyone believing that the Lord of the mine has to prove something is mistaken. Since he
knows where the map is, he does not need to prove anything to anybody. Those interested in the
mine need to prove their worthyness. If someone wants to enjoy the delights of the mine, will have
to become friend of the Lord of the mine. And the supreme demonstration of this friendship is
obedience (“ You are my friends if you make what I order you” - John c.15 v.14)”.

92 Awakener INRI CRISTO



“I was sitting on the bed in the headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba, when all of a sudden
I was taken outside my body. The walls disappeared and I started to see, in the direction of Umbara
(a district of Curitiba), a wave of fire of such a height that seemed to achieve infinity, like a roll of
tissue that unrolls itself when it is pulled. It came rolling in my direction, any side I looked: forwards,
backwards, left, right; there was not a way out. I just glimpsed this huge roll of fire directed to me,
followed by a deafening noise, among which there were groans, people crying... And when I felt
I would be burnt also, I asked inside me: “Oh, FATHER, what have I done? Have I also sinned?
What is my sin, LORD?”
As the circle of fire continued to come around me, I realized there was no way to escape
from that huge roll of fire and lay down in the foetal position (in the past, I adopted this position
as a last resource when I saw that the vehicle in which I was traveling would inevitably have an
accident). Therefore, I closed my eyes and waited for whatever would happen; the noise grew stron-
ger and stronger, closer and closer... Suddenly, it stopped and was substituted for an indescribable
silence. Afterwards, I just heard the groans far, very far, almost inaudible.
Then, in my vision, I opened my eyes and saw that, at a great distance, the fire had stopped,
sparing only the place where mine and I were. Around this green peaceful area, fire destroyed
everything and it remained only a huge black stain, anywhere I looked... Finally, I returned to my
physical body and could see that I was sitting on the bed and the walls had reappeared.
This was the most terrible vision I’ve ever had concerning the end of the world: it will
be horrifying. I had the impression that neither the sealed nor I would escape. But in the area we
are, me and my people, which are my and my FATHER’s heirs, there won’t be danger, in spite of
the terrifying appearances. Only then they will comprehend the infinite power of my FATHER,
LORD and GOD and the great miracle He will have done”.

INRI CRISTO was so astonished after this vision that he did not have the idea of record-
ing the date, but he knows it was in the 80’s.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 93

In the end of year 1979, INRI CRISTO was lodged at Savoy Hotel, in Lima - Peru, and
spoke to people on television in Linda Gusman’s program. The hotel owner was infuriated and
wanted to expell INRI as the telephone lines were all busy due to his presence. However, the ma-
nager had a diplomatic relationship with INRI and arranged to keep him in the hotel.
Raphael Varom, son of the hotel owner, was forced to talk to INRI explaining why his
father had so much hatred against him. Because he was Jewish and had fallen in love with a Chris-
tian, his father had kept him in a lunatic asylum for a time in the hope to separate them. Raphael
Varom was very excited while speaking; then he showed INRI CRISTO a cross on which he had
fixed the Star of David and said: “So it must be, GOD will gather Jews and Christians together,
as only one people under one religion, because we are all children of the same GOD. So, nobody
will suffer what I have already suffered and am still suffering”. He delivered the cross with the star
into INRI’s hands.
When INRI CRISTO arrived at Mexico in 1980, the ALMIGHTY showed him that the
cross would be on the ark like a flagpole raising the star of David, thus forming the powerful symbol
of the Kingdom of GOD. Three symbols, three different times. Noah’s ark, which symbolizes the
divine protection over GOD’s children united under the same ideal; the star of David, which is the
symbol of perfection inherent to the elect, heirs of GOD’s Kingdom; and finally the cross, which
symbolizes the justice and redemption. And now with the institution of the kingdom of GOD on
Earth, the prophecy that INRI CRISTO announced before being crucified is fulfilled: “There will
be one flock and one shepherd and by my voice my flock will know me” ( John c.10 v.16). Only one flock,
which is SOUST, and only one shepherd, INRI CRISTO.

Genevieve Faivre in Beauvais (depart-

ment of L’Oíse, France), at Ecole Maternelle Paul
Eluard, drawing the symbol of SOUST under
INRI’s instruction. The ALMIGHTY ordered
to write the history of this symbol, so the future
generations may know its origin and meaning.
Hence they can see that the Kingdom of GOD formalized as SOUST did not come from
the meeting of wolves under sheep skin; on the contrary, it was instituted by order of the All-Po-
werful and each item of its history has a meaning.

94 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Time to settle up accounts

On September 24th 1983, so said the LORD GOD, through his Son’s mouth, inside the
Vatican Basilica: “Dry, sick tree, dry! Dry so that the good tree I planted flourishes and gives to me
and to my children the fruits that you refuse to give me.”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 95


In the guest-house called Liberty (number 20, Via Gioberto, IV Piano, Rome), where INRI
CRISTO was lodged, in the still of night his FATHER lead him to the window and showed him
the sleeping Rome. While the tired monuments and buildings showed the glories of the past, the
LORD GOD, through His Son’s mouth, spoke this impacting sentence:

“Sleep, Rome, sleep your deep sleep, dipped in the lethargic stagna-
tion of the escape and the weight of your consciousness, soaked in the blood
of my servants that I sent you, and you, Rome, burnt them in the bonfires
of your excessive and murderous passions, in the fulfilling of the pact that
you perpetrated with Satan’s subjects.
Sleep, Rome, your evasive sleep, while I visit you through my Son like
a thief because of your betrayal, when you made a pact with the usurpers
of my kingdom of light. But woe to you, Rome! When you wake up it will
be late, too late! You will find yourself turned into ruin and your pride will
become groans of pain, your ostentation and pretentiousness will become
misery and hunger. Your deceitful statues will fall in pieces upon you and
your children, heirs of your lust, your crimes and your sins.
And, dying, suffering agony, you will faintly peep without strength
to react against my devastating justice and the vibrant and inexorable
manifestation caused by the whip of my executioner angel *, that plays his
trumpet and announces the splendor and glory of my Son, when he comes
to you, not because of you, but to take from your despicable entrails those
that remained faithful to my law and are worthy of my kingdom of light”.

* the time

Soon after this sentence, the prime minister in Italy at that time, Bettino Craxi, ignoring
the Treaty of Lateran, declared that Rome was not a sacred city anymore. So began the ruin of the
sick empire of darkness principality.

96 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO decreed the end of Peter’s bimillennial primacy and cursed his former
church for it having become the headquarters of religious trade, idolatry and lie; a place where the
practice of iniquity prevails, thus being the anti-christ principality.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 97

Look at the dates of these newspapers and check that after the curse decreed inside the
Vatican Basilica, the iniquitous principality started to collapse, beginning by the loss of privileges.
And all around the world sexual scandals began to be denounced, exposing the truth in the corridors
of the proscribed roman church.
Before the divine sentence, these crimes remained covered, the organized lack of information
kept them hidden. Now, each day, more and more, the truth is emerging. The scandals are so many
that it is impossible to enumerate them. We will just expose some of the most unusual examples.

Veja magazine, August 8th 1984.

Government will stop paying priests and bishops
“Every month, a payment-check from the Italian government goes to the hands of almost
30.000 catholic priests and bishops working in Italy. (...) This subsidy guaranteed by the Treat of
Lateran (1929) will probably finish. Last week, the socialist prime minister Bettino Craxi presented
to the Parliament a proposal of gradual withdrawal, until 1990, of state funds to the Vatican (...).
The project, that has already been approved by the Senate on Friday, eliminates outdated provisions,
like the “sacred character” of the city of Rome and the demand for religious teaching at schools. It
also stopped a series of material privileges, especially to bishops and priests. (...)”

98 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Title: Italy seals agreement with the Vatican

(...) Catholicism is not official religion in Italy anymore. (...) The agreement stops the pay-
ment of 30.000 salaries to priests. The Church is obliged to transfer the registering of marriages to
the State.
Newspaper Gazeta do Povo, June 4th 1985.

CNBB loses the snack

The CNBB (National Con-

ference of Brazilian Beasts)
is not receiving funds from
the Brazilian government to
her charity campaigns.

Title: The Church loses privileges in Italy

Veja magazine, October 18th 1995

Marcello Mastroianni, one of the most celebrated Italian actors of this century, with
inspiration, on his dying bed, was inspired to repel the fake called mass in his funereal ceremony,
according to the register of CBN (Brazilian News Center) on Dec. 12th 1996.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 99

“Since the most tender age, human beings learn to live with fantasy and lie. First, their
parents (that were also mistakenly deceived by the catechism of hoax) say: “You will have a little
brother, the stork will bring him”. Next, they hear that the rabbit brings chocolate eggs at Easter;
after that, Father Christmas, a good old man, brings them presents. As a preparation, the victims
are induced to walk the way of schizophrenia; then they learn that GOD, the Supreme CREATOR
of the Universe, has a mother. The traitor priests teach them to pray the spurious prayer “holy mary,
mother of god”, as if it were possible that GOD, the only non-created being, had a mother. Who
would be the father of GOD’s mother?
When they come to adolescence, they find out that babies are not brought from a stork’s
beak; rabbits do not bring chocolate or lay eggs. They discover as well that Father Christmas does
not exist and scoundrels also age. Disguised as a good person, a scoundrel may even be under white
beard and come to put fantasies inside the children’s heads, preparing them to, later on, passively
accept some other lies from the catechism of hoax, which will end up consolidating the reasoning
padlock (dogma). For example, Christmas day is a lie created by the proscribed roman church
to “christianize” the profane Natalis Sollis Invicti festival, celebrated on the Winter solstice.
It was idolatry towards the Sun in the cult of Mitra. And so people are used to walking in the
way of lies, leading to the abyss, valley of the living-dead. They move far away from the teachings
that I left before crucifixion, until finding me and becoming free, because I am the liberator. I have
returned to this world to set my people free from the false religious yoke, idolatry fetters, fantasy
and lie. I love freedom, so I set free the ones that I love. If they come back it is because they have
recognized me and are my children, worthy of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, that is in me. If
they don’t, it is because they’ve never had part with me.
One of the greatest lies of the proscribed roman church is to claim for the morals, when
in truth she is the most immoral existing institution. She stands for the world as if was all pro-
bity and her integrants, saints. The reality is absolutely different. When unmasked, tries to blame
the society. If the roman church were a serious institution, in theory she would have obligation to
positively raise the consciousnesses of people. But when she is pressed, always tries to escape. And
thanks to the reasoning padlocks, many times achieves her diabolical intention.
The voices of malignant spirits invariably speak the same way: “The church is a millennial
institution, we cannot blame her if one or another member could not resist to a temptation in
his flesh and gave up”. The correct thing to say would be: “The church is a sodomitical millennial
principality of falsehood. Since she betrayed Christ and despised his doctrine, she is basing herself
on an iniquitous behavior”. She denies reincarnation, while before being crucified I said that John
the Baptist was Elias (Matthew c.7 v.10 - 13) and that Nicodemus had to be born again, in other
words, reincarnate ( John c.3 v.3 - 10)... They teach people to call priests “father”, violating my
Gospel: “No one shall be called father, for one is your Father, which is in heaven” (Matthew c.23 v.9).
Would by chance the spokesmen of the proscribed church (as they present at the world as paladins
of just causes) assume for the whole humanity the sins and crimes that they commit in private?
Coherence, logic and truth are inseparable. The sensible people meditate with discernment...”

100 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Istoé magazine, October 25th 1995.

Title: Priest quits the mass and says he will be father.

On the photograph: Father Urio and the pastoral agent, Ivete:

a son coming after 20 years of strict celibacy.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 101

Manchete magazine - Rio de Janeiro, July 3rd 1993.

Title: The Vatican blames society

Sexual scandal shocks the USA and
the church replies

The underlined words: “It was already known, some time ago, but only blew up as a scan-
dal last week. A document read in New York’s archdiocese showed that priests in the seminary of
St. Lawrence, in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, between 1968 and 1992, raped at least 21 boys. (...)
One of them, Andrew Greeley, estimated that, in the United States, the Catholic Church spends
50 million dollars every year in therapies for priests and compensation to the victims (...)
Joaquim Navarro-Valls, the spokesman of the Holy See, said in Rome that society has
to take part on the guilt for the sexual abuses committed by priests. “It is time to ask if the truly
guilty party is not a permissible and irresponsible society, which makes the circumstances to induce
people of solid moral formation to commit serious crimes” (...) Last year, a priest from England
suffering Aids accused the moral of the Vatican to induce priests become homosexuals: “Since the
closeness of a priest to a woman is always suspect, many of them prefer – or are obliged to – keep
relationships with men”, he said. Because of this, Janer Cristaldo, from the newspaper Folha de São
Paulo, wrote: “The great defendant is not the society, but a church that denies something inherent
in human beings”.

“The society does not have to take part on the guilt, because priests are supposed to educate
the society, therefore they have to be the example of rectitude, irreproachable conduct, otherwise
they are recognizing their condition of false religious men”.

102 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Newspaper Gazeta do Povo / Curitiba, Sunday, November 14th 1993

Title: Scandal shocks Catholic Church in the USA

“The scandal of sexual abuses by priests is back to the covers of American newspapers
with the accusation against cardinal Joseph Bernardin, archbishop of Chicago (Illinois), one of
the highest catholic dignitaries in the country. (...)The disclosure against such important person
generated a deep discomfort to the 59 million north-american catholic people. (...) Catholic church
has already paid more than 500 million dollars with compensation for victims and spending with
judicial lawsuit.”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 103

Flesh is weak
A priest is caught with a teenager
in a motel of Maceio

Under the
“Priest Edvar and the teenager
M.J.S., fourteen years old, who
he did not have time to keep
sexual relations with: Aren’t you
that priest that prays mass on

Veja magazine, December 11th 1996.

104 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Mary, mistaken, possessed by the malignant,
brings her children together and tries to arrest the Son of GOD

Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother, demythified, without fantasies, now is shown by INRI CRISTO
in her natural condition of woman, only woman, a human, sinner, subject to weaknesses and failures
inherent in humans. She is presented without her false raiment of “saint virgin”, “saint Mary god’s
mother”, not with the intention to denigrate her but to establish the truth and put an end to the
veneration and adoration to the myth.

“If Mary (the woman that was my mother when I was called Jesus) actually were GOD’s
mother as the proscribed church teaches in her spurious prayers (“holy Mary mother of God), she
would have closeness to the ALMIGHTY and, consequently, consciousness at the time of cruci-
fixion. Therefore, she would not have tried to arrest me. But in her condition of sinner, a human
woman like the others, she had her moments of weakness too. When she listened to me saying
in front of the multitude: “I am the bread of life. Those that eat my flesh and drink my blood may have
eternal life” ( John 35-59), she was possessed by the malignant. She thought that this statement
(absurd in her opinion) was a sign of madness and a shame to the family. Then, obedient to the
prince of darkness, she brought her children together and tried to arrest me”.
(“Then he went home and the crowd came together again so that they could not even eat. When his
family heard it, they went out to restrain him, for they were saying: He has gone out of his mind” – Mark
3:20-21 / “Jesus’ true relatives: Then his mother and brothers came; and standing outside, they asked to
call him. A crowd was sitting around him, and they said: Your mother and your brothers and sisters are
outside, asking for you. And he replied: Who are my mother and my brothers? And looking at those sitting
around him, he said: Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of GOD is my brother
and sister and mother” – Mark 3:31-35).

Mary’s fertilization

(“I still have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now...” - John 16:12).
(“Mary had been engaged to Joseph, but before they lived together, she was found to be with child
from the Holy Spirit” - Matthew 1:18).
In order to fulfill what Isaiah had prophesied (“The virgin shall bear a child and shall call
him Immanuel; he shall eat curds and honey by the time he knows to refuse the evil and choose the good”
– Isaiah 7:14), the LORD, to whom everything is possible, provided that Joseph and Mary had a
strong sleep (somnambulism) and the Holy Spirit united them in this state of unconsciousness,
providing Mary’s fertilization in the fulfillment of Scriptures. Mary was virgin when fertilized
by Joseph ( Jesus’ genealogy – Matthew 1:1-16) as a work of the Holy Spirit. Mary’s virginity was
the virginity of purity. For, when they woke up after the bridal act unconsciously practiced, they
did not know anything about what had happened. Each one was in his enclosure and ignored the

Awakener INRI CRISTO 105

strong sleep they had been subjected to, as much as the work of the Holy Spirit. Now, therefore,
to demythify and set Christian people free from fantasies, it is necessary that the truth comes to
light: Mary was not hymen virgin, with a membrane more or less, but for her purity. For this reason
it is said she was virgin before, during and after the birth. How could she be virgin after the birth
if her virginity was hymeneal? (“When Joseph awoke from the sleep, he did as the angel of the LORD
commanded him; he took her as his wife, but had no marital relations with her until she had borne a son...”
– Matthew 1:24-25).
After Mary bore her first son, she had other children. It is clear that GOD allowed Joseph
(who was not an eunuch man, castrated) to have marital relations with Mary after she bore a son,
and she had many sons and daughters.
(“Is not his mother called Mary? And are not his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas? And
are not all his sisters with us?” – Matthew 13:55-56).
Istoé magazine October 25th 1995.

Title: The mother of GOD

It is difficult to be GOD’s
mother. Mary went up to heav-
en only 45 years ago, promoted
by Pio XII. (...) Officially, Mary
has been in heaven for only 45
years, and this dogma was the
last absurdity that prevented
the ecumenism, on which
many Catholic people are en-

“The idol, work of human

hands, is accursed”
(Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27).
of the Universe,
only non-created being,
does not have any mother.

106 Awakener INRI CRISTO

“The liar is like the insensible farmer who diligently prepares, fertilizes and sows the earth.
But when the seeds start to flourish, he waters the shoots with boiling water. Now I ask you, my
children: which fruit does the insensible farmhand deserve to pick from this farming?
So do liars behave. In a first meeting, they win the friendship and confidence of people.
Nevertheless, afterwards they show the insensibility of the farmer and irrigate these friendships
with lies, one lie after another, one to hide the other, turning it into a great snow ball until achiev-
ing a high level of falsehood. The liar gets lost amongst his own words. Finally, unmasked, he is
despised by those who become conscious of the untruths spoken through his mouth.
When enumerating the crimes of a criminal, the elders said: “He stole, killed and even
lied!” They considered lie as the gravest of all sins, because indeed it is the cause and guilty of all
sins. The most ridiculous individual is he who pretends to be what he is not; this is a subtle way of
lying and a behavior very common in proud people. Lie weakens the human being; the liar’s word
is false and his speech is boring and feeble.
I that speak to you am the First Son of GOD, Adam, and reincarnated as Noah, Abra-
ham, Moses, David, etc. afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. I carry with me the memory of past
experiences. I am eyewitness to liars’ tragic fate, besides the personal experience. In the beginning
of creation, incorporated in the serpent, the demon lied to Eve by saying that if she induced me
to have sex, we would be happy, when actually it was a lie that culminated in an huge path of pain
and suffering, beginning with the expulsion from Eden, which only finished in the Skull when I
rescued with my blood on the cross the sins that humanity had committed because of me. Ingenu-
ously, I had sinned believing in Eve, who accepted the lies of the serpent. (“Now the serpent was more
crafty than any other wild animal that the LORD GOD had made. It said to the woman: “Did God say
you shall not eat from any tree in the garden?” The woman said to the serpent: “We may eat of the fruit of
the trees in the garden; but God said: You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the
garden, nor shall you touch it, or you shall die”. But the serpent said to the woman: “ You will not die, for
God knows that when you eat your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”
– Genesis 3:1-5). Who has ears to hear, listen to the truth.
From lie to fraud, robbery, delinquency, there is no distance. Even the “white” lie is very
dangerous, because it can initiate the individual into this world of fantasy. The divine cause trai-
tors lied and deceived my people by inducing them to believe that the Son of GOD is a frozen
and static dummy that will always be nailed on a cross. Now that I returned by the natural law of
reincarnation, they are obliged to invent many other lies. One of them is that GOD, my FATHER,
the only LORD of the Universe, only non-created being, only being worthy of worship and ven-
eration, has a mother. In the way of lie, the traitor priests had a further step, and this is only one
of countless cases: they put a chemical substance (red aniline) inside the head of Mary’s statue to
make chemical blood appear in its eyes. Nevertheless, the scientist Luigi Garlaschelli, a teacher
and chemist in the Pavia University - Italy, unmasked the fraud.
In the Holy Scriptures, it is explicit in the ninth commandment: “ You shall not bear false
witness against your neighbor”, making it clear that lie displeases the ALMIGHTY. Remember, my

Awakener INRI CRISTO 107

children, that my FATHER, who is your FATHER, my GOD, who is your GOD, gave you two
eyes to provide that you see well, two ears to listen attentively, two nasal orifices so that you be able
to distinguish between the nauseating odor and the pleasant fragrance emanating from flowers,
but He gave only one mouth, warning to be prudent when speaking. Before being crucified, I said:
“Let your word be ‘yes, yes’ or ‘no, no’. Anything more than this comes from evil” (Matthew 5:37).
The greatest punishment reserved for liars is that, after having lied so much, when they
speak the truth, even to save their own lives, nobody gives them credit”.

The Verdict of Science

Unicamp’s research reveals that

Louveira Virgin’s supposed tears are
nothing but a fraud

On the photo: “The idol made with

hands is accursed and so is the one
who made it...”
(Wisdom c.14 v.8 and 27).
Veja magazine, May 22nd 1991

Title: Expelled from the Altar

Bishop in the state of Sao Paulo removes from
Louveira church the image of the virgin whose crying was a fraud.
Beside the photograph: 68 false crying in the last five years

Why only five years after The Verdict of Science the “bishop” of the
proscribed church removed the “tearful” dummy from the altar?

108 Awakener INRI CRISTO

To Karol Josef Wojtyla - John Paul II, nº666
or any other traitor of divine case

“You can change me by the demon that you want or by any cursed statue that nobody will
find uncommon, because there is always space for Beelzebub in the traitor’s heart. At any time or
in any circumstance you, my son, are different from this trivial rule. You are like the false prophets,
but you prefer pretending that you do not belong to the roll of vultures.
I know that nobody can imagine the crucial pain I keep in my chest for my misunderstood
and sublime love. And I suffer and am not happy. In my opinion, you are not worth anything: you
are iniquitous, impious and narrow-minded; you are vulgar, hypocrite, arrogant and stupid, but even
so I love you because you are my son, flesh of my flesh, spirit of my spirit.
I that speak to you am Adam, first Son of GOD, your Father, Father of your parents and
Father of all humanity. I am the same you sent to the cross in the time when I was called Jesus,
conniving with the priests of the proscribed synagogue usurped by Satan, when you shouted:
“Crucify! Crucify him!” or when, reduced to your insignificant and fragile human condition, afraid
of showing your filial condition, you kept quiet even knowing that I was innocent and that I was
taken to the Skull to rescue your sins and the sins of humanity.
My new name is INRI, the name I paid with my blood on the cross, the name Pilate wrote
above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on my face, when they humiliated
me, when the Scriptures were fulfilled.”
Curitiba, April 26th 1985.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 109

To Karol Josef Wojtyla - John Paul II, nº666, or to any other divine case traitor

Alas of you that comfortably sit down your chair to satisfy your selfishness and despotism,
calculatedly, unscrupulously and fraudulently exploring worker people! Alas of you that is heir
of the cursed empire of iniquity, built by the divine cause traitors with the blood and tears of my
children, tortured and burnt in the flames of the unmeasured and murderous passions of the no-
torious satanic Inquisition! Alas of you who thought that I would never return, never reincarnate
and disparaged my law, my gospel and, deceiving my people, deny reincarnation (Genesis 1:19, Matthew
11:13-15, 17:10-13, 26:27-29, Mark 9:11-13, 14:24-25, Luke 1:13-17, John 3:1-3...) and the essence of my doctrine!
Alas of you that, with your sidekicks, in my name and in name of my FATHER, LORD
and GOD, declare opting for the poor in order to more easily explore them! Alas of you and your
accomplices that deceive my people showing them statues made by the perishable human hands
and, trying to denigrate me, say that I am the idol, disparaging the perpetual divine law (Book of
Wisdom 14:8-27, Leviticus 26...)! Alas of you that sarcastically laugh and mock the oppressed, slaves of
your lies and idolatry you imposed, drawing them to the abominable world of darkness!
Alas of you that blaspheme and teach my people to blaspheme, obliging them to pray
“Ave Mary”, spurious prayer which carries the most abominable blasphemy against my FATHER,
LORD and GOD, Supreme CREATOR of the Universe (“saint Mary, mother of God”), as if it
were possible that GOD had a mother! And who would be the father of GOD’s mother?
Alas of you that deceive my people, claiming to be my servant and servant of my FATHER
when in truth you serve Beelzebub, prince of darkness, and his idolatry kingdom of iniquity! Alas
of you that wear white clothes without being worthy of it and speak about peace while in hidden
you join the oppressors and artfully plan new ways of war!
Alas of you that claim to be religious and, instead of binding man with GOD, with your
bad examples – and of your accomplices – of fraud, corruption and iniquity, you separate them
from Him, turning the world into a wormy society where fantasy substitutes reality, lie substitutes
truth, delinquency substitutes probity and where honesty is forbidden, loyalty is dishonor, sincerity
and authenticity are insanity! Alas of you, I warned: “Remember then what you received and heard;
obey it and repent. If you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I
will come to you” (Revelation 3:3)!
Alas of you: the time of divine justice is next!
Curitiba, August 17th 1989.

110 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Israel Today, April 30th 2007

Shortly before he died, one of Israel’s most promi-

nent rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, supposedly wrote the name
of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would
remain sealed until now. When the note was unsealed, it
revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua,
or Yeshua ( Jesus), is the Messiah.
With the biblical name of Jesus, the Rabbi and
kabbalist described the Messiah using six words and hint-
ing that the initial letters form the name of the Messiah.
The secret note said:

Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah’s name,

He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are
valid. This I have signed in the month of mercy,

Yitzhak Kaduri

The Hebrew sentence (translated above in bold) with the hidden name of the Messiah
reads: Yarim Ha’Am Veyokhiakh Shedvaro Vetorato Omdim. The initials spell the Hebrew name
of Jesus, Yehoshua. Yehoshua and Yeshua are e ectively the same name, derived from the same
Hebrew root of the word “salvation” . With one of Israel’s most prominent rabbis indicating the
name of the Messiah is Yeshua, it is understandable why his last wish was to wait one year after
his death before revealing what he wrote.
When the name of Yehoshua appeared in Kaduri’s message, ultra-Orthodox Jews from
his Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva (seminary) in Jerusalem argued that their master did not leave the ex-
act solution for decoding the Messiah’s name. The revelation received scant coverage in the Israeli
media. Only the Hebrew websites News First Class (Nfc) and Kaduri.net mentioned the Messiah
note, insisting it was authentic. The Hebrew daily Ma’ariv ran a story on the note but described it
as a forgery. Jewish readers responded on the websites’ forums with mixed feelings: “So this means
Rabbi Kaduri was a Christian?” and “The Christians are dancing and celebrating,” were among the
Israel Today spoke to two of Kaduri’s followers in Jerusalem who admitted that the note
was authentic, but confusing for his followers as well. “We have no idea how the Rabbi got to this
name of the Messiah,” one of them said. Yet others completely deny any possibility that the note
is authentic. Kaduri’s son, Rabbi David Kaduri, said that at the time the note was written (Sep-
tember 2005), his father’s physical condition made it impossible for him to write.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 111

Kaduri’s portrayal of the Messiah

A few months before Kaduri died at the age of 108, he surprised his followers when he
told them that he met the Messiah. Kaduri gave a message in his synagogue on Yom Kippur, the
Day of Atonement, teaching how to recognize the Messiah. He also mentioned that the Messiah
would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death. (The former prime minister is still in a coma
after suffering a massive stroke more than a year ago.)
Other rabbis predict the same, including Rabbi Haim Cohen, kabbalist Nir Ben Artzi
and the wife of Rabbi Haim Kneiveskzy. Kaduri’s grandson, Rabbi Yosef Kaduri, said his grand-
father spoke many times during his last days about the coming of the Messiah and redemption
through the Messiah. His spiritual portrayals of the Messiah—reminiscent of New Testament
accounts—were published on the websites Kaduri.net and Nfc:

“It is hard for many good people in society to understand the person of the Messiah. The leadership
and order of a Messiah of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many in the nation. As leader, the Messiah
will not hold any office, but will be among the people and use the media to communicate. His reign will
be pure and without personal or political desire. During his dominion, only righteousness and truth will

“Will all believe in the Messiah right away? No, in the beginning some of us will believe in him
and some not. It will be easier for non-religious people to follow the Messiah than for Orthodox people.

“The revelation of the Messiah will be ful lled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his
position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah. Then he will reveal himself to some
Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars. It can be even simple people. Only then he will reveal himself
to the whole nation. The people will wonder and say: ‘What, that’s the Messiah?’ Many have known his
name but have not believed that he is the Messiah.”

Farewell to a ‘Tsadik’’

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri was known for his photographic memory and his memorization of
the Bible, the Talmud, Rashi and other Jewish writings. He knew Jewish sages and celebrities of
the last century and rabbis who lived in the Holy Land and kept the faith alive before the State of
Israel was born. Kaduri was not only highly esteemed because of his age of 108. He was charis-
matic and wise, and chief rabbis looked up to him as a Tsadik, a righteous man or saint. He would
give advice and blessings to everyone who asked. Thousands visited him to ask for counsel or heal-
ing. His followers speak of many miracles and his students say that he predicted many disasters.
When he died, more than 200,000 people joined the funeral procession on the streets of
Jerusalem to pay their respects as he was taken to his final resting place.
“When he comes, the Messiah will rescue Jerusalem from foreign religions that want to rule the
city,” Kaduri once said. “They will not succeed for they will fight against one another.”

112 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The Rabbi’s followers react

In an interview with Israel Today, Rabbi David Kaduri, the 80-year-old son of the late
Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, denied that his father left a note with the name Yeshua just before he died.
“It’s not his writing,” he said when we showed him a copy of the note.
During a nighttime meeting in the Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva in Jerusalem, books with the
elder Kaduri’s handwriting from 80 years ago were presented to us in an attempt to prove that
the Messiah note was not authentic. When we told Rabbi Kaduri that his father’s official website
(www.kaduri.net) had mentioned the Messiah note, he was shocked. “Oh no! That’s blasphemy.
The people could understand that my father pointed to him [the Messiah of the Christians].”
David Kaduri confirmed, however, that in his last year, his father had talked and dreamed
almost exclusively about the Messiah and his coming. “My father has met the Messiah in a vision,”
he said, “and told us that he would come soon.”
Israel Today was given access to many of the rabbi’s manuscripts, written in his own hand
for the exclusive use of his students. Most striking were the cross-like symbols painted by Kaduri
all over the pages. In the Jewish tradition, one does not use crosses. In fact, even the use of a plus
sign is discouraged because it might be mistaken for a cross.
But there they were, scribbled in the rabbi’s own hand. When we asked what those sym-
bols meant, Rabbi David Kaduri said they were “signs of the angel.” Pressed further about the
meaning of the “signs of the angel,” he said he had no idea. Rabbi David Kaduri went on to explain
that only his father had had a spiritual relationship with God and had met the Messiah in his
Orthodox Jews around the Nahalat Yitzhak Yeshiva told Israel Today a few weeks later
that the story about the secret note of Rabbi Kaduri should never have come out, and that it had
damaged the name the revered old sage.
Israel Today, April 30th 2007


“Tell us, when shall these things be? What shall be the sign of your coming?” (Matthew 24:3-4).
“When shall the kingdom of GOD come?” (Luke 17:20-30). “Come your kingdom” (Matthew 6:10). We
have crossed the millennium seeing all the signs of universal accomplishment, foretold in the Holy
Scriptures, that announce the return of Christ to fulfill divine judgment and institute the kingdom
of GOD on earth: appearance of false messiahs and false prophets (“For false messiahs and false
prophets will appear and produce great signs and omens, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” – Mat-
thew 24:5-24), wars, rumors of wars, kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation, famines,
catastrophes, pestilences, the ruin of Jerusalem (“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you that kill the prophets and
stone those who are sent to you… Behold, your house is left to you desolate… till you say: Blessed is he that

Awakener INRI CRISTO 113

comes in the name of the LORD” – Matthew 23:37-39).
Contrasting techno-scientific evolution, we come across the debilitation of social status
involving a general crisis without precedent in history, with growing manifestations of insolvency,
crashes, unemployment, rebellions, violence, discredit, conflicts of classes… and worse: lack of solu-
tions. In the face of so many evidences that, day after day, add up to the disharmony of apocalyptical
scene (“Now when these things begin to take place, stand up and raise your heads, because your redemption
is drawing near” – Luke 21:28), it remains to fill in the gap of the great question: Christ promised
to return when chaos was established in the world. Where is Christ?
Humanity advances fast heading for GOD’s inevitable intervention in its history, through
the Messiah (“With righteousness he shall judge the poor; righteousness shall be the belt around his waist;
there will be no other LORD but GOD” – Isaiah 11:4).
In spite of the great mistake regarding scriptural version, the resurrection of Christ’s physi-
cal body did not happen (“They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulcher and we do not know
where they have laid him” – John 20:2). Due to ignorance, want of comprehension and indifference
regarding biblical prophetic aspects, thousands of voices will rise up to contest the present revela-
tion. INRI CRISTO, the irrefutable proof of the law of reincarnation, is the Messiah announced
in the Holy Scriptures since the most ancient times. He is the same that came two thousand years
ago with the name of Jesus. In order to fulfill now GOD’s great purpose, he paid with his blood
on the cross the price of redemption and of his new name (Revelation c.3 v.12), the name written
by Pilate at the moment of crucifixion: INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum).
Before Son of Man’s glory day (the First- begotten Adam, that reincarnated as Noah,
Abraham, Moses, David, etc… afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI), the prophecy is fulfilled: “He
must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation” (Luke 17:25-35).
According to what INRI himself prophesied, false christs and false prophets raised in his
former name – Jesus (Matthew 24:5 and 24), and they wail in public, in the pharisaical temples
and nowadays, mainly in the media: “Alleluia, Jesus’ blood has the power”, and it is right here that
the difference between false and true resides. It was not predicted in the Holy Scriptures that false
christs would come with the face, the voice, the personal bearing, the teachings, the authority, the
trajectory that are INRI CRISTO’s exclusive attributes. All those who dared or dare claiming to
be Christ had or will have a tragic end, as happened with Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc.
In 1982, however, ordered by his FATHER, LORD and GOD, INRI CRISTO made a
revolution in Belem of Para (Brazil), followed by approximately ten thousand people. Indignant
with sacrament trade inside his former church (the roman), he entered the cathedral, interrupted
mass ritual, cast out priests, went onto the altar; in a libertarian gesture, pulled the statue off the
cross and broke it before the thousands of people that clamored at him: “Christ! Christ! Christ!”
It was inside the cathedral that the new catholic order came into being, SOUST, the formal mate-
rialization of GOD’s kingdom announced by prophets for millenniums. From then on, pressured
by the Vatican, the media tries to keep him away from the public knowledge.
However, once and for all, it is already time to show INRI CRISTO, reveal him in order
that people make their own judgment, otherwise more and more deaths, violent manifestations of
religious fanaticism, terrorist attempts will be glimpsed, caused by people that wait for the defini-
tive appearance of the Son of GOD, the Messiah INRI CRISTO, to humanity.

114 Awakener INRI CRISTO

So said INRI CRISTO, the Son of GOD, at D. Pedro II Square, before he broke the statues
and expelled the vendor priests from Belem’s cathedral. Priests, fearful at seeing people acclaiming:
“Christ! Christ! Christ!”, called the Police. Even separating people with violence under the order
of the priests commanded by Faustino Brito, they could not hold Inri Cristo under arrest, because
the authorities recognized that truly he is Christ back on Earth.
Behold his words before entering the cathedral:

“When, in the time of intimate sorrow, discouragement invades your soul and tears flourish in
your eyes, search for me! I am the one who knows to stifle the weeping and dry up your tears. When you
find yourself misunderstood by the ones who surround you and see that indifference intensifies around you,
approach me! I am the light under whose rays the purity of your intentions and the nobility of your feelings
are clarified. When courage is extinguished to carry on the ups and downs of life and you find yourself in
the imminence of fainting; call me! I give you the strength capable of removing the stones from the way,
and make you overcome the world adversities.
When the inclement storms of fate lash you till you not know where to recline your head, run to
me! I am the refuge in whose bosom you will find shelter for your body and tranquility for your spirit.
When you are in need of calmness in the moments of great affliction and consider yourself unable to keep
the serenity of spirit, invoke me! I am the patience that makes you win over the most painful circumstances
and triumph in the most difficult situations.
When you struggle in the paroxysm of pain and have your soul ulcerated by the thorns of paths,
shout for me! I am the balm that heals your sores and reduces the suffering.
When the world deludes you with its fallacious promises and you realize that nobody can inspire
trustfulness, come to me! I am the sincerity that knows to correspond to the innocence of your attitudes
and the sublimity of your ideals.
When sadness and melancholia inhabit your heart and everything causes boredom, clamor for me!
I am the joy that gives you a new courage and makes you discover the enchantments of your inner world.
When, one by one, the most beautiful ideals die and you feel in the depth of despair, resort to me! I am the
hope that strengthens your faith and cherishes your dreams.
When impiety refuses to forgive your faults and you experience the hardness of the human heart,
look for me! I am the forgiveness that raises your courage and promotes the rehabilitation of your spirit.
When you doubt everything, even your own convictions, and skepticism invades your soul, turn to me! I
am the belief that floods your understanding with light and rehabilitates you to the achievement of hap-
When you do not prove the sublimity of a sincere affection anymore and feel disillusioned by the
feelings of your fellow human beings, approach me! I am the resignation that teaches you to forget the
ingratitude of men and world incomprehension.
When you finally want to know who I am, ask the stream that murmurs, the bird that sings, the
flower that blossoms, the star that glitters, the young that hopes, the old who remembers. I am the dynamics
of life, the harmony of nature; call to me “love”, the remedy for all sicknesses that torment your spirit. Hold
out your hand, soul, son of my soul, and I will take you into a sequence of ecstasy and wonderment, to the

Awakener INRI CRISTO 115

serene mansions of infinity, under the shining light of eternity.
I am the First Son of GOD, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the morn-
ing shining star; my FATHER and I are one thing and the same thing. I am the light of the world, the
truth and the life. I am the way; nobody comes to the FATHER but by me. Before being crucified, I said:
“By my voice my sheep will know me”. I returned as promised fulfilling the Scriptures in order to judge
humanity and establish on Earth the kingdom of my FATHER, LORD and GOD, formalized as SOUST.
SOUST is my new and only church, the formation of only one flock and one shepherd.

I am the Son of GOD,

Adam, and reincarnated as Noah,
Abraham, Moses, David, etc.
afterwards as Jesus and now as
INRI is my new name.
INRI is the name that I paid with
my blood on the cross. I.N.R.I.,
INRI, the name that Pilate wrote
above my head when I anguished
on the cross, when they spat on my
face, when they humiliated me,
when Scriptures were fulf illed.
INRI is the name that cost the price
of blood. Keep it in your heads and
you will be strong and happy, my
children. My heart beats strong
with love for all of you.
Blessed are the eyes that
look at me and see who I am.
Blessed are the ears that hear me
and recognize me by my voice.
Blessed are you, you who listen to
me, because I only tell you what I
hear from my FATHER, who is
in me.”

INRI CRISTO is the irrefutable proof of the existence of GOD and the divine law of
reincarnation. He is the Messiah announced for millenniums by prophets, the same that paid the
price of blood for his new name, INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum). He predicted that he
would return in the last days, and reincarnated.

116 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Newspaper Jornal do Brasil

Title: INRI Cristo is arrested for the 48th time

The underlined words: But in the Police Station, policemen confirmed
the authenticity of the suspect’s document.

Manchete magazine
Under the photograph: Delegate Moraes astonished with Christ
Title: In Rio de Janeiro, the via crucis of the man of Nazareth.
Jesus is seen walking on Leme’s sidewalk.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 117

Newspaper Jornal da Tarde
The day when Christ broke
into the Senate
Upside the photograph:
Christ blesses the Congress.
They distributed a pamphlet
where it is written that he
asserts to be Christ and
was born in the city called
Indaial, state of Santa Cata-
rina (backlands of Brazil), on
March 22nd, 1948, and when
he was thirteen years old he
heard the voice of “his FA-
the GOD of Abraham, of
Isaac and of Jacob”.
The Banished - INRI CRISTO at the time of reproach
Sip by sip, INRI CRISTO drinks the last portion of the reproach bitter cup (“Before his
glory day must he (Christ) suffer many things and be rejected by his generation” – Luke 17:25-35).
Once upon a time, he lived with the princes, but started to walk lonely, taken from home
comfort, stripped of earthly goods. Banished, without land, with no destination. His soul: a storm,
like the winds that lashed him as the lash of primitive work overseers. He was pushed ahead, always
ahead by his CREATOR, LORD and GOD. Always another and another city, always another and
another country in search of meeting his own again, in this chaotic world, in this corrupt, iniquitous
and moribund society, in the spiritual desert where sentries of concrete, erect like towers of the
living-death, tried to bar his path. Each night the gloomy embrace of loneliness and the jeering
murmur of winds tormented him; in his ears, voices of scorn, of darkness spirits, resounded.
His mind was tortured by the insistent visit of demons trying to inculcate in him the doubt:
if he brought to memory the past triumphs, or if he would think about the terrible disasters still
to come, or if the unendurable cold of reproach would make him crazy… He could not heat the
freezing kiss of thirst for friendship in his heart nor escape from the implacable fury of the false
religious and pharisees that call themselves believers, evangelicals... All around was desolation.
Beyond blessing or curse was the power that moved him...
Learning that it can be more terrible living than dying, he was taken ahead through the
cold stone jungle in order to be purified for GOD’s great purpose. Finally, in the end of human
strength, rendered inhuman, winning over the dust from where he came, his body became suitable
to fulfill the CREATOR’s will. Now, with the kingdom of GOD established on Earth, formalized
as SOUST, new catholic order, next is the day when the humanity will know that INRI CRISTO
is back on Earth. Nevertheless, for many it will be late, too late. Divine justice will shine. (“I will
come upon you as a thief, and you shall not know what hour I will come” - Revelation 3:3).

118 Awakener INRI CRISTO

While the provisional headquarters of SOUST was placed in Curitiba and INRI CRIS-
TO lived there, the resistance of the local media against was evident. Except one or another case,
some TV programs presented INRI CRISTO under much insistence of petitions. They were
into non-informative and embarrassing scenes of debauchery in the presence of hostile people,
priests, impostors self-claimed shepherds... The intention was to denigrate INRI CRISTO’s image,
everything purposely arranged by the TV directors. They usually said: “We receive much pressure
when we do a report with INRI CRISTO”.
The management of channel 12 (branch of Globo networks in Curitiba) was articulated
many times to make reports about INRI CRISTO. However, an employee confessed the following
declaration by telephone: “We have a superior order, and so has the whole media in Curitiba: we
shall not make any report about INRI CRISTO, not even to speak badly about him, because it is a
way to promote his image, and we cannot go against this order”. It is obvious that INRI CRISTO’s
face is frightening, confronts all the “lurelogists”, “swindlelogists” and “hoaxlogists” that, disguised as
theologians, alienate the crowds. Whosoever sees his face and hears his voice begins a new life, free
from the dogmatic lures, fantasies and lies. INRI CRISTO means the wrecking of the comfortable
life of those who have their interests annoyed, as did the president of CNBB, Luciano Mendes
de Almeida, jocularly declare to the newspaper Folha de Londrina, on Oct 24th 1993: “What we
cannot do is to stop the crowd from seeing him”.
People in Curitiba and in the state of Parana know very little about INRI CRISTO; in
reality, what many presume to know are the slanders that malicious tongues spread about him,
mainly in the churches. It has generated much prejudice and trouble. Radio and TV programs re-
ported absurdities against INRI; they did not care about the consequences of conveying defamatory
slanders. They never allowed INRI to have the constitutional right of response. If there are so many
religions in the whole world, why are people so abandoned by GOD? Wouldn’t it be for despising
the Messiah, His servant? When a person sees INRI CRISTO’s image, hears him and after this
asks the opinion of bishops, priests, shepherds... will fatally receive an immense burden of venomous
poison. Except the ones who have a strong personality and determined will to deeply investigate
INRI’s real history, there is nothing left but becoming potentially against the kingdom of GOD.
So it is possible to understand why the truth about INRI CRISTO is ignored since 1982.
A woman majored by PUC (a catholic university), to know priests’ opinion about INRI
CRISTO, rang to seventeen churches asking the “vicar” the following question: “Is INRI the Christ
or not?” and invariably heard from each of them the same answer: “He is a crazy person, a swindler.
Be careful, he is very dangerous; do not go with him! He is a false christ, a deceiver, he should be in jail”.
And then she asked: “Have you ever been with him?” They said: “No, I haven’t”. She replied: “So how
can you have an opinion if you have never been with him?” They just answered: “It’s what has been told
to me.” Through these answers, we can ask ourselves and realize: How faithful are those representa-
tives of Christ that entitle themselves “priests” and “fathers”? Before being crucified, Christ said to
his disciples: “Nobody shall be called Father, except for one your FATHER, who is in heaven” (Matthew
23:9). He also said: “Do not judge so you will not be judged. Because the same way you judge will you
be judged and with the measure you have measured will you be measured” (Matthew 7:1-2).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 119

At the end of this report, the archbeast asserts
that the proscribed church, based on faith contai-
ned in the Bible and on Science, does not admit
reincarnation, when it is right in the Bible that the
most irrefutable proofs of reincarnation are found.
Archbeast Pedro Fedalto seems not to know history
or pretends he does not know, because until century
VI the proscribed church taught reincarnation in
her doctrine, however it was banished by emperor
Justiniane, who declared it forbidden for personal
and political reasons.
GOD is perfect and divine law is perfect and
eternal. He said to his First begotten, Adam: “ You
are dust, from dust you came and to dust will return”
(Genesis 3:19). GOD would not send his Son in
flesh and bone to heaven, subjecting him to freezing
conditions, because in outer space there is no air to
breath and temperature borders on 273ºC negative
(absolute zero), going against his law only to please
the insane that base their lives in the lure of fantasy
and lie.
“And his disciples asked him, saying: Why then say the
scribes that Elias must first come? He answered: Elias
has already come, and they did not know him, but have
done to him whatsoever they wanted. Then the disciples
understood that he spoke to them of John the Baptist”
(Matthew 17:10-13).
“Verily, verily, I say to you: Before Abraham was,
I am” (John 8:58 – Here it is clear that Christ was
asserting to be the First Son of GOD, Adam).
“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the
Kingdom of GOD” (John 3:3 - Christ teaching rein-
The underlined words: “Last Monday,
carnation to Nicodemus).
he announced calamities and more calami-
“But I tell you: I will not drink henceforth of this
ties in the world for the coming year, in
fruit of the vine until that day, when I drink it new
the Latin-American continent, especially
with you in my Father’s Kingdom” (Matthew 26:29 -
in Brazil. The greatest calamities will be in
INRI CRISTO, before crucifixion, in the last supper,
Rio de Janeiro. He refers to CNBB as the
announcing his reincarnation, since spirit without
National Conference of Brazil’s Beasts,
physical body obviously does not drink wine).
exploiter of people to gain money for the
Vatican, the greatest mafia in the world.”

120 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Ironically, there was a contrast in the

parades that INRI CRISTO made weekly
at Flores Street in Curitiba. While the true
children of GOD looked at him amazed,
stopped and knelt to ask for a blessing, the
pharisees and the halters screamed: “He
is not CHRIST because he drinks water,
CHRIST did not drink water! Antichrist!
I will knock you down from the pedestal!”
They pronounced all kinds of vituperative ver-
biage against INRI CRISTO, who contem-
plated everyone with the authority, serenity
and majesty of who knows and is the LORD.

His children who are conscious that he is CHRIST carried him on a pedestal. The
parade started at the Federal University of Parana, passed through all the course of Flores
Street and finished in front of Palace Avenida, locally known as Boca Maldita. INRI used to
speak sermons making his identity known, exhorting those present to rule their lives in the
path of love and announcing the prophecies of the world end. Among blasphemies, grum-
bling of pigs, barking of dogs, the voice of GOD’s servant was heard by many, while the
cursed hands threw against him earth picked from the gardens of flowers and balls of paper.
In the end, with the sharp two-edged sword (Revelation 2:16), he cursed the blas-
phemers and blessed the spectators, and returned on the same course, where he was as-
sailed with all sort of abominations, bags of water, trash, tomatoes and eggs, which
were thrown at his followers with the intention of making them give up the intent.
Bands followed them, among which one said: “Pigs grumble, dogs bark, while the Son of
GOD, INRI CRISTO, announces the end of this chaotic world. The sensible people meditate...”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 121

“If Christ returned to the world nowadays, the first proclamation he would do to men is
this: Christian of all churches, I make you know that I am not a Christian, I am CHRIST” (Niet-
zsche, philosopher, thinker).
“I am sure that, did Christ return, the main people of religion, of the Church, would con-
demn him” (Luis Buñuel - film-maker, poet, thinker).

122 Awakener INRI CRISTO


The Son of Man

He is the incarnation of the divine

nature, manifested in the unity
of the CREATOR’s two prin-
ciples: masculine and feminine,
the genetic attribute of the divine
perfection, granted to the first
man, Adam. According to the old
Hebrew text of the Genesis,“so
GOD created Adam earth in his im-
age, in the image of GOD he created
him, male and female He created
him” (Genesis 1:27). In a second
stage, the androgynous Adam
was shared into male and female,
Adam and Eve, ancestors of the

Along the human history, the androgynous Adam, First Son of GOD, appears once
again in the condition of Messiah, as Jesus. At first he was called Immanuel, according to Isaiah c.7
v.14. At the age of thirty, after the baptism by John, the incorporation of the Holy Spirit happened,
due to his physical and spiritual unique attributes. From then on he was called Jesus Christ and
started the public life. He then had to rescue the debt made in Eden, the origin of humanity’s sins.
Only now, as unblemished judge, Christ is able to establish the kingdom of GOD on Earth, which
he spoke about two thousand years ago, in the condition of the promised and expected Messiah.

(Angelina Schmidt, theologian).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 123

Leader of a revolutionary movement, INRI CRISTO is followed by the brave “poor in
spirit”, defying certainties and pre-established values. The photos show a parade with his followers
in Flowers Street, Curitiba’s main street.

124 Awakener INRI CRISTO

At the stupefied glance of the incredulous pharisees, the children of GOD kneeled down
to receive ALMIGHTY’s blessing through his Son, INRI CRISTO.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 125

While the time of reproach is fulfilled (Luke 17:25-35), INRI CRISTO faces the incre-
dulous people in the streets and squares, imposing his misunderstood presence and message.

He preaches the theocratic kingdom on Earth. What can it mean to a world troubled by
wars, oppression, injustice? Only the sealed, the elect, are able to understand (Revelation 7:14).

126 Awakener INRI CRISTO

A time approaches when the humanity will come to the conclusion that its history is drawn
by a transcendental intelligence and has a mysterious meaning, a prophetic and spiritual dimension
that escapes the ordinary reasoning; it is not only a casual sequence of facts and conflicts driving
the events.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 127


“The bestiality will not understand what I

am doing and what I am going to do. Only
the humanity will.”

Trying to understand INRI CRISTO ba-

sed on the rationalism we would normally
use is senseless, because he belongs to a
supra-rational field and came to the world,
without free-will, to execute the plan of

Happiness, Joy, Enjoyment... “But strive first for the kingdom of GOD and his
righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33)

“Two thousand years ago, I said that the kingdom of GOD does not come with things that
can be observed, because the kingdom of GOD is amidst you (Luke 17:20-21). It means that the
kingdom of GOD begins in my body and extends into the body of each one of you, for having taken
my words into consideration, thus observing the divine law. To reach peace, joy and happiness, it is
necessary that you get free from the mean feelings, of envy, of ambition, of vices, of fornication…
and with the purity of a child you can live in the kingdom of GOD, as I said before crucifixion:
“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of GOD
belongs. Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of GOD as a little child will never enter
it” (Mark 10:14-15). Even being adults you must keep yourselves pure like a little child to find the
happiness for which you strongly search.

128 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The human being searches for happiness and joy in nights of orgy, discotheques, nightclubs,
parties, lust, in the pharisaical temples (churches of false prophets) etc., becoming a fanatic slave
of lie... Finally, most times too late, he awakens among groans of pain, convulsions, anguish, disap-
pointments, frustrations, disillusionment... After having even crawled like a worm, like a reptile
in search of obscure objects of enjoyment and false loves, he discovers that pains and joys, vain
pleasures, everything is nothing. Among tears and smiles, he stops the quest and glimpses that the
true love, the true enjoyment of paradise slept inside him. Then, he establishes a symbiosis with
my FATHER, LORD and GOD, which is the LORD of life and enjoyment, becoming a shining
being that spreads love and happiness, from whose vibrations the perfume of Eden is emanated.
The Bible does not report where I was from the age of thirteen to thirty and only I can
tell. From the age of thirteen to thirty I ate curds and honey until learning to separate the evil from
the good, fulfilling the prophecy announced by Isaiah: “Therefore the LORD himself will give you
a sign. Look, the virgin is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel. He shall eat
curds and honey by the time he knows how to refuse the evil and choose the good” (Isaiah 7:14-15). “Eat
curds and honey” means to experience the world sins, until winning the world. My FATHER took
me, without free will, to get muddy in the marsh of world sins, learning in my flesh to decipher
the evil’s enigmas which lead human beings to sin. For this reason I insisted that John the Baptist
baptized me to get rid of impurities with the water (Matthew 3:13-15). And now, until 1979, cov-
ered by a pseudonym, I also searched for happiness (fulfilling Revelation 3:3) in the alcoves, bars,
nightclubs, anyway, in all illusory enclosures of the profane world. And only after baptism and the
fast in Santiago of Chile I knew that the true happiness, the true enjoyment is possible only by
establishing the symbiosis with GOD.
This time, the LORD GOD, my FATHER, has not announced by any prophet my return,
because I myself, in the last supper with the disciples, announced: “I will never again drink of this
fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my FATHER’s kingdom” (Matthew
26:29). And He, the ALMIGHTY, printed my face and my body in the sheet that wrapped my
body in the sepulcher (Shroud). He also inspired artists in order that they described my silhouette,
my image through art and, even by songs, announced my return (listen to O Homem – The Man
– composed by Erasmo and Roberto Carlos...).
King Salomon, mistaken, said that it was necessary association with another person to be
happy (Ecclesiastes 4:9-11) and went to look for a partner, finding in his path the woman who led
him to the slavery of idolatry. He got down the pedestal of the royal throne to be lackey of the
darkness spirit, idol worshipper, temporarily parting himself from GOD (Kings 11:3-11). There is
not paradise without GOD; happiness without him is a fantasy, a mere illusion. Hypocrite! Love
yourself first! Nobody can be happy while he does not love himself, because only the ones who
love themselves can love and spread love. Love is to give everything without asking anything in
return. Only he who loves himself can generate, irradiate love and be loved, turned into a temple
of GOD. When you are happy inside, no matter where you are, even in prison it is possible to feel
happy and make others happy. If happiness is inside the human being, everything that he does, all
what he says, wherever he is, will attract happiness. The spirits of light, love emissaries, according
to the law of attraction, will approach him: “For to all those who have, more will be given; but from
those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away” (Matthew 25:29).”

Awakener INRI CRISTO 129


This photograph is a flagrant of the moment when INRI CRISTO closed his eyes so
that he wouldn’t see the faces of the pharisees that blasphemed against him while he was speaking
about the Kingdom of GOD and the end of the chaotic world. When looking at the annexed face
of the Shroud, any human being can certify that INRI CRISTO is the Messiah who had been
crucified. Before being recognized and accepted by his people, the prophecy is fulfilled: “First must
the Son of Man suffer many things and be rejected by this generation” (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
According to a report inside Galileu magazine (number 99, Globo Editions), “the Shroud
of Turin (...) carries pollens of plants that exist only in the region of Jerusalem, whose date is previous
to the 8th century A.D. (...). The information was published, in August 1999, by the botanist Avinoam
Danin, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Amidst countless tests that prove the authenticity of
the Shroud, this one definitively brings down the thesis that the linen cloth would have been a forgery
produced in Europe during the Middle Ages”.

130 Awakener INRI CRISTO


INRI CRISTO makes Joseli Rossi and Jairo

Lang’s wedding ceremony in attention to the bride’s
request. At the time, the groom was still a Luteran
INRI accepted to make the ceremony in
Juvenal Club - state Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), as
the number of guests would not fit in the provisional
headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba. INRI CRISTO
freely gives all the sacraments: baptisms, weddings,
blessings... coherent to what he said before being cru-
cified: “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew
c.10 v.8).
While the priests of the proscribed roman
church decree a macabre sentence of death (“Till
death does you part”), in contradiction to what INRI
announced two thousand years ago: “Everyone who
lives and believes in me will never die” ( John c.11 v.26),
so said INRI CRISTO to the young couple:
“In my FATHER’s name, in my name and in
name of the Holy Spirit I bless you so that, united
in love, in harmonious recyprocal complement, you
remain together forever, and peace be amidst you and
your descendants”.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 131

“The kingdom of GOD is like a big granary full of wheat and straw among which many
diamonds are hidden, scattered. To find them the persevering catcher has to meticulously remove
the straw, because between one straw and another he can find a diamond. And only discovering
all the diamonds he can form the crown of wisdom. So is the search for GOD’s things and the
understanding of GOD’s laws. The attentive searcher, which really has the intention to understand
the divine law, can achieve his elevated purposes only if he reads, page by page, with ALMIGHTY’s
help, the books that form the Holy Scriptures. He will find tiring histories, will have to bear the
grumbling and slanders of Job’s false friends, barks of dogs and grunts of pigs... including Paul’s
letters, spurious doctrines ministered by the first anti-christ, first false prophet, until coming to I
Corinthians 15:9 and notice that he confessed his condition of false prophet and anti-christ by
categorically saying: “I am unfit to be called an apostle because I persecuted the church of GOD”. Also in
Galatians c.1 v.7, in a moment of lucidity due to the crisis of consciousness, he declares accursed
any other gospel except the one that I left, while in all his ominous, pernicious, poisonous and il-
legitimate writings he paradoxically insists on ministering a gospel parallel to the one that I left.
GOD, my FATHER and LORD, writes correct even though in winding lines; in His in-
finite goodness, He allowed Paul to put all his fantasies into the heads of the incautious, providing
me to identify the contemporary pharisees, followers of the false prophets, impostors that named
themselves shepherds, wolves under sheep skins. They carry a piece of Bible under their arms,
wail on the corners and in the pharisaical temples: “the blood of Jesus has the power”. Actually,
they are Paul’s followers, as he is the first antichrist and the first false prophet. Such people are
marked, branded with the sign that identifies the members of the darkness principality, as I myself
admonished. They cannot claim any right for inheritance next to the heirs of GOD’s kingdom,
because I warned before crucifixion: “Beware that no one leads you astray… for false christs and false
prophets will come in my name, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:5-24). To provide
the distinction, my FATHER sent me again with a new name, as it is written in Revelation 3:12
(“That who wins... will I write upon him the name of my GOD... and my new name”). INRI is my new
name, the name that I paid with my blood on the cross.
It is necessary that the clever searcher also reads all that I taught this century, since my
reappearance, quoted in the book “O Furacão sobre o Vaticano” (The Hurricane over the Vatican),
written by the journalist and searcher Pedro Lusz, which has inside part of the history concerning
my present reality, the revolutionary act performed in Belem that culminated in the birth of the
New Catholic Order (SOUST - Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity), the parables and
teachings in book AWAKENER, the interview in the website... finally, all the doctrine that my
FATHER ministered through me, fulfilling what I promised before the crucifixion (“I still have
many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now” – John 16:12).
At the conclusion of such deep study, you will come to the essence of the doctrine that
deciphers the mysteries of the divine law, the diamonds of this parable. You will be then suitable
to integrate the kingdom of GOD and receive the divine blessings (“But strive first for the kingdom
of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” – Matthew 6:33)”.

132 Awakener INRI CRISTO

The Messiah came two thou-
sand years ago to establish the New
Covenant between GOD and men,
which does not depend on flesh and
blood, on biological origination; it is
the covenant of the spirit, thus being
universal. For the last two thousand
years we lived under the expectation
of the promised coming of GOD’s
Kingdom (“…Your kingdom come…”
– Matthew c.6 c.10). Now, with the
Kingdom of GOD already established
on Earth by INRI CRISTO on the
historical Feb 28th 1982, the Ark of
the Covenant is a symbol of the new
covenant between the children of Israel
and their GOD, it is the way to provide
they have part with the divine cause.
Such impetus flourishes in the hearts of those that understand INRI CRISTO’s difficult
mission, so they make the covenant with the Kingdom of GOD, depositing their contribution in
the Ark of the Covenant (“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Matthew 6:21).
They give with the right hand, without the left knowing how much (“Do not let your left hand know
what your right hand did” – Matthew 6:3), because the sincere act of participating is the intimate
commitment established between the donator and the ALMIGHTY, between the son and the
Eternal FATHER, GOD.
A donation is not merely a number printed on bills; it is an acknowledgement of trust in
GOD and of being His faithful depository. By placing their donations in the Ark of the Covenant,
the children of GOD are sanctifying their hands, thus strengthening their bond with the LORD
and His Servant INRI CRISTO; and each time they perform this act, they are renewing their alli-
ance with the LORD. It is a way to make him/herself present in this new stage of INRI CRISTO’s
mission on Earth, to have part in his history. GOD’s children, inspired, intelligently understand the
need of pecuniary resources inherent to the material subsistence and therefore make their donations,
each one according to his/her possibility. But such impetus must come from within their hearts.
As important as the contribution itself, is the consciousness and the inner feeling present at the
moment of the offering. The sincere act of participating is the intimate commitment established
between the donator and the ALMIGHTY, between the son and the Eternal FATHER.
May the LORD provide to each one the gift of understanding, so that he/she may prove
the dignity towards the LORD and become worthy of the divine blessings. Praised be the LORD
in the high of His glory, peace and justice be for the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven, united to
INRI CRISTO, the Son of GOD.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 133

The meaning of the symbols on the Altar of the Holy Trinity

Why is the throne on the altar?

As what regards INRI
CRISTO, everything has a
purpose, a reason to exist, be-
cause everything in him is au-
thentic. On that Sunday, Feb
28th 1982, when INRI CRIS-
TO performed the Libertar-
ian Act and birth of SOUST
happened, in the altars of the
catholic cathedrals and temples
in the whole world, the sacra-
ment of bread and wine was
celebrated in the ritual of mass.

The faithful catholic received the host under the belief that they were taking the body of
Christ. But Christ promised to return.Almost two thousand years of absence, the Christians beg-
ging in their prayers: “Lord, come thy kingdom”, and suddenly the Messiah was there, in Belem of
Para, the very same crucified one, in bone and flesh.
Followed by a multitude, INRI CRISTO broke into Belem’s cathedral and quit the mass
ritual; obedient to his FATHER, he climbed the altar, barefoot, and broke his own statue nailed
on the cross. At the eyes of men, a profanation: he went on a sacred place, destroyed the main icon
of Christianity. But he is sacred; the Lamb of GOD was on the altar not to be immolated and pour
his blood as sacrifice. He, the light of men, was there, alive, to manifest with his return the glory of
his FATHER, LORD and GOD, that sent him back to this world. The Messiah returned to put
order in the house: commerce of sacraments and idolatry do not have place in GOD’s house. Such
attitude meant INRI CRISTO breaking the bond with the one that had once been his church and
completely annulling the value of the sacrament; from then on, the host passed to be just a piece
of bread like any other.
However, if the sacrament of host became an empty ritual and does not have any value
at GOD’s eyes, what remains from Christianity and the roman church? Right then despair took
possession of the priests; one of them used violence and threw a chair against INRI CRISTO
with the intention to drop him from the altar and abort the Divine Revolution. But, for surprise
of everyone, obedient to the Heavenly FATHER, INRI CRISTO quickly held the chair and, in a
magisterial gesture of triumph, put it on the altar to serve him as seat (see page 52). At this exact
moment the ALTMIGHTY legitimated the throne that is now on the altar of the Holy Trinity,
in the headquarters of SOUST in Brasilia, which is the New Jerusalem.

134 Awakener INRI CRISTO

How was this throne built?

During many years, while

the provisional headquarters of
SOUST was placed in Curitiba, in
the state of Parana – Brazil, there
was only a simple rustic chair on
the altar. INRI CRISTO could
never employ a mercenary to
make a throne, there would not be

Many years passed until simple and humble people, inspired by GOD, volunteered them-
selves to manufacture a throne worthy of the King of kings. A meritorious member of SOUST,
a joiner, Fernando Jung, provided the wood, while others dedicated themselves to the craft work.
Finally, it was a spontaneous attitude of people that recognized INRI CRISTO’s identity. INRI
CRISTO first assumed this throne on October 5th 1996.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 135

Why is the throne colored in white?

Not only the throne, but also INRI CRISTO’s crown were colored in white, as foreseen in
the book of Revelation 20:11 (“Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sat on it; the earth and
the heaven fled from his presence and no place was found for them”), because white represents peace, and
peace, as INRI teaches us, is the very presence of GOD. INRI CRISTO returned to the Earth to
institute the Kingdom of GOD promised for millenniums by the prophets, which is a kingdom of
peace. White also symbolizes the light which irradiates from INRI CRISTO’s teachings and will
shine upon the souls of the men with pure hearts, heirs of the Kingdom of GOD. And so, in these tur-
bulent, terrible times that we are living, the Earth inhabitants will little by little assimilate that INRI
CRISTO is the Emissary of the Heavenly FATHER, and came to teach us the way for the peace.

What is the meaning of the inscription “KING OF KINGS”?

In the occasion of crucifixion two thousand years ago, the enemies weaved a crown of
thorns and put it on the Messiah’s head as an act of debauch. They blasphemed and said: “If you are
Christ, the King of Israel, save yourself and come down from the cross, so we will believe in you” (Mark
c.15 v.30-32). But ironically, at that very moment they were legitimating the condition of the Mes-
siah as the King of kings (“On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord
of lords” - Revelation 19:16); he is the only king in humanity’s history crowned by the enemies. At
that time it was not possible to bring the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, at least not the way it was
expected, because first the Messiah had to pour his blood, deliver his own body in holocaust not
only as an act of love, but mainly of divine justice; so he rescued the sins that humanity had so far
committed, because he, the First-Born of GOD, the ancestral of human race, Adam, had initiated
the humanity in the path of sin. To be back now in the condition of unblemished judge and establish
the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, formalized as SOUST, he had to pay with his blood on the cross
the price of his new name, INRI, the name given by Pilate at the moment of crucifixion (“Then the
chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate: Do not write ‘The King of Jews’, but, ‘This man said, I am the King
of Jews’. Pilate answered: What I have written, I have written” – John 19:21-22). I.N.R.I. means Iesus
Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum ( Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews), fulfilling what is foreseen in Revela-
tion 3:12 (“To whom that wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name”).

What is the meaning of the triangle with the eye of the Holy Trinity?

As INRI CRISTO teaches us, GOD is the Eternal CREATOR of all things, the su-
preme source of life in the whole Universe. GOD is only one, cause and beginning of every-
thing, origin of the whole existence. The triangle around the eye of the Holy Trinity means that
FATHER, Son and Holy Spirit are only one thing, but because the FATHER, GOD, is omni-
present, He probes men’s hearts, He is present in every place and in all our acts. The FATHER
manifests on the Son and through the Son, over whose body, two thousand years ago and now

136 Awakener INRI CRISTO

too, rests the Holy Spirit, providing him with the biophysical and spiritual conditions to fulfill his
mission on Earth. For this reason INRI CRISTO said two thousand years ago and his words are
worth forever: “I am the way, the truth and the life; nobody comes to the FATHER except by me” ( John
14:6). The Messiah is the bond between GOD and men; he has the mission to rebind the human
beings to the path of light, of the genuine spirituality, to the path of GOD and the divine law.

What do wheat and grape mean?

Wheat and grape represent the bread and

the wine. Before the crucifixion, INRI CRISTO
said in the last supper with the disciples: “Eat,
this is my body; drink, this is my blood. Do this in
remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19), and so insti-
tuted the sacrament of host, providing that the
Christians, by taking the bread and wine, would
renew their faith. But as he did say: “do this in
remembrance of me”, it meant the meanwhile of
his physical absence; now that he is on earth in
bone and flesh, the sacrament of host is deprived
of its mystical meaning. In the same occasion,
INRI CRISTO also said to the disciples: “I will
never again drink of this fruit of the vine until that
day, when I drink it new with you in my FATHER’s
kingdom” (Matthew 26:29). Now that he is back
and established the Kingdom of GOD on Earth,
formalized as SOUST, he drinks the fruit of vine
again with his legitimate children.

What is the meaning of the four moon phases?

The four phases of the moon represent the cycles of nature and life, in constant change
and renewal. Four are the seasons of the year, which regulate the manifestations of nature. The very
life of human beings has its seasons; springs of joys and happiness, winters of afflictions and pains.
The four sacred letters forming the Son of GOD’s new name, I.N.R.I., are the four elements of
nature (fire, earth, water, air); they also mean Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra (fire renews nature
completely). The fire which renews nature is not only the fire of the inevitable nuclear hecatomb
that will culminate in the end of this chaotic world, but also the fire of GOD’s love which renews
the inner of human beings, making us unite ones to the others and to the Supreme CREATOR.
As it is said in the anthem of SOUST, “living does not exist until he is come; INRI CRISTO is
back to teach us love”, in other words, INRI is the path, the truth and the life because he has the
power to enlighten the human beings with the fire of love for GOD, the Eternal, that sleeps inside
us (“The one who was seated on the throne said: See, I am making all things new” - Revelation 21:5).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 137

“After this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying:
“Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power to our GOD, for his judgments are true and just; he has
judged the great whore (the proscribed roman church) who corrupted the earth with her fornication
(as a seller of false sacraments and indulgences) and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants”
(notorious “Saint Inquisition”) - Revelation 19:1-2.
“From his mouth comes a sharp two edged sword (the Son of Man’s tongue, used by the Su-
preme CREATOR and JUDGE to bless and curse) with which to strike down the nations, and he
will rule them with a rod...” - Revelation 19:15.

Finally, according to the book of Revelation, after the end of the chaotic world, there will
be one thousand years of peace during the kingdom of the Messiah. The throne was crafted in
mahogany and shall last one thousand years, until INRI CRISTO’s next reincarnation, who will
come back and occupy his place, with the naturalness and majesty which are inherent to him.

138 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Extracted from Planeta magazine (August 1974)

There were three prophecies transmitted by “Our Lady” of Fatima to the Portuguese
children. The third one remains in secret. Why? Which reasons stop the Vatican from spreading
Fatima’s Third Secret? It is concluded that the third secret refers to the fall of the roman church
and the last judgment.
In March 1967, Paul VI fainted while he worked in his room, in the Vatican. One month
later, speaking to the press, cardinal Fernando Couto, who had just renounced a high function in
the Holy See because of his age, mentioned the fact, relating it to the so called “Fatima’s Third
Secret”. He declared the decision of not revealing the secret to the public. Newspapers from of all
over the world said that Paul VI fainted when he took knowledge of the third message, feeling bad
during the rest of the day.
After World War II, when the facts had confirmed the prophecies transmitted by sister
Lucy, from all around came requests for her to talk about it more thoroughly. Now it only remained
the third message, and the secret of it did not belong to the clairvoyant any more, it was in the
church’s hands. As it is said, this final prophecy is terrible in its previsions. “Such a horrible third
war will come that there will be few survivors on Earth (...). Tremendous happenings will come
upon human beings. If ecclesiastic authorities do not radically change, death will be in the bosom
of church and the Christians will walk aimlessly, cursing clergy.
It will have come the end of “popes” and the last of them will groan under pain in their
bodies (...) but they will not find escape. Their throne will fall down.” This is the passage that would
have caused the shock in Paul VI... when he saw that chaos would come and a new church would
rise from the catastrophe to receive the survivors of the great hecatomb.
In the third prophecy, written in 1941, Lucia tells of a vision received by Jacinta when the
three children still herded in the fields of Estremadura. After some time in silence, her eyes lost by
any distant place, Jacinta says that she saw the “pope”. “I don’t know how it was - the girl explains
- but I saw the “saint father” in a very big house, knelt in front of a table, with his hands on his face,
crying. Outside the house there were many people; some threw stones on him, others cursed him
and spoke ugly words.” Some days later, the two nieces were walking around and Jacinta asked Lucia
if she should tell the others about the vision she had of the “pope”. Lucia quickly answered:
“No. Don’t you see, it is part of the secret? From this the rest would be discovered?” Jacinta
promised not to comment to whosoever and really never did. Everybody realized her sadness after
the appearances. The own sister, Lucia, found her too quiet and asked her about it. “I think of the
war that is to come, in which so many people will die, so many houses will be destroyed and so
many priests will be killed.” The Third Secret, contains too many terrible revelations to come to
men’s knowledge, speaks about what will happen in the last years, the Last Judgment.”

Obs.: The description about the Third Secret of Fatima hides that Christ would be back to promote the divine
judgment. The Vatican is mainly responsible for concealing the truth about INRI CRISTO, and for this
reason the Christians will be revolted against clergy when the news of the great scandal happens.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 139


Right on the day when INRI

CRISTO assumed his throne, Karol
Joseph Wojtyla ( John Paul II) was
admitted to hospital Gemelli, in Rome,
submitted to surgery.
The Divine Providence pro-
vided that INRI CRISTO’s enthro-
nement happened right when the
antichrist, John Paul II, was taken to the
hospital. At the Celestial Court, he offi-
cially transformed the Vatican’s throne
into a mean armchair, the throne which
INRI CRISTO had symbolically given
to Peter before his crucifixion, when he
said: “ You are Peter and upon this rock I
will build my church” (Matthew 16:18).
It was the ratifying of the sen-
tence announced by the LORD GOD
on February 28th 1982, declaring the
roman church proscribed, for having
become the proscribed commercial
roman church. It is obvious that the spi-
ritual orphans will not see anything in
this event but a simple coincidence...

Newspaper Gazeta do Povo

Saturday, Oct 5th 1996
Title: Paul II will be admitted to hospital in Rome tomorrow

140 Awakener INRI CRISTO

Finally, the highest priest of the
proscribed church recognizes, too late, that
reincarnation inseparable from GOD’s law.
When he left hospital, after being symbo-
lically dethroned, he categorically declared
that Christ is about to come for the third
time, by saying: “Now we live in wait for
the third coming of Christ, when creation
and redemption will find their definitive
When he speaks about creation
he refers to Adam, the First Son of GOD,
ancestor of humanity, created in GOD’s
image and similarity (Genesis 1:26). Re-
demption is the second coming in the
condition of perfect androgynous; he refers
to Jesus, who redeemed humanity sins with
his blood. Therefore, if he recognizes that
Adam and Jesus are the same person, as it is
clearly explicit in the Holy Scriptures (Luke
3:23-38...), the main revelation that he is
prevented from exposing to the world is
that Christ is already on Earth in bone and
flesh, whose new name is INRI (according
to Revelation 3:12), the name he paid with
his blood on the cross.

Title: The pope alerts that faithful shall be prepared for the return of Christ.
The Text: Vatican - The pope John Paul II asked the faithful yesterday to prepare
for the definitive return of Christ to Earth, in his homily during a mass celebrated in a church of
Rome. “The first and the second coming of Christ have already happened. Now we live in wait for the
third coming of Christ, along which creation and redemption will find their definitive fulfilling”, said
John Paul II in the church of Saint Girolamo Emiliani, around Rome. In a comment on a phrase
of the Gospel “the King is about to come”, the pope said: “it was the shout of the first announcement
of advent liturgy, which expresses the wait for GOD’s arrival”, in the time before Christmas. The
pope asked the faithful to “keep watch”, in other words, to be ready regarding the definitive return
of Christ to Earth, “it is still unknown when it will happen”.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 141

Christ’s physical ascension to heaven is a dogmatic snare, humanity’s stumbling stone


“Humanity has been equivocally taught for centuries that, after my crucifixion, I resurrected
in flesh and bone and physically ascended to heaven. It is absurd, a delirium, for besides mocking
logic and science, it is against the eternal and natural law that GOD established at the time of
Adam (“ You are dust, from dust you were taken and to dust shall return” – Genesis 3:19). Actually, I
resurrected in spirit and appeared to people in spirit; that was the real resurrection. Therefore, it is
now necessary to clearly distinguish between resurrection, resuscitation and reincarnation.
Resuscitation means returning to physical life, reassuming the body that was apparently
dead, what is named catalepsy by doctors. A person that seemed to be dead and lives again resusci-
tated. It was the case of Lazarus and Jairus’s daughter two thousand years ago. I had said that both
were only sleeping ( John 11:11 and Mark 5:39). Lazarus had already been inside the sepulcher for
three days, evidently expelling an unpleasant smell for lack of hygiene; when I called him he came
to meet me ( John c.11 v.1 to 46). Jairus’s daughter also resuscitated when I spoke in a loud voice:
“Arise!” (Mark c.5 v.41). In the present time, my FATHER, LORD and GOD, has also worked
well known miracles through my hands; the crippled walked, the blind saw, the deaf heard.
Reincarnation is being physically reborn, gathering a virgin body from a woman’s womb.
Ignorant people, spiritual orphans, say that reincarnation is an exclusive term for spiritualists. Ac-
tually reincarnation means physical rebirth, returning to flesh, and spiritualists are all those who
believe in the existence of spirit. Reincarnation belongs in the context of divine law and appears
many times in the Holy Scriptures. As an example, when the angel, talking about the birth of John
the Baptist (Luke c.1 v.13 to 17), announces that he would come with “the spirit and power of Elias”,
he is asserting that John the Baptist was the prophet Elias reincarnated. When I was called Jesus,
I confirmed the fact by saying: “If you will receive it, he is Elias that was for to come” (Matthew c.11
v.13 to 15), as in the Scriptures it had been predicted that before the Messiah should come Elias
(Malachi c.4 v.5). I said to Nicodemus: “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of
GOD…” ( John c.3 v.1 to 3), as his head was full of fantasies; in this case, only being born again he
would have the chance of comprehending the mysteries of the divine law. I also told the disciples,
at the last supper, that I would not drink of the fruit of vine until that day when I would drink it
new with them in the kingdom of GOD (Matthew c.26 v.29 – Mark c.14 v.25). Since the spirit
without the physical body obviously does not drink wine, I could only drink it again when rein-
carnated, being born again. Having cured one blind from birth, the disciples asked: “Master, who
did sin, this man or his parents, so that he was born blind?” ( John c.9 v.2). Could a sin be the cause
for blindness of a man born blind, except if he had infringed the divine law in a previous incarna-
tion? In the Old Testament, in the account of the seven Maccabees brothers and their mother’s
martyrdom, when they were tortured, one of them said: “From GOD I received these limbs, but now
I despise them for defense of His laws; and from Him I hope to get them back again” (II Maccabees c.7
v.11). There, it is clear that he was talking about reincarnation. By the way, it is the only logical
explanation of inequality between people. I returned to Earth, as had promised, by reincarnation.

142 Awakener INRI CRISTO

I that speak to you am the First Begotten of GOD, Adam, who reincarnated as Noah, Abraham,
Moses, David, etc., afterwards as Jesus and now as INRI. INRI is my new name (Revelation c.3
v.12), the name that Pilate wrote above my head when I agonized on the cross, when they spat on
my face, when they humiliated me, when Scriptures were fulfilled. The law of reincarnation is not
only explicit in the Bible but also was taught as Christian doctrine until the VI century (year 543),
when emperor Justinian – obedient to his domineering wife, Theodora – abolished it.
Resurrection happens when the spirit of a person who disincarnated appears to one or more
people, but rarely to all. The silhouette that appears generally corresponds to the last image that the
disincarnate person had left in the collective unconsciousness before transcending to the cosmic
realm. When I appeared to Thomas (although the doors of the house were shut), on showing him
the marks of crucifixion, saying: “Reach here your finger and behold my hands” ( John c.20 v.27), had
he tried to touch the injuries, would have probed air, as only my spirit was there. Thomas did not
see the image by normal light rays reflected on his retinas. He saw my spirit with the spiritual eye;
the image was formed in his mind, in his psyche, as in a vision. Others present possibly did not see
what he saw. It would be simply inconceivable for a cellular constituted body to overrule the laws
of Physics and pass through the walls of a room.
People were erroneously taught by the divine cause traitors to believe that I resurrected
in bone and flesh and, in such state, went to heaven. The physical resurrection is a theological and
scientific mistake. When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, many rituals
and beliefs of the established Paganism were embodied to the new religion aiming to convert the
pagans; one of the beliefs was the physical resurrection of the “gods” (like Horus and Osiris, that
would have physically resurrected according to the legend). Thus, the physical resurrection is a
myth that became that became the main dogma of Catholicism. How could I have gone ‘to heaven’
in bone and flesh if in sidereal space there is neither air to breath nor nutrition to support one’s
body, and temperatures border on -273ºC, absolute zero? Apart from this, I would have ascended
naked, as the roman soldiers had cast lots for my garments among themselves ( John c.19 v.23 and
24). Actually, while roman soldiers slept (Matthew c.28 v.13), GOD inspired faithful servants to
gather my body (Matthew c.27 v.55; Mark c.15 v.40; Luke c.23 v.49), cover it with a new sheet and
hide it in an anonymous sepulcher, in order to avoid the offensive sessions of derision and gibe that
persisted, even after my crucifixion. After this event, I reappeared in spirit only, and for this reason,
I went into houses with doors shut ( John c.20 v.19 and 26) or incorporated in another’s body.
On the way to Emmaus, two disciples were talking to a stranger about my crucifixion and
did not see that, in reality, it was I who was walking with them. At the end of the day, they invited
the man to have supper; but only at the time of breaking bread, by my peculiar way, they identi-
fied me (“On that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from
Jerusalem. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their
eyes were kept from recognizing him. And he said to them: What are you discussing with each other while
you walk along?” They stood still, looking sad. Then one of them, whose name was Cleophas, answered him:
“Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these
days?” … As they came near the village to which they were going, he walked ahead as if he were going
on. But they urged him strongly, saying: “Stay with us, because it is almost evening and the day is now
early over”. So he went in to stay with them. When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed

Awakener INRI CRISTO 143

and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished
from their sight… That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem; and they found the eleven and
their companions gathered together. They were saying: “The Lord has risen indeed, and he has appeared to
Simon!” Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the
breaking of the bread” – Luke c.24 v.13 to 35).
Now I ask you, my children: after the disciples lived with me for so long, wouldn’t they have
recognized me had I been using the same body I had before crucifixion, even because the injuries
would be evident? It is obvious that they would have recognized me, but it did not happen because
I was using another’s body. Only at the time of breaking bread did I manifest myself to them; then
by my unmistakable gesture they became aware of my presence.
The same happened to Mary Magdalene when she went to see the sepulcher the day after
my crucifixion. Supposing that I was the gardener, only after asking about me did she realize my
presence, as I was incorporated in the gardener, using his carnal body to talk to her; otherwise, was
it my own body, she would have recognized me immediately, even because my silhouette is not
ordinary, nor without charisma (“…When she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing
there, but she did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her: “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom
are you looking for?” Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him: “Sir, if you have carried him
away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away. Jesus said to her: “Mary!” She turned
and said to him in Hebrew: Rabbouni! ” – John c.20 v.14 and 16).
Now you can understand, my children, what really happened two thousand years ago. I
spiritually resurrected and appeared to people; my physical body was given back to mother earth.
Keeping my promise, I am back by the natural law of reincarnation, gathering my physical body
from a woman’s womb. My FATHER sent me again with the same shape and silhouette that I
had before crucifixion, as you may see in the Shroud. Nevertheless, before the Son of Man’s glory
day the prophecy is fulfilled: “First must the he suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.
As it was in the times of Noah, so too it will be when the Son of Man comes” (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35).
Two thousand years ago, when I mentioned that in LORD’s glory day the Son of Man
would come upon the clouds of heaven, at that time it was very difficult for people even to imagine
that someday GOD would inspire the human beings to build things such as the airplane and the
television. These magnificent machines will provide the fulfillment of my mission in agreement
to the prophecies of Apocalypse, according to which in LORD’s glory day I will visit all nations
coming over the clouds and every eye shall see me. Yet before crucifixion GOD had shown me
such things, but only now it is possible to give the full explanation, so you may avoid the path of
delirium, lie and fanaticism. They belong to the pharisees that imagined I would fly like a bird with
some lights flashing around me. For those that ratiocinate within logic and coherence, in order
to gather my children from all parts of Earth’s dimension, I will obviously travel throughout the
world by airplane, this ingenious invention unimaginable to human minds of those ancient times,
but naturally previsible to GOD’s supreme consciousness, the same that inspired scientists to build
these magnificent flying machines precisely in the century of my reincarnation. Furthermore, all
mankind will unavoidably contemplate my manifestation through television and internet (“Behold
that he comes over the clouds and every eye shall see him” – Apocalypse c.1 v.7).
Coherence, logic and truth are inseparable. The wise meditate with discernment.”

144 Awakener INRI CRISTO

INRI CRISTO, the King of kings, is the only true shepherd. He returned to separate
sheep from goats. “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will
sit on the throne of his glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one
from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will put the sheep at his right and
the goats at his left” (Matthew 25:31-33). “But first must the Son of Man suffer many things and be
rejected by this generation” (Luke 17:25-35).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 145


“Making bad use of free-will, men have built destroying weapons, they have violated GOD’s
sacred laws and forgotten the holy commandments. Through acts and thoughts, they have caused
catastrophes and earthquakes that will be followed by the nuclear hecatomb, thus culminating in
the end of this chaotic world. Less than one million people will remain alive on Earth; most of
them will be mutilated people that will plead for death, without being heard at first.

GOD, our FATHER, the only LORD of heaven and earth, will be glorified during the
next one thousand years. There will not be any living human on Earth that will not recognize His
omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Everyone will subjected to a process of spiritual
alignment and will keep faithful to Him, fulfilling what I said before being crucified: “There will
be one flock and one shepherd” ( John c.10 v.16).

The elect and their descendants will not fight over political, territorial or religious conquests.
Everyone will follow together with their thoughts turned to only one ideal. Brotherhood will ef-
fectively exist amidst men, as they will be rid of hypocrisy, hate, malice, selfishness and emotional
blackmail, thus becoming eager to fulfill the holy commandments.

Prisons will be turned into schools, as in the future men purified in the suffering will evolve
and delinquency will be extinguished. Medicine will evolve and find the healing for the sicknesses
that torment the body in the spirit, because after much suffering and mistake, the humanity will
become aware that all the weaknesses and all the physical illnesses always begin in the illness of
the soul.

Sex will be practiced as a rite of veneration to GOD. Rid of the bestial instincts, almost
aware of the mysteries of procreation, the man will unite to the woman under the light of spiritual-
ity, thus recognizing her divine origin.

Money will be used only as a sacred bond that will facilitate the human relationship! The
humanity will return to the simple and free life, in intimate and perpetual communion with the
nature, and will prefer the simple and natural nutrition of fruits and vegetables.

The noblest job in the next one thousand years will be agriculture. Man will seek in Mother
Earth the mystical bread for the divine banquet, with the same innocence of children that seek for
the vital milk in the mother’s breast, providing them growth and survival, under the tender and
approving glance of our FATHER!”

146 Awakener INRI CRISTO


Five years ago, I started a deep investigation about INRI CRISTO, moved by curiosity. In
the beginning I kept reserve, a common behavior of someone who is before an unknown situation.
But soon I realized that I was walking on a secure land. INRI CRISTO’s image, history, charisma
and arguments disquieted me and I obstinately decided to get decisive conclusions. After succes-
sive meetings and questionings, I could go beyond the persuasive evidences into an unimagined
theologian field, penetrating into GOD’s unfathomable abyss and discover his mysteries.

For so long, neither religion nor creation gave me the certainty of GOD’s existence, not
even did I accept reincarnation. I obtained the certainty that GOD exists when, along the course of
the investigation, I faced something of extreme consistence, belonging to logic, something irrefut-
able, inexorable, which lead me to the disconcerting conclusion that INRI CRISTO is truly the
Son of GOD who was crucified and reincarnated to fulfill the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures.
I confess that such revelation caused an impact on my consciousness and I remained astonished
for a determined period.

In the Holy Scriptures it is written that Christ would return when chaos was established
in the world. If Christ is on Earth it means that humanity walks to its ruin and only GOD’s inter-
vention, through the Messiah, can change the drama of the apocalyptical scenery: wars, violence,
unemployment, hunger, misery, unsuccessful governments, weapon run...

Along this time that I have accompanied INRI CRISTO’s trajectory, I have been witness
to humanity having committed the same mistake of two thousand years ago. Judged beforehand,
accused of being schizophrenic, deceiver, false prophet... approved and understood by few, criticized
and combated by those who should have prepared the path for the return of the Messiah, INRI
CRISTO faces all adversities. Why?

Public opinion does not know that, since year 1982, there is a conspiracy scheme planned
by the “hidden forces” to keep the truth about INRI CRISTO coming to light. But among a great
turbulence the truth will inevitably emerge as the greatest scandal of all times.

Mrs. Angelina Schmidt, 48,

Theologian, administrator, nurse majored by PUC,
studious of esoteric, mystical and prophetic issues.

Curitiba, state of Parana, Brazil, January 1st 1997.

Awakener INRI CRISTO 147

In 1979, when the LORD GOD revealed INRI CRISTO’s identity during the fast in
Santiago of Chile, He imparted to him the knowledge that this would not be a reason for joy,
for happiness. The LORD, GOD of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, showed him that, for being
His Son, the same Christ crucified two thousand years ago, INRI CRISTO would have to face
the hatred of all those who claim to be his servants, but in truth are the contemporary pharisees
and serve the interests of the darkness principality; they are the same ones that shouted to Pilate:
“Crucify him! Crucify him!”, who reincarnated and hide themselves under the label of “Chris-
tians”, “Evangelicals”, “Believers”.
Until that time, while INRI lived as a prophet without consciousness of his identity, he
presented in society as Iuri; the second letter of his public name was upside down (u # n), as the
forecast in the Holy Scriptures regarding his return was fulfilled (“If you do not wake up, I will come
like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you” – Apocalypse c.3 v.3). After the fast,
INRI CRISTO also had order from the FATHER of not revealing his identity to anyone until
a broadcasting did it as if by mistake.

The first public recognition as INRI

INRI CRISTO went through all Latin American countries, presenting himself as emis-
sary of GOD, but he still could not declare openly to be the same Christ crucified two thousand
years ago. Many looked and saw who he is, however INRI CRISTO had to keep his silence.
Finally, when he arrived at Mexico City, to fulfill what his FATHER had told him, the newspa-
per Ovaciones wrote this: “INRI, el Cristo, habla al pueblo y cura los enfermos en el quiosque de la
Alameda” (INRI, the Christ, speaks to the people and heals the sick in Alameda Square). From
that day on, an enormous weight and a great responsibility came upon him, as only then he really
started to feel the hatred of his enemies, enemies of GOD’s kingdom, fulfilling what he said to the
disciples regarding his return: “But first (before his glory day) must the Son of Man suffer many things
and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the time of Noah, so too will it be when the Son of Man
comes” (Luke c.17 v.25 to 35). Continuing his peregrination over the earth, wherever he would
go, INRI started to openly assert that he is the Son of GOD, the same Christ who had been

In France, the landless

In 1980, when INRI CRISTO was officially expelled from England, he was sent to
France, known as the shelter of the landless people, where he stayed in room number 19 of Hotel
des Deux Gares, at 162, Faubourg Saint-Denis Street, in Paris. At that circumstance, his FA-

148 Awakener INRI CRISTO

THER, LORD and GOD told him: “The moment has come when you must destroy in fire all these
documents, because the name written in them does not correspond to the truth, it is not your true name.
So far, through these documents I have hidden you as a thief (Apocalypse c.3 v.3), so as to protect you from
herods of this century, which are the princes of churches and the false prophets. But now it is necessary that
you destroy them in fire, beginning with the passport. Now begins the most painful time of your reproach;
without documents everyone will repudiate and despise you, except some children of mine that will recog-
nize your identity. You will be imprisoned, expelled and humiliated, however I will be with you. In the
end of your suffering and reproach, I will make earthly authorities give you official documents with your
legitimate name paid with your blood on the cross. When Brazil recognizes your identity will legitimately
sustain the dignity of a Christian country. From that day on, any living being who calls you by another
name after having consciousness of your true identity and your true name, that is INRI CRISTO, will
be cursed. While they do not officially recognize you as INRI CRISTO in Brazil, my Son, assume your
condition of landless person”.
Obedient to the LORD’s order, in France, INRI CRISTO burned his passport and start-
ed to walk over the Earth as a landless person. Nine months later, after going to Belgium and Lux-
emburg besides France, he received order to go back to Brazil and definitely assume his identity as
INRI CRISTO. He was introduced to the French Police in the company of some French children
who had recognized him and witnessed to the policemen that his name is INRI CRISTO.

The first official recognition by the French authorities

French authorities gave him a declaration and forwarded him to the Brazilian Consulate,
on Champs Elysées Avenue, in Paris, where the Son of GOD obtained a precarious certificate
valued for 24 hours. They annexed a little photograph to the certificate and then wrote his name,
INRI, the name that cost the price of blood on the cross (“To that who wins… I will write upon
him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Apocalypse c.3 v.12). On March 18th 1981, INRI
CRISTO returned to Brazil.
When INRI CRISTO arrived at Salvador (State of Bahia) on March 19th 1981, soon in
the airport Dois de Julho he was detained as 24 hours had passed. That certificate with no validity
passed from hand to hand among the policemen. Some of them exchanged looks and whispers,
others laughed. They asked what he was doing in Salvador. INRI CRISTO answered he had
come to Brazil to fulfill the mission his FATHER had entrusted him with. Finally, even without
documents, they liberated him and on March 22nd 1981, in the loneliness of a hotel room, INRI
CRISTO completed 33 years of age. Then he started his peregrination throughout Brazil. From
North to South, from East to West, INRI went all over the country speaking to people in public
squares, in radios and televisions.

Peregrination through the Brazilian capitals and main cities

The first time INRI CRISTO was in Belem of Para, in 1981, a host of the hotel where

Awakener INRI CRISTO 149

he stayed denounced him to the Federal Police demanding an attitude; the host alleged there was
a Jew with no land and no documents in the hotel. INRI CRISTO was detained as a landless
person by the Brazilian Federal Police, but they immediately liberated him after recognizing that
he is the Son of GOD. In Manaus, the D.O.P.S. (a department of the Brazilian Police) detained
him too, but soon set him free after public recognition, an event registered by local newspapers. In
Boa Vista (state of Roraima), again the Federal Police suddenly detained him in the airport for not
owning documents. After a long interrogation, the policemen put 100 Cruzeiros (money of that
time) into his bag aiming to have part in INRI CRISTO’s mission, saying the traditional phrase:
“Sorry, it is too difficult to believe that Christ reincarnated!” The same happened in Rio de Janeiro
(where delegate Guerlan Moraes asked him the blessing, according to journalistic report on page
110), in Goiânia (state of Goiás), in Cuiabá (state of Mato Grosso) and others.

The second official recognition: at the revolution in Belem

In 1982, in the occasion of the Libertarian Act perpetrated inside Belem’s cathedral, which
culminated in the birth of SOUST, for the second time the established authorities officially rec-
ognized his identity as INRI CRISTO, as it can be witnessed in the Prison Record registered by
prison “Sao Jose”, on page 70. After fifteen days of reclusion, INRI CRISTO was liberated from
prison without depending on attorneys, to the astonishment of all those who positioned against
the Kingdom of GOD. Then he went to Curitiba (capital city of Parana state) making official the
foundation of SOUST, his new and only church, as determined and registered in the statutes of

In harmony with the terrestrial laws

On September 29th 1982, to be in harmony with the terrestrial laws and obedient to his
FATHER, in company of two witnesses INRI CRISTO presented himself in the 1st Office of
Curitiba District, declaring that his name is INRI CRISTO but was not registered, as in fact he
had never been registered as INRI CRISTO. The birth certificate was given by judge Dr. Nelson
João Klas; with this certificate INRI CRISTO registered his new name in the public organs on
duty, thus obtaining all his documents (passport, identity card, CPF, etc.) in which his name INRI
CRISTO was registered.
Then INRI CRISTO continued his peregrination through many countries, went back to
France, where he founded the French sucursal of SOUST (“Succursale française du Suprême Ordre
Universel de la Santissime Trinité (S.O.U.S.T.). Object: institution du royaume de Dieu sur la terre
à travers Inri Cristo, mentor spirituel du S.O.U.S.T., fils unigénite et primogénite de Dieu”, extract
from the Journal Officiel de la République Française published on November 29th 1983). But his
FATHER, who knows and sees everything, had warned him that someday a person would come
from Brasilia to withdraw him from ostracism. Unfortunately in a spectacular but very nega-
tive way, a man called Jose Honorato de Oliveira Junior accomplished this project.

150 Awakener INRI CRISTO

From the ostracism to the reproof

In 1980, INRI CRISTO had been invited by the president of the Deputies’ Council to
speak about the future of Brazil to the parliamentarians in Brasília. In this occasion, Jose Honora-
to was first introduced to INRI CRISTO as a journalist and graduated member of the so-called
esoteric institution Rose Cross (AMORC) by João Otávio Linhares Cavalcante, an immobile
corrector. When Jose Honorato knew about the foundation of SOUST, he went to Curitiba and
insistently asked for many times to be admitted into the Ecclesiastic Body of SOUST until be-
ing accepted. After three months living under the disciplinary rule, his behavior was intention-
ally irreproachable aiming to conquest trust from the integrants of SOUST. Jose Honorato took
advantage of INRI CRISTO’s absence (while in Lima – Peru) and, on May 4th 1986, early in the
morning, when everyone was sleeping, he broke into the treasury and robbed all the economies
of LORD’s house, the files, a tape recorder and a small television. He cut the telephone thread
(to avoid people would call the police), the tube of break-oil in the vehicle of the institution
(so nobody could go to rescue him) and fled away, as the system of security and guard in SOUST
had not been established at that time.
Only after showing his condition of traitor, the juridical department of SOUST had in-
formation that, like Judas Iscariots, he was a thief and had criminal antecedents for swindle and
robbery. Some of the victims present in his criminal booklet were Mrs. Laisi, owner of hotel San
Paul, hotel Eron, also Mario and Lúcia Garófalo, owners of Super Radio FM, all in Brasilia. With
these people and organizations, José Honorato behaved the same way as in SOUST: he ate, drank,
robbed and protected his escape with a campaign of defamation against his victims (according
to the deposition of SOUST’s Public Relations Secretary at that time, Disciple Apillar, dated on
March 03rd 1989, filed in the 8th Department of Federal Justice in Paraná State). Due to this epi-
sode, INRI CRISTO had order from his FATHER to establish seven months of aspiration to the
neophytes before accepting them in the Ecclesiastic Body of SOUST, so they would be subjected
to the rigorous test of vocation to discipleship.

The betraytor’s plot: a defamation campaign

Natural from Goiânia (state of Goiás, Brazil) Jose Honorato always lived and worked in
Brasilia. He fraudulently obtained a false document of journalist (number 14823/66 RJ) from
the Brazilian Press Association in Rio de Janeiro, although not living there. According to the
investigation, he never attended a journalism course in university. In the sequence of his diabolic
sick plan, aiming to invert the condition of delinquent to the condition of accuser, he served from
the extinct newspaper of the sinister brown-press called News Post (Correio de Noticias), in
Curitiba, to work out a violent defamation campaign against INRI CRISTO for many days. The
slanders were absurd, foolish, imbecilic. Intending to incite the Brazilian Police, he wrote that
INRI CRISTO had mocked the police of many countries and cast doubt on his documents.
Amidst the insanities, he calumniated that INRI CRISTO gave poisoned sausage to the dogs of
neighborhood, while INRI CRISTO loves the animals... Ironically, he had once witnessed INRI

Awakener INRI CRISTO 151

CRISTO alerting the neighbor in time to save her dog from being captured.
Afterwards, with the strength of ALMIGHTY’s curse, the newspaper Correio de Noti-
cias went bankrupt and the man who articulated permission to the defamatory matter, Tony Luna
(ex-presenter of a TV program in Curitiba), died with cancer. The bad smell emanated from his
entrails was so nauseous that not even the nurses could tolerate the stench of his sickness.

The lawsuit for ideological falsehood against INRI CRISTO

Through this pernicious defamatory campaign, authorities were coerced to start a law-
suit for ideological falsehood against INRI CRISTO, as the quoted newspaper put doubts on
his identity. The Police received the denouncement on May 28th 1986. INRI CRISTO was sum-
moned to appear at the delegacy of Federal Police. The LORD warned him that his documents
would be confiscated, even so INRI CRISTO had to take and deliver them. INRI presented
himself to the Superintendent of Federal Police, where he was subjected to a long interrogation
and - as his FATHER had warned him - his documents were confiscated. But unusually, at the
same time that the Delegate, Dr. Reginaldo Silva Araújo, had retained his documents for being
induced to doubt their legitimacy, he was impelled to make an authenticated photocopy of them
and give to INRI CRISTO; they are filed in SOUST until nowadays. INRI CRISTO was fi-
nally liberated and went back to his condition of landless person; together his documents, his
nationality had been taken from him too.

A terrestrial judge recognizes the supreme judge

Accused for the crime of ideological falsehood, in the first instance the judge of the 8th
Federal Justice Department, Dr. José Almada de Souza, extensively questioned INRI CRISTO
and saw who he is, recognized his identity. At the end of the interrogation, in front of the police-
man, the scribe and another person present at the moment, the judge extended his hand, but INRI
could not reciprocate the gesture; since the fast in Santiago of Chile, the LORD said that INRI
CRISTO can use his hands only to bless. So, INRI put his hands on the magistrate’s head. His
juridical attorney, Dr. Edson Centanini, even said: “Master, in these thirty years that I’ve worked as
an attorney, I’ve never seen a judge extending his hand to a defendant. And now Dr. Almada gave you
his hand and the Master did not respond to him. He could feel offended!” INRI CRISTO explained his
procedure as obedience to his FATHER and LORD. Had he extended the hand to the judge, he
would have prevaricated, scratched his legitimacy. But on the contrary, by putting his hands on the
magistrate’s head, he was giving him the blessing.
On this occasion, as the judge had recognized INRI CRISTO, if it depended on him the
lawsuit would be stopped. Nevertheless, he also understood that, by liberating INRI CRISTO, he
would be confessing INRI’s identity and, therefore, would then be condemned as a crazy person.
To avoid running the risk, the judge withdrew the lawsuit on his care. There was only one wit-
ness against INRI CRISTO, the false journalist who had caused the beginning of the lawsuit

152 Awakener INRI CRISTO

with the defamatory campaign.
On the day of the hearing, in the presence of defense witnesses, the representative of Pub-
lic Ministry, João Gualberto Garcez Ramos, disparaging the 5th article of Brazilian Constitution
and the articles 18 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (effected by ONU, to
whom Brazil is signatory), required the suspension of the session pleading for the judge that
INRI CRISTO was sent to a hospice, subjected to a legal medical examination, and that a cu-
rator was named to assume his church, classifying him a crazy person for his way of dressing.
When the word was transferred to INRI’s defensor, Dr. Edson Centanini, he wisely manifested
alleging that the matter was not on mental sanity of the accused, but on his identity.
Due to such impasse, Dr. Almada required ten days to deliberate. Meanwhile, INRI
CRISTO had order from his FATHER to go personally in front of the judge and warn him that
the attorney was not from the Republic of Brazil, but from Rome. INRI CRISTO’s attorney said
it is not regular practice for a defendant to look for the judge while he is deciding. But as it was
an order from the LORD, INRI CRISTO ran over the rule and the judge received him. INRI
CRISTO explained that the attorney who asked his interdiction was not from the Republic of
Brazil, but from Rome, in other words, he was under the orders of Rome. It was Rome who really
wanted to interdict him as a citizen, and his church, cutting his constitutional rights. When INRI
CRISTO spoke these things, the judge was stunned, pale, astonished. As he could be offended by
the accusation to his colleague (officially both were servers of the Federal Juridical Power), INRI
CRISTO waited in silence to see if the judge Dr. José Almada de Souza would declare his prison
sentence or if he would extra-officially accept that a serious denouncement had been made. His
silence spoke for itself. After that period of tension, the judge did not speak anything, so INRI
CRISTO put an end to the colloquy by asking his FATHER, LORD and GOD to bless him and
left away.

A landless in his own land

Ten days elapsed and he finally continued the lawsuit, refusing the request of Public
Ministry representative. He argued that the judgment was not about INRI CRISTO’s clothes,
nor was the matter on his mental sanity, or his manner of dressing, but the accusation of ideo-
logical falsehood. As the judge glimpsed the hatred, the persecution there was against INRI
CRISTO and would consequently be against himself in case of acquittal, he decided to shelve
the lawsuit for almost ten years. In this long time, INRI CRISTO was restricted to the limits of
the Brazilian territory in the condition of landless person; his only document of identification was
the declaration effected by Magdalena Thais and Wilhelm Thais, the couple who raised him up
during childhood (see Declaration of Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais on page 156). INRI CRISTO
named a Plenipotentiary Secretary to sign on behalf of SOUST and continued waiting.
On July 31st 1995, as only happens in an exception tribunal (in which the defendant
does not see the face of judge), the federal judge Nivaldo Brunoni, whose face INRI CRISTO
had never seen, judged him without considering the juridical principle “one witness, no witness”,
mainly because the only witness had well-known criminal precedent, while many witnesses and

Awakener INRI CRISTO 153

plentiful documented proofs were presented in favor of INRI CRISTO. But all this was part of
the prophecy in Luke c.17 v.25 to 35 (“But first (before his glory day) must the Son of Man suffer many
things and be rejected by this generation. As it was in the time of Noah, so too it will be when the Son of
Man comes”). The sentence was nothing but a vain attempt to condemn INRI CRISTO. As time
works favorably for the Son of GOD, in the end he was absolved. After the lapse of an eight-year
time span passed, the judge with no face had to declare the penalty prescribed.

The last appeal is denied; INRI CRISTO claims for his right

On September 29th 1995, once more Rome’s attorney, not resigned with the decision,
appealed to the Supreme Federal Tribunal. Nevertheless, on September 29th 1998, the judges in
the 1st Joint of Regional Federal Tribunal, inspired by GOD, enlightened, unanimously denied
continuity to the appeal of the Public Ministery; they voted in favor of restoring to the Son of
GOD his right to citizenship. The lawsuit of ideological falsehood had expired.
Next, based on article 58 of law 6015 / 73, with new redaction given by the 1st article of
law 9708 / 98, promulgated by the president of Brazilian Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso,
INRI CRISTO could then claim to the Tribunal of Justice in Parana State, in the Civil District
of Public Registration, for the right to have his name INRI CRISTO on his documents.

One more step of denial to achieve final victory: the recognition

On the first instance, on December 8th 1998, the titular judge, Dr. Wolny Furtado de
Andrade, refused the solicitation in attention to the opinion of the Justice Prosecutor, Dr. Roberto
Aires de Toledo Arruda. In the process, he vehemently opposed the request. Prejudging, Roberto
manifested in the following terms: “…The interested seems not owning appropriate equilibrium by
doing the application he does here, taking into special account the arrogant pretension of having as first-
name the initials that, according to the biblical text, are above the cross where the Son of GOD died nailed
on. It may be deeply offensive to true Christians and if it goes on like this, the judiciary Power can not
deliver the majesty of its functions to carry on such offense. It cannot”.
These could be considered usual arguments was INRI CRISTO not the Son of GOD.
But victory was inexorable, as he obtained the official recognition of his identity in the supe-
rior instance. Ironically, instead of denigrating INRI CRISTO, the erudite justice prosecutor did
nothing but recognize the majesty of the King of Kings (Revelation c.19 v.16).
Next, on July 30th 1999, INRI CRISTO’s attorney appealed in the second instance. On
May 17th 2000, the chief judges of the Eminent Justice Tribunal of Paraná State, inspired by
GOD, serenely impartial, approved the appeal and, on October 24th 2000, issued the revering
decree for the rectification of INRI CRISTO’s birth certificate in the Public Registry Office
in the Borough of Indaial (State of Santa Catarina – Brazil), thus determining that his name
INRI CRISTO was registered on all his documents (passport, RG, etc). INRI is the name
Pilate wrote above his head when he agonized on the cross and CRISTO, from the Greek transla-

154 Awakener INRI CRISTO

tion, means the anointed one.

INRI CRISTO is officialy recognized by the authorities

Therefore, uplifted from the uncomfortable condition of landless person, INRI CRISTO
definitively assumed his rights of citizenship still in the 20th century. Without economic resources
(as he does not own material goods and will never own), living under the protection of the Divine
Providence, INRI CRISTO waited twenty years to have his right to nationality restored, without
abdicating his identity. Even the attorney Dr. Edson Centanini worked for ideal, did not de-
mand one cent for advocacy fee.
It is curious and comforting to observe that, while presidents renounce, politicians spend
fortunes to defend themselves and use of thousands of frauds to hide their crimes (and even so
they are unmasked, stripped from their titles and perks), INRI CRISTO crossed unharmed and
unblemished through this black tunnel full of roman serpents and scorpions. In twenty years
of delay, overcoming the slowness of justice, he definitely obtained the official recognition of his
identity as INRI CRISTO by the earthly authorities. That is the time.
INRI is the Son of GOD’s new name. It means, in Latin, Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum.
Translating: Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews ( John c.19 v.19), the name he paid with his blood on
the cross. CRISTO, translated from Greek, means “the anointed one”, in the singular. In other
words: INRI CRISTO means Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews, the anointed one (“To whom that
wins… will I write upon him the name of my GOD… and my new name” – Apocalypse c.3 v.12).

Awakener INRI CRISTO 155

We, Wilhelm Thais and Magda-
lena Thais, for the inherent finalities,
declare to have received at our home
on 03/22nd/1948, in the locality
called Rio Morto, district of Indaial,
State of Santa Catarina (Brazil),
the visit of midwife Mrs. Bema,
who gave us a boy whose original
parents were not known to us and
whose true name is Inri Cristo, and
we have raised him up as our son.
At the age of thirteen, he be-
came unsubmissive and started to live
independently from us, constantly
changing home, working as green-
grocer, baker, food deliverer, etc.,
always in different places and even in
different cities. Sometimes he passed
more than a year without visiting us.
From 1971 on, we start-
ed to watch him on television an-
nouncing the future of people. In
the year 1978, he visited us saying
that he would have to leave Brazil
and return only three years later.

Since then, we did not have any more information about him until a report in the magazine
Fatos e Fotos (Facts and Photos), number 1006, from 12/1st/1980, that showed him in France
healing the sick and in which he said to be called Inri Cristo and was the Son of GOD reincarnated.
In 1981, we got surprised by the TV program called Fantastico, from Globo Brazilian networks,
when, among the crowd, he declared again to be called Inri Cristo and was the Son of GOD back
on Earth. We got astonished because after three years of absence he had not even come to meet us.
Many months later, he visited us followed by three people. We approached to embrace him but
he repelled us, asserting that when he was fasting in Santiago of Chile, his FATHER, LORD and
GOD revealed to him that we are not his parents but he is our Father and Father of humanity, and
that his true name is Inri Cristo and not only in his name, but he is the same Christ who was crucified.

Blumenau, May 16th, 1986 / Santa Catarina State / Brazil

Wilhelm Thais
Magdalena Thais

156 Awakener INRI CRISTO

MEPIC – Ecclectic Movement for INRI CRISTO and Consolida-
tion of the Kingdom of GOD over the Earth, is an international institution
formed of free-thinkers who indignant with boycott imposed by the organized
lack of information against INRI CRISTO, decided to join together in legal
association in order to support INRI CRISTO’s mission.

CNPJ 72.366.982/0001-40, rights guaranteed and protected by the 5th

article of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil and by articles
18 and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Man’s Rights, effected by ONU
(Organization of United Nations).

Movimento Eclético Pró INRI CRISTO
(Eclectic Movement For INRI CRISTO)


Awakener INRI CRISTO 157