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ce UT CEST eT => TESTING AND COMMISSIONING => ONSITE SERVICING => ONLINE MONITORING & LIFE ASSESSMENT Ray Electrical Power Consultancy & Services (EPCS) was established by a group of Technocrats, Managers & Technicians from Power Utility, Manufacturing and Industrial services with more than two decades of designing, manufacturing, executing and operating experience in Power systems. Our highly trained technicians under the guidance of our engineers with in-depth domain knowledge and decades of experience will handle all your service needs professionally and provide complete engineering solutions for all needs of your Transformers under one roof. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE ‘+ Unloading and Leading of Transformers * Onsite Servicing of Transformers to its plinth locations © Annual Maintenance ‘+ Erection of Transformers in Site © Risk based Lifetime assessment + Relocation of Transformers for . Online Monitoring augmentation Projects * Consultancy and Third party ‘© Onsite Pre-Commissioning & Diagnostic assessment & validation tests on Transformers Apart from Erection, Testing and Commissioning of new Transformers our experienced technical team are experts in collecting important data and parameters regarding the status of the equipment with the aid of the state of the art diagnostic equipments and tools, analyse them and will handle the consumer complaints after commissioning. We also takeup warranty services to the satisfaction of asset owners and advise them to take right decisions at right time to extend asset life. UNLOADING & LEADING OF TRANSFORMERS PN Rey aes 10) 110) Bs * Unloading of Transformers and leading it to the plinth Rune has Ce IR ae teen oe quality & quantity on receipt ee ee Ce Ce aed UNLOADING OCRed Checking IR value of core & clamp Pena cece ech a casted: Caer) 4 EU a ee cco aU ce Cor Men SS tag ie ea Gee Caen Me a kee AU eee Ty transit eat ace ce LS er eC ete ang ERECTION ‘Assembly of accessories as per manufacturer's instruction Dee cw a Ue An cre pete eee ac ey Filtering, filling & cycling of Transformer oil to achieve Pree Sn ST an mC Ry RELOCATION OF TRANSFORMERS FOR UPGRADATION IN AUGMENTATION PROJECTS OU Cun eMC mec Cuma EU CRcun nce Performing required disassembly work necessary for units oleae a) Pee eee cute ae Rene SN arc Re eek Ra UE) transporters to load the disassembled Transformers in See ec aera y Pea Teor ee Ra ONSITE PRE-COMMISSIONING Bic een eu emote Sed uaa oC t Ree SN * Oil sampling, analysis and result interpretation ONSITE SERVICING Oates cae a eas foe) Seen ene ee eac rly OMeTa Cet SeaTac Oe a er eae Oe aaron CaS Sean eee Wn ake) cance ANNUAL MAINTENANCE ORCC u ee Cu Con ae a CCU Ser UNC UC Rac See cue Ng arc eC ren > CAT iS a seal Ta Boas Seer CCN crue rete CR Es ace) CGM Lcl Cereal orecitss) Oe ne aCe eee aN) OR en a Gn S t Cc)) ORCS ACLS ee Pree Reece Ione e Deed See een) Cre ar a une lt oUF CONSULTANCY & THIRD PARTY ASSESSMENT AND VALIDATION Oe eu eed eee SCONES UC Oe ge eR cay Core & Coil inspection Cee Witnessing of Routine and Type tests Perec © onwne monrrorine EPCS is representing AVACO in South India for the following online monitoring equipments represented by them. MORGAN SCHAFFER, CANADA Online DGA of Morgan Schaffer, Canada Calisto - Online Monitoring of Dissolved H, & Moisture in Transformer Oil Calisto 2 - Online Monitoring of Dissolved H,, CO & Moisture in Transformer Oil Calisto 5 - Online Monitoring of H,, CO, CH,, CH, C,H, & Moisture in Transformer Oil Calisto 9 - Online Monitoring of H,, CO, CH, GH, GH. GH, CO,, O,, Ny, SFe (Optional) & Moisture in Transformer Oil Portable DGA of Morgan Schaffer, Canada MYRKOS - Portable DGA kit - Portable Micro Gas Chromatograph that can measure H,, CO, CH,, GH,, CH, GHy, €O,,0,,N, Calisto 2 “\ DYNAMIC RATINGS, USA ‘* Online Bushing Health Monitoring system (BHM) - Online monitoring of Bushing Capacitance, Power factor & Winding hotspot with optional thermal modelling and cooling control. Online Electrical PD Monitoring system- Online PD monitoring with RTDs of Transformers, Bus ducts, etc. Online Rotating Machine PD monitor {RMM) provides information on the health of the stator winding insulation in medium and high voltage Motors and Generators by measuring electrical PD. Portable PD (DRPD-15) measurement for Generators, Motors, Cables, Transformers, Bus ducts & Switchgears. Online Transformer Composite Monitoring System - DR E3-T3 is a highly configurable hardware platform for ies who need customer tailored solutions to monitor and manage all the information on the Transformers and provide diagnostics and customised communication in multiple formats. Online Electronic Temperature Monitor- B100 ETM is a digital Temperature Monitor ‘and gauge controller which can replace multiple top Oil & Winding Temperature Indicators which can also trend data. ca LIST OF EQUIPMENTS FOR ERECTION, TESTING & COMMISSIONING SPOUT ic Tec ‘© 20KL Oil Tanker Cees Cen araa) Oe Reet eu Cees an cs + 100KV Oil BDV Testing kit DEWPOINT METER Braud NEW TRANSFORMERS ERECTION, TESTING & COMMISSIONING DONE FOR ‘+ 2Nos. 315MVA, 400/230/33KV Transformers at Paalavadi S/S, Pe TCA OU Nee) * 2Nos. 200MVA, 400/110/33KV Mey Dae Cova Noe) + 2.Nos. 100MVA, 230/110/33KV Meee Ey Ne CERCA NI Tie°) + 2Nos. 100MVA, 230/110/33KV Dee cS Trichy, Lotus Wireless/TANTRANSCO ‘Automatic Tandelta and Capacitance cord cs re ae ums Cae Ur Cee Nuance cee Nea ous EIA eau en aa EIU) Men tects ‘Temperature Calibration Oil Bath SEIN SFRA POP REO ECAC Ce? Thirumangalam S/S, BGR/TANGEDCO STN eC Ne acecs Paalavadi S/S, Dharmapuri, Cee) 1 No. SOOMVA, 400/230/33KV UU ie nen ano EMCO/PGCIL, Kalivanthampattu S/S SERVICING JOBS DONE FOR Attended oil leakage of 400KV Bushing in 315MVA, 400/230/33KV Transformer at Kayathar $/5, Tirunelveli for T&R / TANTRAN Attended Tertiary Bushing and other oil leakages in 200MV Transformer at Ka upatri $/S, Anantapur for T&R Gamesa 3 Nos. Different rating Transforme leakages problems attending at Sun Edison Solar Power Plant, Tirunelveli 14 Nos. different Transformers radiators and other problems at Welspun Renewable Energy, Tirunelveli 3d faulty winding of 2MVA, 433KV Transformer for Ashi Given consultancy for Transformer breaker tripping at Vaishnava college, ‘Arumbakkam, Chennai for Electricals Given Consultancy for Bo Transformers loading problem at RVNL Tunnel Project, Chitvel, for Drillcon Infrastructure Pvt Ltd @ TRANSFORMER ERECTION, @ REAcTOR ERECTION, TESTING AND COMMISSIONING TESTING AND COMMISSIONING UPTO SOOMVA, 400KV CLASS UPTO 125MVAr, 400KV CLASS OUR ACTIVITIES ALSO INCLUDE See Dee ee cnc u Se eco Seo cnet ora Wag ene Macca Le eae c at aey * Analysis of Power System problems OCMC ease ee a cure OUR GROUP COMPANIES COs Pera Gar ae OM ea Retell Sri Sai Constructions Ne eo se eet ae ce er ea Re ce SA voltage class. Our esteemed satisfied clients include Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (oem mica aA SeOmeU cane uC Remake ct) including Shreem Electric Ltd, BGR Energy Systems Ltd and GET Power Ltd OM aay acura ieee ie nga + 400/230/110KV Sin Kanarpatti and Kamuthifor Shreem/TANTRANSCO SRO McRae TEU Nc cr ano en ac acre + 230/110KVSSin Jambunathapuram for Lotus/TANTRANSCO SRP EO EER CUr ALU Cee) . (EEE GS Hes, Gap ETS G@)eharat wijlee PRIME MEIDEN >) -esew rou8n0 J” _ Electrical Power Consultancy & Services LIF, Bharathidasan Colony, K.K. Nagar, Chennai - 600078. Tamilnadu, India. Phone: 044-2489 2398 | +91-95662 53949 | +91-95661 95345 Emait chandru@epcs.in | muthukumar@epes.in | www.epes.in