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1. We must not lose hope when we're facing life challenges

2. We must be ready to forgive and be forgiven by others

3. We must always help those who are in need

4. We must always learn from our life experiences and be better in the future

5. We must have self-confidence in our lives

6. We must not be influenced by rumours and gossips

7. We must respect, support and protect our beloved ones

8. We must not give up easily in our lives



Love and friendship

Newt loved his family members although sometimes he did not get the
attention he deserved

Newt, together with Mom and Dad, would attend and give support in every
game that Chris was playing

Mom and Dad were willing waiting for Chris to wake up from his coma

Chris loved his brother as they would share jokes when they met each other

Cecil and JJ stood behind Newt no matter what happened. They helped each
other, even in the event of creating Captain Nobody's costume

Determination in one's life

Chris and his teammates showed high level of determination to win the Big
Game although their opponents were leading at crucial part of the game

Newt was determined to stop the traffic on the highways despite the
dangerous situation he was facing so that he could get Ferocious the Ferret
back into its cage

Cecil was determined to get the big bass drum that was thrown away even he
had to seek the help of Captain Nobody

JJ showed her determination to correct other people's mistakes by stepping

into Sullivan's store and talked to the owners

Helping those in need

Newt would remind Mom about important events and help his mother to find
her misplaced belongings

Captain Nobody helped Mr.clay to find his way back home after getting lost at
the Dumpster

Captain Nobody talked to the Sullivan couple after JJ asked faor his favour
and it turn out he saved the sore owners' lives from an armed robbery

Dealing with identity crisis

Although the creation of Captain Nobody was unintentional, Newt gained

much confidence and courage when he was in the costume

Mrs.Young , the class teacher, showed great concern for Newt and brought up
the matter to the principal, who was later joined by the school counsellor and

Newt reasoned out with his concerned Dad,who came home and talked to
him, after the school had informed Dad about Captain Nobody

When Newt was finally recognized and got the attention he deserved from the
local community including his family, he reverted to becoming Newton
Newman once again


Although he was just 10-year-old kid, Newt was full of optimism

After knowing that Chris only had 6 days to wake up, he was still confident
that one day his brother would recover from coma
Cecil felt that they going to have a joyful Halloween celebration after coming
out with the idea of creating their own costumes